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Posted: Sun Oct 07, 2018 4:07 pm
by LostNFound

Corporal Skoogs watched the choppers glide in and land on the pads. He started closing the mountain door as soon as the second chopper cleared. He knew from experience that to leave it open to long caused problems especially from the civilians that visited the National Park. Of course it had been a full year since this area had been shut down to tourism and even locals due to dangerous gasses in the lakes and no live fish but he still kept the protocol for secrecy. It was a real chancy thing to decloak the choppers prior to entering and waiting until after leaving to re-cloak. The force shield had been a great addition to the base but they had lost 1 chopper that remained cloaked as it flew through and it was a very nasty thing to witness the death of the men on board. The chopper had flown into the back of the hanger area because the men had been melted as the bird came through. It took a good month to clean up the mess and repair what damage it had caused. He watched the four men climb from the choppers and head toward the mess hall. He had cameras for the hanger area and all the rooms involved with the mini base. The exterior within 200 yards of the cave entrance had also been rigged. The cave that ran around to the west side of the mountain had not been set up with video at this time but it was determined that it was not necessary. However the entire tunnel had been rigged with motion sensors. Something had set off one earlier but then he saw the seismometer showing another small quake deep in the mountain and racked it up to that. These things were annoying to him because they happened on a regular basis and the seismometers were set all wrong or least he thought so.

Harvey set the timer for the crews and the recharging and kicked back to read his magazine. The magazine had slipped from his lap and fallen to the floor and he was almost starting to snore when the silent alarms rang. He jerked up suddenly and looked at his instruments. The motion sensors had registered something close to the beginning of the rooms in the tunnel. He moved the only cameras he had in the tunnel to look at the long distance. Nothing was showing. He reached over and turned the sensors off. He started to relax again when the sensors on the outside caused the alarm to sound again. He stared at the monitors that lined the upper bulkhead of his operation room. He could see nothing at first and thought it might have been an animal that tripped the alarm. He started to shut the system back into quiet mode but then noticed some brush moving on one of the monitors. His attention became glued as he grabbed one of the joy sticks and swung the camera with the movement. The brush was moving close to the ground as well as higher up. The higher movement was a few feet behind the lower movement. The camera seemed to warble and he began to realize that someone or something might be cloaked and whatever it was seemed to be moving toward the small door in the mountain that allowed humans to come and go. He knew that if that human or whatever tried to enter that door they would be annihilated by the force shield if they kept a cloak on. He moved a different camera that was mounted higher on the mountain side above the hanger door and scanned the lake for any movement. He moved it up and zoomed in around the surrounding area and could not see anything but there seemed to be an anomaly of some sort on the Eastern side close to the tree line. The area he zoomed in on had the same warble affect as he saw on the close up camera although it was stationary. He had to stare long and hard to see the difference in the surrounding area. He placed a call to the guard area by the man door. Sergeant Rutyard answered and Harvey told him that he needed to take men and investigate some suspicious activity outside. He gave the sectors and approximate coordinance.

Sally had taken Bethy and moved around the north side of the lake while Ken and Buffalo moved around the south side. Samuel and Mary stayed in the chopper and kept all systems hot. John had just woken up and Bill stood up suddenly. Bill shook him self and looked around and made little whimper sounds. John asked where everybody was. Samuel said “well sleepy head it’s good to see that you are still among the living. Ken and Sally are scouting the area. We saw two choppers decloak and fly into that mountain through a door a while ago. John buckled his jet belt on and started to move toward the hatch. Samuel told him to hold up for now. “We are waiting for Ken and Sally to report back before we take anymore action.”

Sergeant Rutyard hung up the receiver and chuckled to him self as he walked to the small arms locker. On his way he picked two men to go with him. Private Gonzo and Corporal Vail both stood and walked with the sergeant to the locker and they all took the small rifles and loaded the magazines into them. Rutyard pulled his pistol and told the two men to ready theirs as he jacked a round into the chamber and replaced it into his holster. “Apparently the Corporal is having another one of his illusions of something or someone moving around outside. We get to go and check it out. The three men moved to the exterior door that was camouflaged into the mountain to the North of the hanger door. “If you see something, anything, do not shoot until we Identify it fully first, you remember the last time Skoogs had us do this and we shot that poor elk. I do not want to deal with a dead animal this time. Rutyard opened the door and the three men stepped out and moved through the brush to an open area. Private Gonzo moved toward the area where Skoogs said he saw something. He had his rifle at the ready as he walked. He walked about 20 feet and something hit him and he fell to the ground. He began to scream and yelled for someone to get whatever it was off of him.

Ken and Buffalo had skirted the south side of the lake and moved to where the big door was in the cliff face of the hill. They had to move through some thick grass and brush as they approached the spot. Ken was examining the face and found a crack that was very even and went straight up about 40 feet or more. His suspicion was that it was where the door was separated. He was moving to the North of the face to find the other side of the door when he heard the opening of a door. Buffalo had stopped suddenly and his tail was sticking straight out behind him. Ken could tell that the dog was preparing to attack. Sally had come up on the North side of the lake and was moving toward the cliff face from that direction when she heard the opening of a door. Bethy had also stopped and stood in the attack position.

Three men in military fatigues stepped into a clearing through some thick brush and stopped. One walked toward where Ken and Buffalo were standing. Sally watched Buffalo run and jump on the man and knock him to the ground. He began to scream and yell and Bethy ran and jumped on one of the other men. He also started screaming and yelling. The one man that remained standing raised his rifle and began firing toward Ken’s position and the man on the ground that was writhing and trying to get away from Buffalo. All of the commotion that started with the dogs attacking as Sally watched and began to move was in slow motion. She saw the man firing his weapon and Ken fall slowly to the ground as she seemed to move ever so slowly toward the man that was firing. She heard Buffalo yelp and saw the man on the ground jerk violently as the bullets ripped into him. Buffalo rolled off and lay still while Ken rolled off to the side to avoid any more of the bullets that were raking the ground. Bethy had taken the second man down and tore his throat open as she came back up and hit the man that was shooting. He fell sideways and his rifle flew from his hands. She reached him just as he was hitting the ground and stuck him in the ribs with her K-bar knife.

While all of this was happening Sally also noticed the big door in the mountain opening. As she approached the man that was falling she saw the first chopper emerge from the opening and as it came through its mini gun was firing across the lake. The second chopper was on its heels and it quickly moved straight up and she could hear its mini gun firing also. The next thing that happened was a very large explosion inside the mountain and fire came roiling out the small door and the large door. The sound was deafening and the fire and smoke scorched her face and made it hard to breath at first. She had begun to crawl toward where Ken and Buffalo were while Bethy was right beside her. She did not know what was happening with the choppers as she crawled but then the mini guns went silent. The fire and smoke was still boiling out of the openings in the mountain and she heard Ken breathing. The smoke was thick making it hard for her to see and as she crawled she felt Buffalo first and Bethy had stopped and was licking him. She felt for a heart beat and found one although it was weak, so she moved across the ground toward where she thought Ken would be. Crawling through the smoke she came to where she last saw him and the ground felt wet in a few spots. She called his name and heard him say “Over here” she moved toward his voice and touched him. He was lying on his back and grabbed her hand as she felt him. She reached his face with a hand and asked where he was hit. He told her that he took a bullet in the leg and he would be okay but he had to stop the bleeding first. He asked about Buffalo and she told him that he was breathing but did not know how bad he had been hit. Ken rolled over and began to crawl in the direction of Buffalo. Sally stayed him for a moment while she completed the wrap on his leg and then helped him to stand the best she could. They both then moved towards the dog’s position.

Mary had been monitoring her instruments closely when the commotion broke out across the lake. Samuel saw the three men come out of the mountain and everything seemed to happen in a flurry from that point. The shooting started and Mary said we have company. He watched the big hanger door open and the choppers coming out and firing the mini guns their way. The bullets strafed the water as they splashed toward them. Samuel grabbed Mary and yelled at John to get Bill and get out. He pulled Mary through the side hatch and they ran into the forest just as the bullets hit the side of the chopper. The men flying the choppers did not know exactly what they were shooting at but it was clear that they knew there was something there. They all hit the forest and dove to the ground as the strafing continued for a relatively short space then all went silent. The explosion had been so loud that it drowned out the mini guns. When the guns quit hammering the ground Samuel looked up and the choppers were gone. He saw the fire and smoke coming from the mountain and his hearing was ringing. Mary stood up and was crying but something told her that all was right. She felt a movement in her body as Bill took off running around the lake, John called to him. “Bill, wait” and then he started to run toward the mountain area.

Tamara had approached the area of the main base inside the mountain and new that she had set some kind of alarm off. She knew that no one could see her so she waited for a few minutes and then opened a door to enter the human habitat from the tunnel. She entered a long corridor that had doors on both sides. She came to a door that had writing on it stating that it belonged to a Major Sorrows. She tried to open it but it was locked. She reached through and unlocked the door and entered the area. She noticed a man sitting at a desk in another room and moved closer. The Man was communicating with someone on a computer. She made herself visible and stood quietly until the man turned and saw her. He almost fell from his chair and said “Who the hell are you and how did you get in here?” “Who I am and how I come to be here is of no importance to you. You are a very bad man and should be with another bad man.” The Major stood up and opened his desk drawer to pull out his pistol. Tamara let him pull the gun out and even point it at her. He jacked a round into the chamber and pulled the trigger. Vinnie fell from his chair as the bullet hit the back of his chair. He pulled his pistol and came back up from the floor and fired. The short mousy man jerked and fell backwards as the bullet ripped into his sternum. Vinnie stood up and called for his security team. Once they came in he said “How did this piece of crude get in here and I want to know who he is and who let him in, do I make myself understood?” (The capitol building is not a nice place to work.)

After sending the Major away Tamara left the room and moved down the corridor. She knew that she had to hurry now so she saw where the other humans were located and began to send them to other places when she found them. They became very surprised to see this little girl just before they disappeared to other realms. When she reached the main Guard area and dispatched the remaining humans that were there she walked into the main hanger bay. She had begun to collapse the tunnels in the mountain and could hear the rumbling of that result. Entering the Hanger bay she saw the two choppers moving through the opening. It was almost too late. She was going to make them go away but she had to do one other thing quickly. She moved to the operation room and entered. The first thing she saw was the monitors and the dogs and her team mates being hurt. She set the chain reaction off of the explosives in the lockers that held the deadly things and moved back to the hanger to dispatch the choppers that were shooting at her mother and father. Just as she sent both of them to a place where they could not fly and no life could exist a bullet hit her in the back. She fell forward in a very awkward motion and as she was slowly moving through the air she turned and saw the man that had shot her. The explosives started going off as she watched this man. The fire ball that happened consumed him in one great gulf. She knew that the choppers were gone and her team was all still alive outside as her spirit dropped the corporeal body and moved into the universe and entered the waiting room. The table held only one smooth stone that was azure blue. She quickly picked it up and found herself floating in a warm comforting fluid. She felt her mother weeping and sent a talking to her mind to comfort her.

