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Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Tue May 28, 2019 3:34 pm
by Spiritwind
Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts. I once went through some workshops offered by a so called Mystery School, and the guy who was teaching it was a so called Ritual Master. Interesting to me that one of the things he talked about was slowing our thoughts down. That allowing our minds to just fill our heads with undisciplined and chaotic thoughts is one of the reasons we have trouble manifesting what we want in our physical reality. He talked about how those who aspire to work with the forces of creation and manifestation have worked diligently with practices designed to slow down the mind, so that specific thoughts, accompanied by strong will and intent pack more punch. It was also interesting to me that years later when I called him about some very strange paranormal type goings on, he made it clear that the people he works for have big money to pay him for what he does. He didn’t elaborate on what he does.

I am writing about this now because of where I intend to go with this. I have a view of the world, and what’s going on in the physical outer show of reality, that heavily relies on what I pick up from the unseen realms. I can’t prove any of it, and I can offer no evidence that I am correct. As I have stated before, I used to just think I had an overactive imagination. Perhaps that is true. But I have found it very interesting that over many years of filing away what I pick up, and then working with others who can do what I actually think we all can do, that much of what I have picked up, time and time again, has slowly, eventually, over time, proven correct. Sometimes years later I will read something that verifies what I have picked up intuitively. Trust in this process has been gained over a long period of time.

For me, this process has led me to a great deal of interaction with what I will call the astral realm, a reality we all enter when we sleep but mostly don’t remember. A lot is going on there, and it is not bound by time, or a need to eat or sleep. A whole other reality exists there, that while not physically tangible, is none the less very real. This is where the idea of the difference between knowing and belief come in. I have had so many forays there, met so many beings, and had so many experiences, that it is no longer a question of belief, but one of knowing. It’s true, that my perceptions of what I experience there could be and most likely are interpreted based on my beliefs and expectations, although I receive surprises all the time that are totally unexpected. Sometimes I truly don’t know what to make of what I see and hear, and just file it on the shelf for later to see if something else comes along to fill in the gaps, to be either verified, modified, or discarded.

So for me, when people talk about what is going on “out there” in our physical reality that we are all mostly hooked into, I almost always have a whole other set of data that I use in my assessment of what is actually going on. In other words, we all wake up every day basically in the same reality, even though our experience of it widely differs from one another based on our experience, location, beliefs, and expectations, and so on. When people talk about anything really, from religion, medicine and healing, to politics and more, I tend to keep my mouth shut about what I see in the astral, and the conversations I have with beings there. No rubber room for me!

But this ties in rather directly to another conversation going on here on the forum about politics. The right and the left, and so on. What I see is mostly derived from my experiences in these unseen realms, so once again, can not be proven at all. I don’t try to convince anyone, and have no problem with those who have arrived at a different conclusion. What I see is a total manipulation, by unseen forces, from these unseen realms, by beings most have no conscious awareness of. They have the ability, at least some of them, to overshadow the consciousness of individuals within the construct, so that it becomes difficult to correctly assess where an individual, especially those who wield considerable influence and authority in our world, are really coming from. The truth may be that the individuals themselves may not be fully conscious of this overshadowing and manipulation from the unseen realms.

But what I actually see going on is basically a takeover of monumental proportions. As I read many years ago in a thread on Project Avalon by 9eagle9, they gave us their mind. I find this imposition on my own consciousness all the time, and recognize thoughts that don’t seem to be my own, and that I am not actually in accord with. I kick them out of my mind on a regular basis, and this is an ongoing every day kind of thing. It gets very difficult to separate what is really me, with what in reality is part of what I call the overlay on consciousness. In my mind, it doesn’t feel at all like it’s intentions are in any way for my benefit or ultimate striving for personal freedom, at least over what the fuck I think. I use this rather harsh language, because to me it feels as though we are at war. And it is a war on our very consciousness, our ability to even think our own thoughts, thereby making choices that are truly in alignment with our highest good, and efforts to extricate ourselves from this mind prison.

