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NOTE (22.02.2015): Because we are getting overwhelmed by spam bots we closed the auto registration for the WordPress site. You can still register for our forum .

We will soon be offering memberships. Our enthusiasm proceeds our ability to do the work necessary in developing this portal toward empowered consciousness.

Universal Intelligence is lavish, unequivocal Abundance; the rich omnipresent substance of the Universe. This all-providing Source Energy of infinite …


We are a membership network supporting our expanding consciousness and the deep healing of our beloved Earth Mother and humanity. Our work is our passion, our song, and our life. As the network grows so does our body of Gnosis. We invite you to Join us!

Membership – We will be initially offering free membership.

Sponsorship $100 or what you are guided to give – For those who have risen with the tide and see that there is a great need to return to our creative inheritance as divine Beings we ask that you support us in opening the abundance fields. The Universe is Infinitely abundant …

Patronship $1000 – For those of you who have been graced by abundance and are called to share. Many Planetary Healers and Earth Empaths have long heard the beat of a different drummer, dedicating there lives to the healing of humanity and our earth, they often work with scarce funds. Your generosity will help us further the inspiration and movement that will BEcome our next great leap in consciousness.

We are motivated to reach ever further and deeper into the layers of our Matrix birthing forth a new REALITY as we simultaneously restructure a world in harmony.

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