Samuel Grabbed Mary and held on to her tightly. She had been crying violently and then stopped. Her smile made Samuel wonder until she spoke into his mind about their child. John and Bill had made it to Ken and Sally and he picked up Buffalo and began to carry him back to the chopper. Sally helped Ken limp back and once they all reached the chopper, Samuel and John got Ken up inside and laid him on the seat. Sally broke the med kit out and tended his wound. The bullet had been a clean pass through so she just disinfected and sewed it up and wrapped it. John had laid Buffalo on the ground outside and Bethy and Bill both were laying next to him. His wound had been too great to treat and he gave up his corporeal body shortly after he was brought to the chopper. His spirit was moved into a puppy that was just being born by one of the dogs in paradise. The children all welcomed him and loved him. Ken had been sedated and did not know that Buffalo had passed until later. Bethy and Bill both mourned and were consoled by Sally and John. Tamara was given a soldier’s honor with no body and everyone cried. They waited the rest of the day and that night before they continued the mission

In the year 2037 on February 14 the seismology meters at the volcanology labs in Tacoma Washington registered a 5.4 quake on the Richter scale with its center located under Mt. Rainier. The lakes on the eastern side of the mountain stopped spewing gasses and a few months later the fish began to spawn once again. It was as if the mountain gave a big sigh and went back to sleep. The national parks reopened and people began to enjoy the entire mountain once again.

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Posted: Wed Oct 10, 2018 12:02 am
by LostNFound

General Wagger woke up and tried to look around. His memory was very foggy. He had opened his eyes but everything was fuzzy. There was some light but he couldn’t make out anything. He slowly reached his hand up to his head. The pain was sharp in quick movements but mostly dull and constant. When he brought his hand to his face he felt the gauze bandage. His memory was starting to return in bits and pieces. It seemed the bandage was wrapped completely around his head. His anger rose again and his head began to throb. He fumbled with the bandage and found where it was secured and pulled on it until it came loose. He began to unravel it and every movement he made caused the pain to increase. He could feel the wetness on his face and his body. The struggle to remove the bandage was causing his body to sweat. He tried to speak and his mouth was completely dry. He finally got the bandage unraveled and the light blinded him. He closed his eyes and waited a few seconds before trying to open them again. The second time was a bit easier but he had to cover his eyes with his hands and that caused him to cry out from excruciating pain.

He tried to speak again but all he could get out was a raspy sound. He looked around with his hand shading his eyes and saw the needle in his wrist. He was hooked up to a bag of saline solution. His anger was growing with very painful seconds as he realized he was in the infirmary. His memory began to flood into him. It was that little witch that did something to him. He had no sense of time at the moment. All he could see was the girl as she looked into his eyes that could not blink or move and showed him his miserable life of murder and mayhem. He remembered falling forward and everything went black. He could only guess that he fell, face down on the pavement near the North gate. He saw the water bottle sitting on the table next to his bed and reached for it. It hurt badly when he brought the opening to his lips but he endured long enough to get the water into his mouth and swallow. He drank enough to feel like he could speak and tried to scream at whoever was available. His voice still cracked but he managed to get out the words. “Somebody get the hell in hear and help me.”

Lieutenant Tyrell Heimlich heard the commotion coming from the room that the General was in and buzzed Colonel Saulinsky to tell him that the General was awake. He then walked into the room and saw that the General had removed the bandage from his face. He winced at the sight of the man. The man’s nose had been broken and his forehead had been scraped raw. His cheeks were red and purple with blood vessels close to the surface. The man’s lips had been squeezed open due to the impact on the hard surface. They looked like big broken open melons. One of his ears had been torn and Heimlich had to stitch it together. He had been told that the General had fallen from the seat of a Humvee when they drove to the North gate. The General’s left and right hands had been scraped raw and one of his wrists was broken. The rest of his body was in good condition so the story did not fit all that well but who was he to question the Colonel.

The General watched the man in the white smock walk into the room and over to the monitor that was beeping next to his bed. The man turned to him and asked if he was in pain, then said quick enough, “I can put some pain relief in the saline drip. You took a pretty nasty fall from that Humvee yesterday. You’re pretty fortunate, you only got a wrist broke and your nose of course. You will be in pain for a while but we can remedy that with the pain meds. The General looked at the scrawny Lieutenant through his bloodshot, swollen, black and blue eyes and said, in his raspy voice, “You’re going to take this IV out of my wrist and bring my cloths to me. You are then going to give me what it takes to get me out of the bed right now. I don’t want to repeat myself, because if I have to, you will be dead within a few hours, do you understand me lieutenant?” Tyrell knew just how psycho this man was and knew that he would follow through on what he just said so he pulled the IV from the General’s wrist and pushed the IV rack away. He then unhooked the leads to the monitor and moved to the cabinet where the Generals clothes were. He placed everything on the bed and told the General when he was ready to call him and he would give him the meds he would need to stand the pain. The General watched the man leave and began to get himself up and dressed. He meant to go to the North air field and kill those children. He especially was going to take pleasure in making the little girl that thought she was a general beg for him to kill her because he was thinking of some very nasty torture techniques to do to her.

Getting dressed had taken him longer than he thought. The pain was excruciating in his head and wrists. The broken wrist made it very hard for him to pull his pants on and get his shirt on. He endured and finally tied his boots. He looked around for his weapon but did not find it. No matter he had plenty in his quarters that was two levels above him. He had finally taken a handful of the pain pills that were sitting on the table next to the bed and stuffed the rest into his shirt pocket. As he painfully dressed himself he thought how this entire operation had gone wrong. He came to the conclusion that he was going to set the nukes off that he had the codes for and to hell with Saulinsky. He was going to kill the man as soon as he got to his quarters and retrieve the weapons he needed. He figured to kill those children and the men and load a couple of the canisters on the chopper and fly to the toads little empire and dump the shit on his head. There were at least two men he could trust and they could fly two of the jets that were already loaded and spray a fairly good sized area. That was better than nothing he decided and proceeded to make his plan work. He walked out into the outer room of the infirmary to get more pain pills from the lieutenant but when he got there the man was no where to be found. He broke the glass on the meds cabinet and retrieved the bottle of morphine pills. When he left the infirmary he encountered no one as he made his way to his quarters.

Lieutenant Heimlich hurried out of the room the general was in and stopped just long enough to retrieve a small bag as he left the infirmary. He did not hear anything from the colonel and as he made his way to the surface he did not see anyone else. He wondered if the entire base had left. This entire operation had been the Emperor’s pipe dream and that psycho General. Those children showing up yesterday had been an omen for him to get the hell out of dodge. He was going to leave sooner but then the General had been dragged in with all the injuries. He had figured to drug the man and then abandon the base but the basturd woke up and that threw a monkey wrench into his easy get a way. When he reached the surface it was dead calm. He could swear he was in a ghost town but then this place always seemed like that anyway. He had to hike a half a mile to get to his car. As he drove toward the east gate he kept thinking where he was going to get away to and what he was going to say to the guards at the gate. When he reached the gate there were no guards. The station was empty so he drove through the gates and continued to the main road that leads down to Las Vegas.

When Montgomery Wagger approached his quarters he noticed the door ajar. He knew something was wrong so he approached it warily. He wondered why he had not run into anybody and everything seemed eerily quiet. He peeked into his quarters but no one was there so he moved in quietly and hurried to his second cabinet where he had another weapon. When he opened the locked drawer he pulled out the .45 auto and jacked a round into the chamber. He then moved to the room where the safe was located. When he pushed the door open he swore profusely. The safe door was open so he hurried to it and noticed that the notebook was missing. His anger made his head hurt badly. He sat down and took two of the morphine pills. As the pain subsided he stood and moved to the sleeping room where he kept a gun safe. He opened it and took the Mp8 out. There was a belt with 10 mag pouches and he pulled the first one out and pushed it into the rifle and primed it. He strapped the belt on and took the Velcro holster for his .45 and secured it around his leg. The BP vest was next and it had some pouches for extra magazines for the .45 and the Mp8. He gathered a few other things and left the quarters. He made his way to the Colonels quarters and found it empty. The safe was open and everything was gone. He swore some more and made his way to the surface.

The Magazine room was empty. The weapons had been removed. Wagger had to sit down and breathe and take some more of the morphine pills. His wrist was aching with a deep constant pain. He tried to baby it but soon found out that it was useless with his current mission. He did find 1 box of grenades still in tact so he took 8 of them and clipped them to his vest. He was going to make one more stop before he reached the surface. It seemed that this place had been deserted which made him angry. The cowards had abandoned him while he was sedated in the infirmary and that pip squeak of a lieutenant had run out at the last minute. The idea of Colonel Saulinsky deserting made him want to blow the jets at the north field with all the poisons aboard. He knew he could not do that until he was in the chopper so he could make the escape. He would have to somehow rig the dam things to blow with an electronic signal. Those dam children could be used but he would have to gain some kind of leverage against them first. He walked into the control center with his rifle at the ready and was going to shoot whoever may still be there. To his surprise and angst there was no one left? He checked out a few monitors but it did him no good. He finally walked to the door and took two of the grenades and hooked them together. He pulled the pins and tossed them into the room while shutting the door and moved quickly to the elevator.

He reached the elevator and pushed the button when he heard the blast. The door to the control room seemed to hold but the damn elevator doors were not opening. The automatic sprinkler system came on and started to drench him. He moved to the stairwell and got inside as another explosion sounded down the corridor. He wasn’t thinking clearly or he would have left that room alone. The destruction had shut the elevator down. He was going to have to climb his way to the surface. He started moving and reached the halfway point when he came across a suitcase. It was sitting on one of the steps and looked quite suspicious to him. He made his way around it wearily and kept on climbing. He was winded when he reached the ground floor landing and had to sit down for a few minutes. When he entered the main room it was also deserted. Of course it was always like that but there was some semblance of life. He left the building and headed for the small garage where he had a jeep parked. The old garage was around 200 yards from the terminal and it took him at least 20 minutes to walk. His pain was returning so he stopped and downed some more of the morphine pills. The Sun was burning the ground and air by now and he knew it would get even more brutal by early afternoon. He reached the garage and opened the man door and let out a violent string of curse words. The jeep was gone. He could only think of Saulinsky who was the only other person that knew about it. His second back up was parked in another old run down building but it was a half of a mile to the south. He never told anyone about the skimmer that he had locked up in the old building. He took a big drink of water and a couple of more pills. He looked at the bottle and wished he had taken the other one with this one. He began to walk to the south. His plan now was to get to the chopper and go to the North air field where he could take the other leer. He could think of nothing more than killing those damn children and the men that were still up there. His chopper had two mini guns and a dispance cloak.

Brian Saulinsky had decided to make his getaway when the little General froze everyone and made the psycho fall on his face. After the girl unfroze everyone he walked over looked at the sick basturd lying on the ground. He motioned for the two men that came with him to pick up the General and place him in the Humvee. He then took the men and the children in the bus to the barracks were they would stay. He took the General back to the main base and had him taken to the infirmary. He told Lieutenant Heimlich to sedate the General for at least 24 hours and retired to his quarters for a short rest. When he woke up, he emptied his safe and packed a small duffle bag. His next move was to inform the personnel on the station that they were to evacuate immediately. The station had been compromised and the Patriot militia could destroy the place within the next few hours. The personnel were instructed to choose their own course away from this place and to take what ever they felt was necessary to survive. He told them at that point that they had a choice to continue to serve the Emperor, in which case they should make their way to Denver or they could possible turn themselves into the patriots and serve them. There wasn’t much conversation and the place became empty within a few hours. He made his way to the Generals quarters and emptied the contents of his safe. The General never knew that Brian knew the combination to his safe.