It hasn’t always been this way. I also receive many visions of other times and places that were much different than this current roll out of reality. It doesn’t have to be this way, and many of these memories of other times and places are very vivid. I think this is why they really don’t want us to remember our true stories of how we got to where we are. When we consciously remember what we are capable of as spirits in human body suits, we will be unstoppable. And these forces in the unseen realms that work to further our enslavement will no longer be able to influence us to participate in our own demise. So this basically sums up why I don’t even have an opinion about who the good guys are, or even who the bad guys are, unless you can talk about that which we don’t physically see that operates behind the scenes. It is vastly more intelligent (only because it is not bound by time or the physical, cannot die, and never loses it’s memory from lifetime to lifetime). It can manipulate both sides of the equation in mind boggling ways, and from what I can tell does so on a continuous basis.

Thankfully, I have also identified many allies in these unseen realms, whose intentions are to help extricate us from our predicament, and are not trying to enslave us, but are rather trying to help us help ourselves on our way to getting free of this construct based on predatorial principles that do not honor the gift of life. In my mind, we never really die, but only change our form rather frequently. I don’t think the original intention was to imprison us, and then manipulate our physical experience from day one. I actually experience myself in spirit form all the time, as well as the physical attachment I have with this body. I see it as a gift, one that was bestowed as an opportunity to experience the manifest realms of creation, and as a chance to explore and enjoy this amazing biological wonder we call earth.

In conclusion, I don’t worry about myself so much, and the ultimate outcome of this outer show we are experiencing. I have definitely noticed the cyclical nature of things, and realize that nothing goes on forever in the same way. The pendulum of experience appears to swing back and forth, or actually more in a spiral, so that this outer reality will continue to undergo change. In fact, if you talk to different people in different parts of the world, it’s easy to see that while some are having one type of experience, someone else is having an entirely different experience, to the point where you could almost say they are not experiencing the same reality at all. Some could care less about what governments are doing, and some are just doing their best to survive.

What I do seem to be unable to keep from worrying about is actually the construct itself, not the overlay. I worry about the incredible biodiversity that exists here, and it’s wanton destruction hurts my heart. My friends, family, and loved ones I worry about, especially those who are completely tied to this reality as if it’s all there is. I worry about the many life forms whose very existence is imperiled. I love this earth, for in a very real way it is tied to my very beating heart. We are connected in a way that does not lend itself well to words, but fills my being with wonder, every day, the miracle of life here. Whoever, whatever, actually designed all of this is not harmful in intent, and this I feel in my very bones, to the depth of my being. I am for life. Even though physical forms are all transitory, each of them is sacred, and holy, and to be honored as a gift. This is what my inner knowing tells me.

And I can’t prove a thing. Just me, rambling on as I often do. But it feels good to just let it all hang out, and now I can move on to other things, like feeding myself and my many furry friends.

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 4:54 pm
by Spiritwind
Who really are “they”?

So they (governments, financial institutions, education, religion, politics, media, military policies etc.) control:

What gets approved for education (who gets to write the text books for our children and those going for a higher education as well)

What is acceptable and allowed with corporations - to dodge responsibility for (pollution, poison, destruction to environment, what every day citizens can even do about being harmed, lied to, and robbed etc.)

What is acceptable as far as even our own health (they steer you towards actions that are profitable for them, do not really heal anything, and actually hasten our demise and eventual death). Even deciding to refuse to go along can have dire consequences (at least you might still be alive to face them, though, if you choose to not go along)

What we are to believe about God, how we got to where we are, where we are headed, what our historical main events are and how they went down etc (who did what to whom, when, and where) - history is always written by the victors, and the victors are generally those who are the most brutal, self serving, deceitful, and downright pathological.

Our ideas and perceptions about our rights over our own bodies, livelihoods, life expectations, place in society, etc. - prejudices about those who still live close to nature, those of color, those born into poverty and trauma, and last but not least, women and children (with specific preference given to those born into wealth and prestige, even though they are destined to behave in a manner that sustains the status quo at all other life’s expense)

They control the daily narrative through social media and news outlets, as well as in the education system and religious institutions.

Again, I ask, who are “they”, and who are “we” (despite differences in beliefs and outlook I am talking about those who still have a real conscience and care about all life - and it’s really not that hard to tell the difference, even though they try to keep us all distracted, divided, and unable to focus on who the real enemy is - in part, it is ourselves, but we are not the ones who did the original planning, programming, and have the long view on an agenda spanning quite a long time, we just be trying to get along, survive, love our children, and have a little enjoyment being here - “they” are NOT like us, no matter how they try to make it appear - as in taking time out for a vacation or golf etc.). I’m thinking there is some serious brain damage going on, and long term consequences of inbreeding, but I know it’s more than that. Since almost no one ever posts here, even though I welcome commentary, I simply post this because at least here I can still voice my thoughts without being censored and receiving a bunch of hate directed my way (although if you doubt that “they” haven’t already identified every dissident voice that is speaking out on the planet already I think you may be in for a rude surprise).

