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Matt Landman | Geoengineering, EMF Radiation, 5G, & Frequency

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Matt Landman | Geoengineering, EMF Radiation, 5G, & Frequency

Postby Christine » Thu Apr 04, 2019 2:07 am

Great interview, smart, well informed, articulate and surprising super positive that we human beings have all he capabilities we need to over write this wave.

Image TheHighersideChats
Premiered Mar 28, 2019
Matt Landman of Frankenskies fame joins THC once again. This time to talk about his latest research into 5g, EMF radiation, smart cities, frequencies, and more.

You can find most of Matt's work on and also check out his new EMF protection clothing company Spero on the GoFundMe page for their launch.
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Re: Matt Landman | Geoengineering, EMF Radiation, 5G, & Frequency

Postby Spiritwind » Fri Apr 05, 2019 2:58 pm

My husband and I watched this over the last couple days. I thought, since lately I seem to have a limited attention span, it was really easy to watch and very informative. We both finally got out our cell phones and turned Bluetooth and WiFi off (since we don’t ever use it on our phones anyway) and I now will set my phone on airplane mode at night.

I liked the empowering tone of this video, and what he had to say about how we go about sharing information with those who don’t know what we know. I mean, I agree, that in a way it is a responsibility to let others know, because it literally can save lives, this information. But there is a good way, and a not so good way to do this. The solution, what we can do about it, end of things is equally important to talk about. We are not powerless. I can’t believe all the people who are coming up with solutions, from things like what Tom and Christine are doing in their little shop, to protective clothing lines, to just simple things like what we did with our phones.

Just leaving people with information that makes them feels fearful and unable to do anything about it is not really helpful, as there is too much fear about what’s going on in our collective reality already. When you think you can’t do anything, then you can’t. But when you believe you can, then you automatically move into action in that direction. And I make an effort to keep learning about these topics that affect my health, and the health of many I know and love. To me this is all part of loving myself.

I value my experience here, and want to take care of the vessel, the vehicle, that allows me to have this experience. Just because the El - lites that imagine themselves our lords and masters treat us like we are all expendable, they did not create me, nor do they actually own me. Only the true Creator has bestowed this opportunity to experience myself physically. The Great Spirit would never demand our obedience and sanction this wholesale disregard for life, and what could be a garden paradise. There is man’s law, and there is sacred law, and another human does not have the right to demand my compliance with human laws that are in complete opposition to sacred law.

My non consent rant:
So immersing all life here in a field, or frequency, that is literally deadly to biological life as we know it on this planet, is being done without my consent. Modifying the weather in such a way as to block out the sun in the name of protecting us from global warming is another one. More death is what will come from that, and I most definitely do not consent. And, yes, I will speak out about these things to anyone who will listen because I care about life here. Many have already died, really, in this war on our very lives. It’s just a different kind of war, so many don’t recognize it as such. I don’t even know how many naturopaths who discovered amazing natural healing methods that really work and tried to share this information with others have ended up dead, many in the most strangest of circumstances. Trying to make those who have made the choice not to vaccinate comply against their wishes is another one. I will not consent. It’s my body, and someday the world will irrefutably know what a huge mistake this has been, but probably not until countless lives have been needlessly, tragically, lost. I am not ambivalent or on the fence about this. To me, this is all a huge infringement on the rights of all life here. And I am not afraid to say so.
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Re: Matt Landman | Geoengineering, EMF Radiation, 5G, & Frequency

Postby LostNFound » Fri Apr 05, 2019 5:19 pm

Me Too and there ain't no damn hash tag in front of that. This stuff is what is really important for all of us to stand against.


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