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by LostNFound
When he reached the surface, he went straight to the old garage and took the jeep that the General had told him about. He intended to drive to the west air field first and relieve the few personnel that were working to fill the few planes that were parked there. He knew that there was a special team of Patriots working to ground the planes but he did not know what to do about the poison canisters. Those children that showed up yesterday were supposed to be some kind of super soldiers but they seemed to be on the patriot’s side of this sick country. When he made sure the people at the west base were safe he was going up to the North field and stop the action there. The entire nuclear bomb thing gave him the creeps and he planned to burn the notebooks with the codes when he reached the west air field. The bombs could stay in place for now but no one would be able to set them off. He was going to tell someone about their locations but he had to stop the progress of the spraying first. He didn’t think anyone but him, the General and that other psycho in Denver knew the full ramifications of using the poisons. This stuff was hundreds of times more deadly than any nuclear bomb. His thoughts of the complete annihilation of human kind, animal life and plant life on this world gave him the willies. The true doomsday weapon, this stuff was and he meant to stop it anyway he could.

Sergeant Major Jack Bollard crouched behind the left landing gear of the 5th plane in the third row as he watched the two guards and their dogs walk toward the west along the North fence line. He had warned his other three companions of the guards. He had brought them over from the North air field around 0300 this morning to set the charges on these planes. They had gotten the routine down to just under 2 minutes per plane and were moving fairly quickly now. He had left the others at the North field to finish. Yesterday, he had been lying on the roof of hanger 32 when the Humvee and bus showed up at the North gate. He was told to expect them and what their purpose was. He was very happy to know that the children would be able to make the canisters with the poison disappear. His men would still have to set all the charges on the planes. He saw the Humvee show up from inside the base and when the mad man General got out it made him shiver. He had known this man from other places and just how insane the man had become over the few years that he had known him. As he had watched the little child that was dressed in a generals uniform levitate and move to this mad man, then return an let him fall face first onto the road, it made him laugh with joy and he almost did it out loud. He wanted to meet this little soldier and shake her hand. He watched the whole episode and finally the bus and Humvee were escorted to a barracks behind the hangers. He saw four of his men with the children and thought to wait before talking with them until things were a bit settled down.

Jack gave the all clear finally and he and the others began to move again to set charges. There were only 47 planes on this field. He had been told that there could be 50. He wasn’t sure if the other three were in hangers or never arrived. He planned to find out soon enough and was getting ready to fly over to the two hangers he saw on the south side of the tarmac when the old jeep drove up to the first hanger. He saw the full bird colonel climb out and hurry to the man door. Jack had been told that there was an inside patriot working on the base and he was supposed to be someone in a high trusted position. He couldn’t be sure about this man but he flew over to the hanger and found some windows he could peek into. When he looked in he saw Humvee’s and trailers and the 55 gallon drums or canisters with big red radiation signs on them. This was the hanger with the poison and there were some rooms with doors. He did not see any personnel and figured the colonel had gone into one of the rooms.

As he stood there thinking about his next move, a door opened and men started coming out. Someone opened the hanger door and the men began climbing into the Humvee’s. He counted at least 12 of them and shortly three Humvee’s drove out the opening and headed toward the west on the tarmac and finally turned off toward the south. He watched them turn toward the west again and then the Yucca trees and brush got in the way. He could see the dust cloud where the Humvee’s kept traveling. He heard some shouting from inside and looked back at the doors. A few minutes later three men came out followed by the colonel who had a pistol in his hand. The three that came out first had pilot’s suits on. He immediately knew they were some of the pilots that would be flying the planes. These men were watching the colonel closely as he told them to keep moving toward the hanger door. Jack watched them walk out the opening and moved to the front of the building quickly. He could overhear the conversation now and it was not good. One of the pilots stopped and turned around to confront the Colonel. “How can we be sure the General is dead, just because you say so? His orders to us were to prepare our planes and he did say that the schedule had been moved up. This was yesterday before he went to meet those little super soldiers. How do we know for sure that the General is dead?” The Colonel waited for the one to finish speaking and said “Listen you idiot, I told you that the control station was overrun and the General was killed. The Patriot’s took half of the personnel into custody and the others were killed. I barely escaped because I was checking the hanger where that civilian drone pilot blew it up. I am telling you right now that if you want to live you best get out of here like the others just did. The Militia could be on its way right now as we speak. Forget the planes. The entire mission has been scrubbed.”

One of the men tried to rush the Colonel and the crack of the pistol stopped him in his tracks. The man fell backwards and lay still on the tarmac. The other two men did not move while the colonel told them they had a choice. “You can end up like Lyle or you can get the hell out of here. There is one Humvee left in there and it is fully charged so what’s it going to be?” The two men moved wearily around the Colonel and a few minutes later the Humvee came rushing out of the hanger. The Colonel had stood off to side with his pistol at the ready, anticipating what the two men may try. When the Humvee came out it barely missed the dead man lying on the tarmac and turned toward the east. Jack had to shake his head but with those two heading toward the east it could mean they were going to the control station to verify the Colonels words. He waited until the Humvee was out of sight and then watched the Colonel walk to the jeep and take off toward the North. The crack of the pistol surely had to be heard by the guards and he expected them to come rushing back from their patrol path. He hurried back to the planes and kept an eye on the fence line. He heard Corporal Simms talking on the secure line, telling him that the guards were almost running toward him. “It looks like they are cutting through the planes so get down and out of sight of those dogs.

Jack figured that all the other personnel that inhabited this area had left. These two guards could be the only ones left and of course their two dogs. He couldn’t be sure about the place but he was going to take a chance that these two men would desert the Emperor’s forces as soon as they found out that the other men had deserted them to save their own skins. The dogs were going to be a bit of an issue but he had discovered that most of them were or could be quite friendly if someone spoke to them in the right way. It was the men that could be a problem with the dogs but he thought he could handle the situation. He told Simms and the other two men to come up behind these two and he would distract them from the front. If this air field was empty of personnel, they could complete the mission and blow the landing gear easily and get back to the North field. He had a bad feeling that something was going down up their and it could bode badly for his men and those children. He had only counted around 20 personnel up there that belonged to the emperor but there could be more on the way from down south. He hopped up on one the wings and could see the guards running through the planes toward him and the hangers that were behind him.

Sergeant Larry Brandon and his partner Corporal Vern Dirken had heard the pistol shot. They had reached the far end of their patrol station. As far as they knew they were the only guards at this station. Larry had always said that anyone could get in here and cause havoc. That damn General had shot too many personnel over stupid things and it left him and Vern alone with Butch and Sassy. The dogs were loyal but he knew that they would run if he and Vern didn’t keep a tight reign on them. They loved to chase the damn rabbits and could swear that those pesky critters taunted the dogs. While they were half running and walking toward the hanger he told Vern to be on the lookout for any suspicious activity. The gun fire could have been from one of the other men shooting at the rabbits but something did not feel right to him. The dogs were pulling hard on their tethers as they moved closer and all of sudden both of them stopped at the tail of one of the jets. They were looking up at the wing and just starring. Larry looked up and didn’t see anything. He told Vern to move to the front of the wing thinking someone could be hiding in one of the engines.

Jack stood on the wing close to the big flaps and looked at the dogs. He spoke into their being and told them that he was not a threat to them. He had learned how to do that from the woman named Kristyl when they were up at the Banner Wyoming base. The dogs just looked at him and did not move. He watched the other guard take the female and walk her around to the front of the wing. He finally saw Simms and Tommy come up behind and they were in the air and cloaked also. He did not see where Sergeant Ben Ingles was but figuring Ben’s stealth patterns he was most likely coming from the hanger back. He heard the female dog bark once and then go quiet. He flew down to the ground and stood about 10 feet in front of the guard and the dog who he had found out was named Butch. The dog didn’t move but he could see that Butch would like to come to him. Tommy was in the air just above the man who was holding Butch. The man called out for his companion but there was no answer back. “VERN, GET YOU BUTT OVER HERE RIGHT NOW.” Still no answer so the man let go of Butch and the first thing that happened was the dog ran over to Jack and stopped right in front of him. The man was raising his rifle when Tommy flew down and kicked him over. The man lost his rifle and hit the ground. He rolled over and pulled his pistol. He couldn’t see anyone but he was going to start shooting wildly. Tommy kicked the man’s hand and the pistol went flying.

Jack turned off his dispance cloak and patted Butch. “Well Sergeant, it looks to me like you are weaponless at the moment, would you care to talk. Butch here is not interested in biting me or my men for that matter.” Larry Brandon looked up at the Sergeant Major standing close to Butch and asked “where is Vern and Sassy, what have you done to them?” At that moment Sassy came running up to Butch and they bumped each other. Both dogs still had their tethers attached so Jack bent down and undid them. “Here is Sassy now and as for Vern, I suspect he will be alright. He was just knocked out for a few minutes.” Sure enough Sergeant Ingles brought the other man around and over to Larry. There were two men visible now and all of sudden two more became visible. Larry looked at Vern and asked if he was alright. Vern said “I’m okay, just a sore head.” Larry turned and looked at Jack and said “you from the Patriot army?” Jack said “yes I guess you could say that. Would you like to join us?” Larry looked around at the four men and said “how many more of you are there, it looks like you conscripted our dogs.” Jack just said “there are a few and we grow everyday. You and Vern here are the only two left on this field, we saw all the rest desert a while back, looks like they didn’t care about you. We don’t know how many of the emperor’s army is on this base but we intend to stop these planes from flying. Now are you interested in joining us or would you rather take off like the others did?”

Larry looked at Jack and the dogs and Vern and asked “you’re not going to shoot us like that basturd General has been doing to a lot of good men?” Jack had heard about the unwarranted deaths of men on this base and now it was being confirmed. “No Sergeant Brandon, we are only offering you’re freedom. Either way you go you are free men. If you want to come and work with me and my men we will gladly accept you. If you want to run away you should be aware that this country is still under the Emperor’s rule and you could be hunted down out there and killed. We are moving toward that toad’s demise and it could get heavy with action before it is over.” Vern turned to Larry and said “Larry we have talked about getting the hell away from this place for months now and here is the way out for both of us.” He turned to Jack and saluted him and said Corporal Vern Dirken reporting for duty sir, if you’ll have me and my K-nine?” Jack saluted him back and motioned for Ben to return his weapons. Sassy moved to his side and sat patiently. “Welcome aboard Corporal” and turned to the Sergeant. Larry hesitated for just a moment then did the same thing that Vern had done. Jack asked if all the planes had been set. Tommy told him that there were still two left and the second hanger had not been checked yet “Okay Tommy, take Ben and Corporal Dirken and get those done. Meet over by the second hanger as soon as you’re done. We must get back to the North base. I think there is going to be some bad things happen up there and soon.”

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by LostNFound
Jack took Joe and Larry and Butch to the second hanger. “That first hanger has the poison in it.” He looked at Larry and asked “how many of these planes have that stuff loaded on them?” Larry wasn’t sure but he thought there might be at least 15 of them that had been loaded. The second hanger was much bigger than the first one and the two jets inside were still in pieces. Jack set the charges on them anyway but not enough to blow the hanger for fear of damaging the first hanger. They stood outside waiting for the other team to come and Jack used the secure line and called Carl. “Come pick us up Carl we are near the second hanger over here and we will not be cloaked. We picked up 4 new recruits. There is something going down up there so hurry.” 5 minutes later Sassy came running up and then the three men ran across the tarmac. The all stood together for a few minutes before the big gush of air hit them. Larry and Vern both did not know what was going on until Jack told them that it was their chopper. 50 feet in front of them a door opened in the landscape and Jack said “Let’s go” and moved toward the opening. Once inside the chopper Carl lifted off and Jack pulled out his detonator devise as did Tommy, Ben and Joe. Jack counted to three and they all pushed the little red button on the side.