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 10:44 am
by Fred Steeves
I read the following just the other day here Laurie:

"One cannot claim God as the synthesis of the whole Universe, as Omnipresent and Omniscient and Infinite, and then divorce him from evil. As there is far more evil than good in the world, it follows on logical grounds that either God must include evil, or stand as the direct cause of it, or else surrender his claims to absoluteness".

I've been tending towards the opposite question, who am I? I've been down the road of being "they" so that really muddies the waters...

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Thu Aug 08, 2019 3:13 pm
by Spiritwind
Hmmm, Fred, this gives me pause for thought. Thank you.

I’ve actually went down this road of pondering before. Speaking only for myself here, I basically adhere to the idea that God is not a personality at all, but rather a creative, AND destructive force, from which all matter and consciousness originates. From there, I feel there are both benevolent and destructive forces, and that we can consciously choose to align ourselves with one or the other.

As I have pulled on the threads of time, I have definitely identified experiences in which I was not at all like I am today. I am in a process of integration, so that the evil (non loving, deceitful, destructive) forces within me get integrated and transmuted so that they will no longer project themselves into my reality making process. I have been bad, very very bad, you could say, in my remembrances. And even in this life I have had to work (and still do) to overcome tendencies that feed those forces. It is a process, and one that we have to consciously choose of our own free will, without fear and coercion.

I feel the separation that has occurred, that has allowed the creative and destructive forces to become two different streams of energy, and thereby embodied by what appears to be “us”, and “them”, can actually be integrated into one again. So this isn’t about judgment or hatred for what I term as evil.

I wrote the following as part of my musing about “evil” as I was working on my political ponerology thread (which I have let go of for the time being). It kind of further explains my general thoughts on the matter.

“So, in a weird way, I see evil as simply a part of a larger whole, holistic being and reality, that simply got away from itself. I’ve used this idea before, but will use it again to illustrate what I am saying. Stomach acid is absolutely necessary in the body to digest our food. We have a digestive system that is designed to take the materials the body can’t use, and move them out of the body, in a slow but sure fashion. Stomach acid would be disastrous and very deleterious for the rest of the body, were it to get away from it where and what it is designed to do. The waste material from our bodies, otherwise known as shit, would also be very harmful if not properly handled, both in the body and out. We have a composting toilet, so I know for a fact that even our personal shit can be transmuted when handled appropriately. But if an intestinal wall starts to leak in the body, or gets plugged up, this is very harmful, and possibly death inducing.

What we have is a lot of shit and stomach acid on the loose in our reality. It would not be bad, if it were in its proper place, and performed the function it was designed for. You obviously don’t have to hate the shit and stomach acid, but it does need to be restored to its proper function, and more careful treatment of the body should follow, so as to not let this happen again. I think that’s where we get in trouble. We get complacent, and after a while of everything going well, we may backslide into behaviors that allow such caustic elements to once again run amok.”

From here, I would say that we do indeed create what is seen as evil in our world, our reality, and beyond. And I am fairly certain, especially knowing some things about my family of origin, that I am actually related to some of these embodied beings that we would term evil. I can literally feel them, and their machinations. I know their intentions. Since they are still in a state of complete separation, they have no intention of integrating their benevolent side, and becoming integrated as one whole, holistic, being. So, do we just stand by and let them continue to run amok?

I’m not saying I know what to actually do about all the evil in the world, but it does help to identify where it is really coming from. In the end, you are absolutely correct, in that it still comes down to working on the self. As many of us continue to identify in ourselves that which is getting projected outside ourselves, and into our collective reality, it may be that it gets more and more bizarre and in our face, as the truth of where we really are continues to get revealed. As a whole we have been in denial for a very long time. It’s not going to be easy for many to look at their own complicity. It seems to be human nature to want to avoid discomfort. So now the pile of what would normally be considered waste products has grown to epic proportions and we simply must deal with it, pay attention to it, almost whether we want to or not. Who knows, maybe in the end it’s a good thing, and something that actually needs to happen.

