Dolores Cannon On The Backdrop People

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Dolores Cannon On The Backdrop People

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There have been many people speaking about NSP (Non Soul Players), it's a concept hard to wrap ones mind around since we are so immersed in this reality. It's taken me a long quiet ponder over the course of years to come to some coherent comprehension. The reason I am posting this particular video is for several reasons.

One, I have a good friend here in Mexico who studied with Dolores Cannon and well, he's quiet awesome and evolved. The second reason is that several of my good friends have been relating to me their memories that don't make sense until you start to see that through the construct. The last thoughts to share are that we are seeing things surface that I can only call a predatory consciousness, those infected have zero empathy and seem to be driven by a hunger for power that has no end.

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Dolores Cannon explains in Convoluted Universe 4

Many times at my lectures people want more information about the separation of the Old and New Earth, and those who will be left behind.

I now think this concept holds some of the answers. They said most of us chose to come and experience life at this time and came with a higher purpose to help save the Earth. But, unbeknownst to us, other energies were also sent to Earth to play bit parts in our scenarios we have created, to act in our illusion. These were called the Backdrop People, who come to live, breathe, work and die, but have no real purpose other than to be the extras in our play; the backdrop to act against. They called them “slaves,” but I think that is a rather harsh word.

They are just energy and are taken from one star system to another to play their parts. Rather like the extras in a film who spend their entire lives playing that insignificant part and never getting to play the leading role.

It reminds me of the movie The Truman Story where the young man spent his entire life living inside of a created illusion where actors played their parts, before he finally realized it wasn't real. The others were playing their parts very realistically and convincingly.

They said these people have become angry, but I think they have picked up that anger from associating with the negativity which surrounds them. And this negativity has increased their anger. This has created all the wars and catastrophes that is present now on the Earth. This would also account for the thousands of people who are killed in the various wars and natural catastrophes.

They are there to provide the drama for our illusion. They said, “They are taken from one place to another to do whatever they need to do there because they are just energy.” I think the only way to look at this is with all emotions removed.

We wanted to experience certain events in our life, and these were the people hired by Central Casting to fill in the scenes. I am not saying this is true, but it's an interesting concept to ponder. More mind candy!

Take it or leave it. It is now my opinion that these are the ones who will be left with the Old Earth, the Backdrop People because they do not have a higher vibration or purpose. They teach us lessons by their mere presence, but they are not intended to evolve further.

These are the ones who will be left behind. The ones who realize their higher purpose and raise their vibration and frequency will travel on to the New Earth. There will be those who came in knowing their mission and had high ideals, but they let the negativity of the others pull them down and influence them. Those will also have to stay with the other energy on the Old Earth as they separate.

This is why it is important for us to realize that it is only an illusion and find our role in the creation of the New Earth, and our part in helping others find theirs. And not be sucked into the angry energy of the Backdrop People and be stuck on the Old Earth. This is why this is such an individual thing.

Each must find their own way and reawaken to the purpose they came to fulfill. This strange concept of backdrop people who were similar to extras in a movie left a lasting impression on me.

Now when I'm in a crowded airport, cruise ship or busy city and I see all the bustling people going about their business seemingly oblivious of each other, I think “backdrop people.” An interesting concept and one that probably has more significance than I realize.

Cannon, Dolores. The Convoluted Universe - Book Four .
The journey, the challenge is to step into the
projection room and stop being lost in the script.

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