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Truth and understanding is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding

"The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift."
-Albert Einstein
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Re: Truth and understanding is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding

Postby maggie » Fri Dec 01, 2017 3:10 am

Sandy Clark wrote:This is so right on Maggie...Have a lots of Chaos Magic going on right now.......happy to hear about your Thanksgiving week and all the apparent LOVE actions of maintenance with your Brother's talents, skills, care and concern...totally aweesome :-) :D

Thanks Sandy!! How is the house renos coming? I am sure you have some LOVE going on there too? I recall reading you have had some interesting talks with the people doing the job? Are they almost done now?

Sandy Clark
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Re: Truth and understanding is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding

Postby Sandy Clark » Sat Dec 02, 2017 1:58 am

Maggie, the fellows are done till spring when they will be back to put the eaves troughs back up and clean up all the remanants left over from the reno's...all under snow now so that is good that I'm not having to see garbage throughout the yard. Tried to donate all the unbroken windows and casings, etc., but no rehab wants them as people are only looking for the newer kind now a days. Thus a big trip and haul to the dump come spring weather.

Busy painiting this past 2 weeks ( window casings, built in shelving and a few walls x2 ) and then next week can finally move into wallpapering a few more walls....slow but sure as I do what I can and pace myself so that I don't end up with a Fibromyalgia flair. Balancing everything with rest and not worrying about mostly still looking like a tornado went through every room...figure I will get it all back in ship shape when I am done with all the walls and floors...still have to remove furniture from the bedrooms to place the bigger throw rugs that I had in the front/dining rooms on thoe floors. May have to call for some help to do that...... :?

Granddaughter is in town thos weekend with her diving students in competition (she is a diving coach part time) so may meet up with her for a short visit.....some hand on Love plus always have wonderful phone calls with Son, Daughter-in-law and have the joy of being Loved and Loving..... thanks for asking Maggie / Hugs

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Re: Truth and understanding is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding

Postby maggie » Sat Dec 02, 2017 7:36 am

The book Return of the Bird Tribes by Ken Carey created a lasting impression on me and is still valuable for me. Channels are not perfect so the message can be muddled. The expression of what is channeled comes through persons and that is the issue, how clear is the channel and from where is a message arising? I feel a bell chiming with certain material I hear or think. I follow the chime. IMO we cannot really go wrong when we sense the chiming. It is right for us now to contemplate what we contemplate. it may change as we change?


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Birds are an archetypal symbol for the spirit and its freedom from the limitations of the material world.

"You may think of us as the personification of natural forces and laws if you like -
and there will be a certain poetic justice in this as it is quite similar to the way in which we conceive of you." ~ Firebird
The name Bird Tribes comes to us from the tradition of the Native Americans. Yet though they have been known throughout the world and throughout the millennia by many names such as Angels, Messengers, Higher Selves, Ascended Masters, ExtraTerrestrials - still their essential nature, like our own, remains a deep and beautiful mystery.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to get a grasp on the concept of the BirdTribes is to put them in the context of the 'real world'. In the book Return of the BirdTribes
which was the original inspiration for this website, the whole of what we call recorded history is the story of the 'warrior tribes', and we recommend you read our page about the recent history of the warrior tribes for clarification of the Bird Tribes relevance to the modern world and its peoples.

To quote from Return of the Bird Tribe's introduction...
"There are many names for us. We have been called angels, Bird Tribes, higher selves, hoksedas, spirits of the stars. The reality of what we are is more than a name can convey...".

Keeping in mind that there is no simple answer to the question of who the Bird Tribes are - let us say then that a working definition might be that the BirdTribes are the Angelic Consciousness that knows no separation from the Sacred Source of All Existences, and constantly remembers its ultimate kinship with all created beings.
The Bird Tribes are us when we have integrated permanent awareness of the Divine Presence. They are our complete wholeness speaking to us from the dimension where they eternally reside.

More quotes from the introduction to
Return of the Bird Tribes ~

"Although communication with discarnate beings is not widely practiced in the industrial nations, such communication has played a central role in virtually all recorded human development" ... "Human history, recent and ancient, provides countless instances of poets, saints, mystics, even statesmen and scientists who have experienced significant encounters with metaphysical beings of one sort or another."1
"Certain of the angelic tribes... rarely interact with the earth or her inhabitants. Others have been intimately involved with this planet from her inception, being, in fact, the agents and overseers of her organic development. Within this category of angels long associated with biological life is a highly specialised circle of beings who are responsible for the education of human kind."

So the BirdTribes may be thought of as Angels that are particularly concerned with the destiny of humanity, and yet... the book also makes it clear that there have been human beings throughout history, scattered among all cultures, who shared this consciousness. In fact the truly human being, the full expression of our potential - is an integration of the apparently separated individual entity with the Angelic consciousness that experiences no separation from the Omnipresent Reality.

In the Return of the Bird Tribes it is explained that what we think of as normal human consciousness is actually a disconnection from the angelic aspects of our whole beings as we allowed ourselves to be dominated by the egoic warrior tribe mentality. It is an evolutionary phase that is ending, for it has served its purpose in teaching us the inevitable result of believing that we are separate from the world and can benefit by exploiting it for our own gain.

The apparent separation of the human consciousness from the Universal and Omnipresent Consciousness... is not 'real'. However - the intensification of the experience of the illusion of such separation has been the defining characteristic of most of the short span of recorded Human history. As our consciousness evolved and became more intensely self-reflective, we simultaneously became more acutely aware of our apparent separation. This provoked an existential anxiety and obsession with trying to control the apparently separate external reality. This process reached its natural limit as experienced in the unprecedentedly destructive politics and science of the last century.

Having reached its limit the circle is now swinging back in the other direction - but at a new octave.
A new level of awareness is being attained on mass. A new awareness which integrates
the experience of individual existence with the knowledge of the ultimate unity.
This is what we refer to as 'the Return of the Bird Tribes'!

The whole book by Ken Carey read by Grace Butler.