And this brings me to some current events. No matter what you think of Trump, it has brought our collective ugly side to the forefront. Is all the hatred, rage, and desire for violence (I’ve seen some images of what at least some people spend time imagining they would like to do to him on FB and it’s quite disturbing) going to really help us heal, and move forward in a more life affirming, truthful, manner? It would seem it is actually uncovering part of the real problem, and it IS US!!! And, lastly, if you really think about it, all this hatred I have seen directed at him (if people were to own their own shyte) is a form of psychic attack. Were that many people to direct that level of hatred at me, I would be sick as hell.

Yup, it’s all your fault Fred, for making me drone on and on, some more!

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 10:50 pm
by Spiritwind
I’ve been pondering what I read about in the book, 1666: Redemption Through Sin, by Robert Sepehr. It’s a strange concept, especially being a long time student of Kabbala. This idea that the ten Sephirot on the kabbalastic tree of life are divine emanations of God (I knew this part). But they further believe the story that these ten emanations could not hold the light, and therefore exploded into divine sparks.

I have long felt that we are, indeed, divine sparks of light that emanate from a divine source, at least at our core. In a way, we are like stars. And I have long thought that we existed in a non physical spirit state before becoming embodied as we are now. I further have had scenes of coming to this planet in spirit form, and being fascinated by what I saw and felt here, watching this physical wonderland, in all its intricate detail and symbiotic balance, it’s various life forms, the stunning beauty that was totally captivating. I started jumping into different life forms to briefly experience what it felt like to be this or that. (Maybe a Venus fly trap after all?)

Something happened after that, and whether over time, or all at once, I could no longer leave when I wanted, and I no longer had a fully conscious choice in what type of life form I experienced. Memories became more and more hazy, and soon, when I became temporarily released between lives and then became once again bound to a physical form, I could no longer remember them at all. Is this the fall from a higher state? I know I feel a continuous steady increase in awareness that I never thought possible in this life. I feel that instead of descending, I really am ascending, in a way.

I’ve been thinking about all the fires across the northern latitudes, in Alaska and Siberia, as well as all the ice melting. We are indeed destroying our forests at a rapid rate, and it is big corporate interests in maximizing profits that drives it, not everyday people like you and me. Our oceans have a big problem too, and are struggling to sustain life. Fukushima, as well as all the waste dumped into our oceans, and all the oil spills, not to mention military testing of weapons and so on are probably the biggest culprits. Again, not mostly everyday people like you and me.

This book I just read, and actually many more sources too numerous to mention, lead up to this idea that there are an actual group of beings who look human, but are not like the rest of us. They may actually work for beings we don’t ever see, perhaps even inter dimensional, or somehow hidden from view. But the names and faces we know trace their belief system to ancient times, and truly believe that the only way to release these sparks is for I guess whoever is called to gather with those of like mind, and to live with evil intent, and to choose their actions and behaviors with the goal of creating hell on earth, as much suffering and depravity as possible, thinking that when times get dark enough, these trapped sparks of divine light will be released. (I’m not exactly sure if they think they, themselves, are the divine sparks that will be released, and if so, a strange concept indeed)

Clearly my concept of being a divine spark veered off onto a separate path early on. Maybe, after all, it’s just a way for those who have these tendencies and desires to actuate them, and they found the perfect way to justify their totally depraved and anti-life behavior. Just because I have intestines to deal with what my body can’t use, doesn’t mean I should focus my consciousness there, and I don’t appreciate them doing their takeover BS. So, for now, maybe they control all the media outlets, and get to determine some of our viewing choices, but that doesn’t mean I can’t just turn it off, and do something else. I just wish they’d quit stepping up their game. And, unfortunately, they have shown us just how easy to manipulate we are as a species.

And that was a question my mind wanted an answer to. Have we truly been so collectively traumatized that we just would rather stay unconscious and asleep to what really goes on to growing numbers of our most vulnerable populations and the planet itself? Fecal matter in the blood stream is poisonous. What do we do? After all, we are the body, and they are the virus, the parasite (or at the least, the very caustic runaway stomach acid). Is there some kind of etheric diatomaceous earth like substance we need to discover? I’m hoping the planetary immune system kicks into overdrive, and soon.

