Blasphemy | Dead Woman’s March | Blood Money

We spent these last few days dispelling dark black smoke, the swirling of iniquity, a conjured up black mass. So few see.

Waking before dawn’s light from heavy astral dreams she sees.

Blasphemy is not a biblical quote, nor the black twisted rope of the black priests, it is an assault on the sacredness of Life, a lack of reverence for the Holy of the Holies, ignorance in full view.

Ignorance – Ignoring Resonance, the Spirit in all things.

Fearless walking on water now …

And by free will speaks, at midnight a black mass was performed in the unholy see, replicated in underground chambers of blasphemy, the ritual sacrifice of pure innocence, the drinking of a child’s blood. So few see. The conjuring of the dead to lifeless life.

And so the women marched in the streets wearing vulvas on their heads, a gut wrenching mockery, defiling the most sacred entrance to the chamber of mystery, the womb. Waving signs up in the air, useless activity. Little did they know for they knoweth not … that all that energy was being harvested by ill intent.

An ill wind blows …

A few flames she sees in this dark crowd those of pure intent, covered as they were by black smoke their light shown in the dark.

Did the world miss the ones that were picked out of the crowd and hauled away by the officers of the false court? So few see. The dark hand orchestrating from beneath. So few see.

With the fearlessness of truth she speaks, ruthlessly with fierce love she lets it be known that the hour hands of time have changed for it is upon us now. “What you sow, so shall you reap.”

She blasts the horn of a terrible tide in the ears of those who do not hear. Hypocrisy!

So women marched in the streets and then went home to branded designer clothes and toasted glasses of fine wine, they stirred a cocktail or two, self congratulatory, following the queens of death who sold their soul for fame.

Where are these same women as bombs continue to fall on the children of Syria, Palestine and soon again Iraq? Have any of you taken time off from your purchased happiness to even look? Why are you not protecting the children from vaccines, foul water, slave indoctrination, from the CDC, CPS, CIA, FBI, EPA, FDA, DOJ, DEA, IRA… etc. Do you even know what those letters stand for? So few see.

No laughter here nor bubbles of joy, she does not celebrate the cult of death.


Changing tone and key, knowledge is power, this shared so more find the will to see.

Organizations and Foundations of the ruling elite were the force that organized this harvesting operation.

These are the ones paying with blood, the currency of the filthy rich and ignorance.















If you can’t see it yet, google it, confront it; your hard earned tax dollars at work.…24035.24838.0.26591.….0…1c.1.64.img..0.0.0.EEA_ECtqb3o#imgrc=Av5oCsflr7EDoM%3A

The ritual sacrifice in Hollywood … goes on and on and on, Box Office dollars at work.


Aaliyah died in 2001 during the filming of the movie Queen of the Damned,  sacrificed, for those who will not succumb, for those whose light can’t be bought are the very ones … her role as Queen of Damned an extra perversion.






they-are-lying-to-us-michael-jackson_002__a-truth-soldierMichael Jackson speaks truth for all those who were sacrificed on the unholy altar of death, the list so long … the star machine has taken more lives than can be recounted.






Holistic Doctor Death Series: Over 60 Dead In Just Over A Year



Ladies, you have been branded like cattle and steered. Simple truth.


A softer note of compassion from a heart grown strong in breaking open with each beat.

Truth is a dual edged sword, once forged in the body of your Being it sees both sides, the dark and the light… it implodes in a single radiance of lucidity which simply sees.

There are those lost in the dark and those lost in the light, never looking inside long enough to reveal the hidden secrets of the ages, uncomfortable in the silence of their being. The great revealing is the light in the dark as we heal ourselves of the numbing traumas we forge the sacred sword of truth within.

Words now fail as surely they must for they are but constructs that keep us from the sacred trust.