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The Gender Agenda

''Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.''
-Bruce Lee
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Re: The Gender Agenda

Postby Eelco » Fri Jan 18, 2019 6:17 pm

I understand that. I honestly do.
These days however I find that exposing an agenda if you will may just be a 3 option which is part of the whole play.

You have gender confused people, lovers, haters and those who cry wolf. All of them side tracked by the very same play.

In the case of the brochure however I see the work of a caring individual who foresees people with cervixes either not get called in for screening who may "benfit" from it. People who don't have cervixes called in for screen which is unnecessary because said individual has the insight to predict what will happen to automated systems who send out these invitations when people get to choose a gender instead of abiding by want their biology needs.

Using is as an example for this societies follies in this case to me felt unwarranted.

With Love
Who is not confused about his gender. Just about pretty much everything else.
~ “for what it's worth”~

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Re: The Gender Agenda

Postby LostNFound » Tue Jan 22, 2019 3:02 am


The Gender Agenda, a phrase that seems so be from a foreign planet, a different Universe, a twisted, horror in a mind so full of pain, so diseased from complete mistreatment of being in an early life. Or perhaps in a later part of live. An Idea born of perhaps all of these mishaps, an idea, an ideal, a pain relief encapsulated thought that could save a life from something so horrid it had to be buried from reality. Certainly the human mind can create anything in order to survive, to stop painful truth and a host of so many other realities that can not be or want to be known.

As it stands in this reality of our human species beings there are only two Genders of fact, Male and female, masculine and feminine. As far as I know this is the recurring theme on this world we call Earth. It is a indisputable fact that the Male and the female propagate the species in its ever moving form to survive as a species. This moves down the chain to all animals and I suspect all life as we see and know about. The amphibians may be the abnormal, and I only use that word because it fits with the difference. Frogs for example can be male and female, this is a proven and not theory. So we can say that aside from the frogs and possible other types of species on this planet, there are really only two types of gender for Humans, Male and female.

Gender neutral is what? Would you say that you are not a male or even a female although you still have the parts, the genes, the X and Y chromosomes, Your DNA screams at you to be either male or female or should I say Human? Yeah there is all that enquirer magazine stuff about aliens, and there are those that sell videos and books about the ancient aliens and how we have all been engineered and all the other stuff that anyone can jump on and write a book about that will make a buck for them in there unproven theories. We still, in the long run are just male and female, two genders. So Gender Neutral is death then I suppose. If you choose that term then you do not exist as human beings do you? Or you could be a frog.

LGBTQ, what is this? Well if you are so inclined this would be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transvestite or Transgender and the Q slipped in for Queer which could mean many things. These words are nothing more than a description of a condition that a human has chosen to call them selves and act upon. This condition is unnatural to the human species and is nothing more than a choice caused by a certain condition in the life process of growing up in a harsh society and is still one of the two true Genders that exist. For instance; a female that chooses to identify herself as one that only wants to be around her same sex, female with female. It is to note that these females cannot propagate without a male or at least his sperm injection by clinical methods. They are still only the female Gender. There is no neutral involved in the true sense of the word.

Next in the line of “Pronouns”, as these words are called in this topsy turvey world of today, is Gay. Who ever provided the description of this? This word does have many meanings in the dictionary as far as it goes but to be used in today’s world signifies, classifies, defines a male who only wants to be with other males. Here again the male gender is in play, nothing neutral here. Males being with males, I might say that these conditions, classifications definitely involve the sexual activity between Males only and with the case of Lesbians between females only. The very connotations of these “pronouns’ places these thoughts in the minds of the greater human race. The psychology of these names or pronouns can be discussed in deeper studies but for here and now we still see that Gay in not another gender but just the male gender.

Now we have two “pronouns’ as the Canadian government and other governments around the world, are making up statutes and or policies to force people to use the proper pronouns when describing the sensitive children of our societies more on that later. Bisexual and Transvestite or Transgender are two of these pronouns that quite possibly deal with both genders. Notice, I am only speaking of the two true genders, male and female and nothing more. Transvestite or Transgender is the ultimate of a Bisexual. A Bisexual is either a male gender or female gender. This particular choice of the human being is the fact of enjoying the sexual habits with men and women, again only male and female gender. For instance; a man/male/he/him has made the choice to be with a man or a woman in the escapades of the sexual act. This man can also be with just other men in many activities or be with women in other activities. Not all just sexual. The cross dressers of our society can clearly be in this category, again not gender in the true sense of the word, only male or female gender.

