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Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Tue Oct 06, 2020 3:10 pm
by Spiritwind
I guess I’m in a writing mood again this morning, although for different reasons than yesterday. First, I want to draw attention to what Exit-0 had to say here (6 replies down) ... 124#p13124
“You might recall, Christine, in a different forum, in a distant galaxy, far.... far away, I was an advocate of how our Common Reality has been controlled & directed by a multi-dimensional species of Reptoid Entities - since great antiquity.

My conclusion to this revelation, was that this three-dimensional reality, here on this specific planet Earth, is a soul-farming operation.

That sounds crazy to many, however, there’s much evidence to support this speculation.”

Me again:
I don’t think it’s crazy at all. There is definitely something going on here, that defies standard explanations. Yesterday was a rough day for me, contributing to my downer post. I have been doing genealogy research lately, and I’m fairly convinced that the reason I feel, and know, things that others don’t is because on my father’s side I am related to some of these beings that are creating the havoc in our world. I know when they are up to things, and busy doing spells against us all.

After I wrote what I did yesterday, I finally lay down with a piece of selenite I had, and did some serious praying/meditating. One of the scenes that unfolded for me was a lifetime as a reptilian looking female who was standing there in warriors garb, looking out at blood and bodies laying everywhere as far as the eye could see. I’ve had this vision before. It’s as real as if I really was there. As this being I was holding a weapon, with it hanging from my hand as if after a battle, and a flood of emotions welled up in me. Never again did I want to participate in something like this. Everything I held dear and cared about, gone. And then, a big explosion in the distance and a bright white light coming my way, before complete obliteration. The planet literally got blown up, with nothing left but dust and rocks flying everywhere. (This scene evokes overwhelming emotion in me every time I see it).

We may not be heading for something of this magnitude, but on some level, there is a connection. Energetically there are similarities. I know there is a reptilian/alien connection to all this. And this is also why neither side of the equation is right (that doesn’t mean they are wrong either, just missing a major piece). Until the real problem is dealt with, it will just keep replaying itself over and over again.

This IS a spiritual war folks, no doubt about it in my mind. We have many names being thrown about, from democracy, capitalistic democracy, socialism, communism, Marxism, fascism, on and on it goes.

You know, we could probably have any government, or no government at all, and still be okay if we get rid of the REAL problem, which is those messing with us that are not EVEN HUMAN!!! This goes back to at least Babylonian times, and these small groups of beings who walked around as gods. Not real God’s, just arrogant, self serving, want to be gods, with a major superiority complex. They have inbred with us somehow, and created a whole class of humanoid looking beings to do their bidding here. And they demand sacrifice. They infiltrate, and eventually consume the energy of every good thing we ever try to do. Until we deal with them, the problems we face will never go away.

Certainly humanity needs to grow up, but pretty hard to do with the massive heaps of trauma we are constantly having to contend with. And then they keep using their favorite trick, and get us all fighting amongst ourselves. So so sad to watch this play out, as on a genetic/DNA level, I’ve seen it all happen too many times before. I admit, I don’t have all the answers. Heck, I don’t have ANY answers. But, I did get strongly during my time really diving into it yesterday, that it’s time to suit up once again, and don my warriors garb. I don’t want to do it, I admit. I’m getting tired of this, over and over again. But, nonetheless, here we go, like it or not.....

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2020 4:02 pm
by Spiritwind
So weird to see the dominoes falling, one by one. My husband really didn’t feel the need to keep up on the news so much, until recently. Unfortunately, living in such a small space I can’t get away from it very easily, other than to take my hearing aids out. One of the few occasions when being almost completely deaf comes in handy. A couple days ago, as I passed through the room when the news was on (we get a few channels with an antenna - definitely no cable bill here!), I heard them talking about Q, and zeroing in on “conspiracy theorists”, as if they were public enemy number one. They talked about how outlandish it was that people actually believe we have a bunch of politicians, celebrities, and other highly placed individuals that are blood drinking pedophiles.

After all this time, and barely a peep in the lame stream news, and suddenly they come out with this! Plus, the FB national preppers group I belonged to just archived their site due to all the harassment. They have moved to WimKin. And, as probably anyone reading here knows, Q everything is being eliminated from platforms at lightening speed. Now, I admit, I don’t know the truth about what is really going on here, but I can guess that something, something REAL, is getting to those who wish to keep a lid on all things hidden that might put those who live their lives way above the rest of us in a very bad light.

