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Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 8:42 pm
by LostNFound

The Mentone fort was almost empty of people. Major Oscar Leroux had sent his entire compliment of troops and armor to the border in three different groups to defend Texas from the invasion by the Emperor’s minions. There were only a small group of civilians that tended the daily chores of maintenance such as running the laundry and the cafeteria. These people had been hired by Oscar to do these things and Oscar would not take them on any dangerous missions. They did receive training on how to use the weapons that were available however and could be experts at using them if the fort were ever to be attacked. Mary, Theresa and Susanna had left the Rangers with Nancy and Rosa to continue learning how to open doors in their minds and guard the border while they came to the fort. They had played their part in taking care of the small squads that had infiltrated the Nation and threatened to cause harm to the people. They knew that Michael, Daniel, and Samuel would be finishing up with their missions soon and coming here to pick them up to go and meet up with Kevin and Kristyl at the capital. It seemed there was one last mission to help protect Texas before the final battle to remove the Emperor and his minions. They all three materialized at the fort in the big lounge to wait for their husbands.

General Juan Sanchez was frothing at the bit; it had taken two hours for his pilot to make the journey from the Carlsbad base to the south and back up to the Mentone base. He had not told anyone what he was going to do. March and Grissom knew he was doing something that was secret to gain control of the Fort at Mentone and that was all. Sanchez had bet on Major Leroux emptying out the fort to protect the border thus his back door move to enter the fort with no opposition. He would take the fort and kill anyone that might still be there. Hoping that his commanders would be able to whittle down Leroux’s troops and even enter Texas and make their way south to the fort. Captain Bosley did a fly over of the fort to see if there were any armored vehicles left or any choppers. The fields were empty and that made Sanchez happy. His assumption seemed to become a reality. The lamps were lit up on the field and around the various buildings but the vehicles were all gone. He told Bosley to land as close to the main Head quarters structure as possible. Bosley sat the bird down in a parking lot next to the two story structure that Sanchez knew to be the main HQ building. There were lights on inside the building as they landed. Sanchez was the first one out and stood aside while his three special ops men jumped out and hurriedly ran and scattered around the building. Sanchez waited for Bosley and Ventnor to exit the chopper. They had stupidly shut down the rotor but no one was thinking about that as the two men led Sanchez up the steps and into the building.

Mary, Theresa and Susanna stood in the lounge area looking out the window at the chopper that had just landed. They had made themselves invisible and watched the men jump out and disburse. The time on the chronometer on the wall read 2417. The women split up and moved through space to meet the men in their different positions. Mary materialized in the main Office of Major Leroux while Theresa and Susanna followed the three soldiers as they began to search the building for any personnel. These men were trained assassins for the Emperor and would give no quarter to anyone they encountered. They had decided that these men would be better off at a place in the past kind of like they did to the other men that they encountered. Theresa and Susanna both watched the three men enter a building that looked like a residence. They knew there were people in this building. The three men entered the Apartment building and walked down the corridor to the first door. One of the men tried the door latch and found it to be locked. He was getting ready to break in the door when he and his two companions found them selves standing in an office. They were looking at the desk when General Sanchez and his two pilots walked through the door from an outer office. All three of them were frozen and could only blink their eyes. Their weapons had been removed and they had no idea what had happened.

General Sanchez had opened the outer door first to find the room empty. He moved toward the inner door that had a name tag on it. He stopped in front of it and ripped the name tag off and tossed it to the side. He walked into the room and stopped suddenly. His three special ops men were standing in a precarious position but were not moving. He walked over to them with his two pilots and spoke to them. “What the hell you three doing in here, I told you to check for other people on this fort and here you are standing like three dummies.” The three men did not speak and could not see the General until he actually stepped in front of them. Sanchez finally looked at all three and figured something was out of the ordinary after he had become red in the face from them not speaking or looking at him. He examined them closer and then moved to the desk of Major Leroux. He was quite flustered now and took his arm and scraped the desk clean; scattering any objects and papers onto the floor. He Looked at Captain Bosley and Lieutenant Ventnor and ordered them to go and look for other people. “Damn there is something strange happening here and I want to know what it is.” Bosley and Ventnor both refused to move or even say a word to him also. He had been rifling through the drawers when he gave them the order and looked up sharply when they failed to acknowledge. His paranoia became crystal clear then as he came around the desk. He was going to hit the Captain for insubordination. He raised his fist to hit the man and froze.

He could not move and his mouth was open. He darted his eyes around but could not move his head. Three women materialized behind Bosley and Ventnor and he could see them from his point of view. A tall dark haired women, dressed in army fatigues walked around the Captain and Lieutenant and stopped right in front of him. “Well General Sanchez? I presume. It looks like you made it back to your long awaited return to this fort. How does it feel to be standing in the office you once thought was yours?” Sanchez tried to speak and tried to reach out and grab this woman by the neck but he could not move. His frustration and rage were on fire in his mind. “Do not be dismayed general; you are going to a place that will suit you and your men just fine. Your efforts to invade Texas have all failed by the way and your men are on the run away from your precious base at Carlsbad. I hear that most of your armor and artillery plus those choppers you so valued are all gone into heaps of burning metal.” Sanchez would have blown a gasket if he could have been able to move, as it was his heart was pounding very fast and Mary knew the man was on the verge of having a heart attack. She backed away and the other two women moved into positions with the three special ops men and the two pilots. Sanchez did not see them do anything special but they disappeared.

All six men materialized on horseback and looked around. The landscape was semi barren and there was a river close by. They all were totally bewildered and did not know where they were. They examined the clothing of the other men that were on horses and there seemed to be a few hundred of them. The weapons were strange to them. The clothing was a blue color with yellow strips down the pant legs that ran into tall black boots. They all were wearing a wide brimmed hat. The sound of gun fire began and two men fell from their horses with arrows (for god sakes) sticking from them. The men began to holler and shoot their guns at what looked like a horde of naked or near naked men on horses coming from all directions Sanchez fell off his horse and hit the ground. He rolled over, getting to his knees and tried to stand but a bullet hit him in the leg and then an arrow pierced his side. He fell to his back and the day started to dim as he looked up at the smoke that was filling the air.

“Under skies darkened by smoke, gunfire and flying arrows, 210 men of the U.S. Army’s 7th Cavalry Unit led by Lt. Colonel George Custer confronted thousands of fierce Sioux and Cheyenne warriors on June 25, 1876, near the Little Big Horn River in present-day Montana. The engagement was one in a series of battles and negotiations between Plains Indians and U.S. forces over control of Western territory, collectively known as the Sioux Wars.”

“In less than an hour, the Indians had won the Battle of the Little Bighorn, massacring Custer and every one of his men. The battle has been ennobled as “Custer’s Last Stand”—but in truth, Custer and his men never stood a fighting chance.”

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Posted: Mon Aug 26, 2019 8:46 pm
by LostNFound

Lieutenant Bob Koland drove through the gates at the fort and rolled up to the HQ building. His men had found the abandoned chopper in the parking lot and knew it was from the base up at Carlsbad. He and the others cautiously entered the HQ and began to search the grounds. They found the civilians that worked and lived on the base hold up in the residential building. They had gathered in the gym area and were all armed to the teeth. They had heard the men trying to get into the first apartment quarters but all went silent after that. Bob looked at his time piece and noted it to be almost 0110 hours. He entered the Major’s office and found the desk had been ransacked but nothing had gone missing. HQ was empty. He received a call from Shawn Morgan up at the 180 and was given a short SITREP about the destruction of the Emperor’s armor and troops and how they were giving those men medical aid and choices. Major Leroux had made contact and said that they were cleaning up the skirmish at the 285 still and would most likely be back by 1200 on the morrow. Finally Jesse Bradford and Captain James Bridger made contact and gave their SITREP of the skirmish at the 18 wall. That had turned out sad in many ways but they didn’t lose too many where as the Emperor’s minions lost almost everything. The wall would have to be rebuilt. The strange thing was the disappearance of better than half of the troops along with quite a few hummers and troop carriers. Bridger told him that they would be keeping a small force with the one tank and two LAV’s to protect the construction workers while they rebuilt the wall. The people of Kermit had volunteered and would be sending the construction equipment up to clean the mess up. Bob was to take command of the fort until Oscar Leroux returned so things were looking good and calm at the moment. They all knew this day and night would be a historical moment.

The Red Bluff Lake cavern was calm as Nancy and Rosa continued to teach the Rangers that had shown up unexpectedly. Nancy’s Sister Susanna and Mary and Theresa had left earlier and said they would be going to see Sam Houston and meeting up with their brother and Sister Kevin and Kristyl. There was something still brewing out of Oklahoma and to the east around Shreveport. Nancy’s husband Sherman had shown up with two deputies and they said they had rounded up two more squads of the emperor’s men and those men were actually looking for asylum. Sherman and his crew read the men’s minds and hearts and found only two that were still loyal to the emperor so they locked them up until Nancy or Rosa could send them away. The group in the cavern was talking to the ponies and all getting to know how to open doors to their real selves. This was a day of reckoning for the General who ran that base in Carlsbad and the Emperor would not know about it for a few weeks. The Base was abandoned and the people of Carlsbad began to dismantle most of it while utilizing anything that helped out in the city. Someone had seen a small platoon of men and hummers enter the base then leave a few hours later to drive off in many directions. This was the final invasion of west Texas that failed and something was beginning to happen between the Texans and the New Mexico folk that had not happened since the Emperor had gained control of the United States.

Samuel and Mitch were sitting in the Chopper talking about what could be a revelation in the country before this all ended when Mary materialized in the aft cabin. She had apparently been to the Haven and was carrying a basket of good smelling food. They spent a little time eating and then Mitch, to Sam and Mary’s surprise begged their pardon and disappeared. Samuel looked at his wife with a big smile and said “you know, I don’t think that Emperor has a clue as to what he is headed for. There are a lot of folks that are waking up and becoming enlightened these days and I feel we are getting closer to correcting or healing this world than we think.” They both laughed and Samuel said “Shall we go and see Kevin and Kristyl, my love?” Mary reached over and kissed her husband and said “Yes but can we take a short detour? I think you and I can make this chopper move through space and time now, don’t you?” Samuel could be heard laughing as the chopper disappeared and not from the cloaking device.

Michael and Daniel had flown toward the 18 after the encounter close to the 180 and had come in just when the 3rd armor group had spread out and were set up. Michael dropped the bird down just south of the group and they both watched the fireworks. “You know, these Texans can take care of themselves pretty well don’t you think?” Daniel smiled and said “yes it appears that way but you know that whoever comes in from the Oklahoma area and from the east is going to have a lot more artillery and armor than what we’ve seen over here. I suspect they will have at least a couple of battalions of troops also and that could get tough on the Texas folk.” Michael agreed with that and they both sat and watched. Daniel finally said “how about I go and get us some food from the haven while we watch these boys clean up this mess?” Michael started to say okay to that when Susanna and Theresa both appeared with baskets of food. Michael and Daniel were very happy and Susanna said “you boys didn’t think we would forget you now did you?” They all got a good laugh from that as they ate some of the tastiest food they had had for some time now. After a while, the chopper rose up and took off toward the east.

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Posted: Sat Aug 31, 2019 1:36 am
by LostNFound

Vinnie the Emperor had waited three days, giving his commanders on the western borders of Texas enough time to get inside and secure their forces on the road to Houston. He refrained from ordering General Thomar and Boudreaux to move yet. He was going to give three more days before he did that. He wanted his Western invasion to get at least half way into the nation before unleashing Thomar and Boudreaux onto Dallas and Fort Worth. The radio silence was driving him nuts but he knew that it meant his forces were inside Texas and that made him smile. His Patience was beginning to wear ever thinner. The forth day, May 11th was a hot day in Denver and his anger at being ignored made his office feel like a steam room. One piece of INTEL had come in earlier and he wanted to shoot someone almost immediately when he heard it. A lowly lieutenant adjutant had shown up from the underground base in Trinidad and told him that General Harchall and a small platoon of men had taken over the base and locked every one up. The General had somehow secured a Jumbo jet and taken off with his men. It was unknown where he had gone. Vinnie had blown a gasket at that news but he would eventually find the traitor and kill him. He became desperate to get INTEL after that from anyone on the West Texas Border. It was late afternoon that a lone corporal had shown up to tell him of the death of Major Cramer and the siege of the I-40 fort. It had been 4 days and he was just now getting this information. He refrained from shooting up his office again and began to swig from his liquor bottle. He received one more piece of INTEL before the night ended. Word was sent that the Texico station had been destroyed and Farwell was still in the hands of the Texans. He didn’t hear anymore after that. He was boiling inside from these failures and he ached from not knowing what happened at the no nuke fort or what the hell General Sanchez was doing. With all this happening he was still reluctant to call Thomar and Boudreaux and order them into Texas. He had to know what Sanchez was doing or what he had accomplished first. After drinking half of his 5th of scotch he finally called the Colonel who had control of the Nukes and told him to prepare. He would be making his transition to the underground base below DIA very soon and he wanted the Colonel to be on the alert and standing by.

