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Meanwhile, in a small town...

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Re: Meanwhile, in a small town...

Postby LostNFound » Wed Aug 02, 2017 8:43 pm

You know Blue Rising, there are those that just emanate an aura that people can see no matter how old or young they may be. The idea of going into that little grocery and having a young man bring up something as off base as the flat earth is the aura of you and your giving spirit. Obviously that young man felt something and thought or trusted that he could just openly talk with you. You may have that neon sign that blinks on and off and others may catch the glimpse and approach in an innocent way.

It is so wonderful to see with open eyes and know that there is the wonder of folks like yourself. Small towns ya gotta love them.

Sandy Clark
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Re: Meanwhile, in a small town...

Postby Sandy Clark » Thu Aug 03, 2017 3:52 am

I don't think your camoflage is working Blue Rising ;) maybe your heart is just to big to keep undercover and many can intuit your connected frequency of Love versus many are walking around detached but those who aren't can sense one another IMO..... I drop small awareness bombs where ever I go and more often than not, people tune in versus tune out....except for most family members that is :lol:

Blue Rising wrote:So....

back to the conversation over here. Lol. I went to the grocery store in town here recently. This is becoming quite the little hot spot! Hahaha So, the young man grabs my cart to push it out to my car and load up the groceries for me. (I love that, lol.) And he asks me where the nearest mountain range is. Hmmm. Well, I thought about it for a second, and I suggested that possibly the Ouachita Mountains would be closest. That was an odd question, I asked him why he was wondering about mountains.

"Well," he says, "you know there are people talking about the flat earth..."

Okay. What?!

At the grocery store. In the parking lot. With a young person, had to be between 18 and 22 years old. In a super religious town. Full of uneducated, unexperienced, closed-minded... (Yes, this is about where I told myself to get my own shit in check.)

I tuned back in, and off we went. In the end, I advised him to be a little more cautious about starting up a conversation with that little tidbit.

But really...that's what I always say. I always, and I mean always, get into these odd conversations about weird stuff...and I always advise a little caution. I'm shocked when these conversations get going, because I promise you I don't start them. Lol. But they find me. So, I wonder, at this point, if I should be advising caution at all. Hell, maybe no caution is needed. Maybe open exploration about a flat earth or reincarnation or who Yeshua really was...maybe that's what's needed.

Maybe being burned alive is influencing these interactions. Maybe I should be allowing my High Weirdness to come out...maybe I should even celebrate it. I have always valued my camouflage. I have lived a protected life for a few years, almost to the point of hermit-hood. It is time to re-evaluate, I think. I'm not saying I will be more open...but I will think about it.

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Blue Rising
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Re: Meanwhile, in a small town...

Postby Blue Rising » Thu Aug 03, 2017 2:08 pm

Well, I guess you both might be onto something. I have been known to say that there are certain people who are like beacons. They are like lighthouses, flashing or putting off an energy signal. And those who are looking, or those who are ready, or those who need to, will find those beacons. It's a little difficult to think I'm one of those, but that would explain a thing or two. Yeah, I have to chuckle, I may *think* I have camo, may be long gone.

Thank you for your kind words.
Do not fashion me a maiden who needs saving from the dragons. I am the Dragon. And I will eat you whole.

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Blue Rising
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Re: Meanwhile, in a small town...

Postby Blue Rising » Wed Feb 14, 2018 6:30 pm

Sometimes, things come round that make sense. All of a sudden, in some kind of unexplainable way, things just all fit together. Just for a moment.

I wasn't sure where to put this, but I think in a small town this is pretty danged significant. In my life, it is a HUGE affirmation.

So, my beau lives in this small town where I live, and works some distance away in an even smaller town. I have to laugh, because much smaller and it wouldn't exist. Anyway, he called me this morning and said his office manager had a story to tell me. She is a 35-40 year old black lady, about to give birth to her first child (girl), in a relationship with a piece of shit. She is most likely of Christian upbringing of some variety. Those things are actually important to the story.

So, she told me of a night a few weeks ago. She was sleeping, and heard footsteps and heard the coffee start, then felt a pressure and presence on her. Roused herself from sleep to see no one there, no coffee started. She was scared to death, and when she could free herself she ran crying into the other room. Hasn't slept in the same spot since. Leaving out a lot of great detail for brevity's sake.

Well. Let me tell you, that caught me off guard. But out of my mouth came the *best* shit ever. LOL! I opened her eyes, opened her mind, she took some suggestions of things she could do about the situation...but I did all this by somehow framing everything I said within the bubble of Christianity. How does one do that? :lol: :D

Before we hung up the phone, she was telling me how relieved she was that she could talk about this. She had not felt comfortable telling anyone. It's just too "weird," she said. Of course, I pretty much laughed out loud at that one. Oh, honey, I do weird. She has had experiences since childhood, and now she is going to re-evaluate them as a gift. And with a more open mind. And, she has my phone number so she won't have to do it alone.

Out here, in East Texas, which is the MOST redneck backwards fundamentalist place I've ever even heard of...this is a beautiful thing to occur. So, it is kinda obvious why it was a big deal in her life. But mine? Yes, it really was. There are moments of resonance, moments of clarity or something...and it just feels like I stood in my own Truth for a moment...and stood right in my Soul's purpose.

I love those moments.
Do not fashion me a maiden who needs saving from the dragons. I am the Dragon. And I will eat you whole.

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Fred Steeves
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Re: Meanwhile, in a small town...

Postby Fred Steeves » Wed Feb 14, 2018 11:28 pm

J, great to see you back to doing what you do. You are truly one of a kind. Now me doing what I do, I would be remiss in my duties if not offering up this ever most respectful challenge:

Can you grab that Tigress by the tail, reign Her in, and keep the sacred deep connection stable and consistent this time without the wild swings one way or the other?

Dare to master?
The unexamined life is not worth living.


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