Wouldn’t that be something if it turns out to be true that many of your favorite actors and actresses are really creepy people who do things that most of us wouldn’t even think about? And that the politicians, and let’s especially not forget the international banking cartel (for that’s what they are), have been duping and robbing everyday people for eons and basically getting away with it? I wonder who is really going to have the last laugh here.

I’ve got to go feed all the critters, and go get more hay, and maybe try to knock out a few more projects before the snow flies, so I’ll have to come back to this. But, as usual, thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts....

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Mon Oct 19, 2020 4:35 pm
by Spiritwind
A few more thoughts....

So, worse case scenario, we’ve all been duped, those who support either side of the purposefully created divide. But then this thought occurred to me. Even if they kill a bunch of us off, and throw the rest of the rebel rousers into camps, if the TRUTH about who our real oppressors are becomes known, there will be no more divide!

The saying goes “the truth will set you free”! If the people, average everyday law abiding hard working, family loving, country loving, people realized that we ALL face a common enemy, and it isn’t each other, then maybe, just maybe, something good can come out of this after all.

For one thing, as an astrologer and student of cycles of time, I know we are moving into more light, more knowledge, more self awareness, and that goes for all things, in all realms. It’s WHERE WE ARE!

And, really, if you think about it, in realms such as this where there are extremes with each swing of the pendulum, with periods of balance in the middle, it’s easy to see that no truly evil regime will be able to maintain their seeming supremacy. The pendulum will always begin to swing the other way. And WE, the PEOPLE OF PLANET EARTH, those who love and care for all life here, in all its myriad of forms, (and there are many of us here now), are more powerful than we even know. It’s only because we have acquiesced to this slave mentality, and believed that those who write the script for the world stage are somehow deserving of their positions, that this has been allowed to go on.

We do need to wake up, and realize we are being ruled by psychopathic narcissistic Satanists who actually enjoy our suffering. If you are in an abusive relationship, which many of us have been, either with parents growing up, or as adults, you know that the first step is to realize your true situation, and accept that the relationship can not be redeemed. The second, and equally important step, is to realize, that although there is risk, you must, and I repeat, you must value yourself above your oppressor. I did leave an abusive relationship, not physical, but a full blown narcissist, who was also a pathological liar. Very charming and good looking to boot. Wasn’t easy, but eventually, I did break free. He was also a stalker, so I had to face the fear that he may come back and off me at any time. Every fear you face makes you stronger. I repeat that again. EVERY FEAR YOU FACE, MAKES YOU STRONGER!

Don’t know why I felt compelled to stop what I was doing and write all of this. I did do a medicine card reading that was powerfully insightful. And Misha is barking at our big hairy friends in the forest. They know the time is growing short, and so do I. I feel it in my bones. So I speak. I speak with words on a page, while I still can. Words carry energy. And we have been living under a powerful, but ultimately evil, spell for some long time now.

Maybe I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I think it’s possible my fellowman will wake up, and stand beside me, as we face our oppressors head on.

As Tom Petty says in one of his songs:

“Well, I won't back down
No, I won't back down
You can stand me up at the gates of hell
But I won't back down
I'm gonna stand my ground
Won't be turned around
And I'll keep this world from dragging me down
Gonna stand my ground
And I won't back down”

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Tue Oct 27, 2020 4:28 pm
by Spiritwind
Just a few thoughts before I race out the door to get on with my day. I admit, I do sit and spin sometimes, in kind of a state of shock about where I perceive we really are. It’s long been obvious to me that the world and our reality is not as we’ve been told. My feeling is, these “beings”, who I do feel originally came from somewhere else, have preserved their memories and bloodlines through who knows how many resets, and are getting ready to do another one. What this means to the rest of us is pretty much mass genocide, even if they try to make it look like they aren’t the ones behind it all. They do believe they are “the chosen ones”, and have been given dominion over this realm.

This whole continent that I live on here in the US was heavily populated before, and extremely advanced at a time not that distant into the past. Columbus was not who we’ve been told he was, and they absolutely knew that there were millions of people here, and their intention from the get go was to loot and commit genocide, which they did. They’ve done this many times before.

These beings, if you go back and search through the many so called myths and legends, used to live in remote places away from the rest of the populations here, either on islands or high mountain tops. They’ve always had the slaves, servants, and minions who are the go betweens and help them keep up their opulent lifestyles, at the expense of the rest of us. They are narcissistic and arrogant in the extreme, and have absolutely no regard for us. I have more ethics in my little toe than they could ever have, and even my farm animals mean more to me than humanity means to them.

