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Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 8:55 pm
by LostNFound
The elevator door on the second basement floor opened just as Alice and Justin disappeared through the very blank door with a sign above it stating that it was a utility closet. Herman Trovsky was the first to step out while Hedda and her 5 additional secret service agents followed. “We have to traverse the corridor to reach the elevator that goes to the parking garage.” Herman told them as he began to walk the corridor. “I would suggest some of you take the stairs because if there are enemy soldiers down there they will be guarding the elevator.” What about the stairwell, Mr. Trovsky?” “Well now Agent Blackwell, we have the capability to shut down the alarm systems for both the elevator and the stairs so whoever is down there will not know we are coming until those doors open. I can even shut down the floor gage on the elevator so surprise is on our side. I would suggest you all are ready to empty your weapons when those doors open and as for the stairs. You crawl down there and wait for the elevator to open and the shooting to start which should draw any attention away from the stairs.” The group of 7 minions reached the elevator and stairwell that would take them to the parking garage. Herman opened the panel on the wall that would allow him to operate the doors and alarms and used the keys and artificial eye to set everything in motion. He knew about the secret stair to the secret room but was not going to tell any of the agents. The two agents that knew about the room and stairs were dead now. That particular room held all the triggers for the gas and other nasty things he could use to take out the intruders if they existed. He was going to get all the agents on their way and go take the secret stairs.

Justin reached the parking structure and told the teams that someone was coming down from the main palace. Jacks first response was to station his men at the elevators and stairs. Tamara and Janice both knew this would not turn out very well. Tamara asked where Alice was and Justin told her that she went up to the next floor to check it out. She talked with Janice and then told Jack and Keegan to gather the men and take what they could carry and go up the secret stairs. They needed to get up to the 1st basement floor at least and get into a good defense position. The teams went into action swiftly and began to move up the stairs. Justin led the way and they climbed the stairs. Both teams had passed the lower basement landing well before Herman unlocked the secret door and entered the stairwell. He was going to set up the chemical gas to flood the parking garage. Xisherma Sqie’/Herman Trovsky had told Xerkshaz Shee’ to take the stairs and hang back. The other pod compatriots were expendable. Xishum Stra’ had told him that he and Shee’’ needed to eliminate the entire enemy and the agents and seal the garage and both basement floors. The elimination of the Gyyuuummphers was to begin on this Xzame. There would be an elimination of pod compatriot that could not be helped but the outcome would allow the Xzanturs to be free from the worms for the first time in millennia. They could then conquer the human race and from this planet could expand into this galaxy and begin to conquer and create their new empire.

Herman/Sqie’ entered the secret room and knew something was wrong. He moved to the one way windows and noticed the vehicles but no life forms. As he scanned the room he began to turn on the gas system but something was screaming in his mind about the absence of humans and the Emperors minions. He turned on the cameras and began to scope the entire garage. There were no life signs and the doors that sealed off the tunnels from the external areas were wide open. His mind was spinning with questions when the elevator doors opened and the agents began spraying bullets into the empty space. He watched in amazement as the bullets ricocheted off the empty vehicles and then the stairwell door opened and more firing commenced. It was all surreal as he reached down to release the gas. He failed to see the open door to the secret room into the parking garage and one of the ricocheting bullets caught his human body in the chest which caused him to fall against the button to release the gas. He tried to abandon the human but it was too late and the Gyyuuummphers in his brain also tried to abandon his brain. Both vehicles exploded in a fiery blast that mixed with the gas and caused a nastier conflagration. The human body Sqie’ was in was set on fire and the gas engulfed him. The Gyyuuummphers screeched through his mouth and the human as they all became non existent. The agents in the elevator were engulfed and died a horrible death as the agents in the stairwell were burned and gassed to death. Xerkshaz Shee’ had stayed almost a flight of steps up but caught the gas as it flamed upward through the opening. She turned and struggled to climb the stairs to get away but the gas caused the skin of the human to melt away. She tried to escape the human carcass and fell away at the last moment. She lay on the stairs, crumpled and the worm crawled from her ear but was consumed with the fiery gas as it flamed its way upward in the stairwell

The first basement directly under the ground floor of the palace was very eerie when Alice stepped through the non-descript door. There was no one in sight in the corridor but she could hear voices coming from the far end of the corridor or so she assumed. She knew the teams would be coming up the secret stairs very soon so she needed to make sure this floor was clear or as clear as could be. She could handle a few and send them to a distant place for now. It was the alien symbiotics that gave her the willies because they had figured out how to detect the awakened humans. She was not sure what they could do but the thought of one of them invading her brain and gaining control did not bode well in any sense of the word. When she was very little she had been covered by worms that had bit her. This traumatic experience had been buried deep within her being and she still had not been able to have a healing experience from that trauma. The invasion of the symbiotics had caused her to be on edge and this was cause for concern to her because she could become vulnerable to being invaded. As she thought about this she levitated and floated the corridor toward the voices.

Justin made his way up the stairs ahead of the teams. He told Tamara and Janice that Alice would need help and left quickly. He also told them that they needed to hurry up the stairs because there was an alien that would be coming down from the floor above soon. When Justin entered the corridor, he remained invisible and could hear the voices coming from somewhere in the corridor. He knew that Alice was already close to those voices and he hurried to meet up with her. He was worried for her because he knew about her early mental and physical experience with worms. He had witnessed her agitation with the symbiotics that lived inside the Xzanturs and she had telepathically talked with him about worms and how they gave her the creeps. She had told him how she could be galvanized if confronted directly by the symbiotics. So far she had been able to send the host body that held the symbiotic to a place that destroyed both the host and the symbiotic. As he flew down the corridor he knew that if one of these worms succeeded in invading Alice and controlling her being it would not be good for the human race. These alien beings were able to learn very quickly and could create a major defense against the Haven folk and others that were transcending into the new open minded humans.

