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To Good Sailing

''Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.''
-Bruce Lee
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To Good Sailing

Postby Spiritwind » Thu May 31, 2018 3:51 pm

The way I use dowsing is very specific. It’s true that the pendulum is merely a tool that assists the subconscious mind in knowing that you are intending to make a connection, much like the phone ringing when you make a call. It also alerts your higher self and the larger team of participants that exist in the unseen realms that you are consciously asking for their expertise and assistance. When all these elements are assembled, much can be accomplished that would otherwise seem out of reach.

If you think about these other energies being called in, it’s like asking that you can hear, see, and feel, much more than your ordinary five senses in the physical can reveal. As everyone knows, we humans can only hear, see, and feel within a certain range, and what we know and identify as ourselves in this reality where we are limited by the container which our spirit is connected to during our physical lifetime is like the tip of the iceberg that hides its larger self out of sight. So, what we see and think of as ourselves as an individual entity, without proper understanding, can be an illusion that limits our perceptive field in the realm of true possibilities.

One question that should quickly arise is how do I know if I am really connected to my higher self etc, and not some other clever, manipulative, and deceitful entity simply wanting to gain access for reasons that are not intended for mine or others higher good? For me, the biggest way I feel confident that I am connected to the realm where I have gained access to my larger self and its team of assistants is by the quality of the interaction. After years of fine tuning I can finally recognize the difference. I receive many confirmations. We all have this ability, but for many it has such a layer of programming and barnacles of beliefs that have never been questioned that a thorough cleaning is in order to clear the field.

There are many ways to do this, and the method I use is only one of innumerable choices. There, in my understanding, is not just one right way. But it is the way I have gained experience and confidence in the unseen realm being available to render assistance when called upon. That is another huge difference. Our larger self that extends beyond our physical body engages in many tasks in the unseen realms, and requires us make the call so to speak. It doesn’t do any good to talk into the phone if no one is on the other end. When we ask, it is like making the call, and saying, yes, I want to interact with you.

This is important, for there are also many ways in which our unconscious self has made agreements with other parts of the unseen realms, for purposes at odds with our making this reconnection to our whole self. From my understanding, every trauma that is not re-mem-bered, healed, and cleared, leaves a residue of the larger self in a part of this unseen realm. The parts that have not been recovered from this unseen realm have been co-opted by a whole realm of beings who found a way to profit from these lost children, much like the lost children in Peter Pan. And they use our fears, also mostly unconscious, to keep us stuck, to keep us from actualizing our larger potential as creator beings in our own right. This way they can keep using those unreclaimed parts of ourselves to further their own agenda, and to live through us vicariously as attachments to our shadows, much like barnacles that slow down the ships progress as it navigates through the sometimes turbulent waters of life.

But the shadows disappear, as though they never existed, when the light shines directly overhead. Daily practice of shining this light is a great way to clean your ship of these barnacles. Then you experience more smooth sailing, and even better control during the storms. Having a good captain at the helm is definitely what you want to have during these like wise turbulent and fast changing times in which we live. And you are the captain of your own ship.

May the song from within come forth, Expressing itself as it may
With nary a thought or worry, For how else to spend the day
- by Me : )

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