Tamara, Alisha, Alice and Danny materialized on the big elevator platform. They were on the level of the tram tracks in the abandoned underground base below Kansas City Missouri. Actually the base was located west of the city by around 20 miles and about 200 feet below ground. Danny was most familiar with this area and he had been in the tunnel that led over to DIA many times. He had seen the control station that was around 100 miles to the west of the KC base. His familiarity of that place was limited to the passing by of the tram mostly and he had been given the chance to man that place but the emperor had called the entire base to be shipped out to China and that was when he deserted from the army. They walked off the big platform and Danny led them straight for the big steel doors that were closed to the tunnel. The plan was to fly through the tunnel as fast as they could until they reached the control station and then shut down the main controls of the Nukes.

The four of them walked through the steel doors like they didn’t exist and into a low level lighted area. They could see the lights that were close to the ground on the out board side to the road that ran next to the tracks. The girls knew there was a low power system providing enough power to operate the lights. They had seen this at the other end when they left the destroyed city or base. Danny levitated him self and said “shall we go flying girls?” The girls giggled as they levitated themselves and all four of them began to fly along on the road. The four humans seem to fly along as fast as a vehicle would travel on the road surface. Danny wasn’t sure how far it was to the control station from the main base but did know that he saw it whiz by fairly fast after the tram left on its way to Denver. It was hard to tell the distance because the tram flew through the tunnel at a blurring jet speed. The girls had never moved physically this fast when they levitated before and it seemed to them that they could move at any speed they could think although Danny seemed to be going slow. Tamara spoke to him and he told them that he was going slow enough to see the control station before they passed it. The only sign of something different was a side tunnel with another road. The tram flew by so fast it was hard to tell what was in that tunnel but he always suspected it was the control station. He never saw any other openings or doors in the 443 mile trip. His thought was the station could be around 100 miles or more from the KC base. He knew there were many missile silos in the state of Kansas and Nebraska also but he thought they had been cleaned out during that big treaty thing.

It had been 4 days since the creature had entered the big tunnel and began to walk toward the west. The time was only counted by how many times it had lain down next to the power source and slept while the low energy rejuvenated the battery system in his body. The power was low but so was the system he slept in back in the main cavern. He had walked along the hard surface until his energy began to drain and then he would lie down next to the light and break the lens and tear the light from its holders and the backing out and hook up the electrical wiring to his nodes at his neck. He would then lay still and sleep until he was fully powered once more so he could begin his journey again. This awaken period he had made good progress and found some of the creatures in the tunnel that he caught and ate. He had awoken with one on his body and it was trying to eat him he thought. He had no idea how far he has walked in the tunnel, only that he had recharged himself 4 times now since he first entered. The recharge took just as long as it did when he was in the big open cavern area. He had found one place that had a ladder on the far wall of the tunnel and he climbed up and found an opening in the tunnel ceiling. He continued through the opening and found some more of the energy lights. When he looked up it seemed that the ladder went on forever. He did not want to climb this hole so he dropped back down into the big tunnel and continued walking the way he had been.

Alice was the first to notice that every so often one of the lower lights was out. She had counted three as they moved westward. Just after they had passed the third one she stopped and told everyone she was stopping and investigating something. Everyone came to a halt and came to her position. She was standing on the road surface and looking at the broken lens of the light fixture. She bent down and looked closer at the fixture and found that it had been broken and the inside back plate had been broken out and the wires were exposed. As she looked closer she could see that someone had broke the wires then tied them back together. Two of the wires in the harness had been pulled further out and then stuffed back in after being twisted back together. Danny spoke as he looked around at the surface. “It almost looks like someone pulled these two wires out and used them to power something and then twisted them back together afterwards. They all thought this was strange but decided to continue. They levitated once again and began to move westward at a speed that made their hair fly backwards. They flew by the fourth broken lens and noted it but kept going. They flew by the open escape hatch that led to the surface but missed it. They had passed the open hatchway and were a few miles further west when the creature dropped back onto the ground and crossed the tracks to the roadway and continued to move westwards. He smelled something different in the air and thought there might be some of those flyers he saw when he was up in the light. The smell reminded him of other beings when he lived in the open air.

Ten miles to the west of where the creature had climbed into the escape ladder, Danny came to a stop. The tunnel was brighter here and they all could see a side tunnel leading off the main road surface. The road split and another road lead into the tunnel. The lighting in this tunnel appeared to be more concentrated. They flew in and traveled a short distance before coming to a steel wall. Danny said it was another door and on the other side was the control station. A booming sound echoed through the tunnel as they stood in front of the steel door. Something or someone had caused an explosion. Danny told them they needed to disappear and get inside the control station. All four of them became invisible and walked through the steel door as if it did not exist.

Forty miles further west of the control station sat the now defunct tram. The cars were covered with dust but they were still functional. The interior of the cars were almost luxurious and there were only 5 of them plus the front engine that pulled them along at speeds that were not seen on the surface. The tram could make the 443 mile trip from DIA to the KC base in less than 1 and half hours. Before it had been shut down, the engineer scientists were experimenting with a new system to drive the train that would cut the time between bases to 30 minutes or less. Lieutenant Frank young and Master Sergeant Louie Nubket had driven the 40 miles to unhook the engine and three of the cars from the two that they had loaded with explosives 6 months prior. Today they were going to blow those two cars and cave in the tunnel. They had brought the big generator to power up the engine so they could move it further east away from the two that would cave in the tunnel. Colonel Hyman had received a crypto message from the Emperor that he was getting ready to move to the Underground city below DIA and he wanted the missiles ready to fire. The Colonel told them both that the crazy man was getting ready to blow up the world and they needed to go and block the tunnel. They were also going to go and melt the big doors at the KC base so no one could get through there either. The colonel became quite paranoid at this point and wanted them to cave in the tunnel there also. Frank and Louie both knew they were dooming themselves to living in this underground hell hole for a long time. Louie and he both knew where the one access ladder to the surface was and would have to put a monitor on it for ever now. Perhaps they would be able to go to the surface in a few years but time would tell.

Frank and Louie both had to unhook the front engine and three cars from the two that would blow the roof in on the tunnel. They hooked up the big generator and charged the engine enough to move toward the east until the cars were well away from the two that would blow. Louie set the charges as Frank moved the cars and engine away. Frank moved them all about 1 mile further east and came back for Louie. Louie had the charges set and ready when he got back and both men drove back to the engine. Frank re-hitched the generator trailer and they drove another 600 yards to the east. They both knew there was going to be a lot of dust and smoke when they blew the two cars and prepared themselves with masks and air tanks. Louie had programmed the trigger into his pad and when all was ready he hit the enter button on the pad. The explosion was loud and the sides of the tunnel seemed to shake. Some small chunks of concrete fell from the ceiling and landed not far from them. They hoped that the tram engine and the cars would survive. Louie looked at Frank and started to say something when the shock wave rolled through the tunnel and knocked them down. Both men managed to grab the side bars on the old troop carrier and keep from being swept away. They both stood up after the shock wave and a quick few minutes later the thick dust and smoke roiled into them. The men climbed into the truck and waited for it to clear. It never did clear as it was before but soon enough they began to see the road way once more. “Damn Louie, how much of that C12 did you use?” Louie looked at him and said “enough to make the ceiling cave in.” “Maybe we should have moved further east. Damnit I hope we didn’t get the generator all jammed up with this dust?” We have to wait and go back and see that the tunnel is sufficiently caved in. You know how paranoid the Colonel is and I don’t blame him. I don’t want that damn toad coming over here and killing us either.

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Posted: Sat Aug 31, 2019 1:40 am
by LostNFound
The wall of dirt and rock was complete from the road and track surface to the ceiling. They couldn’t see any part of the front car that was blown up. Louie looked around on the surface of the road and then examined the rail bed and could see some bits and pieces of the tram cars but nothing more. “I don’t know how far back this cave in goes but it looks like no one is just going to dig through it. I think we can safely tell the Colonel that the Emperor ain’t coming this way unless he wants to dig through maybe a couple of hundred feet of dirt and rock.” Frank turned and walked back to the truck. “Come on Louie lets get back to the station. This place gives me the creeps and makes me think of what it is going to be like living in the tunnel for the next 5 to 10 years while the surface cleans itself. I guess we had better hope we stored enough food and water to last us huh?”

He loped along faster than usual. The smell of the other beings was strong in the air. It seemed to get stronger the further he moved into the tunnel. His energy level was still charged and he didn’t feel like it was draining down so he was almost running with his huge long legs. He wanted to get as far as he could before he would have to lie down and connect himself to the energy source again. He came to an abrupt stop when he heard the booming. It sounded like it was in the distance in front of him. The echo’s reverberated off the tunnel walls. He did not know what had caused the sound but it made him want to hurry even more. He began to see more light in front of him as he loped along. Soon the light looked much brighter and he came up suddenly on a side tunnel that seemed to be very bright. He became still and could hear the sound of a container in the big tunnel. As he listened it became louder and he knew one of those things was coming toward him. The beings and their containers he almost caught around 5 recharging periods earlier had made this same noise. He looked around for a place to hide not knowing what was coming. He finally turned around and loped back the way he came until he was in a darker area and moved to the far side of the tunnel and lay down on the other side of the long steel sticks. It was fortunate that there was a bank between the steel sticks and the wall of the tunnel so he could hide.

He was lying down and peeking over the edge when the bright lights of the container came roaring up from the dark big tunnel to stop at the brightly lit side tunnel he had come across. He watched the container turn into the bright tunnel and move into it. He jumped up and ran across the long steel sticks and onto the other surface and hurried to the side tunnel. He stopped and looked around the edge and saw the container sitting in front of a wall that looked like the big wall he attacked at the place he lived in before he came here. He ran into the tunnel and up to the back of the container. There was something attached and it had a machine on a platform that he could see energy streams emanating around it. He jumped on the platform and reached into the energy stream. The blue streams jumped into his body through his hand. His entire body lit up with a blue aura and the electrical field popped and fizzled. The big generator that sat on the trailer revved up and then died just as suddenly, smoke began to bloom from the engine coils. He was completely energized from the machine and jumped forward to the truck. He landed on the roof and waited for the big wall to open.

Frank and Louie had driven the 42 miles at a good clip around 60 mph and reached the entrance to the control station within 20 minutes. Frank came to a stop and then turned into the tunnel and slowly moved the vehicle to the big steel door. Louie called on the radio for Colonel Hyman to open the door. The door stayed shut so Louie called again. The door wasn’t opening. He looked at Frank and said “What the hell?” Frank told him he was going to have to get out and use the Manuel keypad. “Seems that the Colonel may be busy with something in there, so get out and do it, I am hungry.” Louie looked disgusted. He hated to use the keypad, in fact he didn’t think he could remember all the right sequences so he said “Damnit Frank, I don’t think I remember how to use the thing, it has been a long time. Frank looked at him and started to give him the sequence as he could remember when the truck shook and they both freaked out. Frank and Louie both looked at the rear side mirrors but couldn’t see anything until the blue aura shot streamers of electric sparks from both sides. “What the hell is that Louie?” “I don’t know Frank but you best get out and check it out.” “No Louie I ain’t checking anything out. I think that damn dust may have caused the generator to short or something. Looks like the battery charge may have just been drained.” The truck shook and rocked again and both men looked at each other as the big steel door swished to the side. Frank stomped on the pedal and the truck revved up. Frank jammed the gear stick forward and the truck bolted forward into the big garage. Frank barely had time to stomp on the brake and clutch and the truck glided into a big column. Everything came to a stop and Frank shut the motor off. The column wasn’t damaged but both men were spooked so bad they almost threw up.