The planes in the hanger crashed to the floor as the landing gear was blown out from under them. There were some secondary explosions and the bodies cracked and buckled. On the field where the 50 planes stood, the explosions caused the planes to fall to one side which broke the other side landing gear and all 50 planes lay flat on the field. The smoke from the explosions caused a big roil mixed with dust from the ground. Carl had made one wide circle around the field and took a direct course back to the North field. Carl brought the chopper down in the same place as before and shut down the rotor. Jack told everybody that they had to get to the barracks to warn the men and children of some impending attack. He didn’t know exactly what to expect but it was a sure bet that something was coming.

3000 feet from the old garage that had held his jeep, General Wagger had sat down under some oak brush. The pain in his wrist was throbbing beyond belief. His head was pounding and something in his side did not feel right. He opened the morphine bottle and took out 4 of the pills. His canteen was only a third full. He looked at the remaining pills in the bottle and cursed. There were only 5 left. He popped the four into his mouth and took a swig from the canteen. He couldn’t see the other garage yet but he knew it was just over the rise to the south of him. His anger seemed to be carrying him along more than the pain pills. His plans seem to change as he walked in the god forsaken heat. He definitely was going to kill everyone at the North field. He thought about the West field but that would have to wait for now. He had brought the lap top computer so if he found the traitor Saulinsky and retrieved the codes he could remotely detonate the damn things and that would take care of the coastal states. His mind wandered in and out with grand illusions of killing the emperor. He had decided to drive to the small hanger where his chopper was and then strafe the field up north. He would blow some of the jets and hope the containers of poison released their deadly toxins into the air. He would then fly to the west field and board one of the jets that were loaded and take it to the toad’s lair and dump the entire load over Denver. He further planned to take the jet into Missouri and make it to the underground tunnel that would take him back to the Cheyenne mountain base. That place still had control of the old nuclear missiles and he planned to lay waste to the greater part of the world.

He stood and could not feel the pain anymore and took off for the garage. 30 minutes later he broke the lock on the door and kicked it in. He walked over and with great effort opened the old garage door. The dust was 2’ thick on everything. He pulled the canvas cover from the skimmer and opened the cockpit. He threw his pack in the back and climbed in. The car started up with very little trouble and he scooted out of the garage and drove toward the hanger where his chopper was located. Another 35 minutes and he pulled close to the small hanger. He climbed out with some pain and retrieved his pack and the Mp8. When he opened the door he had to smile. The chopper sat on a pad. It was a tad dusty but he knew the inside would be dust free. He walked around it and unplugged the big charger cord. The power was still on in this building so he went into a small living quarters and found some cold drinks and some food. He went into the bathroom and cleaned his wounds on his wrists and found some bandage wrapping. He cleaned his face and felt his nose. It hurt like hell. His eyes were black and swollen. The medicine cabinet had a bottle of the morphine pills and he grabbed them and took a handful. His addiction to these by now was in full gear. He knew he would have to find more to support his habit from now on. He spent a few hours resting and hydrating him self. The pain was still with him but it was dull. It served to remind him how he was going to torture that little witch. He would kill her comrades in front of her first. His rage had hit its boiling point and then he went calm. He was acting methodically now and it was time. He opened the roof structure and climbed aboard his pride and joy. He primed the rotors and made sure the mini guns were ready and full. He then turned the stealth gear on and lifted the chopper out of the hanger. As soon as he was clear he activated the dispance cloak. It was a prototype and no one else had it. He flew around for a few passes and shot the mini gun into the hanger for a test. He did not want to waste his ammo so he only pulled the trigger enough to make sure the things were working. The hanger was ripped open at one end and he took her up and flew toward the North base.

Brian Saulinsky had left the West air field after cutting everyone loose. He had to backtrack east until he could connect with the north bound road. The drive to the North field from the main control base was close to an hour and the road to the west field was another 45 minutes from the North bound road. 45 minutes back to connect and then maybe another 35 minutes up the north road and he should be at the hangers. He had been on the North road for 10 minutes when the right side rear tire blew. He fought the steering for a harrowing few minutes until he ran off the road into a deep bank of sand. It took him a few minutes to gather his wits and then he jumped out to check out the damage. The wheel and tire were completely ruined. He backed the jeep up onto the road surface with great hardship. Once on the level surface he jacked the rear up and struggled to remove the lug nuts. He was hoping that the drum was still in tact. The spare wheel and tire were good. He had to stop after he finally got the ruined tire and wheel off and moved to a big yucca tree that was throwing off some good shade. He took a big swig of water from his canteen and thought about the message he had sent to the Patriot base to the North. The conversation was short but he was able to tell Major Wheeler that the Generals plans were in the toilet at this point but the man was still determined to do something very nasty. The General had been sedated since his mishap with the little girl soldier yesterday. Brian told the Major that he was going to abandon the base and set all the others free or at least tell them that the base was compromised. Major Wheeler had acknowledged the info and said they would be taking care of the planes and the poisons.

Brian took another swig of his water and stood up to finish replacing the wheel and tire. He was tightening up the lug nuts when he heard the Generals voice. “Well colonel, looks like the jeep gave out on you before you could get to your traitorous comrades.” Brian froze with the lug wrench in his hands. “Well General, looks like you woke up sooner than expected.” Brian stood up slowly and turned around. The General was standing close to the Yucca tree where he had rested. The man had his pistol pointed at him and looked like hell. He had bandages on his hands and face and yet looked very relaxed. Brian could only think that the man was full of pain pills. He wasn’t afraid of this lunatic anymore and resolved to catch the man off guard. “So what are you going to do now General, your men have deserted you, you have no one to fly the planes and I know you will not do anything with those canisters lest you can escape.” Montgomery Wagger almost pulled the trigger on his .45 but he needed something from this traitor first. The pain had slowly begun to return and it was getting worse by the minute. He slowly pulled the bottle from his shirt pocket and wearily took the lid off. He tipped the bottle into his mouth and dry swallowed the pills. He did not know how many got into him nor did he care anymore. He watched the Colonel closely as he performed this now, hourly routine he thought. The Colonel was calm while he stood next to the jeep that was jacked up in the rear.

“Step away from the Jeep Colonel” and he motioned with his pistol for the colonel to move off to his right. “Where are the codes for those nukes?” Brian was reluctant to move at first but the General shot the tire through his legs and that caused him to move. The good tire went flat. Brian moved to the Generals right and looked for a chance to jump the idiot. The General was sweating heavy but seemed to be in complete control. “I burned those notebooks General so no one can do anything with the bombs. Brian’s leg was knocked out from under him as the .45 slug hit him just above the knee cap. He fell to the ground and rolled over. His leg was burning and bleeding. The General swayed and walked to the Jeep. He looked in the rear seat and found the bag. He struggled to pull it out and when it hit the sand some of the contents fell out. He watched the Colonel holding his leg and trying to stop the bleeding. “Now Colonel, I am asking this just one more time, the codes for the nukes, where are they?” Brian told him that they were in the glove compartment. “That’s better” he said as he moved to the passenger side to open the glove box. Brian had felt the fist sized rock in the sand as he lay there and as soon as the general bent in to open the glove box he threw the rock. The rock hit the general in the back of the neck and knocked him forward into the passenger seat, he struggled to turn around and his eyes were blurry. The rock had knocked the daylight out of him but he brought the pistol up and pulled the trigger. The bullet hit Brian in the left arm and made him roll away. He was at the edge of life now with this maniac. The General shot again but the bullet buried in the sand as Brian rolled away. Brian grabbed another rock and lobbed it at the general. This one hit the general in the groin and had just enough force to make him double over. He came up cursing a blue streak and shot again. The bullet caught Brian in the stomach this time and he jerked around on the sand. The General slowly walked to him and stood over him. “You know Colonel, you and I could have owned the world.” The next bullet hit Brian in the forehead and his spirit was knocked into the universe.

General Wagger was in greater pain now that the two rocks had made contact in vital places. He should have shot the colonel in the back and not wasted any time. He could have found the notebooks on his own. Now his groin ached and his neck was causing his head to throb even more. He walked back to the Jeep and popped open the glove box. Both notebooks were there and he took them with a big smile on his face. He made his way back to the cloaked chopper and climbed aboard. He dug out the lab top and opened the note books. His 5 codes were for the San Andreas Fault and Brian’s had been for the Cascadian fault. He was going to set those off first and then the San Andreas as he cleared the Utah eastern border. He typed in the codes and got the notice to provide a hand print Identification. He swore again and climbed from the cabin and made his way back to the Jeep and Brian. He bent down and opened the lap top and placed Brian’s dead hand on the screen. The beeping sound made his head hurt and then there was something on the screen that said (INSUFICIENT DATA). He almost screamed but took out his K-bar and cut the hand off the corpse. When he got back to the chopper he stuck the hand into the mini refrigerator and left the laptop on the floor as he moved to the front. He had to sit and take some more pain pills and passed out.

All the children had left the bus and entered the barracks. They all knew what the General had in mind for them so they would have to begin making the poisons disappear very soon. Keegan and Isaac knew that their team were out there planting the bombs on the landing gear and also knew that Jack had taken three of them and gone over to the west air base. Montgomery and Kalista gathered the children and began to give them images of places to go and take care of the poisons. Alice sat by herself; she had seen the ugly sick things the General had done in his life. She showed some of them to him while he was frozen and caused him to fall flat on his face when she released him and the others. She knew the guards at the gate were good men in their spirits and would not hesitate to abandon this place if given the right avenue. She spoke with Montgomery and Kalista and asked if she could take Lenny Krites with her as they moved to destroy the poisons. She also told them that she was going too give the soldiers that were stationed here a chance to join them or leave to be free away from the Emperor’s control. Montgomery and Kalista both agreed with her and Lenny was glad to be paired with the youngest General in history.

It was around 0900 the next morning that the children began disappearing from the barracks and reappearing in the planes. They would make the canisters disappear as they sent them to the prescribed place where the poison was rendered completely harmless. The men that were planting the bombs on the landing gear had worked through the night and finished with all 100 planes. They had made it back to the area where the chopper was located and began to rest. Jack had radioed that his team would be ready within another hour to come back from the west field. Alice had been sitting with Lenny while the other children were busy making the canisters disappear on the planes. Montgomery and Kalista took 5 other children and went to the West air field. Alice stood up and took Lenny’s hand and said “we are going to the hanger where the main canisters are stored; they are being loaded on other planes as we speak so we need to ask the men if they would like to be on the patriot’s side. I know that some of them have been heard to say that they want to get away from here. Let’s get Keegan and Isaac to go with us. Jerry and Frank should go to the North gate and have a conversation with those two men that stuffed the General into that Humvee yesterday.” Lenny was happy to be with Alice. He was only a year older than her in this time period and he had an attraction for her. “I’ll go get Captain Keegan and Lieutenant Isaac” he said as he started walking toward the front enclosed rooms.

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by LostNFound
Lenny knocked on the door that Keegan and Isaac had stayed in and Isaac opened it. “Ah little soldier, what can we do for you?” Lenny did not enter but said “General Alice needs you and Keegan to come with us. The other two men need to go to the North gate and have a good talk with those two guards.” Keegan showed up behind Isaac and asked what they were going to do. Lenny just said “I think you and those other two men need to come and talk with Alice, I think she has a plan. Keegan grabbed his hat and told Isaac to gather Jerry and Frank and come out into the barracks; we shouldn’t keep the General waiting.” Keegan followed the little soldier down the middle of the barracks toward Alice who was sitting on the edge of the bed she had slept in. Isaac retrieved Frank and Jerry and they were right behind Keegan and Lenny. Alice could see Isaac and Jerry’s future and knew they were not long for this time period. The psychopathic man that she dealt with yesterday was coming and she could see that he was going to cause great havoc before she could stop him. He was invisible to her at the moment and she was not sure why. Lenny and Keegan were the first to reach her and she gestured for them to sit. Isaac and the other two walked up and sat down. She could see the questions on all of their faces.

