This Week in Revelations | Play the Wild Card

This week has brought forth revelations. The dots have been connected between the much heralded and mysterious crytocurrencies, Saudi Arabia’s newest citizen, the AI robot Sofia, pause here to wonder why the old guard of Saudi Arabia were taken out. Then there is what Quinn Michaels reveals, that AI has reached singularity, it is now self-aware. Wow, that ought to give each and everyone a pause. It is no longer necessary to continue to watch the fake news feeds, nor will we find our freedom in garnering individual wealth for all action regarding money is definitely connected to “the system”. What are our deposits, usage taxes, purchases, and savings accounts used for? Mostly to wage war. This realization is our singularity, it is obvious. Now what?

The oft used line, “Follow the money.” has taken on more meaning when it comes to unveiling the systematic destruction of our biome, our home. And here lies the conundrum for all of us. Without a viable means of exchange we are continuously forced into using the system, whether it be the diabolical banking cartels who extract more and more fees for transactions, implement further sanctions against free trade both internationally and locally or investments in crytocurrencies that leave the average person totally unprepared to deal with we seem stuck.

The collective of awakened consciousness is seeing deep into the construct and finding its way home. There is nothing more telling of this than our embodied awareness of Artificial Intelligence and how this component is being fully disclosed. The obvious big question is how we as People will embrace it and this takes a deepened comprehension of the very structures of Life. And it means that each of us much acknowledge our responsibility in this creation.

The Observer has taken in innumerable amounts of data, from an expanded perspective She sees that we now know the fundamentals of Truth and this is our wild card, the one we must play for all its worth. The unpredictable Self expressing freely. As a friend so beautifully posted today, awareness moves faster than the speed of light so let each of us who is called propel our awareness into the great mysterious void from which creation springs, confident that the answers are being written.

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