The creature had pinned himself to the top of the truck and was spread eagled. The troop carrier box was just one foot longer than his body. He almost got scraped from the top when the truck went through the door and then when it glided into the column he was almost thrown forward but managed to hang on. The two beings that were in the container jumped from it and began to move toward the side of the area. The electrical charge the creature had received was still causing an aura around his body. He raised himself up and rolled off the top of the truck. Frank and Louie both heard the thunk of something heavy and when they turned around both of them screamed as the creature moved toward them. Frank was the first to pull his pistol and start shooting. That is when everything froze in time. The first and second bullet from his pistol stopped in midair. The creature froze in his motion of taking a giant step toward the two men. Frank and Louie both were frozen in fear. Louie had been reaching for his pistol also and his hand was a mere inch away from the pistol butt.

Alice floated off the floor about three feet and moved around the creature. She was amazed at the size of him and she instinctively knew he was a product of the two mad scientists that had been killed by their own creations in the DIA underground Android factory. She had split from the other 3 when they had frozen the Colonel and began to dismantle the computer system that was created to launch the missiles. They had found the mapping system of the silos and the four active ballistic missiles that still existed. Their next thing to do was to make those missiles disappear along with the other silos that were scattered around Kansas and Nebraska. They were going to make sure nothing could happen with anything like that ever again. As she floated around this being she could see in his mind where he had come from and who he was before the two scientists experimented on him. She moved to the bullets and made them disappear then to the two men. They both could see her and she made sure she floated directly in front of them. She watched their eyes move as she showed them what she was going to do. She moved to the creature and touched him. Frank and Louie were screaming in their minds as the little girl looked at them and made their guns disappear. She then back floated to the creature while she watched them. When she turned and touched the creature it moved toward them but it shrank before their eyes and became a normal human being and stopped in front of them.

He watched the little being float in front of him and then move to the other two beings that he knew from the other place. The little one did something to them and then floated back toward him. He watched as the little one looked into him and then touched him. He remembered and he cried as he knew who he was as he moved toward the two humans that stood frozen. His grotesque body dissolved from his being. He stopped in front of the two humans and looked at them with sadness. He spoke to them. “You would kill a homeless man that sought to do you no harm?” He turned to the little girl that seemed to do magic. “How is it that you can do these things, are you an angel?” “No Shawn, I am not an angel or a witch or even a magic person. My name is Alice and I am just an awakened human being such as you. You are a surprise and someone we will always help. I am here with two sisters and a brother to destroy some bad weapons that a dear friend told us about. You have been on a long nightmare of a journey and now you can return to wherever you want to go. I know you were living on the streets before but you have someone that you loved in your life that has searched for you a long time and she still is searching. Will you return to her?”

Shawn looked into Alice’s eyes and remembered Lorelei. His amnesia dissolved also and he asked if Alice could send him to his wife of many years before he lost his memory. Alice took his hand and walked through the door of a small dinner that was located in a small town in Wyoming. She whispered to him that Lorelei was sitting in the second booth. Alice stepped aside and let him walk to his wife. Shawn walked to the booth and sat down in the seat across from Lorelei. She was reading a home town paper and as he sat down she spoke up and said “this booth is occupied so you can find another one.” She hadn’t looked up until he spoke. “Would you like to buy me diner, I haven’t eaten a good meal for many years, Lorelei?” Lorelei slapped the paper down and looked up at the man she thought was a homeless person. She started to say something but her mouth would not loose a word when she looked into her long lost husbands eyes. He reached across the table and took her hand. “It has been to long my darling. I still would like a good meal.” Alice watched the man and the woman, slide from the booth and hug each other. She heard the crying and it was a happy sound. She turned and walked out of the dinner and stood in front of the two men who were still frozen.

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by LostNFound
“Well Frank and Louie, don’t you think its time to stop living in the tunnels of despair? Your monster wasn’t such a monster after all but just an ordinary human being who loves and lives a real life with his wife. You need not worry about the end of the world. There will be no nuclear wars and soon there will not be an Emperor to worry about either so would you two like to find a nice place to live in the sunshine and not be under the thumbnail of a dictator?” Frank and Louie both heard the little girl speak, neither one of them could speak back or move. Alice read their minds and knew that they both had a good heart and were only here because of the colonel. The emperor meant nothing to them both. She could see where they would rather be. She unfroze them and floated backward a few feet. Frank was the first to speak when he realized he could move again. “Who are you? You definitely act like an angel.” “No Frank, as I have said not an angel just an awake human like you can be. Louie walked into the tavern and ordered a tea. He had been down on the beach for a good walk and the sun was warm. The breeze off the sea was cool on the skin. He sat down at the table where Frank was sitting and they both talked about their trip to New Zealand the following month. The city of Pepe’ was a great place to live and they both owned a small yacht and chartered it to folks that wanted to visit the different South Sea Islands.

Colonel Max Hyman received the call from the Emperor telling him to prepare and go to standby. He told Max that he was getting ready to move his operations to the underground city/base below DIA. He would be giving the order to fire one of those missiles toward Houston Texas once he was secure at the base. He made the comment that he would travel to the base under Kansas City to see about setting up another operation there. Max had listened to the mad man make plans as if the world was not going to be a place to live on the surface for quite awhile. He gathered that the damn insane idiot did know that other countries still had nuclear weapons and once he used one the reactions would be unstoppable for the world to go to DEFCON 5 as the old saying was. Max went into overdrive after that conversation. He told Frank and Louie to take the big Generator and move the tram engine and a couple of cars away from the ones they had packed with explosives and blow the damn tunnel. He also mentioned that they would have to seal the big doors at the KC base and he began to think about the access ladders that were located between the control station and KC. Frank and Louie knew this day was coming and both of them had become depressed. Max knew that being down in the control station was going to get real dicey. His mind had gone so far as to kill the two men at some point but he needed them now.

He was in the control room with the digital maps and computers operating at full capacity. The generators that ran the systems in this complex were called free energy machines and created their own power. The big board with the lever handles that triggered the missiles had been shut down when the Missile purge was happening in the 20’s. After he sent Frank and Louie to blow the tunnel he came in and began to power up the systems. He knew there were four active ballistic missiles still in the silos and had his suspicions that there could be more. He had a big log book that had the crypto codes for each missile and how to sequence them to fire the damn things. It took two people with special keys to fire any of them. That part had to be coordinated and the two key pads had to be punched with the right number sequence before the keys could be turned. The entire system was sort of redundant he thought but so be it. He and Frank were the only ones with the keys. He flipped a couple of more switches on the power board and turned to get his drink and saw the three little girls and a young man that he thought he recognized standing just inside the bigger control room.

His first thought was to pull his pistol and as he reached for it he froze. His body turned into stone. He could see the four people but he could not speak or move his head. The young man walked over to him and passed him. He could not see him and then heard the sound of switches clicking behind him. All the work he had been doing to power up the system was being shut down. He struggled to turn and shoot the man that was turning everything off. The three girls floated through the air and he watched in amazement. God, are we being invaded, he thought. The aliens as he thought of them now had moved to the big digital map on the wall to his side. He could not see them but he knew they were looking at the locations of the missiles. Those things just showed a red blinking light and when they were fired there would be a tracking line that showed the progress of each missile as it flew toward its target. He was screaming in his head and struggling to move. The Emperor would call him and tell him to fire one of the missiles but he would not be able to do so. He watched as one of the little aliens moved to a spot where he could see and disappeared. He was wishing he had never stayed down here or told the emperor about the live missiles. These aliens could take them and start the entire world into blowing itself to bits. The Emperor could be controlled by them he thought.

His Imagination was on overload when the man stood in front of him and unfroze his head and speech. He still could not move his body but he could speak and the man spoke to him first. “Well Colonel Hyman, it looks like you were getting ready to blow up the world. I guess we showed up just in time.” Max said “who the hell are you, did you come from another planet?” Tamara and Alisha both giggled and the colonel turned his head and looked at them. Danny said “No colonel we are not from another planet and we are not aliens of any kind. I used to work at the base below KC and was slated to work here. It was the Emperor that closed that base down and I decided I did not want to work for him anymore.” “So you’re a deserter then, I thought I recognized you. How did you and these pip squeaks get down here anyway?” Danny almost laughed but just said “we flew here colonel, isn’t that what the Air Force does?” “You think your smart and funny don’t you boy, I saw that other little witch disappear so I think you all are aliens.” “No colonel as I said before we are not aliens however, we can do things with our minds that everyone on this world has a chance to do. Let me show you.” He spun the colonel around but kept his body frozen. Max was looking at the big control board with all the key locks and switches that control the missiles. Danny walked over to the wall of computerized controls and began to touch them. One by one the machines disappeared until there was just a blank wall with nothing on it. Max looked at the wall with astonishment and said “what have you done, now no one will be able to control those missiles.” Danny smiled and said “That is the idea Colonel and you have nothing to do down here anymore, don’t you want to live on the surface? The Emperor has nothing left of this weaponry and I hear that his ill fated attack on west Texas has failed. He is loosing everything he thought he had and could control so you have a choice colonel.”

Max looked around at the control room. The big digital maps were still lit up and he could see the locations of all the missiles and silos in the state of Kansas as well as the state of Nebraska. The station only controlled the two states but there were others and who knows who might be controlling them. “I should tell you colonel that your two men Frank and Louie have made their choice and are no longer down here in this pit of despair. There was also a failed experiment on a poor human that is no longer under that spell also. So you are the only one left and we fully intend to cave the entire tunnel in. The DIA base and city no longer exist and your emperor will soon find that out. The KC base will also cease to exist. So you might want to make a decision before we leave.” “Where are my two men?” “Oh they decided the South Seas would be a nice place to live.”

Max looked around as best he could and in his mind he was thinking of living in British Columbia Canada. His parents had owned a big ranch up there and he thought his Dad might still be alive although he wasn’t sure the ranch still existed. He wanted to turn around and when he did he found himself standing in a big study. There was a younger man sitting behind a desk with a ledger book of some kind. He looked at the young man and semi-recognized him. He was his younger sister’s son. The boy couldn’t be much older than 20 he thought and he moved toward him. The boy looked up and said “Uncle Max, we thought you would be coming. Grandpa Jacob passed about two weeks ago and mother and you have inherited this ranch. Mother sent someone to find you and was told you might be in the States somewhere. Max had stopped and began to look around at the rich wood paneled study. One wall was a large book case full of books while another had a fireplace and many pictures and trophies. There was a bar to the side of the big desk and he walked to it. The big round windows looked out on a big pasture that had horses feeding in it. He turned around to ask the boy where his mother was when she came through the double doors at the far end. Penelope Stewart stopped and stood silent for a moment and then rushed to her older brother. He held his arms out as she crashed into them. “Oh Max, we were afraid you were gone, for good, how did you find us?” Max had begun to tear up. It had been years since he last saw his little sister, in fact the boy sitting behind the desk had just turned 2 years old when he left. His Dad had just lost his wife, his mother and it was a very hard time. The reunion was happy and sad at the same time and Max left his Air Force career behind and began to live his life like he always wanted to.

Alice had come back from her excursion of sending the two men off and had already told them about Shawn. They gathered the locations of all the silos and caused the tunnel to begin to cave in along with this control station. A giant sink hole began to happen outside of Kansas City about 20 miles to the west. The girls and Danny went around and made the missile silos disappear and the four armed nuclear missiles were sent to the sun where they fed the hydrogen mass. The girls had found a few others and made them disappear also. There were many of these around the world and Hava and Luun had already been making them disappear. It was during the early morning hours of the 13th of May in the year of 2039 that the families were reunited at the haven. They spent time together and told of their adventures. There was still work to do to help along the healing and the next biggest adventure was going to be the end of the Emperor and his reign of terror over the United States. Alice returned to the patriot base and was waiting for here friend Jiggers the mountain lion when Montgomery and Kalista came and sat with her. “General Alice, we will be moving down to the Denver zone soon.” Alice had to giggle at being called a General but it was true. “I am ready Montgomery and Alisha and Tamara are also.

