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Re: Introducing: The Reader of the Pack

Posted: Sat Apr 30, 2016 1:04 pm
by Christine
Hermit, thank you so much for continuing to turn the cards. Wow! that is all I can say on this reading which is extremely powerful, personal and evocative on many levels. I am just kidding when I say “all I can say is wow” and anyone who knows me are aware that words usually follow insights. So here goes; allowing here what comes through is a stream of consciousness in free flow, yes water flowing in increasing torrents is a powerful theme in my life, indeed it is a the foundation of Earth Empaths.

“Out of Her heart shall flow the living waters of life … “
was once on the front page of the website and in so many of our sessions water is the key element.

I went for a long walk last night as is our custom of late during which the cards followed me, informing and rectifying and indeed inspiring. I would add by stating that a reading which is done for a collective such as the forum and the larger community will also have individual interpretations for the person viewing, such is the case with myself.

I can see the resonance of Hermit’s interpretation in a current situation and yet I received a very personal message. The caution is noted for when dealing with any powerful forces a point of balance and timing is essential to not be swept off the table. Without complacency or arrogance one must move forward, The Chariot can mean many things, for myself I see balance of polarities, the Warrior now rides and directs these forces as he returns home. There is a cessation of war and a sense of triumph viewed as the star over his/ her head, the guiding light of spiritual guidance.

The Hierophant represents the past hierarchical structures of power and authority. He was once benevolent but reversed chooses to rule through the force of those he represents, his strength once glorious as shown by the lion of strength has been reversed too, he rules a very sad kingdom indeed. He is blind and doesn’t see for he still feels his waning strength.

“The Hierophant’s task is to bring the two initiates into the church so that they can take up their appointed roles. This symbolizes entry into all types of institutions where there is a shared group identity. These could include schools, clubs, teams, companies and societies.”

As I am viewing now the initiates have left the church and are in charge of their own destiny, this is the weakening of the Hierophant’s role. Openly speaking of Truth and Self Gnosis and divine Sovereignty is a direct affront to this personage’s role, indeed without doubt I am aware of my long role throughout time confronting this force. Recently though I found a different aspect of inner strength that is no longer at war, a deepening of Self into the fields of what we denominate by the word love, what emanates from this place is a strength that is so gentle as to be virtually undetectable yet it washes over all who are touched by it.

Hermit, your reading is so timely for all who read it and I would not diminish your cautionary words only augment them with another one, respect for the inner power we all are in our core.

Passages in time is a phrase that comes to mind, for the chariot is the fire of the gods and goddesses.

“Plato paints the picture of a Charioteer (Greek: ἡνίοχος) driving a chariot pulled by two winged horses: "First the charioteer of the human soul drives a pair, and secondly one of the horses is noble and of noble breed, but the other quite the opposite in breed and character. Therefore in our case the driving is necessarily difficult and troublesome."

The Charioteer represents intellect, reason, or the part of the soul that must guide the soul to truth; one horse represents rational or moral impulse or the positive part of passionate nature (e.g., righteous indignation); while the other represents the soul's irrational passions, appetites, or concupiscent nature. The Charioteer directs the entire chariot/soul, trying to stop the horses from going different ways, and to proceed towards enlightenment.”


Reading for Monday May 9

Posted: Mon May 09, 2016 10:24 pm
by Hermit
Three card spread (as usual)

1. 9 of Pentacles
2. 7 of Wands
3. The High Priestess

Who are these two women, and why are they surrounding themselves with struggle? One is actually looking for it, and trying to hide that fact, but the other is in possession of greater facts, the entire story as it were, and is protecting themselves (or a group of someones {is someones a word?}) from a lot of really base, negative male energy.

Now I'm not going to say that I'm in favour with greater enthusiasm for the Sacred Masculine or the Sacred Feminine, but this reading seems to me to be a cautionary tale about the dangers of leaning too heavily on one or the other. The first card is a woman who holds in her right hand uplifted a hawk, a hunting bird, masked. This to me signifies potential to strike, perhaps hidden secrets, but could also be seen as possession of hidden fruits, hidden works, hidden powers or attributes of the psychic phenomena. The other woman, seated in front of the curtain, possess knowledge of a more traditional sense, yet equally arcane, equally powerful, and equally dangerous if used in the wrong combination, for the wrong reasons, or most importantly, without having full possession of the facts. And in the middle between these two powerful women is a man at odds with his own masculine energies, fighting because he does not have the understanding of how powerful full possession of self knowledge, and even partial knowledge of sacred occult knowledge, can be. He stands with one wand, or a pillar if you will, at odds with other viral masculine energies that are under no direction. He's fighting a battle, as it were, with saplings rather than actual human beings, or powers. Note the cards surrounding him are both women, and both standing between two pillars: the first, two tall oaks in the distance, to me a sign of connection to nature energies, druidic energies, but distanced from them (perhaps she is not as familiar, or connected to those powers) and the other woman (The High Priestess) in full knowledge, holding the wisdom, guarding it.

If this is in fact one person, I would say there is a struggle for sexual identity or a struggle for power in a relationship. The fight, however, is all in your head if a man. If a woman, seek the Sacred Masculine as it truly exists. Find it in stones, in flowing water, in Father Sky and Father Earth. Do not be distracted by your understandings of these things, but look within and see the strength of the Sacred Masculine is the Sacred Feminine, and vice versa.