Here is another similar channeling

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The Differences Between Angels, Humans, and Elementals"

by Iasos

When the sun-god and sun-goddess of our solar system, Helios & Vesta, were creating this system (their family), they designed it as a platform for evolution for three distinct kingdoms: the Human Kingdom, the Angelic Kingdom, and the Elemental Kingdom. These three kingdoms were designed to have complementary inter-locking roles or functions, within a synergistic whole. None of them are any "higher" or "more evolved" than any other, since in each kingdom there is unlimited room for further expansions into Light and Consciousness.

The Human Kingdom

ancient Egyptian IasosThe beings in the Human Kingdom were created as step-down transformers for Divine thought-forms, to remanifest the heavens of the higher spiritual planes onto the denser planes of form and matter. Humans are all embryonic sun-gods and sun-goddesses in training, and the earth is our incubator. Humans work with thought and feeling: We receive an idea from the higher planes, and then work with it and refine and develop that idea, on the level of thought. Then we energize these thought-forms with our feelings. Humans work towards mastering many fields of life, rather than specializing in just one capacity, becoming then "generalists" rather than specialists. Free will is much more emphasized in the human kingdom than either of the other two kingdoms.

The Elemental Kingdom

The beings in the Elemental Kingdom work primarily on the mental plane and are known as "builders of form." Their specialty is to translate thought-forms into physical forms, by transforming mental patterns into etheric patterns and then into physical patterns. All the beings in the Nature Kingdom are a part of the Elemental Kingdom. Everyone of them is a specialist in creating some specific form - whether it be an electron, a biological cell, a flower, a tomato, a tree, the body of an inhabiting human, a valley, a river, a planet, a solar system, or inter-stellar space. You see they come in all sizes - from smaller than an electron, to vaster than galactic space. Like the angels, elemental beings begin their evolution small in size, and increase their size as they evolve. Humans on the other hand, maintain the same size as they evolve, although their energy fields get larger. The elementals serving on planet earth have all sworn to out-picture humanity's thoughts and feelings. They are under obligation to "materialize" whatever they pick up from the thoughts and feelings of mankind. This relationship was intended to facilitate the remanifestation of "heaven on earth", but as humanity's thoughts and feelings fell into general imperfection, these elemental beings were obligated, against their preference, to outpicture this mass imperfection - resulting in all the nature extremes of tornadoes, hurricanes, volcanoes, earthquakes, and the polluted oceans and atmosphere. In fact there are elemental beings working around the clock in our atmospheres, doing their best to purify the atmosphere from all the accumulating distorted energies from the mass thoughts and feelings of mankind. If they were to go on strike, the earth would become biologically uninhabitable within 48 hours! Fortunately, the humans are now beginning to re-harmonize their radiations in a continuously increasing way.

For each human soul that chose to take the evolutionary route of physical incarnations, there was one elemental being that "volunteered" to make that journey with them - to create and maintain a physical body for them - for as many lifetimes as it took - until they made their "ascension" and graduated from the physical-dimension school room! What commitment! What dedication and loyalty! You have the same "body elemental" for each of your lifetimes, and he or she gets to "vacation" in between your incarnations. Those humans that have established a good rapport with their body elemental, whether conscious or unconscious, are those that are blessed with effortless good health. If you get to know your body elemental, and send him or her GRATITUDE, LOVE, and APPRECIATION - for centuries of dedicated service to you, you may be surprised how suddenly the state of your body "perks up" to a higher level of life-force and effortless good health.

The elemental beings are divided into The 4 Elements - Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. We know the earth beings as elves, gnomes, and menehune. The beings of air are known as fairies and sylphs. Those of water are called undines or mermaids. And the least known, the beings of fire, are known as salamanders (not related to the lizard, which is also called a salamander) . You can befriend these beings even if you can not see them, and then they will be over-joyed to co-create with you, and even play with you, as is so magnificently exampled in Findhorn and Perelandra. If you want to get more in touch with the fairies in your backyard or area, take flower essences on a daily basis. This puts their frequencies into your energy-system, so that by having the same frequencies in common, it becomes much easier to sense them, see them, and communicate with them.

The Angelic Kingdom

The beings of the Angelic Kingdom have the function of administering to the spiritual needs and the emotional needs of both the Human Kingdom and the Elemental Kingdom. They "take care" of us. Angels work primarily on the emotional plane. Just as an electric heater radiates heat waves, angels radiate unique beneficial energies, with many different wonderful effects. Each type of angel is a specialist in radiating one particular "quality" or "virtue", which typically has its own unique color, sound, fragrance, and flame. The angels that work with Archangel Michael specialize in Faith and Protection.. The angels that work with Archangel Zadkiel focus on The Violet Flame of Transmutation.. The angels that work with Archangel Raphael specialize in Healing and Consecration. Those with Chamuel focus on Divine Love and The Adoration Flame. The angels under Jophiel specialize in Illumination and Enlightened Understanding. And of course there are innumerable other qualities that angels specialize in - Divine Will, Happiness, Hope, Purity, Opulence, Stillness, Comfort, Ceremony, Divine Power, Peace, Science, Beauty, Ministration, Music .... the list just keeps going .......!

Angels are like rechargeable batteries. Just by hanging out within the aura of their "leader" (such as an Archangel), their auras "soak up" and absorb that quality for which their leader has become an expert. This master angel is like a fountain, producing a continuous stream of this particular quality, and consequently his or her force field is a powerful reservoir of this quality. For example, the angels working with Archangel Uriel absorb by proximity his special quality of Peace, and then, like a rechargeable battery, when they become totally "full" with this quality, they get sent out somewhere to administer and radiate out this quality. They radiate their quality primarily through their feelings. Once they reach "empty", they return to their leader and once again "fill up" with that quality, to once again be sent out.

As angels evolve, they become continuously-improving experts at holding more and more of this specialized quality, and holding it for a longer time, and holding it without "leaking" their charge, and without contamination from adverse external conditions (usually generated by humans). As they continue to specialize in this quality, with time they too become a fountain-head of this quality, to which many lesser angels come to absorb this essence.