It’s hard to “know this” deep in my bones, and realize just what they have in mind for us. Honestly, I have to work through my rage almost daily, as I can feel the pressure mounting as we near their end game they are about to unleash on us. Will they be successful? Is a miracle possible, and even though they are smug in their expectation of success, could it be that something else will happen? I DO believe this is possible. How it could happen, and what it might look like is anyone’s guess, for those beings who are not on board with this, some of which are in the unseen realms, have to play their cards very carefully. It’s like a complicated multiple dimensional game of chess.

I do know they don’t like those of us who ARE aware of what they have in mind to keep speaking out, which is exactly why I keep doing it. Either through reincarnating in different times, or through ancestral memories, I have been through several resets before. I am not impressed. On some level, I must have agreed to come here, though I feel quite helpless to stop the train or get it to change tracks. I just get up each day, and recommit to serving the higher good of all life, and ask for direction on how best to spend my time and energy, while also working on my mental and emotional sense of well being, despite what I know is just over the horizon. They would love it if we all just offed ourselves because it feels so insurmountable. Those of us who do see what is coming need to strengthen our resolve as often and as much as needed. And we need each other. If I didn’t have at least a few people in my life who I can communicate with and share my observations with, it would be difficult indeed to keep going. But us being here DOES matter, even if I don’t know how or why. We have to keep going, no matter how dark things look. So I write all this now, hopefully to give encouragement to those who are beginning to feel weak in the knees.

I love you all, and I love life, and I love our true benevolent creator who knows and sees all. One hundred percent faith is needed now. And for now, that is all.

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Sat Oct 31, 2020 4:48 pm
by Spiritwind
I was going to jump out the door, but I’m having another writing attack. On this day, when so many celebrate Halloween, and the US election is just three days away, many thoughts come to mind. We have Veterans Day on the 11th, my husband’s birthday on the 22nd, and then Thanksgiving on the 26th.

Hopefully this will help me sort out those thoughts. Writing often does. You see, I had relatives come over on the Mayflower voyage of 1620. The Tilleys, who are on the manifest that anyone can look up, brought their teenage nephew, Henry Samson, on that trip with them, and he is a direct relative of mine. They were the original Pilgrims that everyone reads about in history. This leaves me with a variety of emotions.

I not sure if it’s reincarnational, or ancestral memories, but long before I knew this about my family, I’ve had visions of myself in another life, as a woman dressed just like your stereotypical early pilgrims of the times. Thing is, I also know that almost everything we’ve been taught about our history is distorted at best, and outright fabricated at worst. And these holidays many of us grew up celebrating have roots that run counter to the reasons we celebrate them at all. Just like many of our fairy tales we heard as children, if you look deeper, the energy behind them is quite dark. And, although dark in itself is not bad at all, the dark of which I speak has to do with a truth that hides in plain sight, and that holds the energy of that which operates against all that makes us who and what we are. It is deceitful, yet alluring, and it fans our narcissistic tendencies, that we are all born with, but if raised with true human values, generally grow out of as we mature and see the bigger picture.

Take Halloween for example. It seems harmless enough that children dress up, often as figures they might even fear, and go to neighborhoods and businesses and get candy. But underlying Halloween as our children perceive it, is a whole other story that holds deeper truths about the occult underpinnings of all our current hierarchical power structures in the world right now, and they are poised on a merger of proportions not seen in our current rendition of history. I don’t think most really understand what this means.

And then take Thanksgiving. Such a sham, even though I do celebrate it with a different perspective of simply celebrating gratitude for the abundance which nature provides, and a chance to share a meal with loved ones. But in reality, those early forays into this new world from across the ocean were filled with only death, suffering, and destruction of the natural bounty and beauty of this land. Of course, it was even worse than that. What kind of mind would slaughter millions of buffalo just to make the people whose land they wanted to steal unable to feed themselves? What kind of mind would knowingly give blankets from recently deceased smallpox victims, and not feel what any ordinary human should feel? Yes, there were many good people who simply wanted to get away from the poverty and oppression in the land where they were from. All of us have actually been manipulated and used. Cause that’s what they do.

And now I am also looking right down the barrel of these times we are currently living in. It’s strange that I have spent at least the last 25 or so years researching many aspects of the occult. And yet, I do understand that everything about it has been used to the detriment of humanity. This knowledge, which is really all it is, has been hijacked and used against us since this predator class of beings arrived. But, much like a laser can be used to harm or heal, it has been subverted, and inverted, and been morphed into the so called black magic set of rules and rituals that are used to ensure our ultimate demise and full on open slavery.