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by LostNFound

General Brad Thomar sat in his office at the main Head Quarters of the base located just south of Oklahoma City, contemplating his big move into Texas. The Army had taken a sizable chunk of land from the people along State Route 39 and built the base shortly after the Emperor took control of the UNITED STATES. For strategic purposes it had been located between the ISR 35 and the ISR 44 both of which led into the Nation of Texas. The entire Panhandle of North Texas had a wall built around it to the big river that separated the southern border of Oklahoma from the Northern border of Texas. The wall was built in various places where it could be built but mostly the big Red river separated the two States or countries as it became when Texas seceded from the US. The Texans had erected big steel gates at the bridges for most of the big roads and the smaller roads they set up guard stations with fence style gates. They still traded with the Emperor’s country and allowed commercial trucks to enter and leave with foods and commodities but the gates were heavily controlled and the entire border was also heavily patrolled on both sides. It had become similar to the old West Berlin, East Berlin walls erected in the mid 20 century that were tore down in the late 20th century. The eastern border of Texas was similar with walls and rivers and gates that separated it from Louisiana and parts of Missouri. He and General Boudreaux had both been given the order to stay quiet while the west Texas Border was invaded. The Emperor said he would give the order to swoop in as soon as the other groups were inside Texas and on their way toward the two big main cities. Thomar was to come in from the North and with the others surround Dallas and Fort Worth while Boudreaux was to come in from the East and meet him and his force where as they would lay waste to those cities before moving south to take out Houston the Capitol. Once they did that they could control the Gulf also and from there the damn Emperor could spread out and regain control of the southern islands and possible take South America.

General Thomar was no fool and knew the Emperor’s big dreams and lately his plans to retake this Nation would not be as easy as that fool thought. The idiot had thought to gain control of China and sent most of the Army to that country which had become a huge mistake. Thomar and Boudreaux both had argued with the slimy little man about leaving the country bare and in danger of attack from other countries. The Emperor thought he had enough forces left but his blunder underestimated the amount of forces he kept inside the US, and then this latest move to retake Texas was just plain asinine to him and Boudreaux. They did not have near enough men and armor or even air force to accomplish this task. When the idiot began to micromanage the Army instead of allowing his Generals to utilize what was left, Brad knew the whole thing was going to end badly. The damn Police force who had been given military weapons and choppers from the larger force of Army Air corps had become hostile to the Army because of what the Army was doing to their personnel. God he could have killed those damn Generals and Colonels with his bare hands for screwing the whole Partnership deal between them and the Army. The puny puck in the white house had managed to tear apart this country in many ways, a used car salesman for Christ Sake, where did these political pigs come from he thought. His phone rang and stirred him from his musings.

He picked up the phone and Colonel Greg Marshall spoke to him. “General, we have received some INTEL from the western front. Brad looked at his chronometer and noted the time to be 0800 on the 11th day of May. “Well Its about time, You and Major Habib get up here, I don’t want any INTEL going over the phone. Lieutenant Greta Yeltsin was looking at her computer screen, watching the latest news from the Far East. It seemed the reports coming in were about the uprisings happening in China. The skirmishes that had been happening between the US led forces and the Chinese Government had come to a halt of some sort and now the peoples were rising up against the military government. She looked up as Colonel Marshall came in followed by Major Habib. She motioned for them to enter the Generals office and waited for them go through the door before she went back to watching the news from around the world. The one and only News feed she could get was reporting on the uprisings that were happening in Russia and most of the mid east now. Brittan had recently received a series of bombings and the city was under martial law with great swathes of it on fire.

Brad watched his two top commanders walk in and stand close to his desk. “Sit gentlemen, it appears we may be getting ready to move. Tell me what have those people on the western front managed to accomplish?” Colonel Greg Marshall looked at Major Hussein Habib for a short moment before he turned to the General to give him the bad news and possible no news. He and Hussein had discussed how to approach the General. They both knew that the General did not think to highly of the Emperor or the two Generals who were in charge of the West Texas borders. “Well general it doesn’t look good and it could be better but we still don’t have all the INTEL from everyone.” Brad listened to the deflecting rhetoric and it pissed him off even more than he was at the moment. His quiet speak, told both men that he was ready to explode. “How about you gentlemen stop beating around a bush and just tell me outright what you do know.” Habib was the one that was always the nervous type so he started to speak first but Greg cut him off. “Okay general, here is the straight INTEL we do know for sure. First, Major Cramer is dead; he was killed before he got 1 mile into Texas. He lost most of his armor at the get go and the big howitzers are burning inside the fort as we were told. The tanks he had were taken out; supposedly one made it into Texas and was destroyed just a few miles inside. We lost almost two thirds of the infantry and any number of the hummers with all personnel aboard. It is reported that 5 hummers left the compound to head west with no real explanation. The, I-40 fort is under siege at this time and no one is making a move into Texas. Amarillo is still intact.” Brad stood up and walked to his big window. He was quiet and the two officers were worried that he was going to explode any moment and they hadn’t told him the other news yet. Brad turned around and walked to his bar sink and fetched a bottle of Jack Daniels. He poured himself a full glass of the stuff and chugged it then poured another and came back to his desk. As he set down he merely said “continue.”

Major Habib waited for just a second and spoke. “The Gates at Farwell were breached but the force was stopped before they could get through and better than half of the troops were killed or captured, that is what we are told. It seems that a larger group of our men surrendered and were taken into Texas. Captain Ritter is dead and the station we had in Texico is burning or was destroyed. One tank is noted as being destroyed but the other one has gone missing along with a hummer and a small platoon of men.” Brad took another sip of his whiskey and said “did we do any damage to the Texans?” Habib looked sideways at Marshall and said “well we did manage to kill some of them and burn some buildings in Farwell as far as we know and we lost two choppers there as well as all of them up at the I-40.” General Thomar was boiling inside now. He took another big swig of his whiskey and stood up quickly. The two officers sitting on the far side of his desk both winched and watched him walk to his bar and grab the bottle. He brought it back and poured some more in his glass and sat back down. “You two going to give me any good news or is this all bad?” Greg swallowed dryly and said, “Well we haven’t heard anything from the No Nuke fort which could be good news. All the orders were to go radio silent if anyone made it into Texas and we haven’t heard any thing from Major Gorshavic since he sent his last message about his company moving toward the border. The tanks and hummers were starting to move and his choppers were doing the same so it could be that they moved into Texas and took out the Rangers and are now radio silent as they move toward Lubbock. They could already be there and have taken it out.” Brad took a big swig of his whiskey and said “The silence cuts both ways gentlemen. They are either in Texas and keeping silent as ordered or they have been wiped out. We need to get better INTEL from that area. Can we send a drone over the place to see what is happening?”

Colonel Greg Marshall acknowledged with a shake of his head and then said “yes sir we thought about that and have sent one earlier. It should send us some video soon. “Good, I am looking for some positive news then. Now what about General Sanchez? That numb nut should give us some good news then. After all he had more men and armor than any of the other places.” The colonel and the major both had very little INTEL from the Carlsbad base but what they did have was not good. Greg had received some sketchy messages from the spy station located in Carlsbad that told of the base being deserted. The General had not answered their cryptic signals since the night of the 9th and they gathered some INTEL that the General had pushed forward to invade Texas that particular night. They had heard that the highway 180 gates had suffered a devastating battle and that General Sanchez’s armor group had been destroyed there. The word was that General Sanchez himself had been killed there. Brad stood up again and moved to his big window once more. He took another swig of his whiskey and said “Sanchez may be an obsessed SOB but he was not stupid. He wouldn’t take his entire force from that base and go to the 180 gates. That would be a real dumb move on his part. He had to have split up his force. That 180 gate is way off to the west and the 285 gates would have been the main goal since they are the closest to that fort.” He turned on the two men and looked at them with a gaze that said he was thinking of something. “Isn’t there another old road that goes into Texas from New Mexico?” Habib spoke this time. “Yes general, it is called the highway 18 but the Texans closed it completely with a wall.” Brad thought for a moment and moved back to his desk. He pulled the top drawer open and pulled a file and plopped it on the desk. Opening it he said “Sanchez had at least 6 heavy battle tanks and I think he had 7 of those howitzers plus a swarm of the hummers with the mini guns. He had more men than any of the others and he has the troop carriers and 5 choppers if I am not mistaken. I know the man and he would have split his forces up.” He verified the armor and troops and choppers in the report he had pulled out. “So there are three road beds that lead into Texas from his base and I would say that is what he did.”

Greg Marshall could see exactly how the General would have split his forces to invade Texas and that would have drawn the troops and armor away from Fort Mentone. “So General Sanchez split his forces into three and sent them to the gates and the wall. If he did this so Major Leroux’s spies could see him doing it. Then Leroux would do the same and empty his fort to protect the border in three different places.” Greg walked over to the big screen on the wall and took the control panel. He turned it on and moved back so he could see it. He pulled up the area where the three roads crossed into Texas from the southern part of New Mexico. He highlighted the three roads at the border and showed the routes to the reach Mentone and the fort. “We know that General Sanchez was infatuated with getting that fort back so all we have to do is figure how many pieces of armor and troops he sent to each one. I say he may have sent more to that 180 to draw the most from Leroux the farthest away from the fort. We know that the battle there was devastating for us or Sanchez. So assuming that Sanchez did send most of his force over there and it pulled most of Leroux’s forces there then Sanchez could have gotten through at the 285 or over here at the 18 simple because there were not enough if any Texas troops at those places.” General Thomar looked at the map on the big screen and tended to agree with the Colonel’s assessment.

Brad took a sip of his whisky and seemed to be a little less hot under the collar. He offered Greg and Hussein a shot. He sat down at his desk and said “the fact that we haven’t heard from Sanchez could be that he is in Texas and maybe even taken control of the fort and the radio silence keeps him from notifying us. I want to believe that scenario but be that as it may, I am going to start our movement into Texas from here.” Greg and Hussein both looked at him with surprise. “Have you heard from the Emperor then?” Greg asked. Brad looked at him and said “no I have not but that is a mute point. The man does not have a clue what is happening and I sure as hell am not going to tell him until we are in Texas and secure in our movements. It also appears the toad may not know yet that his western invasion plans have partially failed.” Major Habib was afraid in his mind. Here was a man, a General that was speaking treason and sedition. He kept his mouth shut for fear of being jailed or even shot if he muttered to this man what was on his mind. Instead, he spoke up and asked “what is your plan then General, are we to invade into Texas and try to surround Dallas and Fort worth? What about General Boudreaux, do you intent to notify him of your plan that you have decided on without notifying the Emperor?” Brad Thomar listened to this Major and his deeper meanings. He knew without a doubt that this man was a full blown, loyal SS man to the Emperor and he would surely be in contact with the toad before this day was gone. He had taken a chance and set a trap for the man. Hussein had taken it somewhat wearily but taken for sure. The sarcasm in his voice as he asked the questions gave him away.

Brad had heard the snide remarks from the Major and watched Colonel Marshall closely at the same time. Greg Marshall had never really liked the Emperor and in fact had talked about taking the man out at some point in the past. Brad was glad to see the Colonel almost visually agree with his decision. He answered the Major carefully and said “why yes Major, as a matter of fact I had a conversation with him earlier about a two point attack. He is in Shreveport after all and on a direct line to Dallas. I do believe we can bust through and surround that city before that damn Houston can gather his army and militia to stop us.” He stood up and stretched and said “Will you gentlemen excuse me for a few minutes; I must take a short break. I’ll be right back. Have some more of this fine whisky while you wait and then we can get down to the tactics of our next move. Brad stepped through a door in the wall away from the outer office and closed it. He walked up a short flight of stairs and entered another door into a dark room that had monitors lined up on one wall. There were two men sitting in front of the screens and Brad walked over and sat down on one of the empty chairs. “You gentle catch the tell tale signs of the major?” Lieutenant Scott Masher said “yes sir, what would you like us to do with him?” “Well I don’t want him contacting the Emperor before we get started with our operation so he will have to meet an unfortunate accident shortly after he leaves my office. I am going to send him on a short errand into the city and you boys take care of him there. I will not give him a chance to get to his quarters. I take it you have cleaned up the little secrets he has been hiding?” “Yes sir. There is nothing left of his radio gear and the crypto machines.” “Good then when you are done get back and we will begin are movement on the morrow. I have to coordinate with Boudreaux.” Brad stood and walked out of the room.