The elevator door stood open at the end of the corridor and to the left side was an opening into a large room. Justin stopped and looked at the small group of humans that surrounded Alice. They all seemed to be talking to each other and at Alice. He could see that she was frozen and visible. The humans, that Justin knew were inhabited by the aliens seemed to be very leery as they pressed closer to Alice. He knew that they knew that she could make them all go away with just a touch. They did not seem to know that she could send them away by just thinking. However there seemed to be something wrong with her and the circle of humans. He wanted to move into the room and make these aliens go away. He started to move when one of the humans turned and looked straight at him and started to screech with his finger pointed directly at him. Justin watched as all the humans turned toward him and the fish aliens began to step out of the human bodies. The loud bang and the jolt to his body took him by surprise. As he fell backwards, he watched in a surrealistic scene as the humans began to shoot the fish aliens.

A short time earlier, Alice had reached the same opening into the room and watched the 6 humans as they stood around talking about the elimination of the symbiotic race of worms. Alice could see the Xzanturs clearly inside the human bodies and wondered at the clear insurrection talk screeching from these beings. She knew that the worms lived in the Xzanturs brains but apparently the aquatics could somehow separate themselves from the worms. This confirmed her suspicions that the aquatics were not as controlled as the humans would be when a worm entered them directly. She was still invisible but sensed an exposure feeling while standing in the corridor and watching these three part beings discuss the destruction of one of them. One of the humans did not seem to be participating with the others and turned directly toward her. She felt a tingling in her mind and became frozen with fear. Her mind was filled with worms crawling on her and entering her mouth and ears. She became visible and slowly walked into the room. The one human that appeared to be forcing the mental nightmare on her began to move closer as the others stopped screeching and formed a circle around her. None of them dared to approach within touching distance to her, yet she could not use her mind to make the one stop its continuous invasion of pure physical, as she thought, onslaught of worms covering her body. She watched in abject fear as these beings began to close the circle around her. She finally felt the presence of love from Justin and tried to call out to him in the mind when the world around her turned into a fire storm. She felt a great pain from Justin and then everything became quiet.

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Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 8:58 pm
by LostNFound
Ian had stepped into time just as the bullet entered Justin’s chest and caught the boy as he fell backward. Justin looked at the bright light as he left his corporeal body to enter back into the no-time. Ian laid the empty body down and saw the aquatics die in a firestorm of bullets. He stood up and walked toward the humans that were doing the shooting and began to make them disappear to places where the corporeal bodies would disintegrate and the worm aliens that controlled them became non-existent. The one human that was completely controlled by the worm lost its mind control over Alice and turned its mind toward the taller child that had just entered the room and made all his herd cells disappear. The blank wall his mind came up against made him shrink back with fear. The last thing he ever knew was the face of a pure light being as he fell completely apart into single incoherent cells. The human body that he had inhabited and had fed on the pineal gland crumpled to the floor and lay inert. Ian could see that the spirit and soul of the corporeal body were non-existent and turned to Alice, she had moved to the body of Justin. She knew that the spirit and soul were no longer in the corporeal body but she mourned for him anyway. Ian could feel the loss and sorrow emanating from her. She was on the verge of blaming herself for Justin’s demise so Ian came to her and took her into the no-time and dream healing place. She stood next to a bed and looked at Justin. He opened his eyes and smiled. I see that you are alright, I am very glad. I was quite worried that you would be inhabited by one of those worm things. Alice smiled and started to sit down when Justin hopped from the bed and took her hand. Come, you must see something and there is a healing that you need to undertake. Alice began to laugh as her and Justin began to skip through the hallways and out into a meadow. Justin told her that he was going to go back and would be the same age as when he left but he had to go through the haven first. Alice understood all these things and now she could see much more clearly. She and Justin spent a long time together and she finally confronted the fears she had locked away as a baby in another time. Ian finally came to her and told her it was the moment for her to go back. She told Justin that she would look for him and turned just as Tamara and Janice along with the other team members walked into the big room.

Tamara hurried to Ian and hugged him. Janice could see the bright light emanating from this tall young man, it made her feel very safe and secure. The other team members gathered into the room and looked at the carnage of the fish aliens. Jack and Keegan looked at Alice and Ian both with questions flowing from their being. Ian began to speak. “There is an insurrection and genocidal movement between the Xzanturs and the Gyyuuummphers-Ichees species. The Xzanturs were inhabited by the Gyyuuummphers-Ichees many thousands of years ago when the worm species escaped from their alternate Universe that they managed to destroy.” The team had heard some information about these invaders but there were many blank spots as to who these aliens really were and where they had come from. They knew that the worms lived in the fish aliens symbiotically and assumed that the worms were in control. “You all may have been told that the Gyyuuummphers actually controlled the Xzanturs but that is not the truth. The worms, as they have become to be known as could never control the Xzanturs like they can with us humans. The Xzanturs allowed the worms to live in their brains symbiotically because the worms had the same goals or imperial ideas as the Xzanturs and actually traded their superior knowledge for a safe place to live. Be that as it may, the relationship was always filled with jealousy and wants to control completely. The Gyyuuummphers managed to destroy an entire universe and see this universe as becoming their complete slaver system. They do learn at extraordinary speeds and have bided their time which does not seem to be an issue with their long lives. They waited while the Xzanturs expanded and waged war on their quadrant and even tried to control another species that was similar to the human race.”

Ian could see that telling the entire story of these aliens would take too long at this time. He decided to give them enough to fight with for now because the Palace had become infested with both aliens and the war had become quite explosive within and without. “The Xzanturs’s system has been destroyed and now they have arrived here to take over. There is one ship in a very distant orbit from earth and there were many more on their way but that has changed due to a community of space faring civilizations. As it is known now, the Gyyuuummphers have plotted to leave the Xzanturs for a much better species that they can be compatible with and fully control.’ “The human race has presented that opportunity to them and so they are in the process of destroying the Xzanturs as they move into the humans solely by themselves. The Xzanturs have decided to also inhabit the humans solely independent from the worms and so they are at war with each other as well as with the humans on this planet.” Janice asked if there were any other tell tale signs they could utilize to recognize the inhabited humans and by which alien. Ian told the teams that as for now the one sign they had of the Xzanturs being inside a human was the dark aura and of course the voice dissonance. “The Gyyuuummphers are almost undetectable until you come within a certain distance to the human they have taken control of. It is imperative that none of you become inhabited by these worm aliens. They are highly intelligent and have discovered how to detect any of you within a certain distance. It is not know yet just how far that distance is and if they have extended it by now. It is your pineal gland they want and they will feed on that and your brains for a very long time. It is a concerned thought that these aliens seek to replace the human souls and spirits with their own existence of herd mentality as worms. It has been discovered that once they inhabit a human directly this process happens quite rapidly and the human is lost and cannot be saved or retrieved once the worm is removed.”

