Clif High: Time 3.1: Our Bodies, Time, & Quantum Entanglement

Published on Feb 17, 2018
Randy Maugans & Emily Moyer with Clif High Time Series part 3, hour 1
“It is not whether you agree with what you hear, but how what you hear causes you to examine your own beliefs.”~Randy Maugans
Subjects discussed in thefirst hour include: Implications of remote viewing the Cosmic Wars by Farsight Institute; concurrent “nows”, the construct of twin toroidal fields pulsing @ 22trillion times/second; how the Industrial Revolution interrupted man’s “dreamtime” with the 8 hour work day; importance of the vagus nerve system and the parasympathetic system; humans controlled through our experiences in time; temporal displacement, backward time experiences, and stimulus/responses…and more
This is the first hour of the public video with Clif High. Part 2 will follow shortly. We ask the viewers to listen carefully as many concepts are woven into the subject matter which have rarely, if ever, been integrated.
The full version of the recording, along with a BONUS third hour segment, is available to our subscribers at:
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Doreen Agostino

If ego lives only in the past and future, and Spirit Power exists only in the now, where freewill choices act like a boomerang magnetizing an identical vibrational frequency through people, events, and circumstances, why focus on anything other than the present? In other words, focus on clearing our own inner emotional wounds from the past now so that higher frequency solutions can flow to generate a brighter future.