Carl Jung and Rudolf Steiner on Soul & Spirit with Andrew Camargo

This video started out a bit slow for me but I stayed with it. It turns both deep and high with the analysis of Carl Jung and Rudolph Steiner. In my personal experiences with the higher Self and the shadow self I came to the same undeniable conclusion that soul is the egg/ego/identity in development and Spirit is the emanation behind all things.

Very valuable listen.


Two great minds of the last century as viewed by two great minds of this century. Andrew Camargo and Jesse Stewart will present and discuss the work of Carl Jung, the protege of Freud who broke away to develop Depth Psychology; and Rudolf Steiner a father of Spiritual Science (Anthroposophy). Each had a unique approach — one focusing more on the realm of soul while the other pioneered a modern approach to the spiritual world. Both are important in their own right but need to be brought together in a healthy balance. Andrew and Jesse will be describing the training they each offer and how they integrate the work of Jung and Steiner – soul and spirit.