Ian looked at the two teams and knew that Tamara, Alice and Janice were almost fully open minded, as for the team members, some of them had been given keys to open doors in their minds but for now they were limited. The upper floors of the Palace had become infested with both aliens and there was fighting going on now as these two species fought to gain control. The military minions that surrounded the palace in all three or four lines of defense had also become infested but they were fighting the patriots also so the mass conflagration was growing. He was needed in many places now as well as the other children of the bus and the folks of the haven. It seemed that there had been much more of these aliens on that one ship and they had been dispersed over the world in mass. A lot of folks are wondering just what may happen if more of those ships get through and are able to disperse more of these aliens. Ian was on his way to find others and see if this war had broken out on those ships. The Gyyuuummphers did not have humans to live in on the ships so he could not be sure what was happening as they traveled through the stars. “I am needed elsewhere for now so you will have to get through as best you can. Your main goal is to stop the Emperor. He has been inhabited by the Xzanturs who carry the Gyyuuummphers. He may have already lost one but it is sure that he will be very dangerous with either one controlling him, as his own mind was full of very bad and devious ways.” Ian looked at Tamara, Alice and Janice, nodded once and disappeared.

The teams stood in the corridor in front of the elevator and the stairway door that led to the 1st floor above them. The had explored the entire 1st basement floor for another way into the palace above but came up with zero as for stairs or elevator. The consensus was not to take either one of these because it would be or could be like walking into a meat grinder, knowing that the worms could detect them very easily now. They all could be invisible with the use of the dispance cloaks but that would be useless against the worms. They figured they might have a 50/50 chance to get out of either one of the stairs or elevator as long as one of the worm aliens wasn’t in a human or even still in one of the Xzanturs. That chance came down to how it used to be prior to this damn war the worms and fish had started between one another. Buck sergeant Carrie Newman and Agent Dan Killard walked up the corridor to the team and stopped. Newman asked if anyone had found another way to get to the floor above but it was clear that no had as of yet. “Dan and I think we might have found a way that will get us on that floor without being murdered in this elevator or those stairs.”

Jack and Keegan both turned and said “Sergeant Newman, if you got a way, lets hear it, we are running out of time.” “Okay then, Dan and I checked out the duct system and think we may be able to get above through the duct work and come out through a grill. We will have to do a bit of exploring but we are pretty sure we can do that. It might be tight but it seems to be the only way at this point. Tamara and Alice both stepped forward and volunteered to do the exploring. They figured they were the smallest and could move quicker to find the shortest way and best exit. Carrie and Dan led them all to the easiest place to enter the ducts and they searched around and actually found a ladder that could be placed under the service opening. Tamara and Alice just floated up and entered. The ladder was placed but they all seemed to have the jet belts with the dispance cloaks. They decided to use the ladder anyway. They had to leave some of their gear behind but made sure they had the essentials that would be needed to fight and survive; the rest of it was stored in a utility closet.

Tamara and Alice had floated inside the duct system until they began to hear voices and explored what was in the rooms above. They found an empty room with a grill that could be gotten through and marked it. They managed to find two other empty rooms with large enough grills and created a holographic map. It was less than an hour later that the teams had split up into equal groups and stood in the empty rooms. Tamara and Alice had found some surveillance camera’s and disabled them to appear still in operation. One room was a utility closet and communication was by telepathy now that they were out of the basements. They were in the Palace and the next plan was to stealthily make their way to the Emperor’s main office on the 5th floor. Jack and Keegan knew that they would not be able to get through this labyrinth without some major distraction so Alice made the choice to get beyond the palace and defense lines to give information to the artillery commanders to begin shooting into the inner lines. They were already smacking into the outer rectangle defenses. This would be the final assault on this creepy dictator’s world and the aliens that controlled him.

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by LostNFound

Alice had moved to a window in the empty room. She was going to twist into the no-time and come back into time at the head quarters located in the old school house at Fort Lupton. That would be the most secure and easy way for her to get orders to the artillery commanders. Her curiosity to inspect the battle zones however, caused her to choose a different course. She knew the worms could detect her but it was at a certain distance. She became invisible and stepped through the window as she shot straight up. She flew up for almost a mile before coming to a halt. She could see the smoke and the explosions from artillery shells hitting specific targets. The patriots were shelling the outer ring only and targeting the Emperors heavy artillery that was shooting at anything. The minions, for some reason were not shooting directly at the patriot’s artillery but rather were in the process of destroying the urban and suburban areas where the people live. This is how the Emperor and his minions always seemed to operate. Destroy the people to maintain control. This is how it has always been but she knew this was going to change finally. The people, the human race as well as the animal kingdoms and the plant life, in fact the entire mother earth genome was changing to harmonize. She could see the entire rectangle of the outer ring and how it appeared to be on fire. As she looked outward, she could see the urban and suburban areas on fire also and it gave her great sorrow to see it all.

The time to strike inward had arrived. The war for freedom had been slowly moving forward and then the aliens showed up and the war for the human race’s survival became the biggest priority. The world of awakened humans was beginning to take out the dictatorship governments and the Alien invasion slowly became exposed and the war became intense. The humans had been infested very deviously and the death toll grew exponentially. Alice could see what was happening here in Denver with the creepy dictator of the United States and could only catch snippets of what was going on around the world. She watched the flames of Denver and it’s out skirts and entered the no-time and back into time at the old high school. The headquarters that had been set up was very busy. The computer vids were full of soldiers making their way toward the outer defense lines and attacking those lines. There were soldiers falling and taking out groups of the Emperors minions. Alice could see the vids of the artillery squads and the firing of the guns as targets were relayed to the gunners. She looked around the room and spotted General Kenneth Andersen sitting at a table with other high-ranking officers. This entire scene sent her back to another time and another war when she was an officer. That war raged on and was a very bloody, world devastating mess and she lost her corporeal body during that time. Kenneth noticed her and waved her over.

