The Darkest Winter | The Conscious Resistance Network

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The Darkest Winter | The Conscious Resistance Network

Post by Spiritwind »

Christine shared this on FB this morning and I’m just jumping the gun and sharing it here too. Only 12 minutes long, but very informative, especially if you don’t have a good feeling about what they have in store for us in the near future. This will explain most likely why you have that feeling. The more aware we are, the less we can be hood winked and pulled in to false narratives, and can respond optimally, for ourselves, loved ones, and community. Remember, it only takes 3% to truly make a difference. We ARE that 3%. With love....

The Darkest Winter | The Conscious Resistance Network (and I believe their channel has been removed from YT)
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Re: The Darkest Winter | The Conscious Resistance Network

Post by Christine »

Thanks for posting the video above Laurie, as some of you know Derrick Broze has moved to Mexico and is a wonderful person to sit and share a Margarita with. ;-) I feel so fortunate to know him and his lady, and more than fortunate to be in a Mexican town full of people who are finding the courage to walk their talk. I had the below video queued for days and finally listened to it yesterday. It's a long one but Dave Cullen leaves no stone unturned.

This video is endorsed as being a factual account of what we are up against. Well produced, it stands as a easy to understand recap of the plans of the oligarchs and technocrats. Perhaps someone out there in the seething and sleeping masses might have a light go on.

I get it, there are scary times ahead but keeping one’s head in the sand is absolutely the worse possible response. Putting a mask over you eyes is the same as the muzzle worn over the face… Not only do you do a disservice to those you love you also force other’s to carry your part of the burden. The more who find the inner fortitude to stand up and push back the easier it becomes for each of us.

It’s never my intent to trigger though trigger you I may… If you are reacting by reading the above words it is because they are true.

Dave Cullen is the man behind Computing Forever Archives and Sources. I first heard him on the linked interview so went searching for his work.

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