Major Hussein Habib climbed into the Skimmer and pulled out of the parking garage. He had listened to all the tactical talk from General Thomar and Colonel Marshall and even knew some of the other players that were directly involved with the treasonous act to go against the Emperor. The order that was given to him after the meeting was odd but he was an officer first and took the orders. He would use his secret crypto machine to contact the Emperor when he returned from the City. General Thomar had ordered him to pick up some classified material from a certain spy agency that had an office in the City. It was an odd request or order to him because usually there were lower ranking officers that did this work. The office was located on the 10th floor of a downtown office building. He failed to see the vehicle pull away from the curb of the street after he left the base. He drove the 10 miles to the city and parked in the basement parking garage under the building. The elevator stopped at the 5th floor and two tall men stepped in. They both were wearing dark glasses and were dressed in the finest suits Habib had seen. He thought nothing of them. Between the 5th floor and the 10th Hussein Habib’s life was ended abruptly. The needle was stuck in his neck from behind and his heart stopped. The two men stopped the elevator and reversed its direction. In the parking garage below they found a private place and changed the man’s clothes to look like an average everyday business man. They drug his body to a car that was parked on a different level than the skimmer and put him into it. They laid him on the rear seat and locked the car. They took the military skimmer and drove it back to the base. Major Hussein Habib’s body was not discovered for almost a month after his death. It was a total mystery to the local police department.

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by LostNFound

Kevin and Kristyl sat in the big office of President Sam Houston, looking at the sky through the big windows. The time on the chronometer read 0900 hours and the day was May 11th. Kevin and Kristyl both were expecting Michael, Susanna, Daniel, Theresa and Samuel and Mary to show up from the West Texas battles. They had taken a day to rest and catch up on the family at the Haven. The sky was gray and dark over the city of Houston and the big storm coming in from the Gulf had completely covered Southeastern Texas with high winds and rain. Sam was anxious to see the others and knew they all had good INTEL of the Western borders. He and his commanders had heard of the failed attempts at the I-40 and Farwell. Of Course Sam had visited Farwell by Kevin and Kristyl and had even given citizenship to a platoon of soldiers that were sent to Dallas to prepare for the coming battle there. The fort that was located further south and called the Snake fort was still a bit of a mystery at the moment but he was sure that Michael and the others could tell them what had happened. Major Leroux had contacted him and told him what had transpired around the Mentone area and how General Sanchez had lost his entire command. Most of his armor and other machines were still burning in various places and his troops had either been killed or deserted. The border was secure along the bottom of New Mexico. Oscar did not know what had happened to General Sanchez but there was an abandoned chopper sitting next to his Head Quarters. Sam knew he would be filled in from the Haven group when they arrived and sure enough all 6 of them walked through his door.

After greeting everyone, Sam called Kathleen Davenport and asked her to send for Colonel Steven Western, Major General Jacob Farmer and General Henry Potter. They were his main men in charge of the Texas National Guard and his air force. The little toad in Denver did not know that Sam still had a small air force and had at least 10 of the A10 war hawks plus around 5 of the C130 battle planes. They had hidden them away when they took over Texas and were still under cover. Sam knew he would have to use them soon against those two Generals that were to his north and east. He wanted to hear the INTEL from the Haven folk and he wanted his Generals to hear it also. Samuel and Mary were the first to speak up about their adventures against the Emperor’s minions. They told about the skirmish at the I-40 fort and how it was a major failure to even get into Texas, Sam mentioned how the fort was under a siege and was expected to surrender before too long. The Farwell incident was known and the highlights were gathered. None of them had known about the tank and hummer that tried to penetrate to the south and were destroyed by the Civilian Militia folks.

Michael spoke next and was joined by Susanna, Daniel and Theresa about the snake fort and its demise. Three of the Rangers helped us and we destroyed the fort without any bloodshed. Sam wanted to know how that was accomplished because he would rather see that happen than any more killing. Theresa and Susanna explained to him and his generals what they had done and how they accomplished it and finally told them that the snake fort didn’t exist anymore. The ground is back to natural land now and not a sign remains that the fort ever existed. “Oh and by the way there is a good bunch of Rangers now guarding that Panhandle border.” Sam shook his head and said “yes and we seem to be getting more of the Emperor’s soldiers wanting to join Texas these days.” Major General Jacob Farmer spoke up and said “so what can you tell us of Sanchez and his prize battle force. We know he wanted that fort back and would do anything to get it. Major Leroux’s report was sketchy and I know he will give a full report when things are cleaned up. By the way Sam, I am promoting Oscar to a full bird colonel.” “Good Jacob, he deserves that.” Daniel told about the 180 devastation to the first force the General sent and how it was taken out mostly by the squad of troops and the civilian militia. “You know Sam, the good folks of Texas are your true warriors and do fight fiercely even to the death to keep this country free and safe. Michael and I only took out one of the Generals choppers while all the rest of those people took out that entire force that was sent against them. I don’t think that General or any of his minions fully understand the People’s will to fight for their freedoms.” “Yes Daniel, I do believe that is going to be the Emperor’s downfall before this is over. That little mad man is so full of his own ego he completely ignores the people’s will to live.”

Mary had to giggle with Theresa and Susanna at this moment. Sam looked at the three women and smiled. He knew they had played a deeper role in this skirmish and wondered what they may have done to men and machines. “So tell me ladies, what mischief did you cook up for the General’s taste?” Kevin and Kristyl knew what could be done because they could do the same but they wanted to hear also and were both smiling as they sat next to their sisters and brothers. Mary and Theresa both smiled and Theresa let Mary tell the stories. Mary asked for another drink of Juice and said “Well Sam, and gentlemen, we sort of let a number of those men experience some history at different times. The squads that the General let loose on Texas mostly came to a bad ending for them. The first one that was encountered was by a small group of Texas Rangers from up north. Captain Mica Isazi and his men had come into Texas by way of gathering INTEL from that base at Carlsbad. One of his men was attacked by a small squad that floated that reservoir and found the horses. Theresa, Susanna and I were with Nancy Alexander and Rosa Henshaw up at the Red Bluff Lake when Captain Isazi and his men tried to sneak up on us in the cavern. We caught them and then heard the shooting so Rosa and Warren went to fetch the horses and Iver. Come to find out, a 6 man squad from the Base were trying to kill Iver and got shot up them selves. That was the first team.

“The second team came in from the east and north and came down the canyon. They wound up killing themselves which was unfortunate for them but we managed to gain INTEL about another team that was moving on top toward the little town called Red Bluff.” Mary stopped and took a sip of her juice. She looked at Theresa and there seemed to be a communication between them. Theresa picked up the talk. “You see gentlemen that squad of men intended to murder everyone in Red Bluff when they met up with the team that killed themselves in the canyon. That other team that had died previous was supposed to meet them also. Mary and I had an Idea where no more would get killed so we created a mirror of that town and then looked at the future. We found a toy that was created of the very town called Red Bluff and it was a holographic of history. It seems the history lessons in the future are taught through the use of toys if you will.” She stopped for a minute and took a sip of her rich coffee. “So we let those men walk into the town and gather in a café. They were so easy and misinformed. We sent them into the first holographic toy of the future and left them to deal with it.”

Sam had a look of wonder on his face while his generals and Colonel looked astounded and skeptical at the same time. Colonel Steven Western was the most skeptical and said “you are telling us that you can send people into the future and places such as you described? This sounds almost preposterous. Suppose you tell us what really happened to those men?” The Haven folks kept a straight face although each one was ready to laugh at the poor Colonel. They knew Theresa was going to show this man a truth. Sam knew what they were capable of and he kept his mouth shut. Theresa sat her coffee down on the table and stood up. She walked around the table and held out her hand to the Colonel. “Come Colonel I will show you something.” Steven Western thought the woman was going to take him outside to see something. He reached out to take her hand and found himself standing on a surface that looked like water. His amazement at the surface was incredulous. He bent down and touched it and knew that it was some sort of glass. He stood up and looked around. The night was dark but the light from what looked like a boat dock spread out across the fake glass lake. “You see that town Colonel?” The woman’s voice made him jump and he spun around to see Theresa standing close to him. “That is what could be called Red Bluff but it is inside this holograph. The men we are talking about are sitting inside a café at this moment and soon will be looking for a way out of here. They will be turned off by a little boy that is watching this game and controlling it to some degree. Steven was still being skeptical when a group of 6 men walked down a street to the boat dock. “Those are the men we sent here colonel and now they are totally confused as are you. Need I show you more?” “You said this is in the future and I wonder how far. Can you show me this toy, this game from a different perspective?” Theresa reached out and touched him. He was standing in a room that was semi dark. There was a big table with something on it in the middle of the room. Theresa walked over and removed a cover of some kind and flipped a switch. The town lit up inside the globe and the lake stretched away from it to the far side of the globe. Theresa walked to the far side of the big toy, as she called it, and motioned for him to come over. He did so and looked into the globe. He almost gasped as he watched 6 men who seemed to be feeling their way around the perimeter. They looked very real. Steven finally looked at Theresa and said “we are in the future?” She took his hand and moved to a wall where there were digital numbers. He could see the year and the date. It was May 10th 2368. He almost fell over but wound up sitting down hard on the big sofa.

Theresa walked back to her place and picked up her coffee, it was cold so she moved to the counter where the coffee machine was sitting and poured her self another cup. All the people in the room had seen the Colonel and Theresa disappear and then reappear shortly. Sam spoke up. “Well Colonel, can you tell us what you saw?” Steven Western looked around the room at all the people that were looking at him and took a sip of his coffee. His next words were, “So what else did you do to those men?” Everybody just sighed and this time Mary spoke. “We found three more squads and they were making their way toward the fort. It seems that General had broken up a good sized platoon and sent them to infiltrate Texas, hopefully unseen. The Bigger group was two squads together and we introduced them to Texas during the Civil War, Oh and we sent one man back to the Alamo and let him see with his own eyes just how the Texans died for their independence.” Theresa filled in the other squad that was sent back to the Civil War. Mary finally came to General Sanchez. “Susanna, Theresa and I were waiting for our husbands when that sneak thief landed his chopper on the parking lot outside the main Head Quarters. Oscar was still up at the 285 gates while the others were at their prospective defense positions. We figured that the General had tried to do an end run while the fort was empty. Well needless to say we showed him and the men he brought with him what it felt like to ride a horse during a battle.” Mary didn’t say anymore and the men in the room were left with a blank ending. Sam was the first to ask because he had to. “May I ask what part of history did you send the General and his men too?” Mary smiled and took a sip of her juice again. “Why of course Sam. History books have recorded the names of all those men that died at the Little Big Horn with Lieutenant Colonel Custer. We thought that would be a fitting place for a man such as he, don’t you?” The two Generals and Colonel gulped and breathed a sigh of relief.

General Henry Potter stood up and moved to the counter. He poured him self a cup of hot coffee and made the comment “I sure am glad you are on our side of this. So what do you propose to do with General Thomar and General Boudreaux?” The room became silent. Henry Potter had been stirring his coffee and slowly turned around with the silence. There were no people. The room was blank. He thought he had just gone mad. He walked to the big windows and looked at the city. The world was empty. There were no people. He turned around and wasn’t sure what had happened, he didn’t know what had happened. He walked back to his coffee and picked up his cup. Samuel was the one that spoke. “Well general what do you think about the world that is empty?” Henry turned around and everyone was sitting in the room before he asked his question. “Where did you send me just now?” He was a bit annoyed but was intrigued at the same time. Samuel stood and walked over to fill his coffee cup. “We semi answered your question general. The dimension you were sent to is almost void of people. The only ones left are underground due to a deadly virus that was released by the Emperor. Yes there is an Emperor in that dimension. He has virtually destroyed the surface of the world with his bumbling. I will not say what that world ends up being like, let’s just call it the dead dimension.”