The Transgender can be the only one that may switch or choose to have a surgery that could make a male into a female or visa versa. There are humans on this world that go through a complete switch out this way and it is that a female is born into a male body and suffers and also with a male born into a female body. Now these particular cases have been studied and I would suspect there are plenty that are not. I would also imagine that the hormones and the Chromosomes would play a significant roles in how this all plays out for these people. I do not see the people that have the real problems advertising themselves in the public or creating public spectacles or trying to ram their choices down everybody else’s throats. It is quite funny and not, how the man made religions do this to some degree also. Long story short, it all still comes to just two genders, male and female

Now there are those male and females out there that want to be both at the same time. The males seem to be the greater majority of this group. They are called in plain simple words, Transvestites or Trany’s and it does seem that this group of humans choose to divest themselves in the discourse of being half man and half woman. One has to wonder what goes on in the brain of these people, is it pure sickness, I don’t know. There are many practices that humans do on this world that are plain sick in nature. Pedophilia is one of the most widespread evils, as I would call it, on this earth today. I will not delve any deeper in this particular subject. With great hope, these things are being stopped. As with all of the above Pronouns, The Transvestites are still only male and female and in their case both but I think missing the important factors for propagation.

The Q at the end of the letters, no not the Qanon phenomenon either, The Q that was added stands for Queers or Questioning as it is defined by USA Today. “Queer is an Umbrella term, Encompassing a lot of people” “Non-specific to sexual orientation or gender.” So in this phrase, it would appear that USA Today is declassifying the human being. Saying in so many words if you fall into this group of Q you are no longer of the human race. Just look at the last sentence, yet they say this Q encompasses a lot of people. Who are people? Umbrella’s indeed, People are still only a male or female gender. One has to wonder who and why all of this bull shit has come about. If one cares to look closely enough, this entire LGBTQ thing was not a real issue until the previous Gay man that called himself the President and his fake wife who is a Transvestite moved into the white house. That is my opinion but facts are facts and for those that choose to not see or ignore them, I feel they have lost touch with reality. No matter how you strike it or what you want to call it by any other name, we are still only two genders, male and female.

So, falling into this GENDER AGENDA, what the hell is it and why is it such a big deal. A well renowned College professor in Canada has spoken out against the government policies to control his freedom of speech. The Colleges climbed on board with the BS and proceeded to hammer at him also as well as the basement dweller, snowflakes. These children grew up never being taught anything about critical thinking and most were handed everything by a generation that virtually gave up on being responsible. They are now being given there safe spaces so they don’t have to listen to anyone telling them so bit of truth or hurting their itty bitty feelings. They are the ones that want to take away our rights to free speech and our rights to any kind of freedom if it does not agree with their own selfish agenda. Into this falls the GENDER AGENDA. Politic or the entire political realm on this world has used these children to further their agenda of control of the masses. They like to weaponize any and all things to their advantage. So here we begin to see how these brainwashed children are being used to gain the power and wealth for the few elites. I am waxing into the political systems here but it all fits into the puzzle we all seem to want to put together. The question of why the Gender Agenda becomes clearer when we see just how divided this world has become. Here are a few videos of Jordan Peterson and his battle with the Gender Pronoun BS.

Jordan Peterson, Genders, rights and freedom of speech

Jordan Peterson vs crazy cathy Areu on TOXIC MASCULINITY

There are many videos with Jordan Peterson and his talks about the Gender Pronouns. Remember, the agenda is well into play. Jordan goes to other countries and hashes it out with people.

So speaking of the Toxic Masculinity, there is the Gillette Video above that seems to attack the masculinity of men and there are others. We have a war raging now against men by the Feminist movement so lets look at some articles written by a woman talking about the Gillette Vid and the Feminist movement. There is a Video that kicks back at the Gillette one and this war rages on now. It all is fitting pieces of the puzzle into this GENDER AGENDA. Hopes this give a bit more take for you Spiritwind. The above writing is my take my opinion you could say. Here are those other ones.