She did not recognize the other men and women sitting around but Kenneth introduced her to them. “Ladies and Gentlemen, please greet General Alice Green. She has been part of our operations since the Area 51 mission.” Alice nodded to each of the officers as they acknowledged her and sat down. Kenneth started to speak to her but she already knew what he was going to ask. She spoke up quickly and told him that they must begin to fire the big howitzers into the inner defense lines and especially the 1st line around the palace. Kenneth looked at her with surprise as did the others. “You know we were going to try to take the palace without damaging the inner city of Denver. We are relying on the two teams that infiltrate the Palace, didn’t you go in to help, you and that other soldier?” Alice looked down for a moment and said “yes General, Justin and I both went in to help. The teams were stopped in the tunnels and Tamara called me and Justin to help get them into the garage. Justin and I did manage to get the teams into the parking garage along with Tamara and Janice Halford. We found a way to reach the second basement but there were alien/humans coming down from above. We bypassed that floor and made it to the 1st basement where we encountered what you would call the war between the aliens. Justin was lost to us during that encounter and we found a safe way to reach the main floor of the palace which brings me to the reason for calling the strikes into the inner lines and this must be done quickly or we stand to lose the teams that are in.” The officers sitting around the table began to talk to each other with argumentive talk. She looked at Kenneth and asked where General Justin Walker was. Kenneth listened to the others for a moment before answering her. “Justin has taken a few squads and is moving to penetrate the lines to get into the palace. He said the two teams would need help so he has gone off on a mission that could be doomed to failure.” Alice acknowledged that response and said “the shelling of those inner lines is needed as distraction. General Walker may be thinking his action now will do the same thing, can you tell me how long ago he left?” Kenneth looked at his chronometer and said “He left about 17 hours ago. It is hard to say what route he took but he studied all the Intel of the lines, I suspect to find the weakest points where he would have the best chances to get through.

Michael set his chopper down close to a mile and half from the southern outer line of defense. He and Samuel had been contacted by General Justin Walker and asked to be taken to a location where the General and his two squads could begin a penetration toward the Palace. Justin had handpicked the two squads to make the 16-man team. He commanded 7 men and women on one squad while Captain Jorge Tyler commanded the other 7 men and women. All 16 soldiers were special ops and had been trained under Sergeant Major Jack Bollard who was in charge on one of the teams that was inside the palace, hopefully by now. Justin was the first one off and scanned the surrounding buildings. Lieutenant Gina Roberts was next and automatically joined the General with her scanner. Two sergeants, three corporals and one Private jumped out next and spread out. All the men had the jet belts with the dispance cloaks. The chopper was cloaked and anyone in the area would never see or hear what had just landed in the small parking lot of a family grocery store for the neighborhood.

Samuel waited for Mary to give him the all clear before he sat the chopper down in the small park that seemed to be deserted. Jorge Tyler tapped his head gear for everyone on his team to activate. The chopper landed and the team activated their jet belts dispance cloaks and communication devices. Jorge was first out the hatch. Sergeant Greg Thornton was next and caught the ammo pack from Sergeant Yvonne Kenny. Sergeant Edina Walker was next followed by Corporal John Kirk and Corporal Lance Anderson. Corporal Henry Gunnison pushed the case of gear that included explosives to the hatch and waited for the other two to drag it out, then jumped down. Sergeant Steven, “Bigman”, Washington came to the hatch and activated his jet belt to let himself out and down. He carried the .50 cal mini gun along with its massive pack of ammo belts. The man was called “Bigman” for a reason. He weighed in around 280 lbs and was all muscle. He stood an impressive 6’7 inches and could carry the armament easily. They all moved away from the chopper quickly into a clump of trees. Jorge gave the go for Samuel to lift off and they all began to fill their packs with the extra gear. Jorge contacted Justin and gave their coordinance and they began to move toward the outer 4th line of defense to meet up inside. The area that General Justin had picked to penetrate was the weakest spot along the southern line so their chance of getting through without being exposed was better than 50 percent at this area. Jorge and the others did not like the odds but it was far better than any other place along the 4th line of defense. Getting past that ½ mile of sneaky defense would be easy enough they all thought. It was the main line that would be tricky.

The shelling could be heard and it seemed like a steady booming now. Justin and Jorge both new that they would have to dodge the shelling from their own guns to get through this outer line of defense, both teams moved out toward the southern main line of defense. Justin broke his team into two-man units and timed their movement toward the line of defense so that each two-man team would be a good 5 to 10 minutes apart. He wanted the teams to cover the area ahead of each other and thus spaced them in a horizontal spread of 50 yards also. They all knew that the dispance cloaks could be compromised if the minions had one of the decloaking devices in operation. There could be any number of these devices placed along the defense line; the INTEL coming in now was saying that these devices were arriving on the line in almost a steady stream. It was taking the minions around 60 minutes to set the damn things up and their teams would start spraying the invisible signals into the air and on the ground. The teams had resolved to use their excellent training to hide and move stealthily without the use of the dispance cloaks, knowing that if they used the cloaking device they would be discovered and most likely shot immediately.

Sergeant Edina Walker spoke into her secure radio to JT. All of the team members called Captain Jorge Tyler, JT. It had something to do with a woman that he called Lorelei that he always talked about and how he was looking for her. “JT, I am picking up at least 3 maybe 4 heat signatures in the building directly in front of us. Could be civilians hanging back but this building is on First Ave. Jorge acknowledged and told her that he was moving along the eastern alley and would enter the building from that side. This could be a minion team watching the main roadway along the northern boundary of the old golf course. He was hoping that the other team members were checking to see where there might be other sneaks of the minions. The old golf course had been abandoned for a few years now and had overgrown with giant clumps of bushes and weeds that would give the two team’s good cover to cross the half mile line of sneak defense and make their way to the main line of 6th avenue where there were other abandoned parks. Justin had picked this course because it seemed that the minion army was thin through this area. Jorge moved stealthily behind old dumpsters and abandoned cars to reach the fire escape on the east side of the building. He knew whoever was in this building would be watching the eastern roadway for sure so he decided to go in the southern side of the building. He was lucky to find a security door that had been ajar and quickly let him self in.

