This Week in Review

Coming soon…

On the Earth Empaths forum Spiritwind initiated a thread named “This Week in Review” where contributors share not only the “news” but add their voice for a more in depth analysis. This has motivated us to start a weekly column as a synopsis of world events along with an analysis from varying perspectives.

Since the inception of Earth Empaths we strive to hold an open field that allows for more than a single voice to be heard. By correlation this gives rise to both an analytical critic along side a more esoteric or inward view.

We invite anyone who is called to submit an article to be included in This Week in Review. By weaving together multiple threads we endeavor to bring forth an expansive view of our world and most vitally offer solutions for a plague that seeks its own destruction through controlling all living beings into a false overlaid reality.

Thank you for visiting our little piece of cyberspace, if you would like to submit an article for publication or make suggestions please email

Holographic Dreams - Holographic Archetypes, by Iona Miller, 2017

“The journey, the challenge is to step into the projection room and stop being lost in the script.”

image credit: Holographic Archetypes by Iona Miller