The Rocks are Silicon Trees and the Nature of Reality

All bets are off on the nature of reality.

I am still back burner processing this video evidence (Rocks are Silicon Trees), my world view has definitely expanded, that doesn’t mean I have been taken in, it simply indicates that a very deep ancestral memory chord has been struck. For myself this is a continuous process of dis-covering the very fabric of reality, what may ultimately become clear is that we are living in a Cosmic riddle of sorts where the answer was obvious all along, meanwhile the ride is fantastic.

I was pondering the benefits of the internet this morning and in doing so was seeing through the eyes of an AI world that was created to entrap us. However, because system mechanics can only mimic natural processes, the truly astounding living bio-systems it has become a multidimensional university and for those of us who have delved into the multiplicity of subject matter, it literally shreds the belief system conceptualizations we were fed.

A bit of a convoluted sentence structure as I try to encapsulate and great deal of pondering wonder.

We are not debaters any longer, we have stepped out of right and wrong paralyzed thinking into the perceptual domain of Living Earth Mother. The more we embrace her abundance and eminence the more She provides. When I see the gigantic trees of our ancient past, when I stand in the Redwood groves of California, when I walk at twilight and find a mother tree, I know this reality to be one living organism connected to the stars and other galaxies. This magik is touched not via the logical mind but via the embodied Spirit we are, we are the stars and the dirt beneath our feet. Our memory is crystalline and as more of us embrace this the crystal that is Earth, that is central to all life returns to a radiance long ago dimmed but never lost.

A bit poetic … thus she speaks.

The video I am referring to is this one, it is a bit difficult to listen to due to the Russian author’s accent, simply viewing the images evokes a deep response in most people who don’t censor what they are viewing with the left logical mind. I don’t suggest turning logic off,  simply maintain centered balance.

Original video: There are no forests on Flat Earth Wake Up *Mirror*

There are no forests on Flat Earth Wake Up *Mirror*

Sage of Quay Radio – There Are No Forests On Earth (English Voiceover Version)


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Thank you for this blog post/ this morning I had a strong moment and saw the word “empath” in my mind- by happenstance I watched this same video yesterday and it expanded my thought process as well and I feel as if I’m in a rock tumbler learning-where to go from there is what I was pondering when I saw the word in my mind-I came home and googled “myth of the forest” and came across some fascinating native american literature referencing fires and your earth “empath” blog post- yes everything is connected…thank you for posting on this matter, I… Read more »
Lewis John
This is very interesting. I don’t really know what to say. I have watched the video a couple of days ago. It left me speechless and with a big question… What if all that is being told in the video, is actually true? I remember the bedtime tales from my childhood about trees reaching up to the sky or the story of the magic bean tree… What of these ancient folk-tales had some basis..? Last night I have updated my cover picture on Facebook to a photo I took at Lake Balaton. Mount Badacsony is a volcanic remain by the… Read more »

Thank you for your words….I find that I am deeply affected by the information regarding silicon trees and the more I research the nature of “stone” the more I feel that stone was grown…the 3 types of rock explanation is rather dubious. May we come to the truth.