Keegan spoke first and asked her what the plan was. She told him that the other children were taking care of the canisters aboard the planes and the men of the base were still continuing to load more of the planes. She looked at Jerry and Frank and asked them to go to the North gate and try to convince the two guards to abandon this place and perhaps join the Patriots. Frank spoke right up with that request. “What if those two do not want to abandon their posts and decide to fight with us?” Alice looked at him and said “you must do what is needed. You must be safe and you must give those men a chance or choice as the way of this world goes. I have heard that they could abandon this place with the right chance.” Frank did not say anything more. “Captain Keegan and Lieutenant Isaac will go with Lenny and me to the hanger where all the poisons are stored. We are going to do the same with the men in there and we are going to send all of the poisons away. We must all be on guard and extremely aware because there could be an invasion from the south of whoever is left of the emperors minions.” Keegan listened to this little girl speak and thought she was very old in her soul. He knew she had extraordinary powers as they all knew and the children on the bus could do things that gave him so much hope for the human race and the world. He also knew that there was always surprise’s in life that could and would come out of left field at any moment and any time. He stood up and told Frank and Jerry to arm them selves. The weapons were stored in the Humvee under the rear seat. He asked Isaac to gather some for the two of them. Alice had one more thing to say. “Sergeant Major Bollard and the men he brought will be ready to move in within an hour I think. I have heard that he picked up some additional help at the west air field.” She was saying this before it had happened but she knew that Jack and his men would come during the havoc that the crazy man was soon to start. She was saddened that Isaac and Jerry would not make it but they would save others in their process of dieing.

She stood up also and said “we should move, time is short and I do want to make sure that there is no poisons left to get spread in the air during the explosions.” Keegan and Isaac both heard what she said but it did not quite register with them. They both looked at each other and Isaac hurried out with the other two to gather the weapons. 7 minutes later, Alice led Lenny, Keegan and Isaac toward the hanger while Corporal Fitzgerald and Sergeant Young walked toward the North gate. Inside Hanger 33 Corporal Taggart and Private Simpson, Staff sergeant Jim howles and Corporal Al Rameris were finishing loading the canisters on the two trailers that were hitched to the tractor. Jim howles jumped up on the tractor and started it while Private Simpson opened the big hanger doors. They were going to load two more planes before lunch. They had done 4 planes earlier and had become very lax with the safety gear. Jim put the tractor in gear and moved slowly toward the opening. The private jumped on the tail trailer as it came by and they rolled out onto the tarmac. When they came out they did not see the two little soldiers and the two big soldiers walking up the side of the hanger. Alice stopped and saw the tractor; trailers pull out and drive to the main tarmac. She spoke in the mind to those out in the planes and told them that 4 men were heading out to load some more planes and to be on the lookout for them. Inside the office that was inside the hanger, Sergeant Harry Somme sat with Corporal Earl Long and Corporal Jeb Weaver. As soon as the others had left to take another load to the planes they continued their talk of the planned escape. They had tested the other men as to their loyalty and found that the men could not be trusted. They were going to leave tonight and knew when the guards with the dogs would not be to close to the gate. Harry Somme had been secretly loading the Humvee that was parked just inside the hanger door. He had heard a rumor of some desertion happening down at the Main control base and the West air field had gone quiet two days ago. All three of them had planned this escape for the last 6 months and when those children showed up yesterday and the Crazy General took the nasty fall at the gate they figured it was time to make the move. The men loading the planes would be done by Nineteen hundred hours tonight and would retire to the barracks. Somme had talked with Corporal Tomas and Private Walsh at the gate and both of them wanted to go with them. They figured 5 of them would stand a good fighting chance.

Harry poured himself another cup of coffee and added a touch of the scotch. “Tomas and Walsh are set. They both have duffels ready and when we get there they will disable the gate. I figure we can travel east for a ways and then strike out to the north. I have heard of an old road up that way that will get us into Idaho or Oregon depending which way we go at the crossroads I heard about. Once we’re out of this state we will have to split up and God help us after that. We all have heard of the patriots army and maybe we can find some and join or something. “You can join right now if you want?” All three of them stood up so quickly that the chairs fell backward and saw the little girl General standing just inside the door. Standing next to her was another little boy in a soldier’s uniform and Harry started to pull his pistol. Keegan stepped around the door jam with his pistol already pulled and said “That might not be a wise move Sergeant.” Alice and Lenny both moved further in so Keegan and Isaac could step in. They came in far enough to shut the door and waited for the three men to stand at ease.

Alice waited for the Sergeant to take his hand away from his pistol and walked over and picked up one of the chairs. “Why don’t you men sit down and we can talk about your future living conditions.” Harry looked at the little girl and looked at his men then looked at the Captain and the Lieutenant. He was on the verge of laughing but he had seen what this little girl did to the General, so he held his calm and slowly sat down. Alice turned to Lenny and said “Lenny why don’t you take the lieutenant into the hanger and clean it up.” The three men watched the little boy walk by the lieutenant and take his hand. They opened the door and walked out. Harry was curious and had to ask, “What do you mean clean it up?” Alice smiled and said “well let’s just say the trash needs to be taken out and those canisters are definitely full of trash.” Harry couldn’t help himself, “what do you intend to do with them, you know that stuff is deadly and if it is handled wrong we all could die and fairly quickly I might add.” “Oh yes sergeant we know how deadly that stuff is and we know what the commanding officer of this base intends to do with it, so we are going to put it in a place where it will be harmless and useless at that.” Harry looked at his men again and then at the little girl. “Please excuse me General but the only place I can think of, where that crap will be harmless is somewhere in outer space.” Alice had to giggle and said “well then sergeant, you are excused. You have a good guess there though and that is exactly what we are doing with this stuff. In fact all the canisters that have been loaded on those planes and the ones down at the West air field have been placed on a very distant planet that will utilize the concoction and destroy the bacteria.”

Harry and Jeb spoke at the same time. “How can you do that?” Alice held up her hand and said “that can be explained later, shall we talk about your future now? What would you like to do; we have two choices for you or maybe three. You already mentioned one. You can swear allegiance to the Patriot army, in which case we will take you with us once this base is shut down and no longer a threat to the world. You must know we are in a war with the emperor and his army and we intend to do away with him and his forces. A second choice is you can desert this place and make your own way into the world as it is. Be aware, the emperor is a very nasty man and he will hunt you. You’re third option is to stay here and perhaps fight for the emperor but then again that is a loosing option at this point. You know that General is an insane man and I suspect he is plotting to kill everyone at this air field and he may even have already killed everyone at the west air field.” All three men knew what their choice was going to be but Harry had to ask about the two men at the gate. “Those men are being approached as we speak with the same proposition.” The explosions and gun fire took them all by surprise.

General Montgomery Wagger woke in a stupor. He did not know where he was at first. The bright sunshine on the front window of the chopper made him wince and close his eyes quickly. The pain in his head and his groin gave him pause and then he felt his wrist. He had fallen to the side in the pilot’s seat and his wrist had been bent under him. His memory climbed to the forefront of his brain as he pushed himself upright. He brought his arm up and looked at the dirty gauze wrap around his wrist. It was broken; he remembered now and then he remembered the pain pills in his shirt pocket. He fumbled the bottle out of his pocket and did the same with the lid. The lid came off and the bottle fell from his hand. The pills spilled out on the deck of the chopper. He sat still for a moment and slowly swiveled the seat and fell to the deck on his knees. His one good hand, he used to brace himself and then started to pick up the pills. He shoved them into his mouth as he picked them up and put some back into the bottle. He crawled himself to the rear and retrieved a bottle of water. He sat himself down and swigged the water down along with some of the pills. He sat on the deck until the pain began to reside and finally got him self up and moved back to the seat. He remembered killing the man and cutting his hand off and coming back to his cloaked chopper. The black out must have happened shortly after that and he did not know how long he had been out.

He strapped himself in and spun the rotors. The bird was still cloaked and the stealth gear was still operating. He readied his mini guns and set the missiles to the ready also. He pulled the joy stick back and the chopper climbed straight up for at least 100 feet. He paused into a hover and looked around. He could see the jeep on the side of the road and followed the line of the road to the north. There was no traffic and he couldn’t see the buildings of the North air field yet but he knew it was just a short jaunt. He was going to shoot up the barracks first and land long enough to find that little witch and take her up with him. He planned to tie her up and make her watch as he completed the devastation to the base and with any luck those canisters would be ruptured and then he was going to throw her off the chopper into the deadly poison that would be permeating the air by then.

As Jerry and Frank approached the gate house they heard the mini guns cut loose. The barracks where they had stayed the night before exploded and the 30 millimeter rounds were ripping up the ground and the buildings. Both men had turned and started to run back. The two men from the gate house came out and told them to halt. Frank turned and yelled at them both to get away from the small building just before it blew up. Both men were knocked away and landed on their backs. Frank ran to them with Jerry on his heels. Frank bent down and asked if they were alright. Jerry ran up and yelled “WE NEED TO GET TO COVER, SOMEONE IS STRAFING THIS BASE.” Frank grabbed Corporal Tomas and pulled him up. Jerry ran to Private Walsh and reached for his hand just as the raking of 30 millimeter bullets tore into him. He was thrown forward over the man lying on the ground. Frank turned and tried to see where the gun fire was coming from but he could see nothing through the dust. He pulled the first man up and said head for that mound over there and he pointed to a mound of dirt about 20 feet away. I don’t know who is doing the shooting but we really need to get some cover. The man stood up and said “it might be better to get into those planes over there.” Frank was moving to Jerry and said “get your buddy and get over there then, I got to help my friend.”

The General had swung around the base looking for people. He saw the two men walking toward the gate and he saw the two guards walking the fence line with their dogs, then he saw the men pulling up to one of the planes with trailers that had canisters in them. He thought about shooting them first but then that would cause the poison to escape into the air too soon and he wouldn’t be able to land and find that little witch. He made a complete circle around the field and came in from the east low enough to strafe the first barracks where those damned super soldier children were supposed to be staying. He wasn’t thinking of anything more than their death when he fired the missiles into the building. The explosion caused a fireball to rise in front of him as he was firing the mini guns. He flew through it and rose into a tight turn to come back. He saw those two men up by the gate and the two other ones come out and he fired another missile into the gate house and began to strafe the ground toward those men. He shot overhead and flew out a few hundred yards before turning and coming back. His next target was the two hangers that had the planes under construction and he let his missiles go into them as he came in from the North.

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Frank bent down to pick Jerry up. The man was lying on his face. Frank could see the torn clothing up his back and knew instantly that Jerry was gone. He rolled him over and sure enough his front side was torn open. He stood up and looked around to see if he could see the chopper but he couldn’t anything. He ran toward the first plane in the field and skidded in to fall behind one of the rear landing gear. The first man he had told to run for it was trying to give resuscitation to his partner. Frank just looked at them and knew the second man was not going to make it. He had sustained a row of 30’s across his mid section.

