Enter the Rainbow Dragon…

The Promise of the Rainbow Dragon

There was long ago a darkening of the birth rite of human kind – a splitting of our cosmic egg of sacred union:

The knowing of Heart                 ~                  The knowing of Mind

In our recent days, a sign of the beginnings of reparation of this separation was mystically attended in the appearance of a near imperceptible Rainbow Dragon. Her/His incandescence so faded, he/she slumped as she/he followed in ‘the wake’ of the burdened Woman of Heart as she returned to a shackled place, where Man of Mind was blinded in egocentric denial.

An omen of fierce love unleashed in this Rainbow Dragons emergence from its egg, in whole. Its’ timeless incubation cracked asunder at the arrival of a cataclysm – a scourging tsunami leaving scarce remnants of what was.

Upon this cosmic wave, bounced, deflected and plummeted to our depths…

All whilst… cleaning the dulled eye of the Heart and falling the walls of Mind – hence the fierce beauty of the Dragons gift ensues bright…

The Way of Courage: the mirror shards of the ‘Lie of Separation’ spiked deep are revealed – the sovereignty of self-healing availed.

Seeing in Honesty is the prize, as the radiant prism of our Divine Light reignites…

‘As is’
The Rainbow Dragon within


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Thank you dear Hazel, your words are as resonant as the Rainbow Dragon!


Beautiful words. May the dragon awaken in all of us!


Beautiful, Lady Hazel! Yay for the rainbow dragon coming into the consciousness of many!