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“For myself it is a reaching deeper into the Intelligence that all Beings have access to … I share from that place.

The resonance of the heart is Real, it is our home. We are the Heart of Humanity. The impossible, the incredible, the unbelievable, the miraculous, the infinite is beating in our very center… the awakening is us BE-ing that which we are.

The mind is an instrument designed to View or See .. a screen so we can perceive ourselves played out at the level of the manifest. The journey, the challenge is to step into the projection room and stop being lost in the script.”


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2 thoughts on “Christine

  • February 1, 2015 at 3:25 pm

    Beautiful Christine! Wow, love your website!

    • August 25, 2016 at 5:59 pm

      Hello Christine my names Richard. I’ve been watching your videos very interesting indeed!😉I found out earth empaths thru Melissa Camper anotha awesome free soul! But she doesn’t know I exist . Lol I started watching Melissa,s videos in 2015 is how I know of her existence. Wow I don’t even know where to begin. I was looking for a better way to contact you but this was the only way I could find. I ll try to be as short as possible sry! But in your stuff on your webpage that says you help the suppressed an timid . I used to be timid Bullies an such though toughened me up a lil on that end . My dad taught me to box which I hated cause I don’t like violence at all! I now see that I attracted the bully mentality thru my dad’s mis conceptions and mis understandings! Oh but I’m def suppressed major! On many very uncomfortable levels i can’t even begin to tell that are unimaginably painful but I’m no victim I recognize I chose this path😞Honestly I dnt know what the heck is going on yet at the same time since awakening in 2012 I feel this indirect knowledge from spirit that anchors me so that’s good . I’m contacting you cause I feel you are a seasoned trooper who knows her stuff and I highly respect that . I’m no people pleaser I keep it real lol I’m 35 years old unemployed bad habits out da wazuu . My dad’s a lawyer my mom’s a paralegal and my sister works in the NSA. Yup I’m the black sheep of course! I realize I have been mind controlled by my dad with the Republican mentality to the extreme and other unhealthy mentalities that only further perpetuate separatist conciousness yucky!😭. I had to be a manly man cause guys act tough my dad says. I incarnated with strong feminine side that I super suppressed cause my dad didn’t approve and then thru addiction created a shame fueled sex sickness that went on for decade an a half on an off up til now! Oouch! of the most crazy gluttonous drug deluded repetitive very unhealthy feedback loop that has a nasty bite and is extremely difficult to get out of cycle. I’m only telling you all this in hopes of some really good advice that I know I can’t find anywhere else cause there all still under the satanic influence or whatever it’s called . It’s like my family is a bunch of Ostriches stuck with there damn heads in the sand! So when I’m over at my parents house seeing this I then get angry and show my mom irrefutable evidence that man didn’t walk on moon yet oooops I shouldn’t have done that! So now I gotta become ghost again in hopes my parents will forget remark so they dnt get so mad they dnt help me with rent anymore ! It’s crazy I dnt even knw what im good at until now I’ve got a spiritual path to take here to leave all this . Theres so much more I want to tell about how I survive but it’s ugly and I’m ready to face all my demons to move on from this craziness. Christine if you feel inspired to help me I,ll be forever grateful because I know you are a sincere compassionate honest kind hearted individual who harnesses most wonderful abilities and for some reason I think I’m similar to you ability wise but I’m not developed in this life at all. Once again sry for book ! Can’t help it too much to say yet I feel I barely said anything but this will have to do till I can communicate in better way ! But if im to overwhelming and to passionate an make you feel uncomfortable no worries no hard feelings sorry for wasting your time! I send you love that’s unconditional and with balanced light that doesn’t blind ya! Peace!!!😉😂


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