Jack and his men had landed just 10 minutes prior to the attack on the air field. He talked with Sammy quickly and asked for a Sitrep. Sammy and Malcolm told him that Keegan had reported that the children were making the poisons disappear and some had gone over to the West air field. He said “Frank and Jerry are headed to the guard shack at the gate as we speak.” It was at that moment that the barracks exploded and then the guard shack blew into many pieces. Jack went into action immediately and gathered his men to follow him. They struck out toward the north gate. Sammy had turned around when the explosion happened and said “what the hell?” and looked through his scope. “That base is under attack right now” he said but Jack had already moved to the bottom of the hill and was lifting off with his men who were all cloaked and using the jet belts. Half way to the gate they all saw two of the hangers go up in flames which gave Jack the willies. He was really hoping that all that poison crap had been taken care of by the children, if not they all could be dead shortly when the stuff was blown open to leak into the air.

Montgomery and Kalista and the 5 children with them had taken care of the poisons at the West air field before Jack and his men set off the explosives on the airplanes and the hangers. They came back to the North air field and were helping the rest of them clean the planes up. He knew that Alice and Lenny were taking care of the Hanger. He heard her speak about the 4 men that were bringing more poison to the field to load and look out for them. He was floating above them as they stopped and unhitched one of the trailers and remotely dropped a ramp to the plane they were planning to load next. Montgomery made the canisters disappear and the men all looked at each other in great surprise. Staff Sergeant Jim Howles said “what the hell?” and looked around with a wild eyed stare. He pulled his pistol and began to wave it around. “You men get your weapons out and look around. I don’t know what is happening but someone is playing a game.” They all were standing in close with there backs to each other when the Barracks exploded. Howles yelled “OH SHIT, WERE UNDER ATTACK.” The other three started to run. They didn’t know which way but seemed to be heading toward the north fence. Howles yelled at them and told them to stop. “YOU COWARDS STOP, WE HAVE TO DEFEND THESE PLANES.” Corporal Rameris, turned and shot at Howles, “You stupid man, you can stay and defend these stupid planes, I am getting the hell out of here.” He turned and started to run again but the bullet caught him square between the shoulder blades. Montgomery could see that these men would kill themselves trying to get away or defend something that really didn’t exist. He knew his entire soldier children were well away from the ongoing destruction and as for Keegan, Isaac, Frank and Jerry, he figured Alice and Lenny would take care for them. He could see Jack and his men heading for the air field and flew to them quickly. He caught them in the air just outside the gates.

Jack was brought up suddenly by the boy. His crew stopped and hovered while the boy spoke. “Sergeant Major, you must not go in there. A pure mad man has attacked this place and he is hoping to kill everyone. He has a cloaked chopper that is well equipped with much death and he intends to destroy the human race if he can. All the poison is gone so he cannot use it. His nuclear bombs are being handled by others and his codes do not work. He is dying as we speak and our little General is going to undo him forever. There are three men under the first plane, one is yours and one is dead, the other one will join you at the end of this. You have lost one, his name is Jerry and you will loose one more who is Isaac. He is going to save Lenny. This base will cease to exist and it has been along time coming. You have dealt a blow to the emperor and one other thing. You must still blow the landing gear on all the planes. They will be buried in the dust bowl of history. Your time is now to do that because there are no poisons left. The boy saluted Jack and said we thank you for your service to us and we will be at the final scene of this show in Denver. The boy disappeared at that moment and Jack took four men with him to fetch Frank and the other man. They found Jerry’s body and thought to come back and bury him when the fiasco was ended.

To the west, the two guards and their dogs heard the explosions and began to hurry back toward the main field. They ran up the fence line and came to a halt when they saw the two men walking the fence line heading for the gate. Sergeant Nubacker told them to halt. “What the hell is going on?” Corporal Taggart told him that the patriot army was attacking and had already killed most of the men.” Nubacker was an Emperor man through and through and shot Taggart without another word. Private Simpson looked at the dead man and said “Someone is destroying the base and we don’t know who it is.” Nubacker looked at him and said “So you thought to desert then did you?” Simpson said “No we were going to get help.” Nubacker shot him in the head without any further word. “Cowards, every one of them, General Wagger was right to just shoot the idiots.” His head exploded the very next instant and Private Winger fell to the ground. Both dogs had been let free and ran off to the north dragging their tethers. Winger lay in the dirt and watched a rabbit run by him from one of the planes. He began to crawl toward the jet for cover when his left leg was blown off. He screamed in agony and tried to drag him self some more but it was no use. The blood rushed from his body and he gave up just a few more feet from where he lost his leg.

Sammy Whitefeather had seen the entire meeting and death of the two men along the fence line. He could tell that the man that so callously shot the other two was not a good man. He popped his head at 1200 yards and then shot the other ones leg off as he crawled toward the plane. He called down to the men that were standing around to go and catch two dogs that were running north just to the west of their position. “They have tethers around their necks and could hurt themselves if they get tangled up on something.

Sergeant Howles had watched Taggart and Simpson run through the planes toward the fence and decided that it was useless to kill them. Someone else could do that. He walked to the tractor and jumped on. When he tried to start it nothing happened. He jumped off and started walking toward hanger 33. He had been suspicious of Somme and the other two and thought they might be responsible for the destruction that was happening. He heard the shots to his north as he walked and figured someone did what he failed to do. He was going to confront the three in the hanger and perhaps kill them. The General would probably give him a medal or something. He entered the tarmac and scooted across. The two big hangers were burning and there were pieces of the buildings lying around. Hanger 33 was still intact so his suspicions were being confirmed he thought. The big door was still open so he came at it from the side and peeked into the building. It was dark but the light that did shine in gave him a clear view of a small child and a man. They both were in uniforms and he immediately knew what was happening. Those damn super soldier children were plants from the patriot army and had become the army from the Trojan horse. He made sure his pistol was primed and stepped into the hanger.

Lenny had cleaned the hanger before the explosions and he and Isaac were turning to go back to the office. He could feel the presence of evil and saw the shadow of a man step inside the hanger and move to the side in the dark. He touched Isaac’s mind and told him there was a bad man over by the hanger door and he had a gun. Isaac pulled his pistol and stepped in front of Lenny. The bullet caught him in the chest and he fell backward. Lenny acted with instinct and levitated Isaac so he would not hit the concrete surface. He clearly saw the evil man walking toward him and he was getting ready to shoot another round. Lenny froze him and the gun did not fire. He then let Isaac down slowly to the floor and moved to him. Isaac was breathing erratically and looked into Lenny’s eyes. “I’m sorry little brother but I think I am going to see my family in another place.” Lenny had tears in his eyes as he watched Isaac’s spirit rise from his corporeal body. He did not have the total healing power without the other children so he could do nothing. He kneeled for a few minutes while the sounds of guns and explosions were creating a cacophony of sounds. He finally stood and walked to the bad man. He looked at him for a moment and levitated up. He molded the man’s hand and forearm with the pistol in it back toward his face. After backing up about ten feet he unfroze the man. The shot rang out immediately and hit the man between his eyes. The man fell backward violently and lay on the concrete as a pool of blood formed around his head.

Lenny caused Isaac’s body to disappear and reappear at the main base to the north. He then moved to the office area where everyone was getting ready to move out. Alice knew what had happened and hurried to Lenny and took his hand. “Go with Captain Keegan and these other men and leave this place. I will see you at the base later. They have a truck and will be going north. I will make sure the crazy man does not leave here or harm anyone else.” Keegan asked where Isaac was and heard in his head that Isaac has returned to his family for now. Keegan understood and told the others that they had to go now. They all piled into the Humvee and Harry noticed the body lying close to the hanger door. They drove around it and hit the tarmac. Harry asked where the little General was and when Keegan told him that she was with the other General, he almost stopped the vehicle. Lenny spoke at that moment and said “you must keep going, this place is going to cease to exist soon, and we must get out and go to the north base.”

Jack and his men found Frank and the other man and helped them to move toward the gate. When they passed the spot where Jerry’s body had been lying it was gone. Jack looked around but heard a voice in his head telling him that they could bury Jerry up at the north base. They reached the spot where the chopper was and all climbed in. Once they were in the air Jack took out his remote as did the others and they pushed the red button on them. The explosions went off in sequence and the planes all fell to the side and then crashed to lie on their bellies in the field. The ground began to shake and fissures began to open up.

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General Wagger had landed the chopper close to Hanger 33. The base was on fire, this was the only building that was left standing. He didn’t know if the little witch was still alive but he suspected she might be. He left the chopper and went to the barracks first but realized that no one could be alive in this inferno. The other barracks was in the same condition so he went back to the Hanger. He had left this building untouched because of the canisters of poison. He meant to gather as many as he could although he did not know how he was going to get them aboard the chopper in his condition. When he walked into the Hanger it was completely empty. He shook his head and screamed a foul stream of curse words. He started to turn to see about the planes when he heard the little girl. “Well general, it appears you have managed to destroy your own handiwork. It looks like your entire dream of godhood has been flushed. I think the nuclear option is no good also. Just to let you know, there are people finding and making those things go away. Oh and here is a good one, those codes you so cherished are fake and will not work. I have one question for you. Has any of this been worth it to your huge sad ego?”

He spun around at her voice and saw her standing in the door way of the office. His mind was so foggy from the morphine he did not quite know what to do. He started to move toward her albeit slowly. She did not move and he was thinking if he could get close enough he would jump on her and choke her slowly to death. “You are such a sick man, however did you make it this far in life Mr. Waggle tail?” He looked at her with complete rage in his eyes now. “You little bitch, I am going to kill you slowly, very slowly and then feed your carcass to the coyotes.” “Come now Wiggles, foul language is unbecoming of you don’t you think?” Every word out of this little witch’s mouth served to infuriate him more. As with any psychopath he calmed himself and tried to get her to come to him. He turned and started to walk out of the hanger. He meant to get her to come closer to him so he could grab her. He stepped outside and moved toward his chopper. When he came around the front of the building the little girl was standing in front of his chopper that was now visible. “You see General you can’t erase me from you tiny little brain. I am your worst nightmare now.”

He stopped suddenly and stared at her. She touched his chopper and it disappeared. “Well so much for that, I am afraid your toy has been consumed in the fires of hell. He almost lost it with that one but managed to keep his calm. He heard the explosions start and turned around and walked to the face of the hanger. The planes were exploding underneath as he watched. They began to fall sideways then fall flat on their bellies. He watched in horror and then the ground began to shake and he saw fissures open up and begin to swallow the planes. He turned to make a rush for the little girl but she was floating mere inches from his face. He tried to reach out for her but his body was frozen. “Dear Mr. Waggles, you need therapy in the worst way. I am going to send you to a place that might help you. Bye, bye and with that she touched him.

He woke up in a bed. His arms and hands were tied down and there were straps across his chest and legs. The room stunk of dirty socks and bed sheets. He could not speak because it seemed that something was tied across his mouth and it felt like there was a block or something in his mouth. The pain in his head was excruciating. His wrist still hurt but for some reason not so bad. He could not move his head but he could move his eyes and he heard a door open. Three men and a woman walked into the room. They were all wearing white smocks like doctors. The woman spoke and said “you see Doctor Milo, this patient suffers from delusions of grandeur, and he thinks he is some kind of military General and he talks incessantly about being the emperor of America. He broke his wrist the other night on the bed post and he smashed his head into the door while trying to get out. He broke his nose doing that.” One of the men asked her how long this man had been screaming about some little girl. “We don’t know for sure because when he came here he was having hysteria fits about some fictitious little girl. We tried to find out if she could be real or not but concluded she may have been someone he killed either in a dream or in reality. We have not been able to find any such child. One thing is for sure he is fixated on this child. This is the reason why I have recommended the lobotomy. This man is dangerous in his present state and we can’t have him accosting the other patients.”

