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In honor of Philippe Defossez - in his words

"Silence is golden when you can't think of a good answer."
-Muhammad Ali
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In honor of Philippe Defossez - in his words

Postby Christine » Fri Jan 12, 2018 8:45 pm

"My dearest friends, this chain of comments is quite overwhelming, to say the least. As it would lead me too far to describe all elements and factors that have lead to this 'decision', allow me to recycle a few paragraphs of some 'essay' written earlier, for they touch the essence and undercurrent of an ongoing process :

The real act and experience of love is not situated in feelings towards someone in particular. It is not felt in personal relationships, not in affection towards family and friends, not even in consideration of mankind and all life on this planet. Of course, there are feelings of compassion, connection and oneness, but the true experience lies deeper, closer to heart and soul. It’s pure awareness, timeless and totally free from thought or emotion. It’s in the shape of a cloud. In the colors of a flower and the fragile beauty of a butterfly’s wings. It’s in the whisper of the leaves of a tree and in the smell of a forest, in the sound of the falling rain. It’s in the eyes of a child, and in the cries of a newborn baby. It’s everywhere, in everything, if we just care to pay attention, mindless but conscious, and not only through our senses, as they’re just the gateways to the full experience.

The silence, depth and space of a “personal retreat” is perhaps the most precious gift life has to offer. In fact, there, right at the bottom curves of our life-energy wave, in those brief moments of absolute nothingness, lies the invitation of our soul to consciously step into the void of the center of our being, and to surrender to a world of pure awareness.

The real opportunity for all of us to find real peace and true forgiveness will never be offered in moments of joy, pleasure and apparent happiness that flourish on top of the hills. The rewards there will only grow and intensify when we consciously seize all the fruits of wisdom that grow so abundantly in the valleys.

All we have to do is let go of and look through the fearful projections of our mind, as they usually throw concepts of loneliness and emotional threat in the way, and block access that way like a dark veil we do not even dare to touch. It doesn’t take courage or recklessness to find our way through, though. All it takes is awareness.

Awareness creates space around our thoughts. That space is necessary to isolate and finally dissolve them, which is the first step to spiritual freedom. The more this process is implemented, the more it will develop into a skill. The power and impact of our mind will inevitably crumble and make way for that growing space of consciousness, in which, eventually, we will find our true center.


Besides this, there are no words to describe how much our interaction and thought exchange have been appreciated over the years, and still. Please know that you've been at least as much as inspiring and enriching as my personal shares and contributions may have seemed, and that it has been a tremendous privilege connecting with a selection of beautiful souls like yourselves. And, finally, that true friendship, like all other genuine gifts and presents in this miraculous existence, never ends. Stay Gold ! <3"
The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

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