During this Time of Transition

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson
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During this Time of Transition

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Another good one from Bernhard Guenther's Facebook page:
(I could not have said this better!)

Based on some private interactions with others, including clients I work with, I see that some people are diminishing themselves unnecessarily when it comes to their potential to help others. Everyone has a gift and calling that is specific and unique to each person including growing wisdom/knowledge based on their life experiences, especially harder ones they've gone through and still may be going through. Most often there is lack of self trust and self-love (ultimately related to not trusting life and the Divine) and especially fear of what others may think of them if they'd be more outspoken, share their story or share information they are passionate about.


There is also fear to be seen, which also relates to (unconscious) fear of their own power/impact and fear of success (not necessarily always fear of failure), self-judgment of "not being good enough"....and also fear of being attacked which relates to the fear of conflict....a big one I've observed in others, so they dim their light, always playing it safe and "nice" based on the "people pleaser" program (most often resulting in a fake mask of "niceness"), not trying to step on anyone's toes or upset anyone if they'd speak "their truth" or share information that may challenge the status quo.

However, to expect (or hope for) no friction/conflict or that everyone will always agree with us or even "love" us is actually not only an illusion based on wishful thinking (and insecurity/lack of self-love) but is also hindering our own process of awakening and is ultimately Matrix fear-based programming. The more we are authentic with ourselves and others, the more we automatically help and inspire others. The more you share in your own words from a place of self-responsible vulnerability (without self-pity/victim/blame/martyr consciousness or narcissistic attention-seeking), the more others are inspired to do the same because most often they can relate. That alone can help/inspire others in ways you are not aware of at all.

One of the things most of the people I work with share is that they feel alone and that there is no one they can talk to. That is a normal phase/process on the path towards awakening. However, their own fear of being more open and showing "radical honesty", especially with themselves, or speaking out about topics they are truly passionate about can keep them isolated and from connecting with others as well.

It is a bit ironic. We all want more real and deeper connections, yet at the same time we tend to be afraid of doing (or being) that which would actually result in more authentic relationships and friendships: letting our guard down, being vulnerable, open and not trying to appear "perfect", "strong", "confident" all the time in order to impress others and to be "liked", appealing to some sort of image we try to uphold, our social mask, or the opposite, we shut down, hide and go into isolation (the "dark side" of healthy solitude) Yes, it can be "scary" to be vulnerable out of fear of judgment, rejection or being misunderstood and we also need to be discerning to a degree who we open ourselves up to. But this is also about trusting our intuition and not getting caught up in fear.

If we get out of or comfort zone, we also create ripple effects in reality like the butterfly effect and we will also receive support from the Divine by stepping into the "unknown" and face our fears that are related to speaking out/sharing ourselves with courage.

I see that process unfold beautifully at our Time of Transition retreats. 9 people from all over the world come together to do deep work in the jungle in a group setting. At the beginning everyone is shy/reserved and/or guarded (even guarded behind a mask of "having it all together") and this is normal but as the week progresses and we do our sharing circles combined with inner work, each time more and more people open up, going deeper, even sharing things they never told anyone before in pure open vulnerability. That process inspires others to do the same and creates immense compassion and empathy for each other, which then again results in lasting friendships and connections on a level they never felt/thought was possible before.

That way we all assist, help and heal each other. So again, it comes down to each one of us and not waiting for someone "out there" and complain that you're all alone and no one understands you. But you don't need to go to a retreat to do this. You can start right here and right now, in your personal lives, wherever you are. Vulnerability is true courage.

Remember, there can only be courage where there is fear. Courage means to act despite the fear, just like there can only be Faith where there is the Unknown. You step into the unknown, out of your comfort zone with faith....which means to learn to trust yourself, which is ultimately the process of learning to trust life and the Divine, letting go of control, not giving in to the monkey mind thought injections and disempowering matrix fear-programming, but listening to the deep internal embodied nonverbal voice that is always there to guide you, connected to the Divine.

Seeking truth and our own internal awakening and healing journey is a process and all there is are lessons, different for each of us. The more we share (not just links and quotes but our own personal expression in whatever form or medium (art, music, writing, etc...)) and come out of hiding, the more we learn, grow and the more we help/inspire others just by being authentic. The more we are real and honest with ourselves, working through our wounds (and feel them, not escape them) and inhibitions, the more we create and attract authentic relationships and the more you will see who your "true" friends are as this process also separates the wheat from the chaff without trying to be "liked" by everyone or "please" everyone (which is like "betraying" your soul).

Essentially this process will also align you with your deeper soul purpose and even vocation which is unique to you. It's the birth of the real "I" fully aligned with the Divine as you crack open all the armor and buffers of the past and let your light shine as an embodied frequency anchor.

During this Time of Transition we are all asked to "answer the call" and participate in our unique ways as we help each other remember who we truly are and shine in our embodied magnificence as transducers for Divine Will. <3
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