Communication & Diversity | Keys to restore our well being

Video conversation with Niels Kunze.

Niels’ writing on this subject is found on his blog:

The New Paradigm Papers: A New Introduction to Health

In this video Niels introduces us through his experiential research to the most fundamental nature of who we are at a cellular and molecular level. Each human body is a biosphere or biome to trillions of organisms including myriads of bacteria that work in synergy with our biological functions, in fact are vital to us being alive.

We discuss the biological communication pathways that are integral to our wholeness and wellness. As Earth beings we have been fractured and isolated, our commune with our natural world is cut off. By restoring our gut flora and fauna we are given tools to reestablish a much greater communion that leads to natural health.

If you would like more information please contact Niels at his email:

Resource Links: (must listen to videos!)


As above, so below.

As within, so without.

Universal Law: The law is one… and reciprocal…

…or, we’re all in this together.

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While I was speaking with Niels my neurons were firing off in multifaceted directions. I edited out some of my wanderings preferring to let the thoughts settle and see what emerged. The big thing I continue to intuit is that “memory” is in everything. We “know” this yet often “forget” to experience it so when we do we call it magic. In a way it is magical for our mundane 3D life is so replete of these moments that when they arise we “know” the magic of them. I’d like to share a four-way conversation yesterday where we were talking… Read more »