I remember reading back in around 2006 something about several planets in our solar system were heating up. My own little personal view of what is happening is that the ancients knew as we moved around in our spiraling cyclical fashion, the dance of space, both inner and outer, that we had times of moving away from the center, and everything seeming to slow down, both time, and mind. And then we would eventually begin to move back to center, waking up and feeling as though time were speeding up as we go. I feel, and there is evidence to support this, that we are moving into an area of space that is more electromagnetically charged. And I feel that the heat is actually coming from within the earth, and it’s getting especially warmer at the poles. I would guess there is more happening in Antarctica than they want us peons to know about either. And there’s more, but I’ll just leave it here for now.

I’m a pondering girl.

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 5:21 pm
by Spiritwind
So, I just did a reading and had an intense realization as I reflected for a moment. I’ve got to get outside and finish chores, but this is seriously important that I write this down right now. I realized just how important that this is, has been becoming, this shared journey into a great big unknown of such epic proportions no one person can probably grasp the enormity of it.

I want to thank each and every one of you out there who is thinking, feeling, acting, along the same lines, and the awareness we do have of one another, even if just in spirit. If I was truly alone in my growing understanding of so many things that fly in the face of all I was taught for so many years of my life, by my family, education, and religion, as well as the ever present indoctrination of mainstream social media outlets, I can’t even imagine how I would be doing now. It’s frightening to think about. Somehow, against all odds, against all attempts at distraction, against the jaw dropping technologies they most likely have and use against the populace (that which we know, and, judging from what may be true of history what they let us know about is generally the tip of a very big iceberg, with most of it hidden under the surface, out of sight), we have still come to know of one another through ever widening, overlapping, and growing, circles of people who are becoming connected.

There is something very powerful about this. Just as we seem to be entering the dark night, collectively speaking, we don’t even need to be in physical contact with one another. We can (and do already) link up in spirit. And we are so much more than our little personalities, minds, and conscious sense of self. We, too, are like the iceberg, with the larger parts of our being hidden below the surface. But we are also collectively learning to dive into that abyss, without fear, and we are learning to travel there and explore as never before. That in itself is amazing. It is as if we are “turning inside out” (my friend who is way too busy these days to post here actually said this a few days ago when we spoke, and hit the nail on the head - just acknowledging where I got it from).

The language to describe what we are all experiencing is still often a struggle. But I have had many sessions in the last year or so, where there appears to be a gathering in the unseen. It is growing, and made of of many of our spirit selves that exist there. They, we, are working for all life here, to bring balance, truth, and integrity back into focus. To take its place once again in the band of frequency that makes up all life. It’s been pushed as far into the background as it can go. Like a spring being held back, may it propel us quickly through the roughest part of this current transition.

Once again, thank every one of my fellow spirits embodied in human form that are waking up right now. We are rising like a new day.

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Tue Sep 10, 2019 5:16 pm
by Spiritwind
Ya know, sometimes I feel kinda sorry for myself over here on our currently fairly lonely forum where only a small handful ever post. But then, I peak (as I sometimes do) at a couple other forums I used to belong to and don’t feel so bad anymore. In fact, it makes me break into a big wide grin and totally restores my sense of gratitude. It could be worse, so much worse, and it’s good to be reminded of that sometimes. Funny how our belief systems, especially when they’re opposed (no matter the rightness or wrongness of a thing as that can generally never be as definitively established as some might think) can almost run away with themselves. Probably one of my own beliefs now, one I may not even know I have LOL, will probably reach out and bite me in the butt. That’s okay. I actually want to meet them head on. Conflict, drama, just plain hard times can come across any one of us at any time. It shows a lot about a person, how they respond. Better go look in the mirror now. I mean, we all just people, after all. Hugs to all!

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Thu Oct 10, 2019 6:04 pm
by Spiritwind
I’m just going to start writing and see what comes out. My mind is a very active mind, and for a very long time now I have been developing the part of me that supersedes the “busy” part of my mind, and goes on to consciously reflect and think about the part of me that can kind of operate on auto pilot. I have different levels of thinking I have observed, and not all are really beneficial, and these different levels also correlate with various states of my physical body, mood, and emotional state.

Optimally, I take the time each morning to simply clear my field of these what I guess you could call lower thought forms. They are thoughts, sometimes not even fully conscious until I consciously intend to go there and take stock, so it takes an act of will and intent. I tend to hold a lot of tension in my body, and as I check in I notice this and am practicing moving repeatedly back into a relaxed state. I also take some time to literally clear the static field we are all immersed in, so that my reception to the more expanded potential state of being becomes more accessible.