Their role is to radiate the aura of God to humans and elementals, to help them and comfort them on their path, and to remind them of their celestial source and heritage. In doing their service to life of radiating energies, angels are typically experts at creating multi-angel force-fields, using sacred geometry and symmetric patterns to create forcefields much more powerful and effective than if they worked independently. Like a good football team, they know just the "play" to implement, to optimally nourish and nurture each situation.

Angels also function as an inter-dimensional UPS service, carrying energies both up and down between dimensions. In the "up" direction, they gather all the hopes, aspirations, wishes and prayers of humanity and then deliver them up to the appropriate beings on the higher subtler planes. In the "down" direction, when these celestial Light Beings choose to send particular beneficial energies to particular places on the planet, it is the angels that deliver these celestial energies to their earthly destinations.

There are of course, also personal angels, or guardian angels, focusing on the spiritual and emotional well-being of one particular human. Every human has at least one of them. Many light workers have a number of them. If you want your personal angels to work even more closely with you, you can first of all, acknowledge them and thank them from your Heart, for their undying (and usually unappreciated) service to you. Then you can do your best to make your personal aura as sweet, harmonious, and loving as you can. Remember - the sweeter your energies, the closer your angels will want to "hang-out" in your aura. Angels just LOVE environments that are harmonious, sweet, and peaceful. It gives them a momentary sanctuary amidst the imperfections on earth that are continuously being generated by humanity-at-large. Angels can grow weary from this, and so they just flock to a sweet-pure-energy-zone. Just like a hummingbird feeder attracts hummingbirds, a beautiful backyard, with flowers, streams, LOVE, and sweet peaceful energies, will attract angels from all around, as they come to bask in your angelic oasis on the physical dimension.

By the way, if you want your personal angels to work extra hard for you, you can bribe them! How? With their form of currency, of course! No, it's not dollars, it's not credit cards, but it is something that is as valuable to them as hundred dollar bills are to us - LOVE! Love is their form of currency. They value it, they cherish it, they even evolve through receiving more of it! So whereas your personal angels may have already done an exquisite job of serving you, without receiving one drop of Love or Gratitude from you, if you turn up the throttle and flood them with your love and appreciation, then just hang on for the heavenly acceleration you are about to receive! Elementals can perceive angels and so always send them love and gratitude. But angels are not used to receiving very much appreciation from humans - so far!

There is the universal law that Beings in one dimension can not assist beings on another dimension unless the request or invitation comes from the dimension wishing to receive the assistance. To a great extent this leaves many angels with their "hands tied", with respect to helping humans. They live but to serve. They love to serve. They evolve by serving. It makes them happy to serve. But you have to invoke them. That means, you have to invite and request their assistance. The instant you do, you've created an inter-dimensional doorway through which they can pour in and literally flood you with their endless divine qualities.

As a matter of fact, from their point of view, humans are not really that good at receiving. Even the humans that consciously request and absorb these healing qualities from the angels, are really only letting in just a tiny fraction of the benefits they really could absorb. Like letting in a tiny brook, when you could really let in a Niagara Falls of "manna from heaven". So remember - the angels are always encouraging you: EXPAND how much you can receive and absorb beneficial radiations from us! Just know that they will always be there - eager and enthusiastic to give you as much as you can handle!

Why not test them right now, while you read this? Think of some divine quality that you really need or would like more of. Then silently in the depths of your Heart, request and invite the appropriate angels to administer this quality to you. You can even make your request more specific: Ask for a "heart-beam" - with one angel in front of you facing you, and another angel behind you, also facing you. Sense them create a pillar of Light connecting their Hearts, with this Light Beam passing directly through your Heart! Feel this for just a few moments....... then you have a sense of the magical assistance that is always lovingly available to you - just a thought away.

When angels "appear" to humans, so as not to scare them, they usually appear in the form that those humans "expect" angels to look like. But this may be nothing at all like the form they normally take (if any!) Remember - the higher you go in dimensions, the more "optional" form becomes.

And of course, angels are famous for their angelic choirs. It is not uncommon to have 50,000 angels singing in exquisite unison. Why do angels have such beautiful voices? Simple - because they have beautiful feelings. When you pick up the phone, you can immediately tell how the other person is feeling from their tone of voice. The tone of the voice always has encoded within it the emotional state of that person in that instant. This is true of humans, elementals, and of course angels. If you wish to have a more beautiful voice, rather than taking voice lessons - get to the source, the cause - just focus on cultivating more beautiful feelings! When angels greet each other, it is a triumphant and ecstatic symphony of gorgeous colors, music, fragrances, and feelings.

Angels want to serve you! They also want to play with you! They even want to worship with you! All three kingdoms are streams of Life emanating from the same one Universal Source, and in this respect we truly all are brothers and sisters. Saint Germain wishes very much to re-establish this conscious cooperation between these three kingdoms, as in previous golden ages. So in this next few years, we can look forward to sacred ceremonies, blending the energies of the humans, the elementals, and the angels - all worshipping in loving unison the one Eternal Source of All Life.

Love, Iasos

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Re: Truth and understanding is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding

Postby maggie » Tue Dec 05, 2017 4:47 am

Neil Slade is very interesting here IMO. It tickles my amygdala to listen to him.

Here is movie presenting the principles

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A teenager creates objects and fixes broken things by tickling her amygdala- with her BRAIN- symbolically represented by a necklace. She faces the internal choice within her mind between clicking forward into frontal lobes intelligence, or backwards into her reactive reptile brain- with all the consequences of either decision. , ,

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Re: Truth and understanding is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding

Postby maggie » Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:50 am

This is Tom Meyers on ease and reasetting stress. The pdf has exercises that look good to use to reaset



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As fate goes it is written in the stars but choose your destiny.
Tom Meyers
The greatest challenge to our health and wellbeing is the exponential rate with which our culture and environment has changed compared to our biological evolution. In the effort to keep pace we have completely lost contact with ourselves, our core values and often walk a path that is not our own, resulting in among others the neglect of our innate drive for self-actualisation.

