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A Perceptual Change | Race Identity and the Jewish Question

"...the spokespersons of the European idea are not interested in Germany...They preach the dispersal of Germany, not its reassembly."
- Moeller van den Bruck
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Re: A Perceptual Change | Race Identity and the Jewish Question

Postby Spiritwind » Sat Oct 21, 2017 5:49 pm

Ok, I guess I take that back. I do have more than a passing interest (just lost a really long post and going to shorten it - some might be happy about this, LOL).

I'll just post a link to a couple other threads I started on EE that relate to the topic, in case anyone is interested. Briefly though, the earliest people associated with the Biblical Hebrew people actually had a tradition about Shekinah that predates the angry warlike God that came after. And, originally sacrifice was done for the good of the people, and did not involve the giving of flesh and blood sacrifices, from animal to human, to appease some angry God.


(This one goes into the origin of the word holocaust).

I have to kind of laugh, I noted as I read through some of these past posts, it seems we kind of go around in a circle sometimes.

Edited to add:
Here is a little more info about Shekinah from another thread I started last year.
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