The cards, as turned:




As I stated before, I am very willing to conducting free readings in both three card spreads and the traditional Celtic Cross spread. Just get ahold of me here via private message and we can set it up via e-mail or Skype.

Re: Introducing: The Reader of the Pack

Posted: Tue May 10, 2016 4:09 pm
by Christine
Transmutation, I AM that woman as are you and he. The male aspect has been struggling, battling with this power for so long, too long.

I LOVE your readings Hermit, for myself they are intimately personal and collectively speaking a deeper truth. In my personal life I have discovered, yes! self knowledge is more a process of discovery than anything else, that my divine masculine is be-held within me and manifest in my life, in love.

I am aware of my feminine power and the abuses it has wrought in the past so I sit like the high priestess in a place of wisdom. There are those who would move me from my throne, not a throne from which I rule other but the throne of myself. The place of inner silence where all is known and all is given to the one who listens.

Collectively speaking WE the people are also moving through this space, SHE is manifesting and as She does there is danger to the status quo, She is alert to the battles propagated via hierarchal dominance and need to control (here I am thinking about your previous reading of the Hierophant). We collectively have the opportunity before us to transmutate, to alchemize within this reality through Self Love that then can shine as the Love we are, The Holy Grail.

As I was looking for an image I came upon Anders' new post and saw that he had already used the image I was imagining, so here it is again.

Anders, I am so taken with your writing and the way you present your mind/ soul patterns, thank you.

Reading for Sunday, May 15, 2016

Posted: Sun May 15, 2016 8:56 pm
by Hermit
Three card spread:

1. Six of Swords
2. The World, reversed.
3. Ace of Pentacles, reversed.

Intuitive reading:

Someone's making a move, transitioning from one group to another, and someone is churning the waters to try and get them into thinking that this move or transition is somehow necessary. The move is in fact not necessary, but maybe being used as an excuse to change rather than stay the course as it were. It is far easier to remain motionless and allow someone else to do the work or face the challenges for you. However, nobody crosses a bridge by sitting down upon it, and certainly not by being told that if they sit down on it and let someone else row!

Chaos as potential. Again, here's the powerful woman who is seemingly running the show but in actuality is unsure of what's really going on. She has signed her name under the ferocity of someone elses ideas and ideals, is letting someone else run the show. This can only end in tragedy and pain. If you want to protect your space, your garden, do not allow these negative people to contribute to your own self-denial or empowerment. I'm going back to a garden metaphor here because I'm a gardening nut! :) When these things come up, best to weed them early when they're easy to see and not going to seed. If left alone, they will multiply and gain strength.

And finally...perhaps most importantly...if it seems too good to be true, chances are it is, or at least there is a crack in the jug you have not yet noticed. Be very careful whom you let in through your garden gate. The shining light of wisdom may in fact be the fool seeking a way in to cause even more havoc.

Or in other words, tred carefully before making a big decision, research your facts, and don't be afraid to ask for credentials before making a big change.

The cards as turned:




Reading for Friday, May 27th

Posted: Fri May 27, 2016 9:09 am
by Hermit
I have to say first of all...I think someone may have contacted me for a reading, and I can't be sure if I did the reading, or if I didn't do the reading...or if I did the reading and didn't get back to you? Either way, while I was shuffling the deck today I couldn't help but feeling like there was something missing, or amiss.

Having said that....Three Card Spread (as usual ;))

1. Ten of Pentacles, reversed
2. Ace of Cups, reversed
3. Wheel of Fortune, reversed

Intuitive reading:

I'm hearing a lot of coins falling. So many in fact that they're rolling around on the ground. Someone's come into some money. I'm going to say they've done this through hard work, but...something about the money has to do with an older face, a man, maybe an inheritance? It doesn't feel like it's an honest inheritance, but...

There are so many coins!!!

I want to say that caution needs to be exercised here. Yes, there may be a windfall here but there are still emotional wounds that have not been healed. And it can be very easy to simply let the joy of this windfall come in the way of healing that needs to be done. In fact, that healing should be the focus right now. The money, the coins, the windfalls, the changes in the direction you'd like to see, or things going your way, these are all good things. But do not neglect the self care that needs to be done. You see, just around the corner in the coming three or four days someone whom you thought you'd let go of is going to return into your sphere, turn your entire life upside-down by doing so. All of those windfalls and things that you are laughing about right now will suddenly flash into nothingness because that self care may have been neglected.

And who exactly is this younger man? And why are you afraid of involving yourself with him? (This might be my own read here, but if it resonates, let me know!!!)

Everything is so topsy turvey. So contrary to what we are used to. So many choices and decisions have been made that act in opposition to what is the norm, what is your norm. This is OK provided that the self care that needs to be done (namely, acknowledging the pain, acknowledging where you have done wrong, making amends where possible except when doing so would cause injury) you'll ride this out and be laughing.

If you're that man, the one resting on your laurels, thinking that the week has been really good to you, watch out for the snake. Meaning, do not become a slave to your sex. ;)

Here are the cards as turned:




As always, I'm willing to do free readings using either the three card spread of the celtic cross. Just get in touch with me via pm here and we can arrange for either an e-mailed reading or one live via Skype!

Have a good week...and play some pinball while the coins are hot. ; O )