This conflict between biology and culture is the main reason why stress has become a nuisance, to the point that it makes us sick, and more it is killing us, and not only us. We have to stop burying our heads in the sand and face that our current health approach is failing us, let alone preparing us for the still faster-changing world.

....... it seems that we’ve forgotten that we’re humans. Being human comes with a body and that body has different needs than our mind. We’re mind-driven and never think if our body can handle the objectives set by our mind. I call this the “copy-pasting” phenomenon. For example some people are always active and go as far as feeling a sort of guilt when they‘re not doing something. Yet the body’s biological design is one where action needs to makes way for relaxation in order to recuperate and regenerate. On top of that when we do take time to relax we tend to make the wrong choices. The example that I give in presentations is of someone saying “I’m going to relax this evening and watch a horror movie”... What!?

We are living in a culture where health promoting behaviour has become - unbelievable but true - inappropriate. An example: no one questions a smoker taking a cigarette break but when a non-smoker takes a break for some fresh air he or she feels often guilty, stigmatised. Do you recognize this?

To sum this up in one simple phrase: we’re facing a conflict between biology and culture and it makes us sick, costing society billions and more it is killing us.

But now comes the question, is biology to blame?

2/How do you help people around the world to reduce the pain of stress?

My health practice, presentations and workshops are based on three pillars: To help you - to help you help yourself - to help you, help yourself and others.

As an Osteopath and Stress Coach for Body & Mind I help people by allowing the body to “reset” and return to ease. My patients initially came to me to treat physical aliments, gradually experiencing great improvements in terms of how they dealt with stress, clarity of mind and decision making. Overall they felt lighter, as if a weight had been lifted from their body and mind. Now 10 years and 2 clinical trials later I’ve been able to demonstrate that the approach I have developed has indeed an effect on both body and mind. It results in a reduction of perceived musculoskeletal pain, anxiety, stress and an increase in heart rate variability.

Research, combined to personal experience, has given me plenty of insights. With the rise of the information age we’ve become disconnected and less socially conscious. We have forgotten that we are simultaneously a whole and a part of a larger society. It is time to go back to the future, retrace our steps and come to terms again with what it means to be human. With such understanding we can lay new foundations to grow and thrive instead of merely survive. And believe me when I say that thriving is easier than you think if you don’t let yourself stand in the way.

Off Topic

Remember what you know and help yourself and others come into ease.
Would you like to become stress free?
Stress - from a survival perspective - is good for you: it keeps you alive in times of danger. However, when
the danger is past, the stress response must reset itself to ease.
Just like an alarm, you want your stress response to go off when there is danger. When that danger is over
you want it to reset itself. When it doesn't, you must reset it manually. At any other time, you want it to be
alert, ready to be activated at need.
Reaset: The return of Ease
Is there to help yourself and others back into ease in times of stress, change and challenges.
You can apply it to regain control, to improve your focus and clarity, reduce physical tension and over time it
will make you more stress resistant.
Start to Reaset today and feel the effect immediately. Make it part of a daily routine and, most of all, share it
with others.
Be good to yourself.... and others.

This is his story

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Re: Truth and understanding is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding

Postby maggie » Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:26 pm

In the post about reaset, the information he shares regarding stress is exactly what I have been observing.

IMO the most important action we can take bodily is to have control over the nervous system. We need to be able to modulate extremes between sympathetic and parasympathetic functions. It is paradoxical however because the means is to just simply relax. I may be the human top 1% in holding tension.

It seems that hypervigilance and staying one step ahead of possible threats is my default. I tend to be a watcher in any crowd, looking for the dynamics. My neck is like a rigid trunk unless I take care and migraines are the bane of my daily life. I am intense mentally and humans just mystify me so I stay alert to signs and not reading people well as to their intentions, I am asking myself all the time... "how am I doing?" with communicating.
My favorite place is mental and I leave my body to react in old patterns.

Over the last several years, I have been learning how to relax. I can deliberately release tension but the very moment I get unaware, the tension is back. I am very excited though because I see that this is just wonderful to be able to change the unconscious to conscious. the conscious is not hypervigilant. Being conscious is far form stressed. For instance knowing the tension lets me just whoosh it away by becoming Presence attentive.

I use nonphysical dimensional tools which work on my body and restore calm and soothed feelings.
I have my "box" that sucks up energy that is not smooth and sends it to Source.
I use visualization of the impurities and the complexiities being smoked out my back. The smoke is sucked away by the box. I don't need to think at all about "what are the problems" that make the smoke. I know that these are energies that need no translation to be released. If I sense them flowing off, that is all that I need.
I can sing to my body and even make an inner symphony to soothe my nervous system.

This is so different from control. It is like taking a psychophysical bath. I feel that bathing is extra important too in bathtubs full of epsom salts. In fact I am having one when I sign off.
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Re: Truth and understanding is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding

Postby maggie » Tue Dec 05, 2017 11:36 pm

Also there is guided relaxation which IMO is grounding. My Opinion about grounding is that when our body is relaxed we just ARE grounded. I like this meditation.....

This is helpful to me in the sounds and the visuals

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Re: Truth and understanding is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding

Postby maggie » Thu Dec 07, 2017 7:33 am

I never knew anything about this western mystic Karlfried Graf Durckheim.

Here is a pdf 'Hara: The Vital Center of Man"

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One review:
analysis of the concept of Hara, known from Japanese culture and wisdom, but not limited to Japan. In fact, the author writes that if the concept was only of value for the Japanese, he would not have written the book. As the lecture after about half the book shows, the author has in fact trained in Hara in Japan, during the eight years of his stay, prior to WW2, and thus the book is also a practical manual how to 'Sit with Hara' and 'How to Breath with Hara' and even how to walk with Hara. In fact, no area of life, including sexuality, is excluded from the effort of the Hara practitioner to bring the conscious and unconscious forces in man into harmony and collaboration.

