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Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

''Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.''
-Bruce Lee
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Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Postby Spiritwind » Thu Nov 07, 2019 3:53 pm

I’m heading out here shortly to go get more firewood, but while I’m waiting for my neighbor to show up will take some time to jot down a few thoughts. Feel a tremendous amount of gratitude this morning as I walked around the farm and interacted with the menagerie of goats, dogs, cats, horse, the trees and the beautiful blue sky (except to the south east towards the city and heavily populated areas where there was the usual forming of “clouds”, spreading out from the “contrails” crisscrossing patterns in the sky).

I feel so much about where we are heading, as a species, us humans specifically, but also all biological life here. Either most of us just didn’t notice, or truly ALL life seems to be waking up and becoming more aware, and that, strangely, despite all they (those that wrote the current programs to control all life here, and are busy trying to implement them, at the total expense of our free will) keep throwing at us and the environment. And then trying to lather everyone up over climate change, and guilt tripping anyone who doesn’t support the narrative that we totally created it, us lower class humans (not of the top 1%) and that if we just change our ways we can turn this ship around.

And, like any dogma, they won’t even allow for us to talk about the part that geoengineering, big multi-national corporations, and our movements through space (perhaps being in a more highly charged area of space, as well as changing magnetics - which have been shown to stimulate earth changes in the past) are playing. So, pardon me if I ask some embarrassing questions!

The reason it irritates me is they have taken the true good will and desire to see positive change in this world of so many people, and channeled it into what in many ways I see as a useless endeavor, and one even they, in secret, don’t plan to succeed. These people are globalists, and, as such, have their own plan to ultimately “rule the world”, that they simply disguise in terminology that is intended to be misleading. You have to watch what they actually do.

And I do, watch what they do. I am so fully on to them it makes me somewhat ill to even think about it too much, because I do know what they are capable of, and have no doubt about their true intentions. It is anything but benevolent. But still, I gotta live here, and I am committed to sticking it out to see what happens. I do trust in a divine essence, a presence and an intelligence if you will, that is embodied in all creation. Especially since I’ve moved out here on what was a completely undeveloped piece of land, and begun to intimately interact with it over the course of a few years. It’s all taking me deeper and deeper into the mother, the womb, that nurturing bosom of creation from which all life emanates, and it is beautiful, and full-filling. I can almost drink it up.

That is one of the reasons I keep writing. I fully believe that I am not the only one experiencing this emerging awareness that in a way, we are living in two different realities at once. The organic, natural one, that a truly divine creative force of benevolent intent brought into manifestation, and then the one that is trying to do a takeover. It’s an infestation of a stealthy, parasitical, destructive force, that is anti-biotic in nature, rather than for the benevolent expression of the life force as it continuously flows into the myriad of its individuated and manifested forms.

Not that I haven’t used antibiotics to successfully save some of my goats that had become seriously ill. But then, those animals became ill in large part due to what they are doing to the food chain, and that includes pet and livestock feed. So, again, once I correct the problem, and plan ahead by continuing to find and implement ways to strengthen their own natural immune system, they won’t need that kind of drastic intervention in the first place (the ole problem, reaction, solution concept that many of us have learned to recognize so easily these days).

Basically I’m just here in many ways feeling like I’m watching a show unfold before me, with my farm as a distraction from the outer drama. And it feels that way to me. People are getting strange, and they unfortunately do not recognize this new strangeness isn’t at all natural. It isn’t organic. What I’m doing is actually organic, as I’m seriously getting into the nuts and bolts of it all, going back to what makes it all work in the first place. Microbes! Cells! The ones that work tirelessly, both inside and outside of us, trying to be the bridge, the communicators and messengers, that help all natural systems work in balance, and symbiotic harmony with one another. All of nature does this, when not disrupted by non-organically created intrusions and hostile takeovers.

I can look back on over 40 years of interest in, and studies of, how nutrition, food, herbs, and a multitude of other common elements found in nature impact health and wellness. It’s funny that I’m so close sometimes, yet don’t always see what’s right in front of me. I’ve made kimchi and yogurt, and was doing kombucha for a few years, but did not understand really how that all fit into the bigger equation. Funny how I’m having to go back and revisit some of what I used to know. Years of working for “the man” in interesting and educational jobs, but also demanding and mind numbing in many ways, often required me to “forget” what I knew, because I just didn’t have the energy, time, money, or situation to do better. I’ve lived a very strange adventurous life. But now I’m moving into a completely new stage of knowing who I am, and what I am capable of, and what I might actually be here for.

Of course, I always think we are primarily here to learn. I know I have learned a ton I didn’t know consciously when I was younger. I mean, I’ve come to believe all knowledge doesn’t go anywhere, it’s always all right there for the knowing. It’s just knowing and “learning” how to access it.

So I’ve had kind of a resurgence in my enthusiasm for life and what might be coming up for me. I know astrologically it’s indicated that this will be a pivotal time. I’m moving more and more into this idea that we can create, in a very real way, what we want. I’ve always thought I have a kind of preplanned exit date, and don’t know when that is. In the meantime, I plan to continue to test my theories on myself, since we do actually still have the freedom to do that for the most part where I live. I mean, I don’t plan on parading in the street about anything anytime soon. But somehow I feel just living it, puts it into the collective knowledge that can be accessed by others, even if they don’t know me at all. And I am coming more and more to believe the earth herself, as a living being, wants us to succeed. She will help us, and has provided everything we need.

It’s like video games. They have put us in a virtual reality video game that is trying to entrain us to play and go along with it. We have to consciously see it, and say no, I don’t want to play that game. Maybe most everyone else doesn’t even realize they have a choice, or that there is any other game to play. But by doing it myself, playing a different game, the game of life, it changes everything. Because I absolutely know I am not alone. Many many others throughout the world have figured this out too. You can see it all over the language that is being used today, and the way people talk about things. It’s changed dramatically in my lifetime.

And it going to change some more. There’s a game changer on the horizon. Make no mistake about it. I can feel it, I can taste it. The force that moves through it grows day by day, as more and more realize they actually do have a choice, and that there are other better games to play. We are the creators of our own inner screens of perception, and therein lies the answer to how we change the programming. We’ve simply been entrained to play a game that may have seemed interesting at first glance, but turns out it’s more like one of those dreams that starts out good, but goes dark and nightmarish.

You will also have to teach yourself, as I have, not to panic as you “wake up”, as you begin to see what has been there all along, but somehow you missed. Focus on what you “see”, and breath, slowly and deeply, as you begin and continue the process of extrication from their game. For they will try to drag you back into it, over and over. Eventually though, if persistent, you will get better and better at freeing up your own personal energy from their grasp, and you will notice the positive changes in your life.

I know I certainly have.
I’m not myself today, maybe I’m you

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