Edina scoped out the second-floor window that was open and made her way to the edge of the building. She had the grappling tether on her utility belt and shot the hook up to the window. It caught inside the room and she pulled herself up quickly. This building was a four story and she figured whoever was on the east side would most likely be on the roof or at least the 4th floor. The shelling was so loud that none of the team members had to worry about making to much noise, they just had to worry about being spotted by some minion. The room had an old mattress on the floor and what looked like a portable refrigerator. She figured some civilian had been living here but possibly abandoned it some time in the recent past. She saw the door to the corridor ajar so moved to it and peeked out. The shelling gave them all a disadvantage, so she was relying on her heat seeking device. She watched it before she moved into the corridor and saw the small blobs moving around. Rats she thought, they come in all different sizes. The building appeared to be empty except for the critters and the four humans. One of the figures seemed to be a bit out of whack like there could be two people in one. She passed it off for now and spoke softly to JT telling him she was in and heading toward the 4th floor. His answer was affirmative and they both moved toward their goal.

As Edina moved toward the stairwell she thought about that double signature and remembered how the aliens could symbiotically inhabit the humans. She stopped outside the stairwell and told JT what she discovered about the humans. She waited for a minute before JT answered. His voice was so low she almost could not hear him. What she did hear was “……an Xzanturs in one……watch your six.” Edina figured JT was close to the group and could be waiting for her to reach her point of action. She opened the stairwell door and let it close easy. She began to climb the stairs quietly and stop in un-rhythmic steps. She entered the third floor and moved to an exterior room. She was going to go through a window and up to the fourth floor to avoid a possible exposure in the stairwell on the 4th floor. Even though she had her heat signature device on and could see the four figures on the eastern side of the building, she was not taking any chances. She looked out the window and ducked back in quickly. A minion scout car was in the process of parking just below her. She heard the voices as the soldiers exited the vehicle and her heat signature device registered 5 additional humans. At least two of them showed the dual signature.

Edina began moving toward the corridor door as she spoke to JT. “We got company and they ain’t friendly. I think two of them are those Aliens and they are moving into the building. What’s your move Captain?” She entered the corridor and was planning to move across the building to the east side and hopefully meet up with JT; the loud bangs of the automatic weapons brought her to a stop. She was breathing hard and slowed down her blood pressure as she listened. Something was wrong and she wanted to know what just happened. Her instinct was to backtrack and find out. She called JT once more to tell him and started to move back to the empty room just as he came around the corner of the corridor and moved toward her. She thought that part of her team came to the building because they could hear her chatter to JT. They were all moving into the old golf course to meet up with General Justin Walker and his team. She was Justin’s daughter and she did her best to keep her distance from him unless she was on leave but that had been a long time now. With all that running through her mind, she moved to the window and peered out. What she could see gave her the creeps and confused her. JT had moved with her to the window and he saw the same thing. He turned and looked at her face. She had gone white and he needed to calm her. Not all of the team members had seen the fish aliens in the raw and the fact that they were lying dead on the pavement below told him that the Worms that lived in the fish had left them and moved into the humans directly which gave him the willies also. “Whoever came in that vehicle is now moving to the those up on the 4th four and I suspect that the fish alien in one of them is going to be killed shortly. We need to be close so we can take them out quickly.” Edina was a bit shaky but they both moved out and toward the 4th floor.

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Major Roberto Iperante’ and Lieutenant Trent Coal were both inhabited by the Xzanturs and as they climbed out of the Humvee, they both took out their pistols. Something had moved in both men and they knew that their controllers were going to abandon them. Sure enough, half way to the building the other three soldiers witnessed the separation of aliens from the two officers. Roberto and Trent both raised their pistols and shot the two Piranha looking aliens which caused the three soldiers to raise their rifles and shoot the aliens also. The cacaphony of gun fire going off caused the four soldiers on the fourth floor to jump up and stare at each other. Lieutenant Herbert Grissel pulled his pistol and stood still while the Piranha looking alien stepped out of his body. The Piranha alien raised his weapon quickly and fired at Herbert who shot at the same time. Both he and the Piranha fell to the floor. The worm that had abandoned the Xzanturs and wrapped itself around the human’s pineal gland quickly abandoned the dead human. The closest human to Herbert was Private Nancy Tellerson. The worm moved to her body and seemed to fly to her ear. Nancy did not know what was happening and tried to squirm away from the Lieutenant and the dead fish looking thing.

Gympher-Ich did not expect the Xzanturs to kill his new host. He had to scramble to remove himself from the dead human and the closest human was the female soldier. He quickly moved up her body to the ear and entered as she scrambled to remove herself from the scene. His normal path to the pineal gland seemed a bit blocked but he pressed on and came up against what seemed like an invisible barrier. He became alarmed and frantically searched for a way through. Something was different, as far as he knew at this juncture of knowledge no Gyyuuummphers had entered a female human species. There had been no communication of any of his species doing this before since they had arrived in this system. Something about this human (female) was blocking him from gaining control of the pineal gland and brain. He could not afford to waist any more time as his essence was draining away without perfect fluid of the human’s pineal gland and sustenance of the brain matter. He turned and moved back toward the opening he had come in and when he reached the oxygen rich atmosphere he expected to jump to the closest human. All he could see was empty space in front of the human he was riding on. The very next thing that happened was a loud bang and the female human, violently fell backward into a solid surface which caused him to dislodge from her ear. He fell through space and hit the hard surface of the floor. He was communicating with the central intelligence when a mountain of matter fell on him and he was no more.

JT and Edina had rushed across the building to the east side and jumped into the stairwell. JT was thinking that they could reach the fourth floor and wait for the five soldiers to exit the elevator and take them out before the other four knew what was happening. He was sure they had heard the gun fire and knew that there would gun fire from that team also as it seemed the war between the fish and the worm aliens had moved to a full-blown action now. He had communicated with Justin and the rest of his team was meeting Justin’s team at the old golf course club buildings. Justin asked if he needed backup and JT told them that He and Sergeant Walker would be okay because the minions and the aliens that inhabited them seemed to be killing each other at the moment. Justin made a quick comment and said “watch Edina’s six” and cut the com. JT knew what that meant and felt the love in that comment from a father to daughter.