As a psychotherapist, the author also has the authority to assess where people with a dominance of the ego end up in life: he describes at length their struggles with an ego-based worldview and how such an attitude negatively affects the human body, leading to a suffocation of the vital instincts, a ridification of the muscles, breathing problems later in life, arteriosclerosis, loss of memory, and premature aging.

In this sense, then, without the author claiming it, Hara meditation is also a rejuvenating and tonifying practice that, as shown exemplarily in the author's long life and radiant health even in later years, has a life-sustaining value.

He was very attuned to physical collaboration with Divine, Source energy. This is a direct experience we may feel and use.

I love the way he was interested in Universally human insights of being in direct transcendental relationship with Divine. It is part of our experience to be "alone" We are being chased after by Creator but WE hide. Hardened in our ego defenses, we suffer our lonely isolation.Being cut off and separate is the horizontal appearance of the time and space we take for granted.

The body is the expression of our being and the place of initiation into the mysteries of life. However, the body must be connected to LIFE or will be hollowed to a shell. If we are not embodying the life power, we are starving, thin, fragile, shadowish, ill, dying.

The excruciating hunger of our need and the deathly illness is bound to grow. Feeling worse and worse while we hide shivering in our stiff armoring so dark and weak, Finally, Finally, Finally we get cracked open. It could be as simple as "dying" physically or could be dying to "ego's" blockaded state. Then an indescribable fullness fills us. Reality penetrates.

THAT is the only good in suffering and death. IMO when alive fully in the presence of the undivided beyond all, THAT is when we shift worlds.

IMO we are being forced by life itself to come home while incarnate. We MUST return because we have decided to do so.
We enter the ineffable kingdom where we become transparent to our true being and......... (what happens next?)

Off Topic
The Life and Thought of Karlfried Graf Durckheim
by Alphonse Goettmann
Translated by
Theodore and Rebecca Nottingham

From Chapter 5
GRAF DURCKHEIM: The experiences of the numinous can often remain subtle, whereas the
great experience of Being creates a radical turning around in the person who lives it; the old
world crumbles and a new life is born within him. This is positive transcendence, resulting in
rare and wondrous experiences. Children will go to an attic or a basement to be frightened, to
feel something which gives them a shiver. Adolescents like to lose themselves in the woods to
feel that which attracts and repels them. Certain audacious adults also seek out danger: for
example, the racedriver or the mountain climber both seek a nearness to death, to destruction,
to feel that which cannot be destroyed. The attraction of danger is the experience of the
indestructible; it is in the presence of death that we experience the extraordinary premonition
of something which cannot be destroyed.

I know a young lady who took drugs to kill herself. She was saved, and told me one day:
"You know, I will do it again!" "Why?" "The moment after having taken the poison was so
beautiful, I felt such freedom that it was worth it all! It was more beautiful than the whole life
I had lived, and I would do it again!" There is clearly a moment between life and death where
millions of people have felt something which, from then on, becomes the most sacred core of
their lives. For such persons, this can be the beginning of a new life, its measure and criteria,
discovered at the moment when they have gone beyond death.

ALPHONSE GOETTMANN: Is this joy and renewal the consequence of letting go?

G. D.: Let's say that all that keeps you attached to life has disappeared. This is the great
letting go. The self that has hardened and the barrier which separates us from the divine have
melted. Yet we must never forget that without such a separation we could not become
conscious of the divine. We should condemn neither the self nor original sin: there are faults
which cause the discovery of what is right, there are lies without which we would never find
truth, there are weaknesses without which we would never know what power is, and there are
falls without which we would never know what it means to get up again...In the end,
everything is connected and one doesn't go without the other.

As you stated, this is the image of the shadows which have not understood the light radiating
within them. We must not say: because there are shadows, we cannot see the light; it is the
shadow itself which holds the repressed light, just as each death anticipates life and no
suffering would have meaning without the hope for healing. One is always in the other. What
is important in those extraordinary moments in which someone has gone beyond human life is
that he is beyond what is generally called life and death. It is neither life nor death. But what is
it that goes beyond life and death, affirmation and destruction? It is the state that transcends

A. G.: This is a state which the world must have access to since everyone suffers and "even
creation groans in travail" as saint Paul says. At the very moment when Christ dies on the
cross, the Temple veil is torn, and the crowd suddenly finds itself in touch with the Holy of
Holies, beholding the immense freedom to which it is henceforth invited. But suffering had to
be unmasked and the abyss of death had to be overcome so that the supreme night could
become supreme light. This is the "Lost Secret" to be found in all traditions. "Night and Day
are two sisters who have the same love, the Sun..." as is written in Hindu scriptures. Should
we not move forward into the night of our suffering to discover the dawn of the new day
which awaits us?
G. D.: That's it! The more we enter into the night of our suffering, the more we find that man
is eaten up by three great distresses: --the fear of destruction, the anguish before death and
annihilation; man is no longer rooted in the source of life and to suffocate his fear he
surrounds himself with a security system. --Despair before the meaninglessness of life; cut off
from the vital inner reality, man builds himself an ephemeral and artificial universe. The third
distress is the utter sadness of isolation, because divided man is alone even though he is made
for dialogue. To be able to communicate through every possbile means, he creates for himself
all sorts of false realitonships.
There is no human life which is not marked by these three sufferings. Yet if someone has an
experience of Being, he is transformed from one moment to the next. He is no longer afraid of
death, he accepts meaninglessness and feels sheltered from solitude. This transformation is the
first and greatest evidence that we have been touched by the reality of Being beyond our
normal experiences: we are suddenly freed from our usual conditioning. If you ask me what
allows me to speak of the experience of another Reality, I would answer: "Is there a greater
reality for us than that which is capable of freeing us from fear, despair and sadness once and
for all regardless of the circumstances in which we find ourselves?" This is a passage to a new
level of being. But it is important to know that having the experience of awakening to another
reality does not yet make us awakened persons.