“My God man, are you proposing to send Thomar and Boudreaux and their entire army into that empty dimension or should I say a deadly dimension that could destroy them?” “Yes general that is what we are proposing to do. Both of those men are moving to destroy this nation although we know they will not be able to do that but they will destroy Dallas and Fort Worth before you and the Texas NG along with the people of Texas can stop them. They will murder and destroy many cities and people on their way to capture Houston and Sam. We have seen this. The Emperor will try to destroy Houston and other cities but will fail. Our daughters and others are on a mission to stop the Emperor from using a deadly weapon.” Sam Houston listened to this and was surprised by this action but knew that Samuel was speaking the truth about what was coming. The info about the daughter’s mission was new to him so he had to ask “Do you know what type of weapon the Emperor has hidden and when he may decide to use it. Is it this virus that is released in that other dimension?” “That we do not know yet Sam. Tamara and Alisha began a journey awhile back and left the Haven on their own. We found out from a very close friend that he had told the girls about something the bad man in Denver had and even he did not know what it was but that it would destroy this world in the long run if the bad man used it.’ “We have not had any contact with either of them to date but have been given dreams and have seen a result. The dimension we are proposing to send Thomar and Boudreaux to is one scenario and the best one we could use at this time. It is unfortunate that those two men will end up destroying themselves and the poor souls that are under their control. We can only hope that they will rebel against them and perhaps change the outcome in that dimension. That is something we cannot see at this time.”

Sam gathered that he was the one to make a decision on the outcome of this skirmish. These people could do almost anything and yet he was the one that would suffer the outcome. He knew this was a moment in time that would determine the destruction of his people and perhaps the world. He had seen the deaths of millions of Texans if he tried to fight the two generals and his dreams were parallel with the Haven folks about the Emperor and his mad course to control the world. His mind was full of gloom at the moment but he strengthened himself. The battles on the western border had all turned out to be positive in Texas’s favor but those were small compared to what was coming. Samuel and the others had given their proposal and shown the facts of consequences of not doing the thing they were going to do. He stood and walked to his desk and turned to look at the grey skies and the rain. The gloom almost overwhelmed him at that point but he steeled himself and said to his reflection in the window. “Do what you must Samuel, and may the divine creator guide your daughters to accomplish their mission with success.” A sharp lightning strike cause an explosion in the distance and Sam felt a pain in his soul from all this war and destruction that seemed to carry on.

Ian floated above General Brad Thomar in his fitful sleep. It was 0100 hours on the 12th day of May and Ian could see clearly the designs this man had for Texas. The destruction he was planning would not happen. He knew what the Haven folks were going to do and it set okay with him. He was going to tell them the exact time frame of this mans plans which included the other General’s plans from Louisiana. He had left the earth and traveled to the S’iruss world and spent time with Jimmy and the S’iruss people and then he had traveled to Nani – Kai – Kale and visited with Bill and Carol. It was there that he had been told to come back and help once more with the Texas business. He had twisted into the no time and out above this general and read his thoughts. His next move was to the Garden at the Haven where he talked with all the folks. He knew where the daughters were and what they would do to stop the Emperor and they had already stopped him in other ways. He had visited with them in the tunnel as they made their way toward the control station and they said they would meet with their parents when the mission was complete and that he should not tell them yet. While in the Garden he told them all what the two Generals would be doing within hours. They all hugged him as he was going back to Nani – Kai – Kale and then back to S’iruss to help guide the peoples to earth in the near future.

Mary, Samuel, Kevin and Kristyl created the doorway into the empty dimension at the bridges of the ISR 44 and the ISR 35 while Michael, Susanna, Daniel and Theresa created the one at the Wall gates on the ISR 20. It was 0430 hours and the border folk had been told to move away from the gates at the bridges and the wall for at least the morning between the hours of 0400 and 1000. After that they could go about their daily business. The gates were opened and left alone. The doorways into the dead dimension were created and would be shut as soon as the Emperor’s soldiers and the vehicles passed through. The only thing that would be witnessed by anyone that would be watching was the columns of soldiers and armored vehicles disappearing into air as they drove through the open gates. The choppers overhead would pass through the doorways as soon as they flew over the border and never know they flew through a doorway into another dimension.

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by LostNFound

General Brad Thomar contacted General Louie Boudreaux and the next day which was the 12th of May, 2039 they began to move their armor and two short Brigades of troops toward the Texas Border. General Thomar had one Brigade of troops and his armor consisted of 7 heavy battle tanks and 10 Howitzers along with 10 heavy troop carriers and around 20 Humvee’s. He had 8 choppers for air power, of which only four of them had the dispance cloak device installed. He would have liked to outfit the other four but time had run out for him. He split his force in two and sent half on the ISR 44 and the other half on the ISR 35. He meant to get into Texas before the Sun rose too far into the morning. He left his base at 0330 and the two split forces came to the bridges at the big river around 0500. Brad wanted to be in Texas and lay siege to the Northern area of Fort Worth and Dallas before the Emperor got word of his actions. He knew the toad would condemn him for moving without orders from his majesty but he did not care. This was an all out push to take this damn state or country back and if he could make it work then to hell with the toad. General Boudreaux had contacted him and said he would move out around 0400 and cross into Texas within one hour. He had pushed a full company in on the ISR 20 before and lost the whole damn thing including two tanks and a good number of Hummers. Two men had managed to escape and he had them shot for not staying with their company. Boudreaux was Napoleon reincarnated, Brad had told his top men.

Louie Boudreaux had read the crypto message from General Thomar. He and Brad had made their own plans to invade Texas. He was closest to Dallas and Fort Worth and planned to set up his Howitzers in Longview as soon as he arrived. It was close enough to Dallas and Fort Worth that he could shell them from that position. He had 10 of them and he planned to spread them out in an arc from Longview. He had 7 choppers for air power so Thomar had one more than he but that was okay. He had 5 of them that had the dispance cloak. His tank group had suffered a loss of two when he was told to test out the Texans. He had 9 of them before that ill fated moment. He now had 7. His troop carriers were enough to hold his entire brigade of troops. He had around 24 hummers all outfitted with the mini guns that shot the .50 caliber rounds. Thomar had said he would set up at Gainesville and halfway from Wichita Falls where he would shell the big cities from those areas. Once they virtually destroyed Dallas and Fort Worth they would make their way south toward Houston and who knows once they destroy Dallas and Fort Worth, The President, Sam Houston might surrender and they then could take control of Houston Texas which would give the Emperor what he wanted. Louie knew that the President and all his peoples were to be executed one way or the other. In fact once they took control of Texas they would begin to round up any dissenters and execute them. Louie had told the Emperor that could be a real problem because even if they got control of Houston and Texas there would be all the people of Texas that they would have to fight. This was the biggest reason that he and Brad had been against attacking a country such as Texas. Fighting the entire nation of people was not going to be an easy task and would more than likely be the end of them. The Used Car Salesman had no clue and the rest of the United States could rise up anytime. Louie knew this was the greatest fear the Emperor had and the little toad would be utterly destroyed if and when that happened.

Brad Thomar was riding in one of the cloaked choppers and had given orders for the birds to stay close to the two forces as they moved to the border. They had approached the bridge at the ISR 35 and stopped on the Oklahoma side of the river. The Chopper Brad was in flew across the river and circled around. Brad was getting a queasy feeling when he saw the gates open and no guards of any kind. It was quite eerie to see no traffic on the bridge or the Texas Side The road looked to be abandoned. He radioed to his lead man of the tanks and told him to start moving across the bridge. Over at the ISR 44 Colonel Greg Marshall was experiencing the same phenomenon. The gates were open and the roads were abandoned. It looked to him as if the people had all disappeared and did not exist or something. He gave the order to cross the bridge to his first Tank commander and the caravan began to roll across the bridge.

Just West of Shreveport Louisiana, General Louie Boudreaux stood in the platform of the turret on the heavy battle tank. His force had approached the gates of the big wall on the ISR 20 and found them to be wide open. He was looking through his binoculars past the open gates and could not see any activity. Captain Van Helsing was flying one of the cloaked choppers and had made a big arc into Texas. He reported that the roads looked abandoned and the surrounding area looked to be the same. Louie had been told this before when his company had tried to enter the first time and got almost 5 miles in before they were attacked and destroyed. He called Brad Thomar and told him what he was experiencing and Thomar told him the same thing. “This is a trap Brad so be real leery if you enter. I am going to send a couple of my bird in for a good distance to see what may be waiting for us. I can’t figure out how these people knew we were coming so quickly.” “Okay Louie, I will do the same and let you know what we discover, out.” Louie called the Captain again and told him to take two other birds and go in as far as they could and report the activity. Captain Van Helsing acknowledged and went silent.

Captain Helsing stayed up higher and told the other two Captains to go to the deck and run the road. Something had seemed strange to him about the wall until the General told him to fly in he would not cross the damn thing. He told the other two birds to follow him over the wall and they all three crossed into Texas and flew directly toward Longview where they would be setting up their main head quarters for the siege on Dallas. He was in about 5 miles and tried to call the General to tell him there weren’t any forces. His radio did not work for some reason or he couldn’t get any body in the main force. He assumed they were still on the other side of the wall and waiting for his report. The static from the radio made his co-pilot wince and he brought the bird to a hover. He called Captain Willy and got an immediate response. “Captain Helsing this is really weird. There aren’t any people anywhere and I don’t even see any vehicles moving. I do see quite a few just sitting on the road way which we are going to have to knock out of the way. Can you reach the General? We just keep getting static. Helsing told him that they were experiencing the same problem. We are going back to see if we can get a line of sight connection. Stay on the alert; something does not seem right in here. He shut down and banked the bird back toward the wall.

They came up on the wall and crossed it but there was no brigade, no vehicles, nothing. He tried to call Captain Willy again and got him. “Damn it all man this is way to strange, The General is gone and the whole force has just disappeared.” He banked his chopper again and flew toward the gates that were still open. The next thing he saw made him almost crash his chopper. As he flew over the gates he saw the vehicles appearing from thin air as they drove through the gates. He came to a hover and watched the entire force drive into Texas through the gates from thin air. He was looking at the far side and couldn’t see anything. General Boudreaux finally came on the radio and didn’t sound too happy. “Where the hell did you go Helsing? Is your damn cloak acting up or something?” Captain Helsing was totally freaked out at what he just witnessed but he answered the General, “no general the cloak shows it working just fine, can you see me?” “Yes damn it I can see you clearly, did you go in further with your cloak off? What about those other two, are they cloaked?” “Yes sir they should be and my cloak is on.” “No it ain’t you moron, something is wrong with it. I am going to stop as soon as the entire group is in and you need to land and tell me what is up ahead.” “Yes sir will do, out.”

On the 35 to the north Brad Thomar lost contact with his commanders and told his Captain to circle back around. The Chopper flew northward and Brad was gaping at the empty bridge. The river was flowing fairly fast as they crossed it and made a turn. “What the hell, where the hell did my force go?” Captain Otto Gruber was at a loss as to where the caravan of military vehicles had gone to. He brought the chopper into a bank and pointed it back at the gates that were wide open on the Texas side and the first tank rolled through from thin air. Brad watched in disbelief as did the pilot and co-pilot. Otto kept the bird in hover mode while they watched the entire force drive through the gate into Texas. The strangeness of the ordeal made Brad think there was some supernatural force at work. They could not see any vehicles on the bridge but they came through the gate from nowhere. Brad was able to contact the Tank commander and told him to lead the group inward until they were all in and then stop. The rest of his choppers were on line now and he began to talk to them about landing with the force. Colonel Greg Marshall finally came on the radio and asked if Brad had experienced the same thing of watching the armor come through the gates from thin air. Brad told him they did and that they all needed to regroup and discuss this phenomenon before going any further into Texas. “We are not seeing any opposition or vehicles, no people, no nothing, what do you make of this General?” Brad had heard the same reports from his choppers that flew further in. “Same over here Colonel, something doesn’t seem right. General Boudreaux has finally reported the same thing happening to him down at the 20. It is time for a powwow before we go any further. Fly down here and Boudreaux is flying up. See you in 30 minutes.”