Toxic Feminism Is The Real Problem: Modern Day Feminists Are Angry, Manipulative, Controlling, Racists ... roblem.php

Outstanding Video Response To Gillette - What Is A Man? 'Hero, Brave, Protector' - Without Those 'Toxic' Males Feminists Would Not Have A Home, Heat, Air Conditioning, Or Food To Eat ... _A_Man.php

So to just summarize my take, I can see that this entire division that is going on with the Gender Agenda is coming from first the political arena and then the old Feminist vs the masculinity war that rages today. I could be completely out in the pasture on this but it does look like a division of the divine feminine and the divine masculine. Just a thought so solutions could be to bring both together into the one.


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Re: The Gender Agenda

Postby Spiritwind » Thu Jan 24, 2019 5:01 pm

Thank you Steven, it’s nice to actually sort of converse and hear what others think. My morning musings are as follows (I do tend to just free flow sometimes)

There were/are two different kinds of magic
There were/are two different kinds of royalty

That which is given and is expansive, loving, and life giving in nature

And that which takes through force and deception, and is constrictive, vengeful, controlling, and somehow without love

Male/female - really makes no difference, as both have played, and are playing, both sides of the fence.

There is duality, opposites, and tension

And there is balance, harmony, and cooperation

It is a choice

That choice is being obfuscated by the current gender agenda, and is actually being exploited, in my opinion, so as to keep us from aligning with a truly more loving expression of life here, one that heals, and reflects on both the inner and outer levels of this expression. Once we see the predator for what it really is, then we can say no to it’s intrusive ways, and take back what truly belongs to us, our heart/mind, which, when in balance ALWAYS operates to-get-her

Both genders have participated in harm, and been harmed. Time to go home, which, for me, sees both the male and female walking hand and hand towards a portal where they become one, yet many, but where love is the guiding principle. There is no separation. We are/have been being used, but we can refuse to play, and break it down into very simple terms. If we are truly walking a healing path on the larger collective scale, this whole “agenda” thing would not be happening. It is being driven by an unseen (clearly anyway) force that has an all encompassing agenda that is more far reaching than most can imagine, and it is NOT to set us free. Only we can do that within ourselves.

If you look around you, there are many types of tailor made prisons being constructed for humanity, from technology, to education and religion (thought prisons), to such very personal choices such as how we maintain our health, and even what we eat and drink. The question to really ask, is, “are you happy”? Most people do not have happy shining out of their eyes, and it DOES shine, you can’t lie or hide the truth of this. Let’s get fucking happy folks, as that will piss “them, the predator mentality” that runs this world, off more than anything else we could do. (Plus it’s hard to get people to fight and hate each other when they are happy)
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Re: The Gender Agenda

Postby Spiritwind » Tue Feb 19, 2019 3:14 pm

I am posting the following just to illustrate that that are others who feel something is not quite right, and that an agenda is indeed being rolled out, and it’s not just us crazy conspiracy theorists (I know, I know, it’s not a theory when there is ample evidence to support what we are saying but let’s not let pesky little facts get in the way of our precious beliefs, LOL). I’m not saying I am in full agreement with the priest’s take, but found it interesting and I am in agreement that something is definitely amiss here. I’m not posting the full article, just a snippet of it. I am not a fan of Céline Dion anyway, but I would go to the link to see some of the photos of what is going for fashion these days, and links to other stories about this topic.

What is Happening to Céline Dion? ... -dion.html

After the launch of CÉLINUNUNU, Msgr. John Esseff, a priest of 65 years and an exorcist in the Diocese of Scranton, Pennsylvania, made the news for declaring that the brand is “demonic”. In NC Register, he explained:

“I’m convinced that the way this gender thing has spread is demonic. It’s false. I don’t even know how many genders there’s supposed to be now, but there are only two that God made. The devil is going after children by confusing gender. When a child is born, what is the first things we say about that child? It’s a boy, or it’s a girl. That is the most natural thing in the world to say. But to say that there is no difference is satanic.