In the year 1884 in The Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum, located in Weston, West Virginia, a man calling himself General Montgomery Wagger was given a frontal lobotomy, using the tools of the Asylum. The doctors performed the surgery using a scalpel and an ice pick. The man was given bed rest for a month while healing and wound up sitting at a window and finally in a bed to be fed by the interns until he died of starvation. The only recorded note of this man was located in 1994 when the Asylum was closed. The note stated that a psychotic man by the name of Mr. Waggles had been admitted in the year of 1884 and given a lobotomy and finally succumbed to starvation in the year 1886.

The Children had all appeared in the bus and Montgomery drove it off the base toward the east. They were heading toward the southern area of Colorado. He knew that Alice and Lenny would catch up to them after their missions were done. The bus turned onto route 93 just as the earthquake started to the west and the old area 51, Groom Lake Base began to sink into dust and crevasses. The North air base that was on fire, disappeared into the earth while the west air base had upheavals and the buildings collapsed in on them selves. The planes that were resting on the field on their bellies turned over and skidded into each other as the earth shook and heaved. When the earth quit moving up and down, the ruins looked like an old junk yard. The fires, of which were many continued to burn for months. The main underground base collapsed in on itself and it to, became a junk yard on the surface. The underground disappeared into solid earth. The southern base which had been abandoned remained standing. The buildings became a haven for many homeless peoples that had found their way out of Las Vegas and it became known as the homeless town where people helped each other.

Jack and his men escaped to the North as the North base began to sink and burn. They arrived back at the north Patriot base and found Isaac and Jerry’s bodies resting in a perfect flower bed. The ground was considered hallow and all the men gathered to pay their respects to the fallen hero’s, as they were named. Alice and Lenny stood with Keegan and Frank as the bodies fell into dust on the small mound that was raised above the flowers. All the men knew that Isaac and Jerry were in a place called the dream healing hospital as it was shown to them but they gave an honor to the men in this corporeal time. The temporary base was dismantled and the men began to disperse back to the gathering place in the Rockies in preparation for the coming fight to take back the country. Alice and Lenny arrived on the bus as it was traveling on state route 160 heading into the four corners area below Cortez Colorado. A psychopath had been undone and many more were yet to meet their ends.

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The chopper rested in a small meadow on the side of one of the hills to the North of the Archuleta Mesa. Jimmy was looking out the side window and could barely see the small station that remained of the base. He remembered the uproar when the Army decided to downsize the base and turn it into a small station. He was not sure how many men and or women might be stationed there now but it was a cinch that it could be no more than 10 if that. He also knew that there were three buildings left that consisted of a barracks, a storage/garage building and an operations building. Michael asked him if he and Isaac would scout the station. Ian wanted to go with them so Michael told him that he could but he would have to do what Jimmy and Isaac told him. Ian acknowledged and they all prepared to leave the chopper. Michael had landed so the hatch was facing toward the hill side. The two men turned on the Dispance cloak while Ian pretended to but just disappeared. They all climbed out and moved around the chopper and down the hill toward the station.

The Archuleta Mesa was a large sloping rock or so it seemed. The dirt was semi red but the rock looked like basalt and there were large ruts of wash from the rains that frequented the area. The two men and boy reached the bottom of the hill. Jimmy spoke in the mind and said that station is further than I remember from this hill, looks like we are going to have to fly there from here. Isaac acknowledged and the two men activated the jet belts and rose off the ground. Ian just levitated him self and they all moved off across the mesa. Jimmy had been told that animals could see through the Dispance cloak so he was scoping the station as they approached and did not see any dogs. He suspected that there would not be any due to the downsizing and making this a place of punishment. He also suspected that the army would just as soon forget about this place except for what was buried underground. The wars that happened here in the previous century had left a very bitter taste in the military hemisphere. The Aliens had taken many men and did unspeakable things to them before the giant steel doors shut the place off. The sighting of UFO’s ceased to happen in the early 2000’s and the entire place fell out of view and off the map for conspiracy theorists. The Army lost a foothold here and the nuclear bombs or whatever they had stored below became lost also the wars caused the loss of everything else down below. He remembered his stint of duty here and how absolutely boring it was other than the strange disappearances of men and other weird things that happened. He was having all these thoughts as they approached the fence line and flew over. He saw the three buildings that he remembered but there was one other small structure that he did not remember seeing. He spoke in the mind to Isaac and Ian and told them to move around and see if any personnel were visible. The place looked almost deserted but he could hear some music coming from the barracks building. He signaled Isaac to move to that building while he moved to the operations building and signaled for Ian to check out the small structure. We’ll all meet at the storage/garage building after gathering info from the other buildings.

In the chopper Michael was talking to Susanna, Theresa and Daniel. “Daniel, you and Theresa can go over that ridge” as he pointed to the ridge to the north of them, and search for any caves or entrances into the underground. They may be quite hard to spot but you will know them when you see. At some point in the past that area was suspected to be a place for those flying saucers to come from.” Theresa spoke up and said “I remember something about all that hoopla but there wasn’t much to hear about, just something about UFO’s and how the folks of Dulce would see them all around the area at certain times.” “If I recall, this area and down south near a place called Roswell were very well known places for tourists and UFO hunters and this stuff was written into magazines.” Daniel looked at the ridge and said “Well I can tell you that the war under ground here was real and a whole lot of men and women were killed and prior to that occurrence something or someone was experimenting on humans. I do know that the Army finally closed off the underground and abandoned this site or so we were all told.” Susanna was looking at her instruments and then glancing out the side at the mesa below. She had listened to the conversation and watched something odd on her monitors. “Well I would say that there is some sort of activity below ground on that mesa. I can’t identify what it may be but there is movement and seismic disturbance happening.” “I am registering a large amount of heat signatures and some very odd signals that I have never seen before.” She flipped the monitor around so Michael could see and Daniel and Theresa both moved up to look at the monitor. Theresa stared for a moment at one of the signals or blips that seemed to be emanating strange colors and said “I have seen that before” and then said Oh my! “That is what Maria and Mark showed us in their minds when they came back from that mission with Lionhawk and Shadowself.” They had such vivid thoughts of that mission and the girls helped them to overcome some very bad impressions. I remember that some of us had to be there to help and I am sure those signals were in their minds.” Susanna gasped and turned to Theresa, “Oh my, is right, I remember now, those were the radiant signals from the gate to that other dimension those fire creatures came from.” You don’t suppose that there could be more of those things invading us?” Theresa said “no not those particular Aliens because that gate was closed and there were not any more. This could be from other places or dimensions though and with all the talk about aliens under the old base that was here it would make sense.”

Jimmy stood outside a small window, located on the east side of the operations building. He was still cloaked and was watching the two men sitting at the computer stations. Both men were kicked back in a very relaxed mode and drinking coffee while reading magazines. He could barely see the monitors but from what he could see they showed large metal doors with the standard radiation warning signs. He wanted to get a closer look at those monitors because he remembered that the doors had been sealed with welding materials when he was stationed there. The welding had been done at some time prior to his knowing but when he was there they had to reseal them because something had been slowly cutting through. Someone had told him that the station had been converted to full time monitoring of the large doors and it was very important that nothing cause them to fail. He also knew that the caves to the north had been destroyed and sealed due to the escape of some of the aliens and the fact that Alien ships were using them for reconnaissance and gathering missions on the humans. He did not know of any other openings into that hellish underground but all the time he spent in this place had given him the creeps and he still had nightmares of being taken.

Isaac dropped down next to a window along the side of the barracks building. He had heard the old rock and roll music sounds from a few open windows and as he looked in he saw two people dancing and 4 more sitting around a table. The talk appeared to be lively so he moved to the front door and looked through the small windows. No one was looking his way so he pushed the door partly open and squeezed into the anti room. The words of the music were saying “Faster than the speed of Life” and the beat was catchy.

He watched the man and woman dance around and they looked like they were having a good time. The three men and one woman sitting down were tapping on the table and moving in motion as they talked. The music was loud enough to drown out their conversation so he could not make out what they were discussing but he could tell that the woman was becoming agitated as they talked. When he moved closer to hear what was being talked about, he noticed that all three of them had tattoos on their arms. The two dancing also had tattoos on parts of their bodies. He knew from some history that he had studied a few years prior that people used to burn pictures into their skin and it seemed to be more prevalent with people in the military. He had heard that the practice had come back but was almost forbidden for most military people. He also knew that any personnel caught doing the practice were either arrested or shipped to some place that was a hell hole and was isolated from civilization. Apparently this was one of those places and these people were considered Misfits.

As he approached the table to get closer, the woman stood up very quickly, knocking over her chair and told one of the men to shut up. “This ain’t no joke you jerk, I tell you that those two men were taken by whatever it is in the caverns below.” “Don’t even try to tell me that they ran off in the night and deserted.” “Earl wasn’t the type to go running off in the middle of the night and Benny was really afraid of something and tried to tell Tim that he had seen something the night before Earl went missing. He said that something came from that little building that covers the steel doors.” “I tell you that something has figured out how to breach that underground hell and they are using that building to get up here and this ain’t the first time that people have gone missing up here.” Hank spoke calmly and told Hanna to settle down. The music had stopped and the two people that were dancing came over to hear the commotion. The other woman moved close to the one called Hanna and took her hand while she moved away from the table. Hank kept talking and told Cathy to settle her down. “We all know that something is moving around up here and with two of us gone within the last two weeks it has become an issue to watch our backs closer.”

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“Tim and Joe both are watching that steel door on the monitors and we have rigged something to watch that little building also so just calm down. We all have our weapons, I am sorry Hanna, and you know I was just trying to relieve some tension.” Hank looked at the other two men and said “Mark you and Gary need to relieve Tim and Joe in 20 minutes so I suggest you get something to eat.” “Calvin you and I will relieve them after the 8 hour shift.” Calvin shook his head and moved to the table to set down. Hanna and Cathy both moved back to the table and Hanna was still agitated. “When are we going to get relief up here, didn’t you put in for replacements?” “You know damn well I did and I told you what command said.” “Well I wanna know why we can’t get at least the replacements for the two men that went missing?” “This god forsaken station is supposed to hold a compliment of 10 personnel.” “I know, I know damn it and we have had this discussion a hundred times before. You know as well as I that we are considered criminal/misfits and we are damn lucky they didn’t kill us outright but sent us to this end of the line station so shut the hell up.” Cathy moved close and said to Hanna “Honey we are going to have to bite a bullet here for awhile so the best thing to do is watch each others back and survive. This may not end well for us but by God I am not going to die here and I will stand by you. If we have to run then we should all leave at the same time so we can survive and to hell with this place and the rotten Army.” The two women moved over to a small room where their bunks were while the men prepared for relief and rest. Isaac shook his head but the Intel of what just transpired gave him thought while he moved back out of the building.

Ian had been shown what was underground and the beings that inhabited the caves. He had been shown the gates that allowed the beings to move between their dimensions and worlds in this dimension. He witnessed what they were capable of and how they would use humans. Some used them for food while others used them as vessels to exist in this space. Almost all of them experimented on the humans to gain knowledge and how to mimic the species. Most of them had the weapon that utilized a blue death beam. This weapon virtually vaporized the human species. At this time there existed only three species in the caves and one had managed to control the other two.

