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For those who like to check out Bernhard Guenther’s take on things, this was an interesting article on the upcoming eclipse. Are we really food for the moon?


“I must now make a statement which will introduce you to a concept which was, until comparatively recently, one of the deepest secrets of the esoteric Schools: In some ways, the Moon is the greatest problem of esoteric lore. The Moon is not at all what it appears to be.”
– The Zelator

Introduction by Bernhard Guenther
This is a note on the esoteric significance of our moon and how lunar phases correlate with hyper dimensional attack and the matrix control system. Much of this knowledge has been suppressed or corrupted/distorted.

The moon has tremendous influence on humanity in ways the vast majority has no awareness of. During any new/full moon (and in particular at eclipses), portals and dimensions open up, making it easier for hyper/inter-dimensional beings to cross realm boundaries. This ties into what Gurdjieff meant by stating that humanity is “food for the moon”. I caution to engage in any form of moon rituals in light of the “topic of all topics” , i.e. the hyperdimensional control of humanity  and how the moon relates to it.

My own observations, experiences and research into the occult significance of the moon has been confirmed by a shamanic/psychic healer woman I’ve been working with over the past few years and learned a lot from.

One of the very interesting things she said is that many people engage in “Black Magic” involuntarily when participating in Full Moon/New Moon rituals, despite their well-meaning intentions, creating “traps of agreement” and openings/portals for negative entities to come through (posing as “positive” ones), especially when worshiping the moon (given away their power), or attempting to “channel” or connecting to/calling in anything (entities, deities, angles, guides) outside themselves.

Another shaman I had worked with in the past cautioned to do any “medicine” ceremonies during a full moon. Ties into the neo-wicca/pagan practices and distortion of these rituals and teachings as well, including the corruption of astrology over thousands of years. Lack of awareness of the Hyperdimensional Matrix Control System when practicing occult/pagan rituals is just asking for trouble, kinda like playing hyperdimensional Russian roulette.

In ancient times the Moon has caused indigenous cultures around the world to create special ceremonies for its presence – not to celebrate it, but to protect themselves from its dark influence. Most of these practices and this knowledge have been suppressed and corrupted – even turned into its opposite as mentioned above. In far ancient times (nothing to do with the lies of official history we’ve been programmed with), we didn’t’ have our present moon but it “arrived” later as part of the lock-down of the Matrix Control System by alien occult hostile forces as a transmitting loosh-generating/feeding control device. Having said that, the moon also plays a “teaching function” from an esoteric perspective (just as the occult forces do) in the bigger picture of soul evolution and the process of awakening. As always: Knowledge protects. Ignorance endangers.

This topic can trigger (or be dismissed easily by) many people who are very attached to the “romantic” (distorted) view of the moon (including the corrupted idea that the moon represents the Feminine) and/or are not familiar with the Hyperdimensional Matrix.

What follows are a few quotes and excerpts from various resources relating to the esoteric significance of our moon and how lunar phases correlate with hyper dimensional attack and the matrix control system. They also confirm my own research and experiences:

“Everything living on Earth, people, animals, plants, is food for the moon. All movements, actions, and manifestations of people, animals, and plants depend upon the moon and are controlled by the moon. The mechanical part of our life depends upon the moon, is subject to the moon. If we develop in ourselves consciousness and will, and subject our mechanical life and all our mechanical manifestations to them, we shall escape the power of the moon.”
– G.I. Gurdjieff, In Search of the Miraculous (P.D. Ouspensky)

“As a cell of organic life on Earth, man plays a part in the development of the Ray of Creation. The vivification of the Moon, that cosmic foetus, is one aspect of this development. This requires considerable quantities of energy, which is produced in particular by the human part of organic life. Illusion, which plays such an important role in the waking consciousness of man, was introduced into that state so that he would accept this aspect of the cosmic work, participating in it without rebellion.

If we become conscious of this situation and desire to escape it, we must conceive and create a screen which will protect us against this devouring influence of the Moon. We must meanwhile guard against falling into Illusion again by erecting a false screen; the result would be an aggravated waste of these forces instead of an economy of force. The quantity of force necessary to genuinely oppose the influence of the Moon is already considerable.

The first imperative, then, is to stop wasting these forces, to turn off the taps which let the energy escape uselessly: sterile emotions, in particular negative emotions; fantasies from uncontrolled imagination; uncoordinated mental gymnastics, gossiping and chattering. We must thus act like a wise minister of finance and carefully economize our energies, yet without all the time sterilizing either our activity or our intelligence. On the contrary, we must store and as far as possible augment these forces to build up our reserves. These are the two main aspects of the first objective we have to attain.

