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Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Mon Dec 21, 2020 4:37 pm
by Spiritwind
I wanted to post a few things here on the forum the last few days, but just haven’t had the time or energy. It’s looking a bit lonely here with few posting except myself, but it’s kind of like that everywhere. What I do see posted in many places is often of little substance, except for one notable exception. People I know that support this whole fascist rollout are getting a bit over the top with their shaming, coercive, conformist tactics. Their true colors are starting to come out, some for the first time since I’ve known them. And it’s not pretty.

They are not happy with their own compliance, they are starting to take serious issue with those of us who they view are stubbornly clinging to some outworn notion of freedom. Seriously? (They are actually starting to shift the blame for all that is wrong with the world in our direction)

Like, my mind is kind of blown. I admit, I do tend to think those who follow the mainstream narrative, and want to conform because they think it’s the right thing to do, are brain washed much like any dogma instilled with tried and true mind control techniques. But, that’s because I’ve went out of my way to study these tactics for many years now. Most of these people have never even looked at what researchers, “other” scientists and experts in their respective fields have discovered, having already made up their minds long ago. It’s a tough nut to crack.

And I do remember all the way back in the early 90’s grappling with the concept that there could be an actual group operating behind the scenes that had orchestrated us being where we are now with great precision and stealth. It did seem too far fetched to be true. But I kept researching, reading, watching, listening. I didn’t want it to be true. But, in my mind, the preponderance of evidence is quite profound, and I had to accept that this is a conclusion I could no longer deny. Now, maybe I’ll find even more evidence to the contrary. I don’t have to be right, I just want the truth, no matter where it takes me.

How did a desire to be free become “selfish”? I write here about my feelings, more and more, because it’s getting to where I literally can’t have an open honest discussion with anyone who has another view. They are getting hostile. And, I cannot see the value of triggering people who will just get angry.

The following is a post someone made on FB that I used to respect and think highly of. Him and his wife are herbalists who grow and sell herbs, and know a great deal about using them to promote health. He recently did some “virtue signaling” by making a public announcement about getting his yearly flu shot. He does have a sense of humor, but I failed to see it in this:

To the anti-vaxxers, COVID-19 deniers, and mask refusers, take heart. Remember the famous quote, “The tree of evolution must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of morons and fools. It is it’s natural manure.”
We thank you for your service.

So, us folks who question the narrative are now akin to manure? In another post another acquaintance posted this: “So many examples of people believing their freedoms are more important ....”

This is getting to be a very slippery slope my friends. And the funny thing is, those folks they are complaining about (you know, patriotic, constitution supporting, freedom lovers) have all the guns!!!

Plus, you can’t argue with someone who maintains their belief structure no matter what the evidence shows. I’ve looked at many things I didn’t want to be true. It does hurt, sometimes. Painful truths have to made room for and can make us feel vulnerable and uncomfortable. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that rug pulled out from under me feeling. I’ve even went through periods of deep depression as I processed information that made the world feel like a more dangerous unpredictable place. Beliefs, even if wrong, often give us comfort, make us feel safe. Admitting we don’t know, or could be wrong can be scary. Fortunately I’ve created an inner sanctuary, a safe place in my psyche, to process how I now see our reality construct.

In fact, these last few years have been awesome, in a good way, in connecting with benevolent mostly unseen forces that we are actually also surrounded by simultaneous to the outer manufactured by hostile forces movie screen of life. It will make leaving much easier, as the fear of the unknown has dissipated like storm clouds on a sunny day. My inner screen has shown me other realities that I can access, that are just a thought away.

Which is good, because I am willing to give this life away to defend my personal sovereignty. I’d rather die free, than live with the lie of “safety” and put my life in the hands of something I absolutely know with all my being does not have my best interests in mind. In other words, I don’t want to be a comfortable slave who is encouraged not to have an original thought in my head, and has no room in it for the divine nature of life itself. You may call it a belief, but I have demonstrated to myself over and over that nature is not my enemy, and that the earth has provided everything I need to live a happy healthy life. And I will not support that being taken away from me.

Much more I want to write, but my stomach is growling and after I feed myself I need to get out there and care for the menagerie of furry and feathered friends. Happy Solstice to all (even those of you who are lining up for the jab). Even though it stirs up many feelings in me, I refuse to hate. I may feel disappointment, and have to process other feelings as they arise, but I know they simply do not know, and until the spell is broken still deserve my compassion (which seems more and more something they are incapable of returning in kind). I send my prayers up to creator for all life, even those who don’t like me, and even those who may come to hate me. May the truth prevail in the end (even if I find out I was wrong on many things).