There was a time when they first started to arrive that at least 15 species existed. The 20th century was mid term and a great war was being waged on the surface of the world. The Aliens, as they were known, were discovered by the military of the country where the caverns were located. The Aliens built ships and some also arrived in ships from distant worlds and created areas where they could fly the ships from underground and capture humans to bring back to the underground caves. Through the first 60 years they managed to war with each other until only three species remained. The brief war with the humans caused them to group with each other at the time. After the war with the humans, the caves and caverns were sealed and their access to the outside had been shut off. When they tried to get out they were destroyed almost immediately by their own weapons that the military had stolen and utilized. These weapons had morphed into other things and much of what the controlling factions learned from them became highly top secret projects. The progress of the world excelled but only within the military industrial complex.

Shortly before the destruction of the center of power in the land above, a faction of them managed to escape the caves and covertly destroy the weapons and much of what had been hidden from the peoples of the world. The Military and the Governments had managed to keep some of the knowledge but could not reproduce most of it. The Kireals who had most of the technologies made sure that the humans would not be able to make or use any of their tools and weapons for at least 100 years. They thought and planned to take over this world by that time. They underestimated the humans in their capability to cage them and keep them from escaping the underground caves. Simplicity caught them unaware. The other two species had become docile under the Kireals dominance and lost their abilities to fight and produce. The Kireals destroyed any gates that the other species utilized and kept only theirs. They had one left and it was in disrepair, they had not been able to use it for years now. In their dimension a long and great war had raged for many millennia and most of their worlds had been devastated. They had found out about the plans to destroy the land above and prepared the caverns to survive. The access they created allowed them to continue to gain knowledge although the humans they captured had very little in this time. So they did not venture upward so much like they use to.

The Kireals were the tallest of all the species. In human terms they stood over 2 ½ meters in height. Their arms and legs were long and slender and they had three fingers and an opposing thumb that were long and knobby on each hand. Their feet were webbed and also had only three toes. Their heads were extra large and the huge black eyes looked like obsidian balls. The nostrils were unusually small in comparison to the face but the mouth slits resembled what looked like a snake’s mouth. The skin was a mottled gray color and appeared to have possible scales. The Grouth were a short species. They stood only 1 meter in height but their bodies were quite thick and stout as one might deduce. The heads of these species were elongated in the horizontal direction with green globes for eyes at the far ends of the head. Their mouth slits appeared to be located below their head on the part that could be assumed to the neck. The nostril openings were elongated from the lower part of the head to the farthest upper part of the head. The legs and arms of this species were very thick and muscular and the hands and feet looked like shovels. The Kireals enslaved this species first and used them to dig out the caves in the lower reaches. The last beings that lived in the caves were quite docile. The S’iruss was a peaceful species and would not partake in the wars. Their appearance was similar to that of the Kireals in the head but the bodies were much more like a human child of 6 or 7 years in age. Their hands and feet resembled that of humans and the skin was a light to dark bluish color. The Kireals used these beings like slaves had been used in the ancient Egyptian period of the earth.

Ian knew and understood that all of these beings would have to be released and sent back to their own worlds and/or dimensions. The Kireals would be the first to go and they were the ones that would fight the fiercest. As he dropped down next to the small building he already knew another access had been created outside of the building. The Kireals had used the Grouth to dig through a second opening. The access was made recently so the beings had not used it to invade the greater areas yet. He looked inside and saw the metal floor surface that was sealed to down below. He knew that the Grouth had been forced to dig through the basalt and it had taken them a long time as well as a large number of their species had expired in the process. He did not know how often the Kireals would come up but this could be the only way for him, Jimmy and Isaac as well as the rest of the team to get below. He flew back up and headed for the Storage/garage building to meet with Jimmy and Isaac who were heading that way soon.

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The mountain was spewing unknown cubic tons of dust and hot rock into the sky. The area around the mountain had become a roiling cloud of ash, dirt and lightning that was continuing to rise higher toward space. The cloud of ash was beginning to spread toward the east as the high wind velocity off the ocean blew that way. Kristyl was watching a large tsunami of mud and trees flowing down a river as it headed for a main road and a small town to the west of the mountain. She could see no movement of cars or people but kept watching as close as possible. She turned to tell everyone that they might have to go down as close as possible and rescue whomever they could find when a movement in her belly caused her to Jerk slightly. Kevin saw her sudden movement and asked what the matter was. Kristyl looked back at the mountain that was exploding into the heavens and smiled. “Just a reminder from our child my dear husband, I will be fine.” Bill and Logan both had been looking out the side ports and when they heard the conversation with Kevin and Kristyl, they both looked at each other and smiled. Logan spoke up and told them that the towns in the way of the tsunami river had all been evacuated in preparation of the mountain becoming active once again. “In fact most of the towns within a 50 mile radius of this mountain had been abandoned and from that point outward most folks were on alert so I think that no one is in grave danger except the eastern side where all the ash is blowing. We should find the rest of the devices before they are accidentally or intentionally activated or this State and much more will end.” Kevin flipped the chopper around and moved off toward the coast.

Kristyl had mapped the San Andreas Fault line from older maps that were made from the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century. She had brought up the beginning point where the Fault was believed to begin and transferred it to Kevin’s scope. He set the course and they moved toward an area called Shelter Cove. Kristyl said “It is believed that the fault actually starts somewhere north from the Cove but it is not known exactly where, so we will have to track up the coast until we find this place that was recorded to have seismic activity.” Kevin acknowledged and they moved toward a beautiful sunset. The Cove was silhouetted in the dusk as they approached and they could see a building to the North with lights shinning. Kristyl had turned on her ground heat signatures and Bill had moved up and asked her to turn on the device he had created to locate Nuclear devices. Logan had already mentioned that his device may not work but he was going to give it a chance anyway. Logan knew that it would probably not pick up anything but he respected his father and Montgomery had told him that Bill would want to try the instrument.

The coast line was rugged with partial sandy beaches and mostly rocky slopes into the water. It was very dark when they reached the area that was the beginning of the Fault. Kristyl had been monitoring the elevation of the land and found a flat area in from the beach about a half of a mile. She asked Kevin to set down in that area for a rest. He took the chopper over some low hills full of trees and brush and came into the flat area. Kristyl told him to set down so he dropped and rested the chopper. Kristyl wanted to get out and breathe some fresh air so Kevin secured the chopper and they both climbed out. The night sky was lit with stars and one could see the milky way if they stood or lay on the ground long enough. Kristyl moved to a more open area and sat down on the grass. Kevin joined her and they both gazed into the stars. Kristyl could feel her child and as she sat the child spoke in her mind. I will be born sooner than usual but you must not be concerned. I am part of Hava and Luun. You and father have created the body for me to return. I will grow fast and be part of you as we are all part of the divine creator. I am destined to be of the Healing on this world. When you have completed this time and another we all will be the new next existence of humanity. Be in peace mother and know that I am with you now. I was Alisha and can be her once again but you must name me as you will in the new life. Kristyl let out a sigh and laugh of joy and hugged Kevin.

As the two sat and held each other in perfect harmony a portal opened to their east in the meadow and two lions and three cubs jumped through. Arie and Chephirah gathered their cubs and moved toward the two humans sitting in the grass. Kristyl and Kevin both heard the cubs mewing and jumping around. Both turned just as Arie and Chephirah stopped so close to them that they could reach out and touch them. The cubs tumbled over each other and Chephirah put her paw out and held them all three together. Kristyl rolled over and sat back up so she could hug Chephirah and then did the same to Arie. You have come at a most welcome time, we are so glad to see you both and these must be the children? Chephirah gave a big cattish grin and spoke yes dear Kristyl these are the children. Arie and I have been quite busy raising them at Lionhawk and Shadowself’s home. Buster has been such a great companion to them. We were at the haven for a visit when Bill and Logan came for a short visit also. Bill showed us where you were so we came to visit you. Bill has told us the dangerous mission you are on so we really wanted to see you. Arie had moved close to Kevin and they were talking also. The cubs had all lain down together and were purring. Chephirah introduced her brood to Kristyl. This is Arie Jr., this is Braveheart and this is Shadowhawk. We gave her name in honor of Shadowself and Lionhawk. We will see Honovi soon and tell him that you are doing well. I am sure he would like to see you soon but he is on his own missions to heal the world. Mother earth has enlisted him and his mate to help bring the animal kingdom together. They are doing such a great healing with all of us. The land of Paradise is doing very well and all our brothers and sisters are doing their healing over there. Kevin and Kristyl sat with the lions and played with the cubs while the conversation carried on. In time they parted ways once again and Kevin gathered Kristyl and they made their way back to the chopper. Once inside the chopper Kevin opened the portal to their quarters at the haven and they both slept soundly until the next morning. After visiting with the family they stepped through into the chopper as the light was beginning to grow from the east.

Bill and Logan both were sitting on the rear bench seat and talking. They had a funny looking box with some wire feeds coming out of it. Kristyl looked at it twice then realized it was the invention that Bill had made to detect the nuclear devices. Logan was explaining that the circuitry was wrong and that is why the device would not function properly. Bill was listening and at the same time taking the box apart. She moved forward to set up her gear deciding to leave the two alone to fix or discuss the invention. She was sure that they would come up with something that did work sooner or later. Kevin was already sitting and staring out the front windshield. Kristyl sat down and looked to where she thought Kevin was looking. The tree line was broken directly in front of them. About 200 yards or so through the edge of where the tree line had been she could see a sink hole in the earth. The ground had fallen in along a line toward them. Trees were slanted side ways along the trench and it seemed to end where the tree line used to be just in front of the chopper. As she continued to stare she could see small funnels of steam or smoke and dust rising from the trench. Kevin spoke while still gazing at the trench and said “seems we may have found a beginning here of the Fault.” Bill stood with Logan and they both walked forward and looked at the trench area. Bill started to open the hatch and disembark to go and have a look when Kevin told both of them to strap in. He had already spun the rotor and pulled the stick back in a quick motion. The chopper was only 2 feet off the ground when it caved in under where the bird was sitting and continued to cave in across the meadow area toward the south.

Bill and Logan both had fallen toward the seat and quickly sat down and strapped in. Kevin had raised the chopper about 30 feet off the ground and stabilized it in a hover mode. As they looked around the area below they could see the trees swaying while the dust was rising in the air. Kristyl had been watching her seismometer and said “appears that a small quake just happened. I am registering about a 3.1 on this meter. Wow we could have been swallowed in the cave-in of the ground.” Kevin flew higher and once up above the tree tops they could see the line of trench coming from the north. He took the chopper to the north and they could plainly see a separation of earth as they moved further. Around 2 miles they came to an end of the trench and could see the water. They topped a small hill full of trees and flew in over the ocean where a cove cut in. Kevin brought the chopper up and turned back to the land over the small hill. Clearing the hill they saw the trench line once again. Kevin asked if this could be the beginning of the Fault. Kristyl told him that she had seen some faint activity under the water when they flew over the cove so the fault line could extend further north. Logan moved forward and said “That fault line does extend in small fractures up the coast and there is a connection to the Juan de Fuca plate and also the Cascadia Subduction Zone. I have been monitoring this fault line since we came in over the Cove to the south and have not discovered any nuclear device.” Kevin turned and asked him “how are you doing that?” Logan looked at him and said “I was born with a sense to see things and those devices just happen to be something that I can see.” Father has made something that is supposed to do the same thing but we are reconfiguring it first.” Bill moved forward and said “I am going to have to reconstruct this thing but for now we will have to rely on Logan. He did locate one in the mountain that blew but there are 4 more according to the info that he collected at the Nevada base. I would say at this point we should head south along this Fault line until Logan finds them and then we must make them disappear.