The small window in the stairwell door did not give a very clear view of the corridor as JT peered out. The stairwell was dark so he could peer through the glass without being seen to easy. He watched the elevator door open and two soldiers move out and to the side. The sound of gun fire up here was muffled somewhat but he knew it would happen. What he saw next is what surprised him even though he expected something like it to happen. Two soldiers came out of the door just to his right and opened fire at the elevator. The two soldiers that had exited the elevator first began to fire back. One of them went down and the two that came out of the door into the corridor both went down. Another soldier came through the door and was gunned down quick enough. JT caught the exit of something from the soldier’s ear and then the soldier fell to the floor after bouncing off the wall. For God sakes, the soldier was a woman he saw as her helmet fell off. He looked at the elevator and could see that two of the soldiers were down and now the three that were left in the car began to walk out. He knew that the Xzanturs (fish) aliens were no longer in these people but at the same time he also knew that at least two of them were now controlled by the worm aliens and that alone told him that two of them were lost forever. He guessed that the two officers were the ones controlled as he opened the stairwell door and opened fire on them.

Edina was directly behind JT as he moved through the door with his rifle blazing. She dove to his right and hit the floor as the one soldier that was behind the first two officers began to pull the trigger on his rifle. She fired a short burst and the soldier fell backward into the elevator car. She had noticed that the soldier that was shot coming from the room was a woman and could see that she might still be alive. She waited for JT to give her an all clear and crawled across the corridor to the downed soldier. JT had moved cautiously to the two downed officers and witnessed the exit of something very small from each of their ears. He stood away and could see that these creatures were trying to move toward him and Edina. Not taking any chances he smashed the first one with the butt of his rifle and put his foot down on the second one as it moved toward Edina who was busy with the downed woman soldier. The sound these things made as they were extinguished was almost excruciating to the ear.

Edina had moved to the woman soldier’s side and turned her over. The woman moaned and opened her eyes wide. Edina could see where she had been shot and knew the woman did not have much time left. She took out a morphine shot which had survived the ravages of time to be used in war during times like this and was getting ready to inject it when the woman reached up and stayed her hand. Nancy spoke as quickly as she could and as loudly as she could which wasn’t all that loud. “The…..worm…. tried to…..invade…. me, but could not for some reason….you must tell….your compatriots. I am an….under….cover….agent. Please….let them….know…. that the worms….can….not get….into….a….female…..brain. I don’t know why.” Edina jabbed the morphine into the woman’s abdomen because she knew that would be the quickest way for it to work. Nancy felt the pain dissolve and squeezed Edina’s wrist. “Tell General Andersen, he will know what to do” Nancy had become completely relaxed and stared into Edina’s eyes as her last breath left her body. Edina looked at her and it took a few moments for her to realize the woman had stopped breathing. She reached up and closed the soldier’s eyes as JT came up. He had made sure the others would not cause any problems and was getting ready to enter the room where this soldier and the other two had come from. He knew there was at least one more but was not sure if he was alive.

Lieutenant Herbert Grissel lay in a pool of his own blood. His mind was almost blank. He could barely think about the fish alien that had invaded him a few months earlier and then there was something else that took control of him and he killed the original controller as it shot him also. The thing that was in his mind abandoned him very quickly so he still had something of his own memory. The soldier that was closest to him scrambled away quickly and he was able to see that something had entered her ear before his mind lost cohesion. He was still breathing when two soldiers came into the room. That was all he could disseminate before he expired. JT saw the dead fish alien and then the human officer. He thought the man might still be alive but as he approached, he could see the man die. It was known that humans could survive after one of the fish aliens vacated them but it was also known that once the worm alien inhabited the brain directly the human was lost. He did not know how long this soldier was inhabited directly but it was clear that he suffered a huge loss prior to the worm abandoning his mind. It was the projectile from the fish alien that had actually killed the man. Edina had rolled the dead woman soldier over and discovered the smeared worm thing. Today was a great learning experience. They found out that the worms could not invade a female mind or so it was relayed by the dead agent. They were not sure how that worked but the information could be relayed to HQ and perhaps could be used against the Worms. The idea that these worms were so vulnerable outside the human or even alien body gave hope for fighting the things. JT radioed Justin and told him they were on their way and that this viper nest was destroyed.

The shelling seemed to get louder as JT and Edina entered the old golf cart garage. Both teams were scattered around the perimeter of the building to watch for any activity. Their next move was to cross under the 1st avenue roadway and into the ritzy neighborhood. They had a good half mile to traverse before crossing the outer defense line that was being shelled heavily at the moment. They would have to move in small teams like before and whoever got across first would have to check out any outposts of minions that may be hiding along this roadway. The goal was to quietly take any of them out to keep from alerting the main line defense. Justin was unsure how they would cross those inner walls to get into the palace at this moment but he was always the one that could think quickly on his feet. JT moved to Justin and gave his short report. He told Justin that Edina had been given some important information from a woman soldier that said she was an undercover agent. Justin’s eyes grew wider and he spoke directly to Sergeant Walker. Even though the Sergeant was his daughter he spoke to her like a soldier. “Sergeant, did this soldier give her name?” Edina spoke back as a Sergeant would. “No Sir, she was taking her last breath as she told me some very important information.” Justin knew the undercover agent but he wasn’t sure if it was Nancy. He and Kenneth both had briefed the woman before she left to get into the minion’s army. She was very informed on the aliens, both of them and had left prior to the new development of them warring with each other. He looked at his daughter and hoped that she would not be taken from him before this nightmare ended. “What did the soldier tell you that seemed to be so important Sergeant?”

Edina was mulling over the conversation that the woman soldier told her. It was a bit odd so she forged on to the General. “That woman said she was invaded with one of those worm aliens and the thing left her mind free. She was trying to tell me that the worm could not get into her brain for some reason.” The General had to think for a moment and mentioned the fact that the woman agent had some special qualities that could account for that but he needed to be sure. “Did this woman give you clarity of the worm being in her or could it have just been riding her at that moment?” Edina spoke up on this point. “The woman was quite sure the worm tried to invade her brain; I don’t know for sure but her conviction of that fact was overwhelming to me as she spoke. She was very close to the original host, an officer when he and the fish alien that was in him separated and shot each other. She saw the worm come from the human officer and jump on her as she scrambled to get away. She told me that she felt it when it entered her ear and she could feel it moving in her head. She was brief as you can imagine and I gave her the morphine stick.” Justin turned to Captain Tyler and spoke. “Did you see anything Captain?” “Yes Sir, I did see something fall from the woman soldier’s ear as she was thrown backward into the wall. I can’t say it was the worm for sure but we did find the remains of what could be a small worm under the body of the woman. We also found the dead human officer and the fish alien’s body in the room so that worm had to have traveled with that woman. Why it did not implant itself into her brain is the mystery for sure but your guess is as good as mine.”

This mystery was getting more complicated by the moment. Justin stepped aside and told his teams that it was time to move out. There were a number of women soldiers on the teams and from what he was thinking was there was something different about the women that the worms could not get into their brains. He turned back to Edina and JT and said that someone needed to get this information back to headquarters. “I don’t know of any women officers that have been invaded by just the worms however, there are some that have been taken over by the fish aliens. He spoke quickly now and gave his teams orders to move out in intervals of 10 minutes and once on the far side of the avenue to spread out and inspect any viper nests that could be hiding along that road. He then turned back to JT. “Captain, I need you to take the Sergeant and get her back to an LZ and get up to HQ with this info. I will give Lieutenant Roberts your command for now. You get the Sergeant back to HQ and in one piece. It would seem we got some real important info that may just turn this war to our favor, now get going.”

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The big Howitzer rounds were hitting into the second wall away from the palace and some began to pummel the first defense wall. The outer ring of defense appeared to be on fire although the minion howitzers and tanks were firing out into the surrounding areas of Denver and creating their own fires. Denver and its surround towns and cities had become a flaming nightmare. People remembered the war zones of past urban wars and how it did not matter where you might try to hide or run to, it was all on fire. The Patriot army had tried and wanted to avoid this as much as possible but it was all resting on a few teams that could hopefully get to the center and stop the entire thing. The air wars had begun also and this was happening around the globe now as the aliens gained ground with the minion armies of the emperors. Alice had met up with Samuel and Mary along with Sally and Ken. She asked where the General and his teams had been dropped. Mary told her and said they were going to move northward between Broadway and University Avenues. Alice gave them all a farewell and twisted into the no-time and back out in the general vicinity of the LZ. She tried to read General Walkers mind but with all the shelling and confusion she could not make contact with him so she turned invisible and began flying north hoping to reach the General to give forewarning of the new directive of shelling the inner wall defenses.

JT and Edina did not like the fact that they had to abandon their original mission but both knew that getting the information about the possibility of the worms not being able to invade the female humans was the most important thing to do for the war effort. JT decided to back track because they both knew that the way was clear now. They scurried through the parking lot of the building where the minions had eliminated each other and stopped to look at the dead fish aliens. JT shivered at the sight of these things but knew that these aliens were quite intelligent and had conquered an entire system before that system was destroyed by a super nova according to the INTEL from folks that had first hand information. JT was to the understanding that the special people that lived in the place called the Haven had somehow discovered these alien’s original system and knew what was coming to earth. There were plans being taken to stop a bigger force of this race of beings from reaching their objective. It was the worm race that was the most dangerous even though they were quite vulnerable. Edina bumped his arm and moved toward the southern side of the parking lot. “Come on JT, we have to get further south before we can call for a pickup.” Jorge looked up from the dead fish aliens and moved to catch the Sergeant.

Jorge and Edina had scurried through the commercial zones and residential areas until they reached a good mile south of the golf course. Jorge was getting ready to call Samuel to get a pickup when the little girl became visible in front of them. Edina looked directly at Alice and said “General Green, we were just getting ready to call Samuel to come and pick us up.” Alice looked at the Sergeant and then at the Captain that was looking back at where they had come from. She moved to the Captain and told him to drop down “NOW.” Jorge hit the ground and rolled toward a dumpster. Edina had turned just as Jorge dropped and did the same. She knew that something was happening that could get them killed and her instinct caused her to drop when she saw Jorge drop. The heavy round smacked into the side of a building and blew a sizable chunk of the brick to the ground. The second round whistled over Edina’s head and took a sizable chunk of a tree’s main trunk out. Edina rolled over to the nearest abandoned Auto and leaned herself up against the front. She looked over at Jorge who had gotten himself behind the Dumpster and was looking at her. “You okay, it appears we got a sniper behind us.” Edina shook her head and looked around for the General. She didn’t see her anywhere and slowly looked around the vehicle to see where the sniper could be located. She saw the flash of light and ducked back just as the large round slammed into the side of the vehicle and ricocheted off into the pavement. Jorge and Edina were pinned down. A round went through the top window of the vehicle and once again Edina heard the whistling of the round as it went over her head. Jorge was getting rounds on both sides of the dumpster.

Sergeant Hemmel Gristum had watched the two-patriot soldier’s move from the North to the south. He waited for them to get a good distance away before he was going to shoot the man first then the woman. As he squeezed the trigger of his first round, he saw what seemed to be an apparition in the air by the man. His distraction was short but when he brought it back to the man whom he knew would be dead, the man was rolling away. He cursed and pulled the trigger on the Barrette semi-automatic .50 cal. That round bounced into the dumpster and carried into a building. He quickly swung his aim at the woman who had also dropped to the pavement and was rolling away. He watched her roll to a cover of the vehicle that was parked. The automatic response of the shot he took flew into a tree trunk and left a sizable gash as it flew off to someplace else. He began to shoot the car and around the dumpster hoping that one of these patriots would poke enough of their head out for him to take it off. The apparition had spooked him and now he didn’t know if he hit one of them. He had a clear view of the dumpster and the vehicle so neither one of them were going to get out and come for him unless they wanted to die. He heard something to his side or thought he did anyway and turned to see what it might be. The apparition stood or floated within a couple of feet from him. The hair on his neck stood straight up as he let go of his rifle and pulled his knife. The little apparition reached out and touched him and he heard her say. “Enjoy the war Mr. Hemmel.” He stood up and looked around. The sun was blazing hot and the desert sand stretched forever. He was still holding his knife and his rifle was still in its position. He was kneeling and heard the sound of something that was very foreign yet almost familiar. The old-fashioned Messerschmitt Bf 109 flew over his head with a loud roar. Two more followed closely behind. He could not believe his eyes. These planes were world war II German Luftwaffe or so he had studied. He stood up and watched them fly over. One of them turned in the sky and circled around. As he watched it dove at him and the two machine guns that were so deadly during that long-forgotten war chopped the sand up and caught him as the plane flew over. He was thrown backward and lay in the hot sand as his life force drained from him. How ironic that he would die in a war that he so admired and had wished to take part in when he was a young man. The desert swallowed him up as quickly as the planes flew east.

Alice materialized on the pavement where Jorge and Edina had first saw her and said “It is okay to come out now, the soldier has left for the war of a past and will not be returning.” Edina stood up and walked out from behind the car. She was being leery but this little General gave her a confidence. “What war would that be?” “Oh, it was a war in the last century that was called the second war.” Jorge walked over and asked why she was out here. Alice turned to him and said “I need to tell Justin about the change in plans. We are going to shell those interior defense walls to create a distraction for the two teams inside the Palace.” Edina looked at JT and said “we have to go back and catch Justin and the teams before they get caught in that shelling. They figured once we got through the outer defense line and all the shelling it would be easy to get to the inner lines and over. This change is going to be hell for them now and they don’t know what they are walking into.” JT motioned to her and said “hold for a minute Sergeant” and asked the little General “How soon before the shelling begins on those walls?”

Alice looked at the sky and back to JT. “Captain, we have two teams of patriots inside the palace as we speak. They fought all the way to the first floor and are hiding on that floor to make their move to the Emperor. That is the final goal and once he is taken out along with that worm that has made its move to destroy the fish alien that virtually took over months ago, we can clean this world easier. The worms have committed an insurrection on their hosts the Xzanturs and have now taken over the human power structure directly. The Xzanturs are being systematically destroyed so the worms can become the conquerors of this system and take the controlled human race into the space community and begin to conquer until they create the universe they destroyed before coming into ours. The shelling has already begun on those walls. I asked General Andersen to give me time enough to alert Justin but he has begun due to time constraints. We need to create the diversion as quick as possible or the teams will be found and most likely killed. So, do you want to tell me where he is so I can get to him quickly and why are you and Sergeant Walker out here?”

Edina had stood by and listened to the information from General Green. “What about General Walkers plan to create a diversion to help those in the palace also, is this mission going to be scrubbed?” Alice understood the frustration and need to warn her father and hopefully help those people in the palace however, time was up and Justin and his team’s would only be able to draw a small portion of the Alien/Emperor’s troop’s attention away from the palace and could be killed in the process “I understand your concern for this mission Sergeant Walker but your father can not get to the palace in time to help the others and the best he will be able to do now is by all means create a diversion but away from those walls. The walls are going to come down with heavy shelling so the diversion will be away from the palace. You still haven’t told me why you and Captain Tyler are out here and not with your team?”

Edina became flushed in the face, she did not like it when someone connected her to her father, General Walker and her team mates found out the hard way when they brought up that fact. This little girl, General for sure, sounded a bit flippant to her and she was doing everything to hold her outburst to the General. JT knew exactly what was running through Edina’s mind and spoke up to cool her down. “General Green, Sergeant Walker gathered some very important information that can be used against the worm aliens. General Walker ordered Sergeant Walker and me to get this information back to HQ immediately. This is why we are out here and we need to get Samuel to pick us up.” Alice could feel the heat build up in the Sergeant when she mentioned Justin as being her father. She knew that Edina had walls encasing her memories and that there were many doors that were locked in her mind. She surveyed her and the Captain quickly and set a healing aside for now. “What is this important Information you have? I will help you get back to base but first we must alert General Walker to the change of plans.”

The little General seemed to be in a giant hurry and Edina could not blame her because she was very anxious herself to get the important info to HQ and notify her father about the shelling that they would now be walking into. JT spoke up and said, “General, General Walker and the special ops teams were gathered at the old golf course on the south side of the First Avenue freeway. When I and Sergeant Walker left, they were on the move to cross that freeway and head north to the main outer defense line. They could be at that line as we speak or across it by now.” Sergeant Walker tried to save a dying soldier, a female and this is important. The soldier told her that she was an undercover agent for the patriots and when the officer that was inhabited by the Fish alien became directly inhabited by the worm thing from the Fish alien, that officer then shot the fish alien as it had abandoned his being. Unfortunately, for the worm, the fish alien shot the officer at the same time he shot the fish being.’ “The worm that had taken over the officer directly had to abandon the human officer and the female agent/soldier was the closest to the officer.” JT looked at Edina and motioned for her to finish.

“The soldier, told me that the worm tried to enter her brain to control her but could not get in. She did not know what was keeping the worm out of her brain but the thing tried to abandon her quickly. Unfortunately, she followed a corporal into the corridor and was shot by some minion soldiers that had come up the elevator. The worm fell from her and was crushed as she fell to the floor. She tried to tell me that she thought the worms could not inhabit the female genome. She died before telling me something else she knew of this particular Alien species.” Alice listened with great interest. She knew the worms had tried to take her over as well as Janice but never got close enough to either of them. She was in major danger when she found them on the 1st basement floor. It was scary that they hypnotized her with some deep locked up fears and encircled her in that room but never tried to get into her brain. She could not be sure about that but this information from Sergeant Walker was another piece of the puzzle, albeit a bigger piece. She knew about the agent before she was sent into the enemy camp and was sorry to hear that she had died. “Okay, the info you have will add to our research and a test. We must be sure before we send soldiers into this fray of aliens that seem to know the human race very well now or so they may think. Let’s go warn General Walker of this danger he is walking into and hopefully he can do a distraction away from those walls.”