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Postby Christine » Sun Feb 14, 2016 9:58 pm



The eye of Horus is seen supposedly only when the energies of Osiris and Isis unite.

Osirus is much like the seed beneath the earth, or the body in the metamorphic state of the crystallise of the butterfly, he holds the energy of life which has transmuted through spiritual death, he gives hope to the Hu–mans (who carry his hue in their spine), that reside above him.

Osiris sacrifices himself just like the Christian Jesus in order to give new life and new hope of the new world, (the new Horus). Osiris then pushes forth all the new seeds of consciousness, through the seasons, spring, winter and summer, the continual growth cycles we go through.

He guides us through our own dark night of the soul, death and resurrection. Although Anubis leads one to the water of purification, Shu takes one to the air, set the fire, and OSIRIS the earth which form the elixir of re–birth, it is Osiris that causes the transmutation of the spirit and nits the RA–IN–BOW chakras together for one to become a great conductor of the spirit. Hence the name OS–IRIS.

Spiritual death is simply that which decays and rots as the body then goes through a process of putrefaction, the dark mantle of the stone, represented by the raven, This marks an alchemic process when the spiritual sphere penetrates into the subconscious mind and invokes a complete upwelling of the sub–conscious mind, This ends in the dissolving of the false ego, the blackness of the spirit, when matter breaks down it is transmuted into burnt spiritual ash, which can only then be resurrected, this process is represented by the BA or phoenix.

The elements then breakdown and re–form themselves into a new pattern as an integral part of the a new holistic entity of the self. The more blacker the stone becomes the more birth and rejuvenation springs from it, The dark night when in putrefaction is empty and void, thus from that condensed spiritual form, the new life begins.

Osiris is also known as the Shepard of men, who intoxicated people by playing his magical flute, which shows that pan and Osiris were the same ones. The flute demonstrated different frequencies and vibrations that orchestrate all of life forces, the system that we know today as Pythagoras, the tones and notes of the flute resonate with the chakras and the spectrum, to bring the life force into unison within us.

The magic flute of OSIRIS had seven holes which resemble the CHAK–RAS of the spine, thus when he plays his flute he purges the chemical process of enlightenment.
The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

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