Rise_MultiveristyRise! Multiversity

At Rise we are Waysharers with decades of self-transformation and research under our belts as mentors. Although some of us are trained counselors with degrees, it is of greater importance that we have grown wise through direct experience that has fostered authentic knowing. We have come to understand that real growth must be held in a delicate balance—a container that is free of hierarchy and ego where we authentically hold space so that truth has a real opportunity to be birthed.

Here within Rise, we are re-defining ourselves and our relationship to serving you. In this way, what arises becomes a true reflection of the new energy templates that bring with them the organic possibility for joy, self-remembering, personal sovereignty, freedom, and the birth of an altogether new psychology. ~ This allow us access to our own authentic energetic essence….. read more.

Eve Lorgen-bk3Eve

Author, Researcher and Consultant in Anomalous Trauma. Offering Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Telephone Consulting Services.

The term Anomalous Trauma created in the early 1990′s following several conferences held by Dr. Rima Laibow, PhD., on the Research and Treatment of Experienced Anomalous Trauma. I have used this term to describe unusual experiences such as alien abductions, extraterrestrial contact, mind control, cult abuse and military abductions (MILABS) related to the alien abduction syndrome. Other anomalous trauma experiences include spiritual warfare and near death experiences.

More information about alien abductions, MILABS and alien interference in human interactions is available in the articles section of this website and my book, The Love Bite: Alien Interference in Human Love Relationships… read more

Sovereign Kees Laura

Sovereign Keys for a Sovereign Existence

The emancipation of not only our lives but our souls and Spirits involve knowledge of the keys and quantum reality understanding. Welcome to the re-integration of the knowledge that has been lost. The Universe is yours and your journey has just begun.

Laura Leon brings to the field of quantum healing a life long journey of recovering humanity’s stolen keys. She offers private sessions and will be working with Evie Lorgen and Christine Anderson to provide group support and healing work.

Power is knowledge but it is meaningless unless we use our Hearts in Love and grasp and seek the Universe (U- verse) which is within us Principally in understanding and BEING. Only from there can we begin to break through the shards frozen inside the torus fields locking us up. We can never obtain truth from the origin of the divided ‘self’ which is where and how the enemies invade. This is the head where the many enemy forces R-U-Le and manipulate our E-Motions and implant thoughts. The heart however is where our Sovereignty and the Universe are One BEING, Unified in Love and operating the Flow of this endless self-sustaining Energy that is in and of ITSELF the key. ~ (copyright 2015)~Power in Love

PrintCrystal Mountain Healing

As a healer, Susan is the “real deal”. Her Spirit Medicine is authentic, pure, and energetically crystal clean.  During healing sessions, she invokes the Spirit Doctor Team, a rare entourage of over 40 beings who apply not only traditional healing methods, but stellar, futuristic healing technologies. Session participants are able to make personal healing requests, receive guidance from the Spirit Doctors, and awaken to their own innate gifts and cosmic heritage. Susan has an extensive background in movement and movement as a gateway for inner exploration.

Sven is an Advanced Practitioner of Structural Integration. He incorporates 22 years of the Rolf Method experience with additional modalities of healing into his work.  His background includes Certification as a Reiki Master Teacher, Cranio-Sacral Therapy,  Rebirthing, Dowser, Thai Massage, Trauma energetics, and 16 years a lifeguard involved in ocean rescue. One of his main interests is the power of the words we choose and looking deeply into the thoughts and patterns we believe are ours.


JoyLoveGrace is a tribe where love rules, passion is the norm and experiencing magic a way of being. Fleur van Til and Kim Ho Leung initiated this sanctuary to INSPIRE you.

We’re spirited advocates of personal growth, living in freedom and expressing our unique brilliance by being ourselves. We find inspiration in our family life, nature, traveling, education and the isness of the moment

JoyLoveGrace invites you to a life of deep meaning and great purpose.

In the near future we’ll offer online courses, presentations, and retreats all aimed helping you aligning with your true purpose, manifesting your dreams and empowering you to become a leader of your own life.

Let’s all unite and gather forces, shift our minds to the greatest possibilities – ever, dream big, bold and beautiful and share our true gifts with the world.

Muse Magazinethaliathemuse

Over the years I have longed to find and join a collaborative community that felt as I did, that to unite under a common purpose and share the talent, genius, and resources of many was far more effective than going it alone

Beauty, honesty, and a good conversation have been the simple values and virtues I have worked to cultivate in my life. One cannot be unhappy if one is surrounded by such things. In my own way, and MUSE Mag are the harvest and propagated fruits of a lifetime of cultivated effort to live these values and to share them with others.

My hope for you as you peruse the pages of MUSE Mag, and as you flit about, is that you will feel deeply inspired to explore and search your heart for the beauty and truth that lies within, to be transformed by your discovery, and finally, propagate your purpose as you cultivate the seed of your potential.

You and I are strangers in a strange land. Our feelings and desire are but a shadow of all we were designed to become. Let us not shirk the great responsibility we each have to pursue with vigor the delicious and compelling call to action we feel deep within.

It’s time to take up your torch and live with vision, passion, and to pursue excellence in all you do. ~ Thalia

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