I have met people who have had dozens of such experiences but are far from being awake to
this other reality. That requires a continual effort toward transformation. From that effort
comes the second evidence of a transcendent experience: a new sense of life is revealed
through another way of feeling, of creating and of loving. It is a call to a new way of life. This
is where the third criteria comes from: the quality of the numinous which no longer manifests
itself under the shape of dispersed events but radiates in all its beauty, and makes the smallest
object transparent. It is an Atmosphere...A Presence. The fourth criteria is verified by the birth
of a new consciousness. The consciousness of the mundane self always in search of power,
knowledge, and possession gives way to the awakening of absolute consciousness. Remember
that there are three types of consciousness: the egocentric childish consciousness born from
fear of punishment, hell, and guilt; this consciousness satisfies our primary instinctive needs.
The second consciousness is expressed through the voice of the community to which we
belong, it is directed by the organization and its laws. Finally, there is a third state of
consciousness which expresses the fourth element of a transcendent experience. This state of
consciousness is an acute awareness of plenitude, and witnesses to the presence of Being. The
fifth proof of the validity of such an experience can lead one to smile or shrug one's shoulders,
and yet....This is the appearance of the Adversary: the Devil!

There where Life is born, the
Adversary arises; he is the personification of the power which tries to consciously stop or
destroy the life willed by God. The more a person is oriented toward the supernatural life, the
more the Adversary attempts to turn him away. This is not a pious story, but a fact found in
an inexplicable psychological experience.

When a person seeks to have an experience of Being, twenty-four hours do not go by without
his being assaulted by an exterior event which troubles or saddens him; the shock comes from
the outside and is therefore not a psychological reaction but an aggression, a wound, some
bad news, an accident...A good little Christian who fulfills his duties toward his community
and believes he is in perfect harmony with his conscience is an easy victim for the Devil, but if
this brave Christian comes out of his lethargy and has an experience of God, then the Devil is
afraid to lose him and puts everything to work in order to destroy the path of promise.

A. G.: In summary, the surface consciousness is very fragile and vulnerable, always being
bounced about by obscure powers, like a bottle on waves. But everything changes when our
anchor is tossed into the depths of Being which inhabit us. The one who floats in the
enormous distraction of his life hears a call and decides to be a seeker. For him there is only
one true work, and that is to fufill the reality of his being, all the rest is only the means...

G. D.: The motivating force of a seeker is always that which he seeks! The Reality he is
seeking is always there in his search. He could never search for the divine if he did not carry
the divine within him. There are many seekers among us today who have not yet had that
experience and do not know what they are seeking, but are haunted by a great longing and
desire to find something they have lost. They turn to miracles and to the wondrous, the most
direct way to awaken in primitive souls a belief in superior beings. But we should ask where
miracles begin. What is there that is not miraculous? The simple fact that things exist, that a
color is a color, that a sound is a sound...This is all miraculous! Does it cease to become
miraculous because it is known by everyone? And why is it only miraculous when it goes
beyond the frontiers of the known?

A. G.: We need to change the way we look at things.
G. D.: The way we look at things and the seeing of something entirely different! We know
that the search for the unknown has always fascinated humanity, but instead of digging into
himself, he has devoured books. That is not enough, so he runs from guru to guru. That does
not satisfy either, so he goes on long voyages, he investigates all the "techniques" of
meditation, and that still does not enlighten him! Today, many sects require incredible efforts
and yet do not reveal the divine. There is confusion between technical performance and
discovery of the depths within through letting go of every ambition. Without this letting go,
there is an inflation of the little proud self. What publicity there is concerning these so-called
spiritual experiences! When a true mystic like John of the Cross or Teresa of Avila, or a
Buddhist saint managed to levitate, it was kept secret. Today, there is money to be made in
it...and the mystery evaporates! It's abominable!

A. G.: The Judases have always done business. But living has another price! The person who
feels called takes the Path and knows that a few dollars and a little leasure are of no help.

G. D.: He pays the price of a superhuman task and takes upon himself a very heavy discipline
which consists of working tirelessly, and finding in each moment the best opportunity for
advancement. But he can do this because the divine force attracts him powerfully and his
decision is unshakeable.

A. G.: "Narrow is the way which leads to life and few there are who find it," Jesus said.
"Whoever does not take up his cross and follow me is not worthy of me..." Only those who
"leave their nets" and bet everything on one card are worthy! "Who will find his life shall lose
it and who will lose his life for my sake shall find it..." This is also one of the great central
teachings of the "Synthesis of the Yogis" by Aurobindo: "True gift of self, total and without
reserve, pitiless erasing of the ego, making of all life the altar of this sacrifice, leads into the
vast movement of the Divine Joy."

G. D.: That is what differentiates it with other transcendental experiences! Consider drugs for
instance. The experience of a drug can allow you a glimpse beyond the wall. Because a drug
puts the self to sleep, you suddenly go beyond the limits of your usual consciousness. Hashish
lets you see colors more vividly and gives to the senses an incredible sharpness, while L.S.D.,
beyond its painful darkness, can plunge you into another universe. The more the experience is
"beautiful," the more the desire to repeat it arises. That is where the difference is! The
legitimate experience seeks something other than repetition. It gives birth to a knowledge and
awakes the desire for an experience always available through discipline but never created in an
artificial way.

Drugs awaken the desire for repetition which ends in the destruction of the mind, takes away
the power to work, and ruins their victim. Rare are those cases where the person who
experiences the beyond through L.S.D. feels it as a call to enter into the experience through a
meditative discipline. But I must also say that drug users often know something which is
unknown by those who have not experienced it! And no one can take away this "something"
which they have glimpsed. They have a certain pity for those who do not yet know what there
is beyond the wall.

It is no coincidence that, in the fifth criteria, the Adversary of Life presents
himself through drugs exactly at the moment when the West, for the first time in the history of
humanity, awakens in great numbers to the inner life! He says: "You want a great experience?
It's not so hard as they tell you! Take a little of this substance and you will have the same
thing without effort." And so a part of our youth today falls into the trap of easy experience
and misses the path to liberation. It is astonishing that drugs have always existed but it is only
now, when the transcendent is being discovered, at the moment when people feel this
nostalgia for Being and enter upon the way, that the market is full of them!