I see Christian writers claim that this knowledge itself is bad. I think it has more to do with the current users, who, much like gun owners, can be either using them to protect, or using them to harm. Getting rid of guns won’t solve the problem. And, in fact, I believe my knowledge of the occult has armed me with more ammunition and ability to self protect. Just because you can sense, or even see into the unseen realms, doesn’t mean everything you will find there is harmful and bad.

And what we are really dealing with does have elements totally tied to the unseen realms. I want to come back to this perhaps, when I have more time. But our energy of intent, and ability to connect with our own innate and divine self, and the parts that are too big to hold in our current physical bodies, is part of the secret they don’t want you to know. We were, before the takeover, created by a benevolent creative force. This force, is inside of us. And, it can be expanded on with right thinking. And you know what right thinking is, by the way you feel in your body as you feel into it, and pay attention to what your mind shows you. It is always empowering. And it is our strength, our super power. We’ve just been so well programmed that most do not know this, or have a working understanding of what this means.

Being out in here nature, and working with these unseen realms, in a life enhancing, gratitude producing, empowering sort of way these last few years, has helped me to become well grounded in this knowing. When I want to say, shit, things really aren’t looking good “out there”, and things like “we’re doomed, we’re surely fucked!” (Sorry, just saying it as I feel it), I stop myself, and I tune in with intention, to that which never lies, for it cannot lie. It has to do with that divine component that came in with the very first beat of our physical hearts, and is what connects us to source. They try to cut us off from that part of ourself, in a myriad of different ways. But it’s still there, in each and every one of us who is truly human, we have that capacity innately.

So, in closing for the moment, I would just say, when you move into anxiety, to a difficult mind set due to what appears to be happening around you, it helps to take a moment, and literally will yourself to think, and see in your mind’s eye, things that make you smile, and feel good inside, and people you love, good times you’ve had, and imagine taking that energy into the future, and let your mind go, with the intent and knowing that we are more than a hunk of flesh and bones. We are creators given a paradise of beauty and abundance to explore and learn to create in. Regardless of your belief system, most can feel into the truth that we came here for a reason. We didn’t just evolve from ape like beings, nor were we originally created just to be a slave to beings who appear more intelligent and powerful, and therefore by some Darwinian concept of survival of the fittest, have a right to rule us.

I am going to keep visualizing into reality by my thoughts and subsequent actions all that I wish my life to be. Even though I cannot control what others think, say, and do, I do have so much right here in front of me, in the way of creative materials, to enjoy the process. From growing gardens, to building shelters, to just soaking up the energy of the sun as it creeps over the horizon, to warm my day, I can cultivate that which I personally wish to grow, and this in itself carries energy, that radiates out into the collective. Sounds easy, but seriously, I feel the energy of the shit show they are trying to make us all watch pressing in, every day now. I can hear and feel it in my conversations with everyone. Don’t feed the monsters that are looming overhead. I’m going to keep imagining them to dissipate and move on, just like the clouds after a storm.

Gotta run.

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Mon Nov 09, 2020 4:29 pm
by Spiritwind
I have lots to do again today, and the sun is shining brightly through the window, to be later followed by a snow storm this evening sometime. Ground is too froze to do the outside jobs I had in mind, and don’t really want to jump out there due to all the clothing I have to pile on.

In the meantime I will jot down a few thoughts. Censorship is gaining momentum it seems, and the propaganda war along with it. Such a strange new world to wake up in. I’ve watched a lot of movies, and read a lot of books, but we’re living it now. I hope more people are awake than what they’re letting on, as if you haven’t done any preparation, the time is growing short. I personally know many who aren’t going to go silently into the night without making any noise.

We truly are at a crossroads, and it will be interesting to see if, as a people, we will stand together for truth and freedom, or whether we will just be too busy fighting amongst ourselves, while they take what little is left of our liberties and personal rights, and trashing everything meaningful in our lives while they’re at it.

If I could manifest anything at all that I wanted to see happen, it would be a complete reversal, where everyone would suddenly see that the emperor has no clothes at all, and that those smug demon infested dictators in bankers clothes would suddenly have to personally experience all that they have inflicted on humanity in the last 10 months, worldwide. I would love to see them without a job, without a home, without family or friends, and all their wealth and holdings taken from them and redistributed fairly to those who need it most, all over the freaking planet. And then have them lined up to face their accusers, and the public be able to tar and feather them, as they are forced to walk naked in front of us all. And then wherever they end up, to have enforced and constant surveillance, with their every move watched. Orange prison suits would be a nice touch, too. I could go on and on with this....

