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Re: Where is the Divine Masculine?

Posted: Sun Sep 09, 2018 12:23 pm
by Fred Steeves
Spiritwind wrote:Sometimes you have to get angry to realize action is needed. Especially if you have recently discovered life isn’t what you were led to believe.
Yes, okay I'm with ya there. Anger is most certainly an integral part of our being. I see it like a sword to be drawn, but only on rare occasion, when the situation really demands action as you say.
Spiritwind wrote: And, yeah, just staying angry is generally no good to anyone, if it doesn’t move one to right action.
I'm glad you added that part. :) If the sword needs to be drawn then draw it, and use it decisively, but then re-sheathe it when the moment no longer demands it. Maybe it got lost in translation, but I didn't get that from Light Club, as it ended with "and we're very very pissed off". And that was it, an open ended we're pissed of. Then what? That's what concerned me. What are they going to do with that anger, upon the slow dawning realization that they're not going to "be millionaires and movie gods and rock stars"?

Maybe they "burn off all the dross and step UP", which would be great, or maybe, most likely IMO, they just stay angry and bitter at this world because most lack the inner tools to transmute this anger effectively.
Christine wrote: That is why the meme says the Light Club and not the Fight Club... I have never met a man, young or old who does not carry suppressed rage. Could be just me, though my experience tells me otherwise. The message is to tap into the cauldron and burn from the inside, to not be afraid of it nor project it outwardly. Outrage is alchemy and every single human being that has feelings carries outrage at what has been done in our name and by our blind obedience. It is painful to enter into this for it also carries an ocean of tears ... In the end it is purification and a depth of love that has no boundaries.
Well dear lady, I can report back for sure that I carry around no suppressed rage. But I can offer a little personal anecdote as to where I think you and Spiritwind are coming from: I do know intimately the rage you are talking about. When it started dawning on me in the late '08/early '09 time period how deeply I had been lied to about the world, how utterly and completely I had been fooled, I was fucking pissed! I mean, an outrage so deep I was ready to go down in a blaze of glory making a Custer's last stand against these sacks of shit.

Fortunately however that phase didn't last for long, as I was compelled by a drive, a calling from somewhere down deep, to begin the process of transmuting that anger by hitting the books. I literally became a wide open empty vessel again, voraciously devouring knowledge wisdom and ideas from every source I could get my hands on, to begin replacing the crap that had occupied me previously. I literally became a new man, born again to steal a Bible term, and that process continues today although in a much more calm and controlled manner.

So truly that anger is gone, it's no longer needed. Although the sword is still there at the ready if needed.

I guess my overall question then is what percentage of the general population has what it takes to do this? In constantly scanning the world around me, I do every now and then see that flash of light indicative of one who has what it takes, but they are far a few in between, even on the forum scene much less the every day world.

Will some make it? Yes of course, as history shows there are always the exceptions throughout the ages, and I would go to hell and back to lend a helping hand to any of these rare gems I may be so lucky to encounter if they were going through that rough patch. But it's very difficult for me to imagine an entire generation not only "seeing" what should piss them off in the first place, but then properly transmuting that anger through productive channels to boot. Both highly unlikely, and thus far I am seeing no faint signs of this beginning either.

I reckon one could point to the Trump/Q Anon rage as an example of especially young people waking up and getting angry, but that's also definitely misguided, and not a productive or healthy channel.
Christine wrote: When a female resurrects her inner masculine and bows down to it, this is a sublimation of the ego and she enters the sublime. And when a male resurrects his sacred feminine to her rightful place and protects Her (Creation) with all his will and might then and only then will we find Unity, the yearning within every soul.
I wholeheartedly agree with every aspect of this.

Re: Where is the Divine Masculine?

