The Next Charlottesville?

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Fred Steeves
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The Next Charlottesville?

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Thankfully no, here in my own back yard and yet another big college town (University of Tennessee). If something nasty were to once again be instigated however, I was going to be right there to see how and why it happened with my own eyes and camera.

The original protest was right in line with the current theme, speaking out against the removal of Civil War memorials of which many a battle were fought in this area. On this day there were no obnoxious Nazis and KKK on the one side, and no masked ANTIFA provocateurs on the other. Knoxville PD, Knox County Sheriff, with help from other surrounding agencies weren't taking any chances however, and were out in overwhelming force. They also did the smart thing which Charlottesville didn't do, in keeping the two parties separate.

Side Note: As someone who scrutinizes how well (or not so much) police in general protect and defend the rights of the citizens they are assigned to, I've got nothing but love for how these guys handled matters and conducted themselves on this obviously stressful day for them. I saw a bunch of blue collar working stiffs just like me just out there doing their job, and a shitty job at that. They were polite, professional, and were even handing out cold water to thirsty people in the crowd on either side.

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Sandy Clark
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Re: The Next Charlottesville?

Post by Sandy Clark »

On the Spot Reporting Fred>>>>I like it as one can see that people and police can have protest activities and manage the event.

WTG one and all!!

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Rob Halford
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Re: The Next Charlottesville?

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Certainly a lot better than the 2007 rally, no doubt about that
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