Yes, indeed, a storm is on the way....

I know I said “don’t feed the monsters”, but sometimes you do have to turn the light on, to see what is actually there.

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 7:11 pm
by Spiritwind
Everyone’s heard the story about taking your car to the mechanic and saying, it’s doing this... couple thousand dollars later you drive it home, and the problem still didn’t get fixed. Same thing with medicine, since it’s been made for profit (Nixon, and why I don’t go to doctors anymore).

Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts....

Carl’s rash - colloidal silver - finally going away (he finally listened to me, again)

Sitting here, thinking about the state of the world, as I often do

I heard the thought, why are you here? My answer was, I am here to develop and learn self mastery. Then I sat with the energy that filled my body, that accompanies that “knowing”. Then I realized, that we all have free will, and not everyone, in fact, not many at all, came here for the same reason, or made the same choices that lead in one direction or the other. Some will continue to experience the horizontal see saw, and keep their attention on the outer screen, and that is their choice. I feel like I am moving into heaven on earth, the more I dance with spirit, the more I make time, to listen, to ask, and then receive.

The world, for the most part, is worshipping and supporting, a false god. Behind that energy is literally a dollar sign, which is saying much more than you know. It stands for the two pillars, and the snake that binds them together, in the dance of inversion. This reality, the one they have spell bound us in, is upside down, and backwards, to the real world. Lately, when I feel this energetic push from the outer world, and the dissonance it wishes to infect me with, I actually call in the power, the spiral flow of energy that true divinity creates with, and it always fills me with scenes of nature and beauty. It’s getting to where I feel I’m there, if not in body, certainly in spirit. I can conjure up the smell, the sounds, the constant activity that is occurring in nature, and whole scenes take form in my inner eye. It surrounds me with a field of love, beauty, and protection, and it dissipates the energy being constantly replenished and projected at us through rituals of nefariousness by the ancient priesthood, who brought with them their dark art of deceit, manipulation, and control.

Dr. Smith in the series Lost in Space

Always kissing up, observing, being nice and helpful, when absolutely everything she does is filled with envy, hatred, and deceit. No remorse whatsoever for the damage done to others through her behavior, pathologically narcissistic to the extreme. And this is what we have going on with those who have nominated theirselves as basically our owners, as, like it or not, they consider us as their property. There is a whole area of research I’ve done into this, but don’t have time to go into. But, just by virtue of having a “birth certificate”, we give them title to us, from a legal standpoint.

Reading -
Lynx, Eagle, Turtle
Black Panther, Fox

I’ll come back to this later - suns actually shining, can’t miss it!

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Sat Nov 28, 2020 5:34 pm
by Spiritwind
Thoughts about free will

So, they are trying to usurp the right to exercise free will and basically setting themselves up as the gods of this world, this reality construct. For that’s what it is. So, they stole it from us!!!

We can use counter spells to cancel out their dark magic, at least in our personal space, but in whatever way works for you, to balance your personal energy/beingness with the source of all light AND love, not one without the other. By focusing intent, and in my case using a pendulum, I can align my energy, my beingness, with the source that GAVE us free will to begin with. No one, no thing, other than the source of creation itself, has the right to take that away from us. And by creation, I don’t mean our bodies, as they have clearly been genetically manipulated, by different groups, for different reasons, over time. Much like me trying to breed in certain qualities in my goats, and letting go of the ones that are less likely to produce those qualities. In their case, they just off all that don’t fit where they are driving the narrative.

Like with 5G, they know some will survive even the high end we will eventually all be exposed to. Many of us cannot survive those type of frequencies, and probably most of us are the ones they want to get rid of anyway. You know, the ones of us who seem to be more immune to the mind control we are being increasingly subjected to, the ones who can see the emperor has no clothes.

When talking about creation, I mean the consciousness that initially endowed us with the ability to experience ourselves as separate beings, with our own inner solar system that we can energize with our intentions, and expand our field in a positive way, out into our surroundings. That IS the counter spell. Since the problem is ultimately a spiritual one, the only way to offset this is through creating a field that cancels it out. The answer has to be a spiritual one, for that is what caused the imbalance in the first place, our move away from spirit, through our own free will. If even a small percentage of us were able to do this, and put our focus and intention into developing awareness of the potential to do exactly what I described, it would break the spell we are under. I know it would.

