“Forbidden Subjects” – A Conversation with karelia

Christine met karelia on the Project Avalon forum where they were both moderators. Being a moderator on a large forum presents one with many challenges and opportunities to expand, and it provides fertile ground for forming intuitive and eventually trusting relationships.

They both timidly at first, several years back, approached the nearly forbidden subject of who was Adolf Hitler and what really happened in WWW I and II? They came from two distinct backgrounds and yet had been intrepid enough to start digging deeper in the search for a truth they felt was being covered up.

Our approach isn’t so much as scholars or researchers though we both have diligently investigated the material that is available, it is also from a deep feminine intuitive view that we started to perceive a very different story emerging.

In our next conversation we will go deeper into the esoteric and mysterious VRIL and Thule societies.

For those who wish to delve deeper we present a few of the hundreds if not thousands of links to material that is available. We only ask that our listeners and viewers remain open enough to dare look. This is indeed one of humanity’s “Forbidden Subjects.”

David Irving’s website:

The Greatest Story Never Told:

Some information/speculation on Maria Orsic and Vril:

Jan van Helsing’s Secret Societies in the 20th Century:

Hitler’s Peace Offers:

Ernst Zündel:

UN war clauses (Articles 53 and 107):

We can be found at

Our gratitude to those who care look deeper through the veils of deception and are courageous enough to question everything.


It was an honor and pleasure to be in the room today with the Ambassador, Radagast, Sienna Lea and the other beautiful souls who are making their voices heard, those who are dedicated to BEing the change. The Ambassador’s authentic heart resonance was felt deeply as we all were given a space to speak our vision, our passion and participate in the expanding coherent field that will ultimately take humanity and our beloved Mother Earth into the next dimensional reality – an experiential and embodied heaven on earth.

Every journey begins with the first step and courage that flows from hearts of compassion in wisdom. Join Us!

True Visions of Peace had its second, Meet The Ambassador forum today, Sunday, April 12, 2015. We also invited some “alumni” to join us for the new people to get acquainted with the faces that are becoming familiar to us. This allows for organic networking and community building. A community where we know each others names and faces. A real community. We post theses videos for people to get to know the upcoming movers, shakers and builders of the new infrastructure and network. We also hope to inspire others to get involved, as they can, with what is growing into a true vision of peace.


It is a pleasure to publish this video interview/conversation on NOT IN OUR NAME.

We ask for your tolerance for our lack of professional recording equipment. Using Skype has its limitations and somewhat dubious reputation to speak for itself. Indeed half way into the call Skype dropped on my end with the strange message I have never had before: “You have been signed out of Skype.”

NOT IN OUR NAME was created with the purpose and intent to give VOICE to the people. YouTube has become a marvelous resource for independents to speak. When karelia and I heard that modwiz was making videos and upon listening to him speak, we thought a conversation with him could be interesting.

It is too often that the female voice becomes disconnected and disjointed from the male voice.

In our conversation we cover the Gaia/Sophia living myth as brought forth by John Lamb Lash. In speaking on this subject we give our own views and expanding awareness.

Personally, in future talks we hope to further deepen the field of comprehension as we move ever more into the timeless state of Cosmic consciousness. It seems that there is an edge we are constantly standing on as infinity rolls out before us. We welcome your participation as we say Join Us!

The Love of freedom is inherent in the Truth.

Radagast is viewable daily on modwiz125, his YouTube Channel.


Bill Ryan asks Christine some important questions.

For myself it is a reaching deeper into the Intelligence that all Beings have access to … I share from that place.

The resonance of the heart is Real, it is our home. We are the Heart of Humanity. The impossible, the incredible, the unbelievable, the miraculous, the infinite is beating in our very center… the awakening is us BE-ing that which we are.

The mind is an instrument designed to View or See .. a screen so we can perceive ourselves played out at the level of the manifest. The journey, the challenge is to step into the projection room and stop being lost in the script.


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