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Sat Dec 26, 2020 5:58 pm
by Spiritwind
Good morning world! I sit here with my thoughts all a jumble, a common state for me! I feel slightly drug out today, and tired, due to having two strong eggnog and spiced rum drinks that went down way too easy. I never hardly drink these days, and my body really doesn’t like it when I do. I also ate way too much the last few days, and my food choices were not as healthy as I usually try to make them. I pay the price every time. Why do I do that to myself? Well, I have always loved food, and I tend to let my guard down during this time of year, just to blend in with everyone else doing the same. It was all so good!

Back to reality though, I’m trying to get back to some balance and self control. This year does feel different than any other I have experienced this lifetime, due to the big looming uncertain and unknown future we all face. I reached out to many friends and family members, and noticed that, although not said with words, the feeling I mention is widespread and affecting everyone in different ways. I have not been in to making New Years resolutions for a long time now, and my goals for next year have been forming in my, and my husband’s, imagination for some time, and remain pretty steady. I imagine we’ll keep the same steady pace we have set these last few years, making room for the usual set backs and detours.

It’s amazing to think back on my past, and how much personal growth has taken place. I was born a bit on the defiant side, and discipline and self responsibility were something I struggled with all my life. They were like four letter cuss words to me! Yet, somewhere around 30 years ago I finally really got it, that the only way to find true inner peace and happiness that is not dependent on what is going on around me, was to begin to grow some serious muscles in that department. Seriously, if I can do it, anyone can, IF they want to. I’m glad I didn’t settle for that prevailing attitude of, “well, that’s just the way I am”. I am finally getting comfortable in my own skin, just in time to watch the world fall apart. What a deal!

I still watch videos, read books, talk to people. But I have noticed my insatiable desire to “figure it all out” has not been as pressing these days. It’s almost like I can accept that even though we all seem to be plugged into the same general reality construct, we are definitely not all having the same experience. And I see more and more clearly how our beliefs, conscious and unconscious, shape our perceptions of what is going on around us. One very stark difference between myself and the mainstream, is that I believe in myself, my body’s wisdom, and spiritual forces generally unseen that are operating all around us. In fact, the guidance I receive that seems to come from a place that is much bigger than the little me I identify with seems to have made a break through this last year. It is palpable and more direct, as if the space it has to reach me has somehow become easier to traverse. I often wonder if that is because I have spent so much time working with those things in my beliefs and psyche that created barriers and made it more difficult to receive and interpret.

I’m finally not such a doubting Thomas anymore, and that is nothing short of miraculous. I still feel lonely for human contact, as that has definitely been detrimentally affected by what is going on. Yes, everything is alive and conscious, but still, I am wearing a human body suit, and we as humans were never meant to live without being in relationship to others. I really saw that the other day when I met up with a few friends at a local bar and grill that had chosen to reopen despite the mandates in our state of no indoor dining etc etc. So nice to walk in without a muzzle and give each other longer than normal hugs. We each expressed how much more important that has become, since the continuing “lockdown” status they seem to want to maintain indefinitely.

Even seeing my grandsons has become more challenging, and I feel fortunate that I get to see them at all. My husband and I had been having a few health issues that we, as usual, handled on our own, but we do try to make sure that everyone is in good health when we do get together, so just met up with them to get them their Christmas gifts. The youngest was quite emotional when he realized they weren’t going to get to come home with us, and I plan to make sure they can come over at the earliest opportunity to spend some quality time together. I have no doubt all this has affected them greatly too, in ways they probably don’t even have the maturity to express well yet. They still make them wear masks all day when they are physically in school and remain 6 feet apart. And I know for a fact children need that physical connection for good mental and emotional health. It will be interesting to look back and see the ways in which this affected us all in the long term.

Some other friends who have been isolating admitted they just couldn’t handle going out due to how it makes them feel, and how depressing it has been for them and the struggle to stay positive. Both of them are medically exempt from wearing masks, but now many places are not even honoring medical exemptions, and it doesn’t feel good to get denied entry into places you’ve shopped at for years. I do feel the need to keep reaching out to a number of people, both friends and family, even when they don’t respond, because I know that this is a very common reaction to trauma, to just shut down and withdraw. I do worry about what this is doing to so many, but know I don’t have a magic wand myself to make it all go away. And I also know that we humans, many of us especially in developed nations where we have had, comparatively speaking, pretty good lives, need to take our rose colored glasses off and see things more clearly, and this process of dismantling, by its very nature, is not going to be embraced. No, it’s going to be a hard awakening for many, to see just how out of balance our expectations of reality has become. Wakey wakey!

I do see positive potential here, in terms of spiritual growth, even though I too am daily reminded of the growing possibilities for disaster on a large scale, that make it seem like the bad guys are winning again. My own inner awakening would likely not have happened had it all been a cake walk for me these last many years. Hardship, challenge, betrayal, narcissistic personalities, and other assorted difficulties, strangely, are often the ingredients that get us to finally let go of what needs to be released in our lives, to make room for a new awakening. I feel stronger, in mind, body, and spirit, than I ever have before, and can actually see where I may have chose this path on purpose from a higher spiritual perspective. Ask any athlete how they get to be successful, and you’ll find that they had to work hard, over come their weaknesses, and build those muscles through relentless discipline and dedication. All growth, physical or otherwise, takes effort. So for those just wanting to glide through life, and make it as easy as possible, might have just needed this wake up call. Discomfort can be a great instigator and teacher I have found.

I notice I keep looking for signs of humanity waking up, and do see glimmers here and there. I see it as a big transition, one that will take place over time, and will likely feel very frustrating at times due to the slow pace, and yet hard to hold on at other times when things happen too fast. This is the first time in my lifetime where the whole world is sort of involved in this transition. I wasn’t alive during World War One and Two, and even though there have been many conflicts, there has been nothing of such magnitude until now. And as I continue to explore historical events from different perspectives, both mainstream and otherwise, it becomes clear that much was going on behind the scenes and out of the public eye, that lays the groundwork for what eventually erupts into full scale conflict and war, every time. No matter how spontaneous they may seem, they are ALWAYS planned by a small fairly hidden group who will stand to benefit from the great loss of life that always ensues.

It makes me think of the many tyrannical leaders of our past who had visions of world dominance. Like any good parasite, they are never satisfied, even though their dream of total control that lasts is not even logical, and is always doomed to eventually fail. We obviously can influence nature, but total control is a fantasy, and a very dangerous one at that. But each generation continues to try and build that perfect empire, where the world’s self appointed royalty can finally assume their imaginary right to rule us all. Weird to see such a delusional mindset at work behind the scenes, keep playing out over and over again throughout time. Like the snake eating it’s tail in the ouroboros, it’s a self replicating loop that needs to be broken.

Personally, I’m ready to get off that merry go round! I’m sincerely hoping I don’t have to come back for another trip around and around. I’m ready to jump ship, and see what happens. I keep getting reassured from my inner guidance team that I will be just fine. I don’t see any wings, but hopefully they’ll be there when I jump. Like a bird leaving its nest for the first time, I’ll take it all on faith.....

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Thu Jan 07, 2021 8:42 pm
by Spiritwind
I am finally beginning to calm myself down, after watching the shit show at our capitol yesterday, and then waking up with a feeling of doom. To watch the spin on all this, and to watch so many of my fellow men and women fall for it, is painful to watch.

First, I feel into things. Always have. The horned character and his cohorts are not Trump supporters, and this was all so very choreographed and planned, and I am not impressed. Even without knowing that this same character has been on the scene in other happenings of a nefarious nature, it wouldn’t be hard to spot. And he wants notoriety. He also wants to help take this country down, so that the very ideals that held us together here, even though not laid on honest and truthful foundations, completely fall apart.

Yes, when the mass wave of people began pouring into this country to escape oppression and to start a new life here, they brought disease, suffering, and genocide to the millions of people already living here. It’s a vicious cycle that keeps repeating itself, over and over. Still, despite all of this, many of us have become completely intertwined over the generations. So many are now related, crossing those boundaries, that even though there are still traditions and separate cultures from all over the world here, we are a country whose people value independence, freedom (in beliefs, matters of health, and religion) and many who work hard towards making certain rights available to all.

I see many strong communities, where on a local level, people try to take care of each other, look out for children, the elderly and the handicapped. It is our governing bodies who have grown fat and greedy, taking more and more and more away from the people, and now want to sell us out to the highest bidder, with many groups vying for the chance to make history and make us fall.

And the way they are doing it is so insidious and diabolical, it literally makes me sick to my stomach, watching it all play out. The one thing you will never hear them talk about, on any type of mainstream media, is what are the spiritual implications of what is happening? For the mal intent is palpable, for anyone with the ability to sense these things. But, they’ve been running us around the game board for a full year now, making us ripe for this new level of trauma, intending to deliver the final blow, that will render us unable to see their true intent. I see it though, and so do many others.

It does seem like evil is winning for the moment. I personally know a number of people who went to this event in DC, and have no doubt that they will have a different story to tell than you are hearing on the mainstream when they return. I also know a number of people who are swallowing the narrative hook line and sinker. They have a view of Trump supporters that is very different from my experience. I happen to live up in the NE corner of Washington State, and the majority of rural folks I know out here are Trump supporters, and literally ALL of them are good people. They are not racist, or into fascist ideals in any way (I’ve heard this leveled at them, and it’s truly ludicrous!) They are all hard working caring people who are simply patriotic, believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and feel that our government has quit representing the will and the true well being of the people, and truly believe we are on the edge of loosing everything, in the way of all that makes life worth living here.

Though I’m not even political, and couldn’t stand Trump to begin with, I am with them, more than the crowd that thinks we should be lining up for that jab, and that we are selfish for clinging to outdated notions of freedom, and are somehow a menace to society for not wanting to stay masked up forever and watch our economy implode and put millions of people into poverty and despair. And, stranger still, I find it very interesting that Trump has not involved us in a single conflict since he took office, the first president to do that since I can’t remember when.

So what is the truth of the matter? I guess it depends on who you listen to, and, also your beliefs and preconceived ideas. But there is a deeper truth, and it goes far beyond just what we see. If you haven’t noticed, there is a rather unprecedented in this country in my lifetime effort to shape the narrative, and shut down ANYONE who disagrees. The censorship is off the charts! Even Trump and his family have been cut off from communication with those who want to stay connected to the man who is actually, by law, still supposed to be the holder of the highest office in this country. What is going on here!?! So, 13 days to go. It’s going to be a hairy ride, and it still won’t be over, even then.

I’m just gonna keep doing what I’m doing, out here. I have trees to plant, fences to build, shelters to make, and assorted other goals and plans, and I’m just going to keep waking up each day, putting one foot in front of the other. But I am having trouble believing what I’m seeing. I know quite a few people who have seen these times approaching for literally years, but it’s a different feel to be smack dab in the middle of it, and sensing the worst is yet to come. Still, I’ll keep saying my prayers, and sending up my intent to creator, for a positive outcome in the end. If truth finally truly surfaces, for all to see, no matter how ugly, we would finally be able to move forward. It’s been a long time coming. I hope I get to see it in my lifetime. Love to all....

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Fri Jan 08, 2021 4:16 pm
by Spiritwind
I wanted to add a comment on the guy with the horned head attire on, who seemed to be quite posing for the cameras. I’ve since heard a few people come forward, saying he IS a patriot, that they know him, and he is a great guy blah blah. Here’s the thing. He’s been photographed at BLM protests, Antifa goings on, I think even with Giuliani. He’s been ALL over the place. So who is this guy, really? Personally, I think everyone has been fooled, and he is an operative, working for SOMEONE, just who I doubt we really know. Just saying.

And, it seems pretty funny to me, that groups of people this last year were allowed to move in and trash certain areas of Seattle, Portland, New York, and burned, looted, and terrified the people who lived there, and had businesses there, but somehow, that was OKAY??? We had them even try to do that in my nearest big city, Spokane. But when people push back over the very obvious fraud that took place in this recent election, they are somehow all terrorists?

You also really have to ask yourself, just exactly why they even got into the capitol building? Like, they had to be LET in. Someone wanted this to happen, and, I’ve even heard that certain things were about to be revealed, and that process got stopped because of this very effective diversion. I can’t claim to know exactly who is on whose side, but I do know my husband was involved in certain goings on by our government, some of which are STILL classified, and is in agreement with me that there is much that is being made to look like one thing, when something else entirely is going on. Psychological warfare, at its finest.

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Wed Jan 13, 2021 4:03 pm
by Spiritwind
I’m gonna jot down a few thoughts here, before I’m on the run again. I’ve been strangely busy lately. I have a number of things I wanted to post to the forum, but doubt I’ll have time again today. It’s interesting to me that I’ve been passionate about building community for a long time now, but only recently have others been as equally motivated. What is it they say, necessity is the mother of invention?

Big winds today, with gusts possibly up to 60 mph. I hope everything is battened down, but I guess I’ll find out! Plan to make a trip to the city today, to get whatever I think we’ll be needing, so I can just be home for some indefinite period of time. I hear so much speculation about “what’s going on” and “what’s going to happen”! And I don’t think anyone knows for sure. But I’ve never felt things so unsettled my entire life.

One thing that has me quite alarmed, is the hostility that’s beginning to well up in certain people. I mean, they are just pulling out the stops! I went to another forum I used to belong to, and was appalled at the dictatorial mindset of the administrator! Like, wowzers! He was just so sure he knew it all, and was right! Which, made anyone disagreeing wrong, and basically in his book, a dangerous poop head. Must be nice to know it all!

But the downright meanness reminds of when the two founders of Earth Empaths got drug through the proverbial mud on another forum (whose name I won’t mention), and the incredible meanness I saw happening there. In fact, it was the primary reason I left. And I keep on writing here, because, well, the censorship everywhere else is getting downright ridiculous. I can’t believe people are so willing to throw these basic human rights out the window. Or, they think they just apply to them (and not those who they disagree with).

And I just don’t feel that level hostility towards my fellow man. It does make me sad, though. Very sad! More than anything else going in, it’s probably what bothers me most. How did people let themselves become so manipulated that they don’t even see it? I don’t feel anger at those who are lining up for this vaccine, nor do I feel they are a danger to me. I think it’s so weird how just a few bad apples can spoil the whole bunch! I mean, I see extremists on both sides of the fence, and I also see a lot of good people who just think differently, on both sides of the fence. But now, they are trying (quite successfully I might add), to whip up those differences so that they cannot be reconciled.

Yes, it’s true that I am on the side of freedom, and will never concede that I, or anyone else standing tall, is just selfish! Freedom will never become an outdated concept in my book! I left a dogmatic religion as soon as I could upon reaching adulthood, and don’t plan to ever go back. Does that mean I am in judgement of them, the people I grew up with? No, they are actually good people, who just believe and think differently than I do, and I am grateful that I had the RIGHT to believe and think otherwise. So, it’s a very dangerous slippery slope we are on.

And, speaking of beliefs, I do think there is ample evidence to suggest that what we are dealing with is not at all normal, and that something BIG, and mostly UNSEEN, is going on. A predatory presence, if you will. So, I direct my attention, and my rage (when I feel it), towards the real culprit. And it’s not even human. Despite all that, though, I intend to keep on keeping on. I mean, what else you gonna do? I do know, if they EVER come to my door, saying they are taking me to a “safe, secure” location, it’s going down, right then, right there. That’s when they will run into the line in the sand I have drawn. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Time to go though. And, love to all, even THOSE WHO DISAGREE! We aren’t each other’s enemy, unless we make it that way.

And, no, I’m not a fascist, racist, or any other ridiculous label you want to put on me! Seriously, I’ve seen this in action, with ANYONE who doesn’t outright despise Trump (and blame him for everything going on) or just simply questions the mainstream narrative. I have questions, in fact, more questions than answers, and the answers I’m getting certainly feel off (as in, something is not adding up!) Okay, end of rant I guess!

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Tue Jan 19, 2021 6:17 pm
by Spiritwind
I wrote this yesterday, and hesitated to post it. I am kind of on a rant, but I felt better by writing it, getting it out, how I REALLY feel. Energetically, I can feel things rolling along, and despite what I wrote, my inner guidance has been consistent, and, for some reason, I need not worry. Can’t speak for anyone else though. Thought some more about the astrology of our time, of today and tomorrow particularly, and it can be read different ways. And, having been a long time student, I know how energy that needs to be expressed can be done in either beneficial or harmful ways, and our CHOICES DO influence the outcome. So, for me, it’s prayers up high today. The one thing “they” overlook, over and over, is that there is spiritual energy and laws, if you will, that have always existed. “They” know about them, but use them to harm, and have tried to hide them from the rest of us. But like a seed coming up through the asphalt, life itself prevails.

It reminds me of a story my husband likes to tell. When he was in the military, he wanted to wear a mustache. He was told to shave it off, and another higher ranking officer, who liked him, took him aside. He told him, son, read the manual, basically. In other words, there are codes, guidelines, and laws for almost everything, even wearing a mustache in the Army. And, he beat it, with their own rule book. I think we’ve simply lost our connection with sacred law. But, if we re-align ourselves, by starting to factor that very vital element into the bigger picture, we must then consider, something else can happen. Maybe even different than any of us could have conceived of. Great Spirit has an intellect, and creative capacity, that goes way beyond my understanding and ability to comprehend. I am often in a state of awe, for my continuing discoveries of how beautiful my experience in this world can be, the more I bring myself, and stay, in alignment with that big, ineffable, something, that really cannot even be described, with any accuracy, or completeness. I guess I will share away.

Just a quick observation I’ll jot down today. It’s kind of funny to see how hard they are all scrambling, across the board, to shut down communications between ANYONE with a dissenting voice. That includes those who simply refuse to join the Big T hate club (and blaming him for everything they view wrong with our world), those who support our constitutional right to free speech, and those who see the very clear signs of tyranny on the horizon, being aided and abetted by big tech and those relentlessly marching us towards this New World Order they’ve had in the works for us a long time.

The blatant signs of programming, outright mind control through tried and true techniques outlined in numerous books I’ve read over the years (they’ll be coming for those, too, soon enough I’m sure!), and the level of deceit and lies, repeated so loudly and so frequently in the mainstream to where after a while the truth is deemed a lie, are all around us now.

It appears they will use any and all means to try and keep the genie in the box, and to silence those who hold different views, values, and perceptions. The labeling is quite off the charts now, too, (as is the group shaming) with those who actually stand for freedom, of beliefs, thought, and speech, are dismissed without any examination or critical analysis, and called dangerous extremists, as if they are committing acts against the government itself. If those who hold positions of authority are shown to be actively engaging in abusing that authority, and have shown a deep level of corruption that goes against the very values extolled in our constitution, then they can be no longer representative of that government, and they themselves are the traitors. When this becomes glaringly obvious, which it has to many, then we are bound as citizens of this country, to uphold those values, and be willing to stand up for them, against all efforts to silence us.

Every single person I’ve met, is NOT an extremist, but actually family, community oriented everyday hard working people (I know, I’m repetitive on this one folks, but, seriously...)who are just trying to do the best they can to prepare for what is ahead, by helping each other survive, while forces try to tear this country apart. And they are trying to cut off our ability to receive and share real intel, so as to keep abreast of what to expect and be able to protect our homes and family. The threat against freedom lovers is real, and is present in every single act of tyranny I’ve ever seen as far back in time as you can go. That’s what they always do, shut down communication between those not supporting the party line. And it is a party line!

We all already saw that shortages, especially toilet paper of all things, and many other important products, were a real thing last year. What do you think will happen if there is martial law? If communications are TOTALLY shut down, or the power grid takes a hike? Record numbers of businesses have been purposefully tanked, putting millions out of work, while a handful of already extremely wealthy corporations and individuals have profited from the suffering being inflicted on the masses, and taking full advantage. Why is good ole Bill buying up all the farm land? You know, the guy who has no medical credentials whatsoever but is looked to as some kind of expert, butted his nose in education (and the common core disaster), as well as being in love with frankenfood.

Have you actually ever taken a look at the maps they have for these smart cities they want to roll out, with high speed railways in between connecting them, and where all the gigantic unprecedented fires have been occurring? I have. And where do you think all the poor folk are going to live? In their nice new “smart cities”? That is, those that survive long enough to see it come to pass.

I wouldn’t even believe it if I wasn’t seeing for myself. Will all this really happen (the full rollout of what they envision ala Georgia Guidestones)? I think we’ll have a better idea of where this is all going fairly quickly now, after the slow motion slide of last year. Yes, it’s coming up on a year since that 2 weeks to flatten the curve slogan they loved to throw around so much. Do I sound a little pissed? Yes, I am. Am I a terrorist and a danger to society? I guess it depends on who you ask. I will not under any circumstances give up certain rights willingly, such as my rights over my own health choices, so we’ll see what happens. I’m not looking for any conflict, but I learned a long time ago, running from a predator generally doesn’t work out good.

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Thu Jan 21, 2021 4:42 pm
by Spiritwind
Basically we’ve all been told to shut up, and stand down. And this is EXACTLY how they do it, until the noose is already around your neck and they are ready to kick the chair (or horse) out from under you. Today, my spidey senses are on high alert. It’s like I’m being told what I see (hear, feel) isn’t what I see (hear, feel). This reminds me of people in abusive relationships, where the abuser then tries to convince the victim that what he/she just experienced wasn’t as bad as it seemed, and that they really “love them”. It all feels very OFF to me!

Having studied the agenda of those who like to play god, for many years now, it feels to me like they are continuing, at a rather advanced pace, to maneuver the pieces into position, and every step they take is presented as something different than what it really is. I don’t get a warm fuzzy feeling about any of this. Sure explains why my spiritual guidance team helped me to get where I am at this juncture in time. And it makes me grateful for every single instance in which I followed that inner guidance to do something, reach out to someone, and so on. I trust them implicitly. Our outer self appointed authority figures feel downright shady to me, and I’m sticking with that until proven otherwise (and that feeling I get has NEVER been wrong). Embracing the unknown future with integrity is what they keep telling me is all I need to focus on (my inner guidance team). And I am also oh so grateful for all the inner work I’ve done, so as to not be so triggered and be able to see past my own biases, expectations, and assumptions. I would be a mess right now, otherwise. Something is definitely up, and it isn’t what the masses think.

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Thu Jan 28, 2021 5:53 pm
by Spiritwind
Why I think this time is different, or at least could be.

As I sat contemplating what I perceive to be “happening” in our world, trying to shrug off the deep, penetrating, fatigue I feel about just being here in this time, I asked Great Spirit why is this time different. I got up, washed my face with some hot water, and lit some incense to try and lift the pall of the outer world that is daily pressing in on me. Then I sat, asking Spirit, as I do every day, what it is I need to focus on, give my energy and attention to, and shuffled the cards.

Time after time, I get a similar, or often almost the same, reading of the energies at play. And I’m going to get a little more personal than I should here, to explain the underlying foundation of where many of my strange thoughts originate. It’s a long story to tell, and won’t go there today, but, briefly, I now have some memory recall of very strange events that have occurred in my life, that defy ordinary explanations. It’s caused me to radically alter my view of reality as a whole.

I know, without any doubt whatsoever, that what we’ve been told about our reality is distorted, at best, and only encompasses a very small spectrum of the larger view. Expanding that view, and minimizing the distortion, is no small task, and few ever set out to do so. Anyway, in pondering my currently held perception of what really happened to me, I realize that it fully appears as if events were happening simultaneously, on several different dimensional levels at once.

Starting with my most cherished memory of childhood, where I stood in the dirt driveway, on a bright sunny, slightly breezy day, on my adopted parents farm, talking to god while looking at the trees, the breeze as it moved through them, and the sun sparkling on the leaves, I had a most awesome and life changing experience. It truly felt as though I were wrapped in the most loving embrace possible, and timed seemed to stop, as I just took it all in. I’ve already talked about the message I received before, so won’t go over it again, but this was the only experience I can recall, when asked about feelings of being loved as a child. All the parental, authority type figures in my early life that I can remember, with the exception of my grandmother on my adopted mothers side, felt cold, and unapproachable. So my experience of love, what it felt like, came from literally somewhere else.

It’s taken me many years, but I have for some long time now engaged in a more continuous dialogue with this something, that embodies what love really is, and feels like to me, to the point it is no longer just a belief. It is real. In fact, it is more real than any of this nonsense we are currently experiencing on a collective level in this particular shared reality construct. The “circus” where the clowns have turned dark and foreboding, and it’s beginning to feel like a nightmare you can’t wake up from. So much more is going on than meets the eye, of this I am certain, and I find it helpful to observe, as much as possible, from a multiple dimensional perspective. I keep getting the message that there is, much like a clock that goes around in a very exact manner, a convergence of possibilities, and the game is in full play. The outcome is not known for certain, and each of us here now plays a part.

This is the first time in our known history, though there have been almost endless wars as far back as you can go, that we have had the level of connectivity, and spiritual understanding, that we currently have as a whole. More people are opening their minds, in regards to what life is really all about here, than ever before. With the internet, we have been able to share knowledge, experience, and perspectives, as never before. We, a pretty good number that I personally know of, have been gobbling up crumbs of truth for quite while now, to the point where we have enough to bake that cake, and maybe even eat it too!

In other words, I believe, without getting into anyone’s interpretation of what is “happening out there”, if we start taking more time to go within, and just listen to what your higher self perspective can “see”, the answers may astound you. Something else IS possible here, even though it looks a certain way on the outside (and yes, what they want you to think and see is exactly what they show you, and create with media magic - which by the way, they have developed to an astonishing level). It’s ALL a psyop! That doesn’t mean it’s all bad, though. In fact, FROM A HIGHER PERSPECTIVE SOMETHING ELSE ENTIRELY MIGHT BE GOING ON! I know what my guidance is telling me every day, maybe with different cards in my readings, but message staying the same.

What is different this time, is literally US! What would you do, if you knew that to be true....?

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Tue Feb 16, 2021 5:33 pm
by Spiritwind
I have a farm life post to finish, but feel drawn to jot down my thoughts on several topics floating around in my mind, that don’t have much to do with rural life daily activities. Except that my desire to be where I am does stem in part from what I see going on in this constructed reality we all live in.

I’ve been voraciously reading and watching videos on a wide range of topics. I have a book coming on Tartaria, and one called Remarkable Healings: A Psychiatrist Discovers Unsuspected Roots of Mental and Physical Illness. More and more I’m seeing “this reality” in a way that’s becoming increasingly at odds with the mainstream view. I’ve also been doing some genealogy exploration. There is just so much more going on here than what most can even conceive of. I used to wonder what was wrong with me, that I would even be so bold as to question everything I was taught, and everything I thought I knew.

I guess I just insatiably want to discover what the truth is, regardless of where it takes me. And boy, has it taken me off the reservation entirely. I don’t even know where to begin. One thing is for sure, if you don’t factor in that which is hidden, and purposefully kept unseen, you are only seeing the small tip of the iceberg, while the biggest part remains out of view under the surface.

Much time is spent vigorously working to integrate the fact that almost everything I was and still am being programmed to believe is wrong, purposefully so. That is one of the reasons I keep writing here in the first place. I have noticed more and more people who used to weigh in on these topics have been effectively taken out of view through the ongoing heavy censorship taking place. Many have given up trying to offer their alternative views, especially as more and more evidence is being scrubbed that would support such a different view. Plus I know many who are now scrambling to get ready for the very dark night that is likely ahead of us. They are just too busy and exhausted to write and share their thoughts and observations.

The worst part is, we have been through these dark nights too many times before. I know this whole reality has a predator aspect to it, depending on how you look at it. But what I’m talking about is on a level that beggars belief. Yes, I know that big fish eat little fish, and have even seen large dogs attack and kill a small dog, just for fun. A cougar would have no problem eating one of our domestic cats. But what I’m seeing here is not natural, or merely instinctual behavior. Those dogs I mention aren’t going around with a plot to kill all small dogs, everywhere, nor is the big cat bent on exterminating all domestic cats. It’s just convenient, in the moment, behavior, with no diabolical long term planning, and massive deception being rolled out in a very long term methodical fashion.

Although humans have the capacity to reason and plan on a level not available to most animals, and even smaller parasitic organisms, that does not in any way guarantee what could truly be called higher reasoning abilities. They say certain species of dinosaurs had a higher capacity to think, plan, and reason, but they used it to become a better predator. And that’s kind of what we have going on today. We have some human suited bodies that have become the ultimate predator, with a bit of a psychopathic bent. They are like gods gone wrong. Or should I say god wanna be’s, because ultimately they are false gods in every sense of the meaning.

For where in this equation does spirituality fit? For them, there is no higher divine power. They reason that if there were, something would have stepped in and stopped them by now. And it does seem as though this just keeps doing a wash, rinse, repeat cycle, over and over again. In reality, I don’t know that we have enough of the missing pieces, or that the pieces we do have have been sufficiently separated from the lies and distortions, to even know with any certainty what our true story, and past is. There are recurring themes though.

I do have a loose working model of what I think happened, based on the information I have sifted through and pieced together over my lifetime, but it remains always subject to revision. So many things jump to mind as I type this. I remember when I was still very young noticing the disparity between what our religious teachings were telling us, and how things actually seemed to be. I remember being told that God created everything, always was and always will be (as in, exists out of time constructs), knows everything, even our thoughts, and was/is LOVE. But I see no signs of that love in our ruling self appointed masters.

I’ll veer off momentarily to say that I do believe creation is at least supposed to be an act of love. Water, a most basic element, responds to love and other associated so called emotions and behaviors (joy, kindness, forgiveness, empathy etc.) as shown in the work of Masaru Emoto, by assembling itself in beautiful geometric and harmonious patterns. Whereas thoughts and intentions of hate, anger, harm and so on create patterns of chaos, and do not assemble in discernible shapes at all. That’s why I think that a divine and loving force did involve itself in creation, and still does.

This other force that has embodied our current cast of rulers (same as they ever were, they just change names, costumes, locations etc.) has to literally steal and perhaps come up with new and novel ways to assemble what has already been created. They literally can’t create anything truly new, as they have no capacity it appears to feel empathy, and create with loving intention.

In my early government sanctioned education experience, things like science, medicine, history, and so on were taught with the understanding that what was presented was all that we knew to date, and I guess I thought even then, that it would change over time as new information came to light. Science was supposed to be the discovery of how things work, and that everything is really a working hypothesis, that would grow as we grew. After all these years, looking back, I can see that isn’t how it is at all. Much more I could say there, but moving on.....

The conclusions I currently have arrived at, are that we are not free, and never have been, our whole lives, none of us. It’s like a circus act, that entertains at first, and then morphs into something else, something very dark. It was dark all along, but the deliberate programming of our minds starts at birth, so that we couldn’t see the man behind the curtain, and had no one to guide and instruct us in a truthful manner. Seriously, how are we to know? It reminds me of my great-grandfather who was quite the character. He bought up cheap land, swamp land, land no one really wanted, and literally created a false town front, hired actors, and sold property to people who took him on trust sight unseen. And that’s what’s happened to us.

We were innocent, and truly didn’t know any better. Why would everyone lie to us straight out the gate? Doesn’t make sense, does it? Our parents, well, they really aren’t to blame, as the game has been played non stop for who knows how long, really. These same players apparently don’t ever die, don’t get mind wiped at birth, and actually seem to enjoy doing the same thing over and over again, with the same ultimate conclusion. Death, suffering, and despair is what they seem to thrive on. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Round and round and round we go. I have to get busy, so will have to come back to this. But, to end this segment, I will say I want off. I do not want to do this anymore. I have told source/creator that I really don’t want to come back here again. If we can’t change this to a better outcome, one that does not fulfill their addictive need to create world cataclysms, mass genocide, theatrical dramas of death and despair for their entertainment, and a continuous repeating cycle of slavery while being told we are free, I want off.