The Moon’s passive energy arises from solar energy. It reflects this, but not without a transformation as its own nature. … Unlike the Earth, the Moon does not have a direct organic link with the Sun. Being a satellite, it depends directly on its planet, and it is only through the latter’s mediation that it enters into relation with the Sun. One of its essential roles is to reflect solar energy onto the Earth’s surface in a form modified by reflection as described above. This also leads to qualitative and quantitative variations that depend on its phases. These changes do not prevent continual reverberation, due to the fact that the Moon always presents the same face to Earth, as the duration of its rotation around itself and around our planet are both the same.
– Boris Mouravieff, Gnosis I & II

“[…]I realized Gurdjieff was being completely literal when he said we are food for the moon. Anyone who becomes aware of the lunar influence will see how people all around sway to the lunar influence like reeds to the breeze. Twice a month, what I term the “Matrix Control System” opens its maws and draws in a torrent of emotional energy from all those susceptible to the lunar influence.

So what exactly is the relation between the Matrix and the moon? The archetypal correspondences were discussed earlier. As for the technical relation, I have concluded that the gravitational interaction between earth, moon, and sun causes cyclical variation in the separation between dimensions and densities. Just before and after a new or full moon, the dimensional veil is thinnest and hostile forces from other realms, including the astral and hyperdimensional realms, have an easier time penetrating into the physical plane.

The thinning of dimensional separation has two main consequences. First, as mentioned it is easier for beings to cross realm boundaries. Hostile entities require less energy to breach the realm of their targets, or stated another way, metaphysical defenses against physical and psychic violence tend to wane around such times. But on a positive side the thinning also supports personal expansion into new realms of being, thus the new moon is said to be a good time for starting new projects and manifesting intent through the principles of reality creation.

Second, because other realms become temporarily more accessible, occult practices become more effective. Invocations, psychic warfare, scrying and remote viewing are assisted during such times. This most greatly assists those darker forces who rely upon remote viewing of probable futures and psychic attacks to stalk and ambush their prey.

Concerning strictly the negative aspects of new and full moon energies, there is a qualitative difference. New moon energies tend toward implosion while full moon is characterized by energy of explosion. Whereas the new moon tends to induce oversensitivity, dissatisfaction, and depression, the full moon energies amplify overreaction, violence, and outright lunacy. It is esoteric fact that the moon rules over the imagination, and both during full moon and new moon windows the imagination is particularly prone to being misapplied, meaning misunderstandings, false suspicions, and unfounded worries increase. But whereas the new moon exacerbates introspective turmoil, full moon externalizes the trouble.

It is no secret that hyperdimensional attacks, which are acts of spiritual warfare, are directed at a target’s weakest spots at the weakest moments. That is simply a matter of efficiency and logistics. Astrology is an important part of determining this timing because the realm dynamics between attacker and target are greatly influenced by celestial alignments. Different alignments impress upon a given location different spectra of vibrations which in turn resonate corresponding elements within the souls of individuals in the vicinity; the manner in which they vibrate pulls from reality a corresponding set of experiences and learning lessons. Certain vibrations correspond to learning lessons involving confrontation, violence, and attack, and it is when these vibrations are strongest for an individual that astral and hyperdimensional attackers find it easiest to fulfill their role in his experiences.

While certain lunar alignments exacerbate certain mechanical tendencies which in turn can create emotional turmoil, I have found that the moon’s primary function during such times is merely to open a window between the darker realms and this world. Whether this window of opportunity is actually utilized depends on the individual in question and whether the attackers have the necessary interest and resources. In other words, the turbulent experiences that may arise during critical lunar days are not necessarily deterministically created by the moon, rather the moon opens a window during which intelligent forces can, at their own discretion and choice of timing, initiate an episode of feeding or sabotage.

The reason I say this is because through certain means already described I can detect well in advance of a lunar influence period what plans for sabotage are already in the works. There is an active intelligence behind many of these episodes, presumably non-human as evidenced by the periodic abduction and posthypnotic programming of key individuals who will take part in the next disturbance. Or, in the days preceding a sabotage attempt coinciding with a lunar window, one will experience increased precognitive indicators like ear ringings and deja vu, respectively signifying monitoring attempts and timeline editing by hyperdimensional forces.

There are a variety of reasons why some people seem to experience the lunar influence more than others.

First, active targeting plays a large part in the worst of the trouble, those who are not targeted will not experience much trouble other than some crankiness between themselves and others.

Second, where the moon is placed in one’s natal chart (what the lunar configuration was at moment of birth) may play a role in how strongly its mechanizing influence trespasses into one’s emotional and psychological states. Different people have different natal charts and will thus be influenced to different degrees.

Third, although this is speculative, I suspect geographic latitude factors into how strongly one falls within the earth-moon energy conduit; because the moon orbits around the earth’s equator with a maximum eight degree deviation north or south, those nearer to the equator will be more deeply caught up in the gravitational line of tension between earth and moon while those in the higher latitudes might experience the lunar influence more weakly.

And fourth, the lower one’s soul frequency, the greater one’s mechanical tendencies, and the less esoterically developed one is, the greater the lunar effect. It would take fission from the base matters of the soul and fusion of the nobler qualities to gain victory over the lunar influence within oneself, and great wisdom and compassion to handle whatever disruptions may arise among others. In fact, it is toward this end that the moon can actually catalyze our progress by making us aware of our weaknesses.[…]”
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