I gotta get busy, outside, again, while the sun is shining. I keep sharing here, in this way, because it is all I have to offer that is unique. I can keep watching videos, and posting them to the forum, and I’m sure I will. Or, I could just quit posting, and the energy here will just kind of fade away, as energy does when not paid attention to. But, I feel that the world out there, in internet land, has become quite stagnant. There really isn’t much of real content to find, without a more diligent search all the time. They are scrubbing so many voices, that it’s become the equivalent to the book burnings of the not always distant past. In my FB feed every 4th post is an ad. When I looked up my favorite herb book, that I’ve had since the 90’s, it’s no longer in print. Just last year you could still buy it. Now it’s worth hundreds of dollars. The thing is, it was written almost a hundred years ago by a well known and effective herbalist, whose recipes actually worked, every one of them. Not the watered down versions of what you will find in newer books, and those easily found online today. So, my knowing, and the amazing knowing of so many others, both past and present, is purposefully getting erased.

I went to shop at Costco yesterday, where I have been able to shop mask free for the last 8 plus months since this all started, because I am severely hearing impaired and wear hearing aids that makes me exempt. I was not allowed entry unless I put on a face shield. Our free will is disappearing at lightening speed, right before our eyes. So, I am going to keep writing, to exercise my right to think and share what I think, right up until even that gets taken away. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. I keep hearing people say, oh, it will never come to that blah blah....

Wake up people. Free will is not a given here. These beings who rule us are the same ones who can be traced back to Babylonian times, and they are not even capable of acting to our true benefit. It will ALWAYS be in whatever way benefits them and their agenda, even if it appears to help some of us in small ways at times. We must take the reins back, and start believing in ourselves, and remember who we have the capacity to be. It’s still not too late, and I’m going to keep saying it, until I just can’t do it anymore.

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Thu Dec 03, 2020 4:26 pm
by Spiritwind
I must admit, it would be strange not to be aware of my internal dialogue, as I have trained myself now for many years to observe and pay attention. Just heard someone mention the fact that some people do not have, or at least are completely unaware, of having any internal dialogue whatsoever. Personally, I have a lot of chatter going on in my head, and it has been helpful to my overall sense of well being, and ability to enjoy life, to pay attention. Otherwise, some of those thoughts, and the emotional energy charge that comes with them, run the show to my detriment.

It is interesting to observe how I feel everyday when I wake up, for I am often aware that there has been a lot of activity in the spirit realm when I am asleep in the physical. Sometimes I wake up from strange dreams, where, whatever is happening, it turns into a situation where I am suddenly aware that I am lost. Either the terrain becomes foreign and unrecognizable, or it becomes a repetitive loop with no way out. Often my phone doesn’t work in the dream state, or I can’t find it or my keys. And certain strange people will appear that are not helpful, and seem to try and pull me into unconsciousness. That’s often when I wake up. I will myself to wake up.

Sometimes I wake up feeling like I’ve been in a battle all night, and I am exhausted. I often feel a sense of fatigue these days that has little to do with how much or the quality of sleep I am getting. It’s interesting that sometimes my husband wakes up with the exact same feeling, or has had strange dreams himself. He dreams of us being in battle type situations, often against some alien type enemy that can’t be clearly seen. For me, on these days, I often have to process a feeling of anger that wells up in me, for no apparent reason. Those are the mornings when I walk outside and give the big middle finger to those who just have to keep fucking with us.

And the there are even other times, when I wake up feeling totally energized, like I’ve just been infused with something wonderful as I slept, and everything seems extra bright, and I walk around with a sense of gratitude for just being alive, and being where I am. I know I sometimes commune with some fairly awesome, and very benevolent loving beings when I am sleeping. They are amazing, and I can often feel their presence, as well as those who wish to harm, as I go about my daily chores and life experiences. I do feel sometimes, as though a real battle is going on in the unseen realms, and that literally, ground is lost and gained, in a battle of energy fields that is gaining momentum.

I remember when I was taking an astronomy class in college years ago learning how these different fields of gaseous volatile clouds were kind of moving around in space, much like our weather here, and they would interact in various ways that actually led to the creation of stars and planets (very simplified, and probably not quite correct). And then I often think about how our own cells are organized in our body, and in fact in all things at the atomic level (study the make up of minerals and even water), and how everything is actually moving, all the time, at different rates of speed, and with different properties, and how everything is actually an amazing choreographed dance of life, sort of. Hard to explain. But I truly begin to not just intellectually see, but actually feel in my body the interconnectedness of all things.