Let’s see if I can describe this in any meaningful way. My husband turns on the news some times when he comes home from work. The energy coming out of the tv and permeating the room is part of what I’m talking about. When I scroll through Facebook in the morning when I get up I often see a lot of posts that focus on all that is wrong with our world. And I do want to know about certain things, and I also understand many people post these in the hopes of waking others up, providing information that many may not otherwise even know exists (as do I sometimes). But much of it is couched in very tension producing terminology. In other words, it feels disempowering.

I know all about 5G, HAARP, CERN, the dangers of vaccines, the radiation from Fukushima pouring into our oceans, weather modification, the continuing divide over what is really happening to our climate. I know about how much we have been lied to and mislead about history, and I know the truth about what the control system is all about and what it has in mind for our future. I know about many of these agendas being rolled out under the guise of equality, fairness, non discrimination, sustainability and so on, and how our “goodness” is being abused and manipulated to our own demise. I can also see the deeper workings of an agenda that is so very divisive intentionally and with a long term goal of achieving a sort of total control over our lives while we actually help make it happen because of our lack of knowledge about how these would be controllers actually operate, and the dialectic and psychology they use against the populace.

But, that knowing is already there and has been for a long time, really ever since I was a kid. That “knowing”, obviously, has been much expanded on over time. But I’ve heard this from others besides myself. If you don’t balance this “knowing” with solution oriented actions and behaviors, and the preceding thought processes to get you there, then you are missing the boat, and the system has won. Because it leaves you in a subconscious state of fear, anxiety, guilt, even rage and depression, and is totally disempowering, which is exactly what “they” want.

I know what my husband and I worry about, and talk about on a regular basis. And I know what others who are much more financially secure worry about. It’s this “field” which I keep talking about. They feel the purposefully generated sense of instability about our collective future, be it war, climate change, or some other type of catastrophe. It’s being pumped out here lately at an astronomical rate. I see it in people’s faces, and especially their eyes. We are collectively suffering from not only post traumatic stress, but pre traumatic stress, as we are given something new to anticipate and be afraid of at every turn.

I know when I look at the past, what can be known about with any certainty, is that life on this planet for us humans, and radiating out to affect all life, has been precarious as far back as we go. The entire planet has went through dramatic changes, many times over. Thing is, this earth has an amazing capacity to recover. And life survives, and finds ways to even thrive, over and over again.

Now I want to contrast with a completely different type of concurrently running set of realizations. When I get up each morning and just sit in quiet self reflection, I feel just so much. Tears are often just below the surface. I didn’t know I was an empath for much of my life, but since I have become aware of “what is wrong with me”, LOL, it’s actually been very helpful to my overall experience of daily life here. The waves of human emotion that are radiating unconsciously around the planet at this time are at an all time high. For me to receive the signal I want to receive from what energetically operates on a completely different, beneficial, level (I call it source, the Big Kahuna, the part of myself that never left home in the first place and is always fully connected) I first have to spend time engaging in a release and clearing of the static field. This unconscious energetic field keeps me locked into tension and worrisome thought patterns (I find myself unconsciously hurrying all the time, even when I don’t need to, and it’s this underlying fearful trying to be ready for what is coming kinda feeling)

I hold tension in my body like a clenched fist. I realize, in part, that this from residual post traumatic stress from my childhood, and even into my adulthood, since I carried those same patterns with me until I began to be aware of them and began to change them. I had the fight or flight thing going on intensely, on autopilot, for much of my life. That is what a traumatic childhood can do to you, and there are many walking wounded running around.

Thing is, once I clear it, both within myself, and then the larger collective, I feel completely different. Then I go on to literally making the call, just like picking up the telephone (before cell phones!), and dialing my more expanded radiant self and also just direct source to source. I once again feel plugged in, energized, excited about life!

Ever since I was a kid I wondered about life, about why we were here, what was really going on, the meaning of it all. You know, totally typical childhood musings (actually I do think all children are much closer to that truth we all seek and have it programmed out of them, their conscious awareness anyway - they have to “dumb down” to fit in). I can actually remember just talking directly to the creator, AND receiving answers, even all the way back then.

And this is why I’ve thrown out religion altogether. We don’t need it. I certainly don’t. In fact, all it did was confuse me. I mean, I thought the reason you go to church was to “get to know” God. Well, I already do and don’t need any outside books, teachings, systems, or dogmatic proclamations on how to live and be acceptable. Those dispensing this so called wisdom probably mostly haven’t a clue. In other words, some have never felt truly in communion with any truly god like figure and have no idea what it is they are talking about.

