A Call to Action: The path of immersion and illumination

Essentially, my own instinctual evocation of knowing and learning is that we are ALL expressions of the Divine. When I am attuned to this core relationship, it is indelible that we are the Living WORD of the Gnostic tradition in transmission of inner echoes of multidimensional realms and the Divine Feminine. As activated vessels, experientially immersed in emergent inner illumination, we are the unfolding petals of the blooming of Gaia Sophia’s return to her rightful place in the cosmos.

Being in a state of awake dreaming, is how I describe what happens when I ‘see’ with my minds eye. I do not have a method of entry point to seeing. When images and scenes begin to arise from some seemingly unbidden ‘call to see’, I suspend disbelief and blank my mind as a clean slate… bracketing out the urge to overlay with ‘the known’ or imaginative play.

This ‘call to see’ (as I now term it)… I also frame as ‘A Call to Action’ when intending as a healer. Progressively, as I work in the alchemic crucible of collaborative co-creative access with others, I find that my embodied and empathic sensing is growing. As so many are now reporting experiencing the same kind of psychic growth… I attribute this advancement to the falling of the inter-dimensional veils that surround us.



Awake dreaming is movement into, and the use of, dreaming energy without passing entirely out of a waking state of normal consciousness.

2 thoughts on “Hazel

  • February 2, 2015 at 9:21 am

    This is absolutely inspiring, Hazel. Love, love, LOVE your words!

  • February 18, 2015 at 8:01 am

    Yes it is very inspiring words and it is beautifully written. I wish I could express myself with words like that. It looks like some amazing soul gathering happening here.


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