I’ve even noticed such simple things as how ice freezes in the animals water buckets depending on how cold, and how much humidity. It doesn’t always freeze the same, and often makes these beautiful fern like patterns, as if growing like a plant. I feel god in me, and alive in all things, and it stimulates a great reverence for life. It makes even my breath feel holy. This is the state I want to learn to live my life in.

Then my mind returns to the shit show we have going on in the outer world. My mind is blown every day. Much like the robot in Lost in Space (we are watching the new series season 1), I see danger. Danger Will Robinson, danger! Big sigh. I get emails every day about people in a high state of alarm over 5G being installed in their neighborhoods, and trying to wake people up to the awareness that this is weapons grade technology and has the potential to do great harm. And then there are all the unhearing masses who either are just too busy, or believe it’s a good thing, or just don’t care and don’t want to know. And then there is the censoring.

Which extends greatly into the heated and very contentious topic of vaccines, and this new covid wonderment they want to forcibly roll out to the masses at warp speed. Yes, I use that phrase intentionally, warp speed, as it is one of their little buzz phrases we should be wondering about. And I wonder am I just here to witness the complete unraveling of society and another big win for the thugs in charge who look at this as just another opportunity to do their regular culling practice of reducing the human population. It’s time for an upgrade, but it’s not what they would have us think.

In fact, an upgrade is happening, and that is what they fear most. The fact that humanity may just be entering a cycle of accelerated growth, in the true sense of the word. Our consciousness has the potential right now to grasp more than it ever has, this I feel and know in my bones. And “they” don’t want this. In fact, they aim to stop it at ANY cost. So, what are we going to do?

I’m going to just keep trucking along, observing, reflecting, occasionally getting an opportunity to share and compare with like minded individuals and small groups, and see where the show takes us. I really don’t know how it’s all going to go. I will also just keep sharing my observations with others I meet throughout my day, and be as real as I can. There are some amazing and awesome people out there, hidden in little crooks and cranny’s all over the planet. Like little lights, we get to bump into each other now and then. But you have to stick your neck out a bit, or you’ll miss those little opportunities when they present themselves. I don’t get out much, but I still run into shining gems at the strangest most unexpected places. It helps to know we’re not alone. Not physically, and definitely not spiritually. And each of us here now that knows and understands that is part of the real earths immune response. We see the pathogen, and we are not running away. In fact, we are only honing our skills with each opportunity. Yes indeed, we DO see you....

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2020 3:56 pm
by Spiritwind
Ya know, the funny thing about people who lie, is they have often been doing it for a long time, and they generally are very good at it. Most of us, usually when we are young, lied to get out of trouble, or for one reason or another, and found it didn’t feel good when we lied. Something about the truth felt more honorable, more right, and we didn’t like the slippery energy of the lie. But others, for one reason or another, just kept going with it, as if it was the prize tool for navigating through life to get what they want. If you can just turn off your conscience, it’s all good, and you can win the game of life by having more and more of everything all the time, without a care that your excessive desire and greed for more was harming someone else. The lie becomes a way of life.

Some of us have had some up close and personal relationships with some of these kind of people. They are often charming, and even appear kind and caring. Of course, if you are a basically honest person, who has chosen to at least keep up the attempt, and effort it takes, to become more honest with yourself, and in making truth a lifelong passion, you will most likely not even be aware of the signs to look for, when encountering someone of this nature. I know my first encounter was a shock of such great magnitude that the experience took many years to first, end for good, then process and heal from. But it was a valuable wake up call.

I often wonder if some of these people who are dutifully trying to end the pandemic that they still actually believe is real, wearing their masks as required without a thought, and will be lining up for this wonder, make it all go away, vaccine, have seriously never encountered someone in their personal life that was a full blown sociopath. Because that is their common denominator. They ALL lie, and do it well. And so the idea that our government, politicians, media, sanctioned by them medical authorities, and other authoritative voices could be purposefully, willfully, and with mal intent, lying to us is simply not something they can even conceive of. Even though history has plenty of evidence of sociopaths being responsible for incredibly large numbers of deaths, and suffering for those left alive.