General Boudreaux had boarded Captain Helsing’s chopper and told him to fly up to the 35 border bridge. He gave orders to his force to line up on the 20 and be ready to move. He told them to be on the alert because this could be a trap by the Texans. Helsing had told two of the choppers that were supposed to be cloaked to fly further in and see what they could find out. 40 minutes later Helsing landed his chopper in a field were Thomar’s entire force was parked and in a standby mode. Louie jumped from the chopper and walked to the small shade structure where General Thomar and Colonel Marshall were setting and discussing what there lead choppers had found. Louie walked in with Captain Helsing and both men sat down. “What do you have so far Brad?” Brad looked at Louie and said “we sent two choppers further in. For some reason beyond our control the cloaking devices do not work so we are venerable but none the less there has been no opposing action against us. Captain Yeltson says there are many vehicles parked on the roads and there seems to be some that have collided with others but there are no signs of people anywhere. We are reluctant to fly too far into Fort Worth or Dallas. I think the Texans may have put all their troops and armor in those two cities and are taunting us to come in.” Louie Boudreaux snickered and said “did you see us come in?” “Yes Louie we did so did you have your cloak on Captain?” “Yes sir we did and it showed that it was working, I do not understand how they are not working but yet show they are.” “Well let’s assume that the Texans have figured out how to nullify our cloaking devices. I suggest we save some energy and turn them off.” They all agreed on that decision.

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Brad Thomar stood and stretched. He turned to Colonel Marshall and said “Colonel, you need to get your force to this town and just below it.” He pointed to the map and a town called Bowie. “Set up the howitzers and space them apart about a mile or so.” He then showed where he intended to set up his group. “I am taking my men and armor to just below Gainesville and spread them out. Louie you said you are going to Longview and spread your howitzers out down there. How much time you need to get them into position?” Louie looked at the points Brad had just outlined and said. “Give me about 1 hour Brad” and with that he told Captain Helsing to relay to his force and get them on the move. “If they encounter any opposition kill them and get set up as we had planned. We will meet them at the designated field of operations.” Helsing left and hurried back to his chopper. Louie looked at the Colonel and Brad and said “we’ll meet you in the ruins of Dallas. I suspect it will take a good day to blast that city and Fort Worth into ruins. The Texans may fire back at us but we surely have the superior fire power so let’s get to it then.” He turned and started walking back to his chopper. Brad looked at Greg and said “Okay Colonel let’s get this show on the road. Let me know what you find in Wichita, this whole thing is giving me the creeps. We could be set up and those Texans could come in from behind and attack us from our rear.” Greg called Major Stickenson and gave him the orders to move out and pay close attention to Wichita and he would meet them in Bowie.

Captain Helsing took the chopper straight down to Longview from the bridge at the 35. Louie could see the tall buildings of Dallas to his west as the chopper made its arc to the east. Something just didn’t seem right to him. There were fires burning in the city and he had not seen any activity in the air or on the ground since they entered the gates on the 20. The air should have had something in it. He had seen the passenger jets in the air when they had left from Shreveport but the sky was empty now except for his choppers. They were flying around checking out the many small towns and cities and reporting that there weren’t any vehicles moving on the roads. The only vehicles that they saw were on the road standing still or off to the side. One chopper pilot did see some dead people lying beside a vehicle and requested a landing to investigate. Louie was suspicious and wanted to see for himself so the coordinance was given and Helsing swung the chopper toward the destination. The big force of tanks and trucks and howitzers had reached Longview and the staging area and had reported that they had to move a number of abandoned vehicles off the road. They saw some dead bodies in the vehicles as they moved them. Helsing brought the chopper in over the area where the bodies were spotted and hovered. Two other birds reported in and said they had found some dead bodies lying on a road and some off to the side. Helsing landed the chopper about 100 feet from the vehicle and the bodies. He shut the rotor down and let it rest in standby. Louie was getting ready to jump from the chopper when another call came in from a small city. They reported they were seeing quite a few bodies lying in the streets and along the store fronts. Louie stayed in the chopper and waited until the reports were complete and said “Something is really strange here, get me Brad. Nobody is to get to close to the dead people until we can figure out what might have killed them.

Greg Marshall and his pilot began to see the dead bodies when they flew over Wichita in a lower altitude. The bodies were lying in the street and on the sidewalks and they began to see them lying next to vehicles. There was a fire burning in a big warehouse and no one was tending to it. Greg told His pilot to find the nearest hospital and Captain Licker flew in a low pattern looking for one. It wasn’t long before they found one and it looked as if every ambulance in the city had converged on the damn place. Greg’s intuition kicked in bigger then and the Co-pilot yelled. “LOOK AT THAT, WHAT THE HELL?” Licker banked the chopper and brought it in lower and they all saw a huge pile of dead bodies lying in a big parking lot. It looked like someone had been piling the bodies there and someone had also started to pile combustible materials on the bodies. Greg told his pilot to get away from this place. And Captain Licker did not hesitate to raise the bird and take it to the east. Greg called General Thomar and began to tell him what they were finding.

General Brad Thomar was looking at the heaps of dead bodies in various places; one pile was burning with combustible materials piled on it. Gainesville appeared to be a dead city. They had not noticed these piles of bodies until they flew lower and then they became recognizable. Brad’s mind was running roller coasters and he could not stop the nightmare he was seeing. He knew they were going to kill a lot of people with their shelling today but this was eerie and it made him want to leave Texas and never come back. Something had happened here that caused the people to die in mass and apparently in a short amount of time. Captain Otto Gruber received a call from Captain Johnson who said they had landed near a clinic or something that looked like it had a large group of emergency vehicles parked close by. Brad heard the call and jumped from his seat and told Gruber, “Tell him to get off the ground and away from that place. There is something that is killing or has killed these people, Tell him to get out of this city and head south. We will meet at our field of operation.” Captain Johnson and his co pilot had exited their chopper for a few minutes to investigate and hurried back when they saw the dead bodies. He heard the call to get away from this place and raised his chopper. He was banking away from the clinic when his eyesight began to wobble; he felt a tingling in his legs first then his entire body. He turned to see his co pilot cough up blood and felt the burning through out his body and then he began to cough up blood. The burning pain in his body made him push the joy stick forward and the chopper nose dived into the ground at a speed that made it explode into a fireball.

Major Mick O’Brien had been placed in charge of brigade of vehicles and men while General Boudreaux flew up to meet with General Thomar. When he got to the order to move the column to Longview he immediately moved out. There were some complaints that a few men were complaining about feeling nausea. He disregarded them as there were always those when they were entering a battle zone. The drive to Longview was not that far and he was looking forward to getting the howitzers set up to shell the hell out of Dallas. When they reached the staging area that was just east of Longview he had the vehicles split up and disburse into the semi arc that had been planned. He was feeling a bit odd him self by now and grabbed his seltzer bottle to calm his nerves. The closer they got to Longview, the more men began to complain about numbness in their limbs and then some began to cough up blood and died. The medics began to rush around to treat the ill men but it was too late they died in agony and then the medics began to die also in the same way. Word reached O’Brien as he was having a hard time standing up. His legs seemed to have become numb. The man that had brought the word coughed up blood in front of him and screamed in agony as he fell to the ground. O’Brien’s last sight was a group of men dieing around him as he began to scream in agony with a horrible burning sensation through out his body.

Captain Helsing and his co-pilot had stayed in the chopper the whole time since they had left the meeting up north with General Thomar. General Louie Boudreaux had almost got off the chopper since then but refrained and now sat in the cabin seat looking out at his armor set up in such a perfect arc to shell Dallas. He had not been able to contact Major O’Brien or any other officers on the ground. Captain Helsing was in contact with two choppers. The other 5 were missing. They did find one that had crashed and was burning in a heap of metal. Louie tried to contact Brad Thomar but only received static. As they flew over his great little army he could see the dead soldiers lying next to the vehicles. Helsing had asked if he wanted to land but Louie knew there was a deadly out of control disease in the Nation of Texas and it was killing humans and perhaps all life at a very quick rate. He had no idea who would have created; let alone loose something as devastating as this. His army was dead. He couldn’t contact Brad and as far as he knew the man could be dead also. His mind fell into the complete defeat of his hero Napoleon Bonaparte at the battle of Waterloo in 1815. Funny he thought how history repeats itself in so many different ways. This had become his Waterloo. He came out of his reverie and told the Captain to fly back to Shreveport, “There is nothing more for us in this god forsaken land. Our army is destroyed and we have nothing.” Captain Helsing was feeling a bit woozy himself but he banked the chopper around and headed east toward Shreveport. He called the other two pilots and told them to follow. An hour later, Helsing brought the chopper into Shreveport and found a place to land. The city looked abandoned. He was feeling nauseated as the chopper sat down. He unbuckled and stood up to get out. His co pilot coughed up blood and began to scream while trying to unbuckle himself. He stumbled into the rear cabin as Louie was opening the side hatch. As he moved to the open hatch he had watched the General fall out and hit the ground. The man turned over and tried to get up but was writhing in horrible pain and coughing up blood. Helsing watched him die and then fell from the bird and felt the horrible burning while he coughed up blood and then died. The fires burned for many years in the dead city of Shreveport as a few people survived underground until their oxygen supply ran out.

General Brad Thomar sat in the rear cabin of the chopper as Captain Gruber flew over his armored force. Half of his entire force had made it to a point 10 miles south of Gainesville and there the vehicles sat with no human personnel to operate any of it. Brad saw the dead bodies and knew the disease or whatever it was had taken them all. Colonel Greg Marshall had made a final call to him earlier and told him that the other half of his force had stopped just out of Wichita and were in a perfect line on the road. It looked as if all the personnel had died as quick as all the other people in this nation, or so he assumed. He was the only chopper left out of the four that came with this group. Brad told him to go back to Oklahoma and the base and he would meet him there. That was the last transmission he had with him. He told Gruber to head back to the base. This has become a deadly encounter with Texas and as Boudreaux would say, this is our Waterloo Gruber.” Gruber banked the chopper into the west and come back around to head north. He was not feeling to good when they crossed the Red River and half way to the base he coughed up blood and began to scream. He jerked around so violently that he knocked the joy stick forward and the chopper took a violent nose dive into the side of a small hill. Brad saw his last as he was trying to move the captain off the stick. The Chopper exploded into a million little pieces when it hit the hill side. The fire burned into the night but there was no life force to watch it or run from it or stop it. The biological strains of cells that had been created by two scientists in an underground base below a now abandoned airport with a lot of dead people were burned out of existence with the crash.

In the underground city/base the two scientists that created the end of the world scenario committed suicide as their emperor began to shoot the only survivors they knew of. Before they took the poison that would kill them they unleashed the biological strain into the city and the tunnel systems that connected many other underground bases. The mad man that called himself the Emperor or world king had unleashed the biological agents into the air and of course they thrived on the air of the world and spread exponentially as they grew by the trillions. Such is the dimension that came to be known as “the dead dimension” although it still has one life form that thrives. Such is the universe and its infinite ways.


“Xishum Stra’ had taken awhile to understand the words “nuclear” and when he did he knew this earthling was going to destroy this world. His kind did this very thing a few hundred time spans earlier to their planet and it was still rejuvenating itself. They had nearly blown the planet to pieces before that war was stopped. He was not going to let this earthling destroy this planet and decided to wait for the right moment to destroy him. Vinnie pulled the van into the garage and walked to the intercom. He called Dan Lerner to get some help to move his trunks and Whisky. The intercom was dead. He swore out loud after a few tries. Damnit these things should be checked regularly he thought. He used his special key pad on the fob and opened the door into the corridor. As he walked the corridor to the control room he couldn’t help notice it did not seem to be in the place it usually was. The walls seemed to be solid and he continued to walk. He finally came to the elevator that would take him to the 1st basement level and up to the main causeway of the airport. He stopped and turned around. Where in the hell is the control room he thought. He turned around and began to walk back toward the parking garage. There were only two doors down here he knew of and he hadn’t seen either one other than the door into the parking garage.”