People behind this are influencing children to disorder. This is definitely satanic. There is a mind behind it — an organized mindset.

The devil is a liar and there are huge lies being told. This is being done for money, and there is divisiveness that comes from this—marks of the devil. The evil one feels that he can do these things without somehow being recognized behind it all. This [gender neutrality] is a ploy he has. It is being driven by an agenda because there is a spirit behind it.” – NC Register, Exorcist Warns About Celine Dion’s Occult Children’s Clothing

And, here’s another one:

France to replace the words 'mother' and 'father' with 'parent 1' and 'parent 2' ... Ly3JRIyilk

(A friend posted the last one on FB this morning, and here was my response...”I got to watch my husband’s eyes roll when I read this to him this morning. We had to hold up fingers when I was a kid going to a school in Honduras to go to the bathroom. One finger was for pee, and two fingers was for ....”)
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Re: The Gender Agenda

Postby Spiritwind » Tue Nov 05, 2019 3:09 pm

I guess I’m going to be crowded into the homophobic camp whether I want to go there or not. I, personally, have never cared about someone’s sexual orientation, with the explicit exception of pedophilia. I have spoken up many times against discrimination, especially to a few close people in my life whose views are not as liberal as mine. I did think it was strange that the whole thing has been pushed up in our face, and that such a big deal was made out of which bathroom transsexuals used, teaching such young children that they have a choice which sex they want to be, and men suddenly identifying as a woman so they can join a female sports team. And I strongly suspected that pedophilia was soon to be linked up with all this, and unfortunately I was absolutely right on this one. What a load of crap. This IS where I draw the line. And it’s a BIG LINE! I don’t care who does not agree with me, I am calling out this agenda as pure evil, and a way to normalize what is increasingly becoming evident as a full on Satanic agenda. Just no. And you frankly don’t have to agree with me as I will not budge on this one, no matter how politically incorrect I may be deemed.

Only a sexual predator would think this is okay to teach your children (and, believe me, they ARE predators! Just try talking about this to someone who was sexually abused by an adult as a child; when did THEIR rights become so inconsequential!), but no parent I know would agree with this, especially if they fully understood what is planned for our future. This whole “everything goes, no boundaries” kind of thinking is a slippery slope I won’t go down. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having personal boundaries, and extending those boundaries to your dependent children. They are trying to rip away any remaining rights we have, the way I see it (and this includes forcibly trying to vaccinate our children and taking away our right to say “no”).

Teacher Suspended for Questioning LGBTQP Sex "Education" of Children Without Debate or Consent from Parents ... oning.html?

by Ethan Huff

England’s public school system has decided that it’s no longer okay for its faculty and staff members to do anything other than nod and smile in full agreement every time new LGBTQP “curriculum” is suddenly and forcibly imposed upon innocent children in the classroom.

A 74-year-old school board member by the name of Maureen Griffith learned this the hard way recently as she was reportedly suspended from her job simply for questioning a staff decision to implement an LGBTQP Pride month at Alperton Community School in Brent, North London.

Staff at Alperton also decided to purchase a whole slew of new LGBTQP books for the school’s library, which was done without any prior consultation with Griffith, who’s served as the school’s governor since the early 1990s.

Prior to a recent board meeting, Griffith stumbled upon a booklet from her school’s library that contained information about a “genre-specific” reading list to “celebrate” LGBTQP Pride Month. She then brought it up at the meeting, only to be chastised for daring to question this decision that was made without her permission.

“At the meeting, I raised that the introduction of LGBT books and Pride month into the school had not been mentioned before at any previous meetings,” Griffith is quoted as saying.

“I said that parents had not been consulted and that there would be parents with children from religious backgrounds who would object and not want their children to have this form of sex education.”

Griffith strongly urged her colleagues to think about these children and their families, emphasizing the fact that, as a mother herself, she would not want her sons to be reading any of the LGBTQP books that were stocked in the library, nor would she want them to participate in LGBTQP Pride month.

These statements apparently triggered one of the school’s faculty members, who reportedly stormed out of the room in a tizzy, throwing a hissy fit along the way.