And our whole society has been hammering into us, for generations now, this whole idea that we can all achieve some kind of almost utopian dream of the good life, if we just work hard enough. Bottom line though, is it’s all driven by an energy that is never satisfied, never has enough, and can not possibly be achieved by the masses in the way we’ve been programmed to believe. Our God has become money and possessions, pure and simple. Those with the least ethics and concern for their fellow man, all rise to the top, just like the Darwinian model of survival of the fittest. Where is spirituality, self reflection, becoming a better person in all this? Cause, I don’t see it anywhere.

The thing is, I don’t see any light in their eyes. All their stuff has not bought them joy. Because joyful people do have a light that shines out of their eyes, that is noticeably missing with these people. When I have seen short clips of Faw See on the news (happened to be in the room and couldn’t miss it), he smirks when he talks. His smile seems all for himself. I am generally not wrong in these type of assessments. Many times over the years I have known something was amiss, long before it showed itself in someone’s behavior. It’s taken me a long time, and sometimes I have chosen to ignore those red flag warnings, and it’s always shown me the error of doing so. It has also honed my ability to feel into things and trust what I am picking up.

Obviously, the general public has not developed this ability to spot a liar as I have. Time will tell, but I trust my own BS meter, even if the majority think I am wrong. Thinking for yourself, and making choices that go against the mainstream, generally make for a rather lonely life in many cases. Even now it is rare to find people who truly know how to work TOGETHER for the the common good, or can even identify and agree on what that common good is. Rather sad, if you ask me.

For I do remember reading something several years back about a guy that wrote about his experience when his own country that he was born in and raised in all his life, that was much like here where I live as far as freedom to move about and live life on your own terms, and in a very short time turned into a nightmare. His country was literally taken over by hostile to life forces who were all about control, which caused life to be turned upside for everyone. It lasted a couple years, and I can’t even remember where it was except that I believe it was Eastern Europe.

Anyway, the gist of what I remember was that those in the city underwent a survival of the fittest situation, where power was turned off, running water was not a given, and families had to band together and operate as a unit. There were no more trees left anywhere, as they were cut down for firewood to stay warm. The young members of the family, especially females, had to be escorted everywhere for their safety. The amount of weapons and ammo (and people to use them) was a deciding factor on the outcome of many a tense and challenging situation. You could not leave the city, and no one was allowed entry, except for those who could by stealth manage to make a covert run for supplies from relatives who lived in rural areas. Food was very scarce. No running to the grocery store as businesses were boarded up. Whatever you had, was whatever you had. People here think it just couldn’t happen.

So no matter how much I would love to see groups forming now that can withstand a situation like this, it just isn’t likely to happen until the need is absolutely unequivocally upon us. People have been trained to be individualists, and our desires have been weaponized and monetized to the extreme. They really don’t know how to delay gratification much any more. I’ve been in training for years now. It is unfortunate that I just have to sit back and watch the situation devolve in front of me, as the shifting of consciousness works itself out. I’m hoping some will suddenly have a lights coming on moment still.

The other thing that stands out to me, in observing this sifting process, is that some cling to their worldview, no matter what evidence to the contrary is presented. And they continue to belittle those who see things differently. I have no desire to put anyone down, as I know the extreme levels of mind programming and thought control that has been vigorously applied now for generations. I do not have that level of hatred I see being displayed by so many for their favorite targets for blame. And I try to acknowledge that I may be missing pieces even now that upon learning will cause me to change my perception and assessment of the picture that is being presented. I do not know everything, and still must apply effort to keep clarity of vision, and continue refining what I think I know.

As far as these deceitful anti life forces go, I would truly love to be wrong. And that is one last thing I will comment on. Those who are for this vaccine do not seem to be content to choose to just have it for themselves. They seem upset that we are not all on board, as if somehow we are a danger to them. No matter how I examine their premise, I cannot see the logic in their arguments. For myself, I want to maintain the right to make my own health choices, and do not want to have a governing body decide those things for me (for one, I would be dead now if I had followed the mainstream). I am for freedom of choice, and they have not demonstrated to me that their premise for taking away that freedom is sound. I do try and present information that shows the facts of the matter are not as concrete as they have been led to believe, and that there is throng evidence of an underlying agenda and much deceit in what is being presented in the mainstream, but my only reason for doing so is because if you are going to make that choice, at least review all the evidence before making that choice. Your life, and others you are making that choice for, could depend on it. The governing bodies of this world have demonstrated time and time again to NOT have our best interests in mind. I would so love to be wrong on this one. Time will tell, I guess, time will tell.