Because, when I make the call, I ALWAYS, I realized, get an answer. I’m a little on the slow side, and a doubting Thomas to boot, but it’s undeniable. It’s a repeatable experience that isn’t even difficult to create. But, you have to pay attention, and you have to stop using your rational mind to figure it all out. In short, it’s an act of faith. It never lets me down though. I, myself, am my biggest reason I am not walking on water and raising the dead. No, seriously though. I think “they” knew what we are really capable of and definitely don’t want us to figure it out for ourselves. That would make us dangerous indeed.

And, I think we are coming into a wave of such amazing proportions, with such benevolent potential it would knock our socks off if we really knew. I also feel what is coming is UNSTOPPABLE. In other words, “they” will try to shut us down in whatever ways they can come up with. The way to do that are myriad and they’ve spent a long time perfecting their fuckery. They will lead some astray, but so many of us are on to them, or are becoming on to them, that they just don’t have a chance.

When I make the call, and I receive the answer, I ALWAYS feel empowered, clearer of mind, AND body, because what affects the one, always affects the other. It is the single most important thing I do. Okay, I think that’s the end of my epic rant.

Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Thu Oct 10, 2019 7:15 pm
by LostNFound
Absolutely a great rant, Gives others a lot to think about. A very good thing to know someone that lives closer to nature and is able to speak from the inner being about the forces of life that flow in all surrounding out and in. To reach out and in and let our own essence flow is truly what we all must learn and come to.
Thank you dear farm girl


Re: Thoughts, thoughts, too many thoughts...

Posted: Sun Oct 20, 2019 6:33 pm
by Spiritwind
LostNFound wrote:Absolutely a great rant, Gives others a lot to think about. A very good thing to know someone that lives closer to nature and is able to speak from the inner being about the forces of life that flow in all surrounding out and in. To reach out and in and let our own essence flow is truly what we all must learn and come to.
Thank you dear farm girl

Thank you for your kind words, Steven! It means more than you know. I sometimes think I’m spending too much time alone and it’s making me a little bonkers. I do an extensive amount of mind wandering, especially since transportation has been a continuing issue. I do feel closer to something I used to think I was looking for. It’s funny to realize we are each actually immersed in this amazing conscious field of energy that is behind all life, and that it’s not somewhere out there, and another person cannot actually help us come to that place of knowing and perception. It truly is an inside job. God is all around us and in us.

But, we are still collectively experiencing something very strange, something very un-god-like, something almost evil trying to fully manifest itself here. I can see the signs of it everywhere. When we walk out and see a clear beautiful blue sky day, and then several hours later a completely false cloud cover has been formed by what appears to be jets flying over head in criss cross patterns. And I am supposed to think this is perfectly normal? And the constantly pedaled pernicious drive to get everyone on the planet heavily vaccinated and shot full of poisonous heavy metals, as well as eating poisoned foods, and receiving other poisonous medical treatments they say are supposed to heal us, at a very high cost. And, last but not least, this crazy ass idea of having our world completely surrounded by satellites and 5G cell towers, so we can all supposedly get a little faster internet. I sometimes feel I’m losing it! Like, am I the only one who doesn’t think this IS normal?

Anyway, I wrote the following this morning as I was reflecting over coffee and decided to post it here. Goats and metaphysics, who woulda thought they would go so well together, LOL!

Going home

Maybe home is coming to meet me half way

It seems pretty obvious that all the worlds surviving stories about the way things were point to a definite mingling of different genetics. A group or family of much more developed but still somehow genetically compatible beings arriving way back in antiquity. Even though there appeared to be a mandate about not having sexual relations with those of a lesser developed race or races of beings, as well as a prohibition about sharing knowledge, skills, and technologies, these beings did not comply.

They appeared to be, overall, arrogant, narcissistic, and quite vain. Adding in their abilities that to the locals appeared quite “god-like”, they became quite revered, even worshipped. But they were actually, overall, the epitome of everything those of us who are spiritually motivated to grow want to move away from. And the reason we are all having to deal with these traits in the here and now is because of this mingling of genetics. They did create a special class of beings whom they placed directly beneath them, to act as a buffer and go between with those indigenous and lesser developed in certain ways beings that were already here.

I have had this thought for many years that time moves in both directions, the past meeting the future, and the future meeting the past. