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The Experience

Posted: Sun Aug 26, 2018 10:04 pm
by Fred Steeves
I took a little trip down memory lane this morning, watched the final episode of M*A*S*H again, and it really struck me how similar in many ways the experiences of those from the 4077 are to what many of the old forum vets have gone through together. Obviously we haven't gone through a war in a triage unit together, but in other ways we have, haven't we? Nobody else but those who were a part of it will ever be able to understand what it was like to be there through the thick and thin of it all, and I doubt any shows or movies will ever be done about it.

I think each and every one of us, well, those who really dove in deep for the ride of a lifetime anyway, this will be seen more and more as a sacred, life changing experience as we march our way closer and closer toward the final curtain of this go around. All of it: The good, the bad and the ugly. I also think that on the grander scale, when all is said and done, fucked up as things are, none of us would trade this lifetime of bitter/sweet experience for anything.

Just like the final scene of M*A*S*H, I see a thoughtful smile coming at the big "GOODBYE".