Posted: Mon Sep 10, 2018 10:39 am
by Christine
It's a phenomena that merits our full inwardly drawn sword, this fire that burns inside and the outrage. The vital part, the part most easily overlooked is how easily the mind uses this to look outwardly and criticize or condemn the action of others. Obviously there is a fine line, like walking a tightrope across the abyss, where seeing is a simple act that takes in the prevailing energy of anyone else or a movement on the collective screen without judgement and yet wisdom gathered through experience is the discerning voice that sees.

Which is perhaps not so obvious is just how raw and bare we must become with our self. The mind is a tricky field to transit for it is full of justifications, half truths, partial knowledge, indoctrinated thinking, linear rationalizations, etc. And there is a truth in that we can never fully know another unless we fully embrace our self, and anyone who has done the work knows that vision then becomes fluid and this knowing is the not knowing too. The greatest magic trick of all is to stay balanced in the single point of self love which turns again and again on the sea of love.

Nobody is half and the 'other half' is not outside you but in you.
Every time you rush outwards you neglect your inner feminine or masculine.

Inside you there is so much depth but you have never entered. There is pain you have never held. There is desire you have never witnessed. There is pleasure you cannot even imagine in your wildest dreams: that is She or Him, your Other Internal Divine Half wants to merge with you.

The Path of the Mystic is the Process of Inner Alchemy

Re: Where is the Divine Masculine?

Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2018 1:33 pm
by Christine

" Today my heart spoke in rage, an icy fire rage, a molecular rage!
Rage because there are still so many voices that are not heard.
So many who are disrespected and left to feel like they have little to no worth.
I walked in for the collective, the quiet the meek that stand in the shadows of their own truth.
That cower in the hypocrisy.
My voice shuttered, my breath was faint but spoke I did.
I no longer will Permit not one more to feel the feeling I felt of utter condescension.
My fields of energy expanded with every word spoken, so much so that things in my path that were of disrespect toppled never able to stand again.
I have now created a protective dome over all so they will no longer feel weak, lost, unworthy unloved disrespected.
So as the power within them of pure love increases, the dome itself will gain in strength to protect and comfort the true loving heart soul.
Mine is Northern Hemisphere
Another Aboriginal pure soul has in synchronicity created one for the Southern Hemisphere.
And now they overlap.
Today the collective spoke through me and another, one day one night.
Be love, beloveds.
Heart truth will always survive, and the Heart breath will forever breathe peace.
I Am I Am I Am."

~ Paula Fontannaz Nota Nebbagui

Re: Where is the Divine Masculine?

Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 12:06 pm
by moonchild
I'm brand spankin new to your beautiful site, I meant to just look around but I could not help myself! This subject is so now in my life. I was talking to a lovely soul who is helping me heal from some trauma issues and removing implants. She, like many, do not understand my Bodhisattvic philosophy or my practice of opening my Agape Universe heart to entities of the -tve polarity. Very recently in doing this, I was honored, blessed, the witness to the re-integration of a primordial feminine energy.
As I shared this with her, I spoke on her waiting for the contrasting male energy to ascend as well. She was the second who told me that was no longer necessary anymore, new construct, game changed. I honor their lens of perspective, I share it.

YET, I never even looked through this lens, all I saw was the lens of work I have been engaged in for years. In the Sangha I was in, in the larger spiritual community, we sisters had had the Love, the Support, the Nurturing...while my brothers took blame and stood beyond the gate. I did not want to see the scales tip, a shifting of inbalance. That was the moment I decided that the best way to help my sisters was to help my brothers. They have invested in their patriarchy they are molded to be emotionally unavailable, they've been hurt by love as deeply with no coping skills, repression and anger instead...good news, Is they've come a long easy...I just know I will celebrate a re-integration and a rising, not mourn a fall.

Re: Where is the Divine Masculine?

Posted: Fri Sep 14, 2018 1:09 pm
by Christine

Hello beautiful ... today these wyrds of wisdom were given to me.

"For every woman who resurrects within her the sacred masculine one goes free, and for every man who raises the sacred feminine within him to her rightful place the Earth realm returns to grace."