“Look what you’ve gone and done – you’ve upset him!” another staff member admonished Griffith, who was presumably shocked that merely questioning a decision that was made without her input could cause such an uproar.

But we’re talking about LGBTQP extremists, here, which means rationality is never part of the equation. As our readers well know, when LGBTQPs become offended by something, the whole world turns upside down and people end up being persecuted simply for holding opposing viewpoints, which is exactly what happened to Griffith.

It is now “homophobic” to express viewpoints that in any way trigger LGBTQPs

According to reports, the school’s clerk, Jo Sattaur, sent Griffith a letter not long after the meeting that accused her of having “breached the governor’s code of conduct.” Sattaur further accused Griffith of making “homophobic comments … that were offensive to members of staff.”

Griffith was then suspended, which prompted her to contact the Christian Legal Center for help in crafting a rebuttal letter to the school’s decision. Griffith later sent a letter petitioning the school “to reconsider my suspension” in light of her right to express her views without fear or punishment, to which the schools said it would work towards a speedy conclusion.

But it’s been several months now, and Griffith says she’s heard “nothing” from the school. Keep in mind that Griffith has long helped shape her school’s curriculum, as well as pioneered its health and safety practices as she used to be a nurse with more than 40 years of experience helping people.

“What has taken place at this school is a microcosm of what is happening across our society and sends a clear message to teachers, governors and students: If you oppose the LGBT agenda you will be silenced and punished,” says Andrea Williams, CEO of the Christian Legal Center.

“Such censor[ship] for merely questioning whether books with LGBT themes are appropriate for school libraries, and asking whether parents had been properly consulted, cannot go unchallenged. We call on the school to reinstate Mrs. Griffith and issue a full apology.”
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Re: The Gender Agenda

Postby Spiritwind » Sat Nov 16, 2019 4:38 pm

I’m going to take a bit of a risk and speak about this topic from a rather personal point of view. When I was a kid growing up I was what many would call a “Tom boy”, because I rather enjoyed tearing around the desert sagebrush on the back of my brothers motorcycle, and playing with those little plastic army men with the neighbor boy up the road. I got along with boys much better than girls, as I thought girls were kind of too worried about their looks and they just didn’t seem as genuine and straightforward as most of the boys I knew. I’ve even had a lot of jobs where I was the only female yet felt quite comfortable, such as roofing and when I worked for a golf course.

I actually felt more like a boy than a girl, in many ways, for many years. But, the thought of changing my sex never crossed my mind. Plus, it turns out that at least some of what I was feeling in my body and mind was a direct result of the trauma I experienced in various ways growing up, as well as the lack of nurturing. Now that I have worked through much of that, I feel totally different about myself. It’s like I’ve integrated my male and female sides, and they can now act as one. I’ve never been interested in women sexually, and have finally found happiness in love, with a man who, although having had a career in the military, seems to have reconciled and integrated both aspects of his psyche as well. We get along very well.

I am now very comfortable in my body. I still tend to get along better with women who are very independent. I also realized that some of my attitudes, again, were the result of past experiences, so when I see really dependent women who don’t seem to have a mind of their own, it used to almost upset me. Now I know that it is because I had to be very independent, and learned very early on to rely on myself. You could say, on a deeper level, I perhaps resented them for having something I did not. Of course, I don’t feel that way anymore. But if I had not learned to deeply self reflect, I might still be conflicted.

If I was now a child growing up in the “system”, I would probably have been a good candidate for their new program of making children, all children, think they can choose what sex they want to be. And I would probably have grown up very confused about who I am, and would not be where I am today. It would not have been the right solution for me.

On the other hand, I do have relatives and a few friends that are either homosexual, or bi-sexual. I don’t personally know any transgender people, as far as I know. And it’s never bothered me, nor have I felt in any way that they are any different than myself, other than their sexual orientation. My one friend who seemed angry that her husband was secretly having a sexual relationship with another man, while she was bi-sexual herself, I thought was a bit odd. Like, how come it was ok for her, and not for him. But I digress.

