The Broken Century

This video is a good one to share with friends that have consciousness but aren’t necessarily “awake”. It does compel one to think and reflect back to themselves their actions.

Jaime Dunmore

Published on Jan 5, 2018

I created this video to highlight the corruption of modern civilisation. In this society, there are many far reaching ethical implications that come from our actions. Written, edited and presented by me.

Filmed by Daniel Coughtrey.

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Nancy Anderrson
Nancy Anderrson

Will talk about this. I am sure what he says is true. It is also a century when there is diminishing poverty, illness ETC. Both, at the same time. If anything good is happening it needs to be built upon. I agree, overall the system we live in and us is way too self centered, not nearly enough SELF centered. He says WAKE. UP. Good. What does he offer to respond so change may occur? Nancy Anderson