A. G.: Humanity is at a crossroad and its choice is all the more difficult now that the Prince of
darkness cloaks himself in light. So the experience of transcendence must always be
accompanied with discernment. If not, what we believe to be the meaning of life could be
absolute meaninglessness, and the path turn into a black abyss! In other words, there must not
be any experience without evaluation.

G. D.: This "evaluation" is precisely the criteria we have just considered; it is indispensable if
we do not want to wander in illusion and seek to enter into the new Jerusalem whose meaning
is infinitely beyond all that we have known until then! If you ask people what is the meaning
of life, one will say this, the other that will say that...During one of my conferences in Munich
where six hundred people were gathered, I asked this question: "Ladies and gentlemen, let's
stop for a moment and ask ourselves what is the meaning of life. Let each one answer for
himself." Then we all sat in silence. After a while, I stated: "I am sure that many among you
have had the following reflection: what a funny idea, that question cannot be asked because
the answer is different for everyone, even for each stage of our lives!"

For one, it is a happy old age, for another it is having children, for a third it is a job they enjoy,
another would like an easy death...There are as many answers as there are people on earth.
And yet a single answer is valid for all: the person who has truly tasted Being knows once and
for all that the meaning of human life is nothing other than becoming a witness to the divine
presence in existence. That is the meaning of human life!! For me, that is the one answer
which is present within all the other answers. Is that not the role of religions, to awaken
people to this answer? In the meantime, man lives in his triple distress as we have mentioned;
cut off from his depths and without roots, he is forever confronted with the fear of destruction
or death. Projected to the agitated surface of himself and living in the deception of the
multiple, his life has no meaning and he falls into the absurd.

Finally, the prison of the mind isolates him more and more and cuts off his deep ties with the
rest of creation and with the source of life. From this condition there arises a perpetual
nostalgia for a life beyond death, for a meaning beyond meaninglessness, and for a love
beyond sadness and isolation. But through a long discipline or the gift of sudden grace, the
death of the little dominating "self" can occur, breaking the chains and allowing the incredible
experience of Being to seize the whole man. The walls which he had built in the face of fear
crumble, his artifical quest for meaning in the face of the absurd runs aground, and his empty
affections are transformed. Suddenly, Being reveals meaning to him at the very heart of
meaninglessness, and at the very heart of his solitude a supernatural love surrounds him,
vivifies him and gives him unity.

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Re: Truth and understanding is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding

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Love this from the Path of Initiation>>>the body of what we are and the body that we have>>>>profound difference but both wanting to share the mysteries through communion and integration!!

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Re: Truth and understanding is forever the lovely, the good and the expanding

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Sandy Clark wrote:Love this from the Path of Initiation>>>the body of what we are and the body that we have>>>>profound difference but both wanting to share the mysteries through communion and integration!!

OOOlala Sandy yes.

I have not begun reading Durkheim's book about Hara. It looks to be most valuable.

Off Topic
a right attitude in which a man is permeable to the Greater Life which he embodies and by which he is enabled to perceive it in the world. He is then truly himself and the world of space and time becomes transparent for him in the Being which transcends space and time.

The way leading to this condition is by the transformation of the whole man, i.e., a unit of body, mind and soul. What keeps man estranged from Being consists not only in his being fettered by psychological complexes and by the rigidity of his thought-patterns, but also by the fact that they are fixed in his flesh and set fast in wrong bodily habits. So any renewal can be achieved only through the transformation of the whole man, and implies not only an intellectual and spiritual conversion, but also a transformation of the body and all its postures and movements. Without this bodily transformation all inner experience of Being comes to a standstill when the experience has passed, and the man inevitably falls victim again to his old, familiar fixing and classifying consciousness. Therefore practice must inevitably include practice of the body.

Just as the right inner state is clearly expressed in the symbolism of the harmoniously functioningbody, so inner malformations appear as bodily malformations. These have one thing in common: lack of center. Lack of center implies either that a man is anchored too firmly in his upper body or that he lacks anchorage altogether. Only where a firm middle region exists is man's entire psycho-physical state properly entered.

The whole life attitude of a human being appears in his posture, in the relationship of tension and relaxation, and in breathing. Posture, tension and relaxation, and breath can never be exclusively physical factors. They are integral functions of the person manifesting himself analogously on the psychological and spiritual levels. For this reason it is possible to begin the work on the whole man with them."

"Becoming one with Being means transcending the structure patterns of ordinary consciousness.Therefore there can be no reanchoring in Being as long as experience, insight and practice do not break through the narrow circle of the usual rational consciousness pattern. All the struggling to acquire knowledge, all practice which merely strengthens the will, and all efforts to put feeling under discipline are doomed to failure when the Transcendental is the goal. A man has to overcome the dichotomy of objective and subjective consciousness, to let the original Unity penetrate his awareness and to let himself be embraced by it without wanting or trying to understand and hold it. When he admits the primal Unity which was within before and beyond all I-becoming he will find true renewal. By dropping his ego and submerging himself in the Primordial Life he will find Being within himself, become more and more at one with it, become through never flagging practice truly new, and as a renewed being prove himself as a witness of the Great Being."

"For the Westerner, also, if he progresses on the Inner Way, the world anchored in the I becomes a delusion. But it remains delusion for him only as long as his "I-reality" preserves its absolute character as the only reality. It ceases to be a delusion as soon as he is able to recognize it as the medium through which true Reality shows itself. Then the I-reality becomes transparent to Being and also the sphere of manifestation for him who bears within himself the One. The new man then constantly perceives the One in all colors, images, and patterns through which Being is refracted in the prism of the I. To realize Being in all and everything then becomes the sole function of his life. Time is no longer opposed to eternity but is the medium which reflects it. "Everything in space and time means utimately only Eternity."