Re: Story of fiction and fantasy and science fiction

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by LostNFound




Vinnie Crumholtz, The current Emperor OF AMERICA sat behind his big desk in the palace office as he was calling it now, and read the reports that had finally come to him from his SS agents. It was the 16th of May in the year of 2039 and he was having a hard time believing all the losses he suffered since his decision to attack the Nation of Texas. In fact he was taking stock of all the losses he had suffered the past 4 years and he knew that he could go back a few more years beside that. He had struggled so hard before he declared himself the Emperor. The old US Government was completely corrupt and that had paved the way for him. After his brother had got him elected as a senator, he had to kill him to keep his secret of taking over the government secure until the right moment; he coerced a good part of the congress, both houses to go along with him. He had learned how to blackmail all of them through their corrupt, criminal activities against the people of the country. Prior to setting off the suitcase nuke, he chose just a few of them to go with him to Denver. They were all with him and it took a while to set everything up in Denver. The current president and the two that were in line to take over never knew what was coming. Vinnie had weaseled his way into the fourth position and when the nuke destroyed the Whitehouse and congress, him and 25 of his closest associates where having a conference in Denver. He was given the power through the continuity of government rules and became the interim president. He declared Martial law and began to round up dissenters using the already militarized police force. He began to abolish the other branches of the military and consolidate them into one force that was called the Imperial ARMY and soon enough he abolished the Constitution and then set up his own Government that consisted of the police, the Army and his secret service people. The alphabet soup agencies were consolidated into one force called the SS. He declared himself the Emperor based on the old Roman civilization and his 25 senators became just like the Senate of Rome.

The ensuing Civil War lasted a few years and a few million Americans died, including his own police and military. The gorilla fighting began and the patriots went underground and out right civil war slowed down and became small urban fights and small skirmishes that killed more of his minions than the patriots. It was as if the Patriots saw the only way to fight the Emperor was through low level gorilla warfare. So the country settled down and the ordinary citizens suffered the unlawful actions of the police and military as they saw fit to kill or put them in prison which was more of a Gulag style system. Vinnie knew he couldn’t take all the weapons from the citizens so he just made it against the law to own a weapon and guns were only taken when the police raided in small groups. The ARMY was so consolidated they did not get involved in going after people with weapons so the black market started up again for weapons and grew to enormity. Vinnie demolished his Navy which many said was a huge mistake and began to pay the Maritime security forces for shipping and protection. The world wide Corporation of Maritime Security virtually controlled the oceans and China was pushed into their own ports with the big naval ships. They could not compete with the world wide Maritime Security. protection because Maritime had taken all the big carriers and battle ships and other sea going military vessels and left the big cargo container ships to continue moving commodities. For heavy prices they offered their protection to any company that shipped goods and commodities on the oceans. It wasn’t long before another corporation entered the scene calling themselves Neptune’s Navy and seemed to have access to a large fleet of old style naval and Coast Guard vessels. They began to offer services at lower rates and soon enough had taken control of part of the shipping lanes and ports. They made compacts with the Maritime Security forces and both operated the oceans and seas of the world. This all happened in the 20’s and the world settled into an uneasy compromise of living. The Mexicans began their war against the US and that was hot. Vinnie had to send many of his military factions to fight the skirmish. In 2024, the Chinese began to invade Australia and there was a short war on that land through 2025. The Chinese were beat back and retreated. It was 2033 that they tried to attack the small islands and surrounding US held territory and Vinnie began to build up his ARMY and all the military equipment he could commandeer. He almost emptied his banks to pay for the transportation of his very large force to China. He had decided to invade them before they invaded the US and the Maritime Security force charged untold billions to take the Emperor’s Army to China.

Vinnie’s thoughts were rolling around in his head. He had made to many mistakes when it came to his military. He never should have sent his bigger part of the Army to China. All of his air force fighter jets, bombers and transports were sent and destroyed along with over half of his field army and armor. He had grossly underestimated the Chinese and their many years of buildup with their own military. His last blunder with the force overseas was to not pay the Maritime Security force to get what was left of his army back to US soil. He had counted on that force to invade Texas and take that entire nation back into his land. He lost two large divisions along with a lot of armor and planes that were on the big ships as they were sunk by Submarines that the Maritime Security force failed to count for. If he would have had enough currency to pay for the fuel of the planes, he would have done so and they could have flown back from that disaster of a war. As it was he had to bankrupt his bigger accounts to pay the Maritime to ship them back. Money or currency was not like the old days where they could just print a bunch of paper up and say they had trillions to spend. He did not get to inherit that when he became Emperor. He only got what was in the coffers which were trillions but it ran out without any replenishing. The President he had killed had destroyed the central banking system before he could gain control. The Civil War had cost him to much and the gold or metals that was suppose to back the currency was stolen and blown up during those few years of devastation to the country. Another blunder on his behalf, to take for granted the money would never run out. He underestimated the veracity of the patriots and that cost him dearly.

Just in the past few years he had lost a host of underground research and experimentation bases. It seemed that someone could read his mind and knew where to strike. He had sent spies and secret Service men and groups out to catch whoever it might be that was giving his secrets away. He had shot many that he thought were plotting against him. The General that had conspired to plant nuclear weapons on the fault lines, he did not know where the man got the nuclear bombs but it didn’t matter, if the plan would have worked he would be king of the world and that is all he could think about at the time. That all went sideways and he suffered many odd happenings in his office and on the palace grounds which were still visible. He lost many experiments that would enhance his army and he could do away with the infallibility of human soldiers. All of this went up in smoke or disappeared into vapors around his feet. He was almost blown to bits by two of those Nuclear bombs only to find out later that they were non workable. He managed to pull in a short brigade of 4 and a half battalions of soldiers along with armored battle tanks and other light armored vehicles to guard his palace. He kept about 18 choppers of which none were equipped with the cloaking devices so he kept them on the main inner defense of the palace grounds with the personnel to operate them. He had walls built around the outer perimeter and kept a full battalion plus on the grounds. There were barracks erected for these troops and other facilities to accommodate them and some of them lived on the outside as spies to alert the main force of any major attacks. He knew that time would tell when he would be attacked and with all the losses he experienced it was coming closer.

His big blunder to attack Texas was coming home to roost. General Thomar, General Boudreaux and the traitor General Harchall had all told him that attacking Texas at this time would not be good and he would probably lose. He should have listened to the experienced Generals but his Ego was too overwhelming and besides he was the Emperor and he could do what he wanted anytime and anywhere. The INTEL he had received already did not quell his anger. In fact it only made it worse. Major Cramer had been a good loyal man but a bit brash and his death and the capture of the I-40 fort made his stomach ach and he had to drink his Jack Daniels straight from the bottle. When he heard about the Texico station being destroyed he drank more and the message that General Harchall had deserted made him throw up from to much booze and not enough food. That was 5 days ago now and he still hadn’t heard any more news. He had called that Colonel who lived in that control station in the tunnel and told him to prepare to fire one of the missiles. He was going to give him a coordinance that would land the missile in the middle of Houston Texas. He had been packing some stuff up to take into the underground base below the DIA and the time was getting shorter. He was waiting for word from Sanchez to send Thomar and Boudreaux in. He stood up and stretched and walked to his liquor cabinet to fetch another bottle of the scotch when his office door buzzed. He hurried to his desk and pushed the button to open the door. Two generals walked in and came to his desk. They stood at attention until he told them to sit.

General Heil Moab and General Ustus Pile both did not want to have to tell their Emperor the news they had finally received from the recon force they had sent through New Mexico and down to the now abandoned Carlsbad base. The news about General Thomar and his base was even more devastating and certainly a mystery as well as the empty base in Shreveport. They had agreed that Moab would be the one to give the news and if the Emperor pulled his pistol as he seemed to do during bad news reports, they would pull theirs and back themselves out of his office and find a way to disappear. They were not going to let the little toad, as everyone called him these days, shoot them. Vinnie looked at the two generals and had never seen them before. He finally spoke, “Which one of you is going to tell me some good news?” Heil Moab swallowed hard and said “Your Excellency, There is no good news these days. We had a recon team fly down to where that No nuke fort was and it doesn’t exist.” Vinnie took that news without saying a word and didn’t jump up and yell he just looked at the General and said “so tell me general did it get blown up or what?” “No your Excellency, It does not exist, the ground is bare and looks like it has always been natural.” Vinnie took that in and said “so what news do we have of General Sanchez then?” General Pile took this one thinking that Moab shouldn’t give all the bad news. “The Carlsbad base is abandoned and is being dismantled by the people of the city. There is no sign of any personnel or vehicles anywhere on that base. However, our men did find burning piles of what looked like a couple of howitzers and a few tanks at two locations. The third location they saw a large crew of construction workers rebuilding a wall. They did not want to violate the Texas air space and even saw what could be some military personnel.” General Sanchez is nowhere to be found and there is no communication from anyone down there.”

Vinnie had listened to all of this INTEL and was seething on the inside but he poured himself another glass full of whisky and took a big swig. “Well is that all gentlemen?” Both Generals were silent for a moment until Vinnie raised his voice and said “IS THAT ALL GENTLEMEN?” The two men jumped and Moab spoke up this time. “No your Excellency, We are afraid that General Thomar and General Boudreaux are missing completely. Both of their bases are empty and when our men landed, they could find no sign that anyone had been there for a few days. The power is still on and there are civilian vehicles parked on the bases but there are no personnel or any military vehicles of any kind including any choppers. It is that way for both bases your Excellency.” Vinnie looked at these two men and took another swig of his whisky. “So your telling me that the No Nuke Fort doesn’t exist and that Sanchez is gone, poof just disappeared and you are also telling me that General Thomar and General Boudreaux have all disappeared and all the men and armor and choppers they had are also gone, disappeared? Is that about the size of it, gentlemen?” Both generals said “yes sir” at the same time. Vinnie had half a glass of whisky and gulped it down in one swift motion. He grabbed the bottle on his desk and took another big swig from it and threw it at General Moab. The General dodged it as it flew by him and hit the floor beyond the couch. Vinnie stood up and the two men stood with him. “You two are going to go down to Thomar’s base and Boudreaux’s base and get me some damn answers. I did not tell them to make a move into Texas yet and here you are telling me that they are gone. Get you butts in gear and find out, you got 24 hours and then this is all going to end. You hear me? Now get out and don’t contact me until you got the right answers.” The generals backed out of the Emperor’s office and proceeded to almost run down the hall to the elevator. Once in the elevator Moab looked at Pile and said “what do you suppose that freak means when he says “this is all going to end”?” General Pile looked back and said, “I don’t know for sure but did you hear the screeching coming from him. It was not human I tell you and as for coming back here I am not going to do that Heil. The black cloud around that thing in there has got me plenty spooked.” Heil Moab agreed with that and he had decided too not come back also.

Xishum Stra’ aka Vinnie moved to his liquor cabinet and took another bottle out. He looked at his store of whiskey and went back to his desk. Being in an earthling body was very strange but he had taken on the mission to begin the infiltration of the earthling race and so he must adapt until the main force arrived. He and the few hundreds of his species that had arrived after a very long voyage had managed to seed themselves into the main leaders of this world. He called the earthling named Sandy Klotz and asked her to come to his office. The time had arrived for him to begin moving his stuff to that underground city. Sandy Klotz knocked on the door and he buzzed her in. “Good, will you get agent Munsford and his two lieutenants to help you. I want this liquor cabinet emptied and stored in my van in the parking garage. Use the back elevator and take those two big trunks in the other room and load them up also. When your done I will be in the apartment above and you can call and tell me. I might have some other things.” He turned and moved to the private elevator that went up to his suite while Sandy called agent Munsford and told him to bring agents Lane and Peters to the Emperor’s office.

Vinnie/ Xishum Stra’ reached his suite and used the key pad to enter. He went directly to his small radio room and turned on his crypto machine. He typed in the code and number to call the Colonel again. He had already called him once to tell him to get prepared and now he was going to tell him to set a countdown of 48 hours and send him the coordinance where he wanted the first missile to hit. He waited for the Colonel to verify his call sign and nothing happened. There was no beeping or blinking light or nothing. He tried again and got the same result, nothing. What the hell? He thought. His next call was to the men that watched the elevator to the underground base and also roamed the airport for any strange folks. He put in the code and dialed the number for Dan Lerner. He waited and nothing happened, He tried again and got the same result. No one was answering him and he was not even getting a static sound. It was weird to him. He left the radio room and moved to his special survival bags. He picked them up and moved back to his private elevator.