I don’t think discrimination, downright meanness, and exclusion was ever ok, and this goes for many things. Unfortunately extremism is on the rise, world wide. I do think much of it is being artificially created. You’ve got people who are still rabid about all gays. And you’ve got people who think anything goes, even to the point of exploiting our children, and trying to claim pedophilia is just another sexual orientation. And this extremism carries over into many other areas, from climate change, to politics, to religion, to even diet. I’ve had friends on the one hand proudly claim they are meat eaters, look at pigs and cows as if they live only for their benefit, and don’t give a second thought to how they were raised or slaughtered. They poke fun at the wacko vegetarians and vegans, as if there is something seriously wrong with them. Then there are the vegans who want to tear into me because I raise goats for their milk, and almost go off the deep end when someone tries to defend their right to chose what they eat and put in their bodies. For some, there is no middle ground.

And because I raise farm animals I have a rather unique perspective. You see, in the animal kingdom, and even in the world of man, when left alone there will always be a certain percentage who are different, in some way. Last year I had my first encounter with having a hermaphrodite goat. Under normal conditions there will only be a small percentage who are born with these differences, and generally nature can accommodate that. But when we tinker with nature, something else entirely can happen. It turns out that my buck, Raven, who is polled (purposefully bred to not have horns, and up to half his offspring will likewise have no horns) due to the genetic tinkering it took to make him that way, has a higher chance of producing hermaphrodite offspring. This is actually not a good thing. And I didn’t know this until I did a bit of research.

And I believe what they are doing today is a form of genetic tinkering. There is some evidence that all the many things we are having to adapt to in our current age, such as what they are spraying on us in the skies, the glyphosate they are spraying on our food, the genetic tinkering with the seeds that we use to grow that food, even the vaccines and that handy little hand sanitizer that’s so popular now (and even those damn dryer sheets!) are all endocrine disrupters. They will, as a result, upset the natural order of things. In tandem with this, they (the ginormous entity designed to increase profits for some at the expense of the rest) is poised and acting quickly to cash in on this. And you can believe they know all about it, at the top of the unseen pyramid of control.

So I don’t think what is happening is natural at all. How did we go from: it’s not okay to discriminate and engage in shaming or harmful acts against those with a different sexual orientation, to: we must teach our very young children (who were deemed too young to be even introduced to these kind of choices and topics just a very short time ago) how to masturbate, have anal sex, and choose what sex they want to be, as well as having transgender people do story time for these children to help make it more socially acceptable?

It will make a ton of money for the medical industry though. And it will leave a wake of very confused and conflicted people who will need lifelong counseling too. Sure, there are some who, as adults, made the decision to use medical procedures and legally change their sex, and perhaps some of them are now living happier more fulfilled lives. I don’t have the numbers, but I bet they are actually the minority. And I have no problem with those who choose to do so, as adults! Not as grade school age children. Yes, maybe we do all need to learn to be more tolerant, about many things. But this forcing of sudden and drastic change to the very fabric of society does not bode well in my book. We came here, as physically embodied spiritual beings, who may not in actually be any sex at all, to experience what it means to be male and female.

Not to mention, what real purpose does this serve? Are we each here just for ourselves, and our own personal gratification, even if it is at the expense of others? How in any way does this help society or benefit the larger collective, and quality of life for all on this planet? It seems all so very dysfunctional to me, and not really benefitting anyone, except those who wish to herd us all into some kind of bizarre future that is actually only going to imprison us more, and make us collectively more incapable of throwing off this yoke of oppression I see growing quickly before my very eyes. Yes, just like all the pointing I do at the chemtrails making criss cross patterns in our skies, creating artificial cloud cover, I will not stand idly by and keep my mouth shut. Whether right or wrong, I do still have the right, for now, to say what I think. It’s not a done deal, and I know I’m not the only one who is appalled by what I see happening to all of us. Time will tell, I guess, time will tell....

Personally, every cell of my body wants to PROTECT OUR CHILDREN!!!

I won’t copy and paste the following article but will leave the link here. It really is reaching the stage of outright craziness.

Parents Filed Lawsuit Against School After 6-Year-Old Daughter Was Taught that "There’s No Such Thing As Boys And Girls” ... chool.html?
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