In this European or, more specifically, Christian view, a personal experiencing of the One is in fact only the beginning of the way of ultimate transformation. It is true that already in the never-ending discovery and rediscovery of that center of the primal Unity in man, new horizons open for the mind and new depths for the heart. But, when man lifts himself from the earth-center of his human nature to the heaven-center of his spirit and when, in his heart-center he joyously accepts the obligation to actualize the Original Unity and its inherent order within his existence in this world, then will his insight and practice flow out in one stream of true creative activity on earth. For the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is our true heritage and only within it will the real "circulation of light" be established."

Source: Hara: The Vital Center of Man by Karlfried Graf Durckheim

Off Topic
The seminal work on hara in English, and, probably anywhere in the West, is the book, Hara: The Vital Centre of Man, by Karlfried Graf Von Durckheim, which I mentioned in passing in an earlier post. Von Durkheim was a German psychologist who became fascinated with the subject while living in Japan. The book was first published in German in 1956; the English translation in 1962. It has a remarkable chapter on the uses of hara in the Japanese language. In it, he discusses sayings that involve hara. At least some of these have been quoted in virtually every book on hara that has since appeared in English. The sayings provide excellent windows into the psychological significance of hara. While I describe some below, I strongly suggest reading the book.

Hara no okii hito
This expression literally means “The person with a big hara”. In Von Durkheim’s words, it conveys that that he or she is “generous, magnanimous and warm-hearted without any implication of weakness or indulgence.” It is similar to saying English that someone has a “big heart”, except the locus of the generosity, obviously, is seen as emanating from a different part of the body.

Hara ga tatsu
While in English we might say that a person “lost his head”, a Japanese would say “hara ga tatsu”, the hara “rose”. According to Von Durkheim, this saying describes a person who “flares up, gets angry, in the same way as we say a sedate person is not easily roused.” The opposite is conveyed in the expression “hara ga suwatte iru”, the hara “sits”. This refers to a person who is sedate, relaxed, unflappable. But it is an alert type of relaxation, in Von Durkheim’s words, “The imperturbability of the sedate man implies the steadiness of tranquil mind prepared for anything. He is able to react in any situation and nothing throws him off balance.”

Hara no dekita hito
This expression means that a person has “finished” or “accomplished” his or her hara. It connotes maturity; a maturity that comes from years of training. A related saying, hara no dekita inai hito wa hito no ue ni tatsu koto ga dekinai, is translated by Von Durkheim as “the man who has not finished his belly cannot stand above others (is not fit for leadership).” On the other hand, the saying hara no dekita inai hito refers to the person who has not finished his hara training; it conveys the idea that he or she is not developed or immature.

I first read Von Durkheim’s book shortly after I began my Zen training in 1977. This was before I had the initial discovery of my hara, which I wrote about in the first post. As a psychologist, I found it interesting that another culture viewed emotions, emotional control and maturity as emanating from different parts of the body than we do in the West (the head and/or the heart). But I viewed these sayings as being metaphoric. Just as we in the West don’t really think someone actually “loses” his or head when they get angry, I assumed that the Japanese were not really saying that someone’s belly really changes when they lose their temper. However, as I progressed in my Zen training I began to understand that these sayings should be taken literally, that with the development of the physical aspects of hara comes profound psychological changes. This was most clear to me as I observed my Zen students, particularly those who started training around the same time as I. As they developed hara physically, they acquired composure, equanimity and a sense of gravitas that had not been there before.

And, I learned that one’s hara does actually rise when they “lose it”. Two related incidents from my past made this clear to me. Early in my career as a psychologist—and early in my Zen training– I had to testify in court as an expert witness regarding an evaluation I had conducted. This was my first time in court and I had considerable anxiety about it. But, as a Zen student, I thought that I would be able to control it if I just kept my hara set while on the witness stand. It turned out that the opposing attorney came out swinging. He first attempted to impeach my credentials, almost yelling that I was not experienced enough to testify. Immediately, my hara “rose”. He then proceeded to rake me over the coals for what seemed like hours. No matter how hard I tried, I could not set my hara. My breathing was labored and stayed in my chest. I became flustered; sweat beaded on my forehead. And the harder I tried to set my hara the worse I became. I left the courtroom vowing that I would never testify again unless ordered to by a judge. And I felt discouraged that my Zen training did not allow me to retain better composure. I did not keep my vow to never testify again and, some years later, I found myself on the stand facing a hostile attorney. This time, I was able to keep my hara set. No matter what the attorney threw at me, it remained set and my breath stayed slow and deep. And, there was a noticeable change in composure; I remained calm and focused throughout. I am convinced that it was control of my breathing and posture that allowed that to happen.

Many Westerners are probably familiar with statues of Hotei (Budai in Chinese). He is a bald headed, robed monk with an enormous, exposed belly, carrying a sack in one hand and jizu (beads) in the other. There are often statues of him in restaurants and people sometimes rub his belly for good luck (or maybe just for the tactile pleasure of it). Sometimes called the “Laughing Buddha”, Hotei is seen as figure of abundance, a person who brings bounty and joy to all. In Zen training, we will sometimes refer to someone with overflowing generosity and good cheer as a “real Hotei”. It is no coincidence that Hotei is depicted as having an exaggerated hara, as Japanese implicitly understand that that his bountiful personality and infectious good cheer comes from his hara. And, no, you don’t have to look like you have a beer belly to have hara. His lower abdomen is prominent not from fat, but from the development of his hara.

While in the West we clearly have the concept of character development, it tends to be disembodied. The lesson I have learned from Zen training is that there is a physical dimension to character development that is intimately bound to breathing and posture, in other words, to hara development and, I believe, this idea is sorely lacking in our culture.

Off Topic

Hara is a Japanese word that has no equivalent in English. While it literally refers to the lower abdomen, the term also has psychological and spiritual connotations in Japanese language and culture. In fact, hara can be seen as the unification of a person’s physical, psychological and spiritual dimensions.

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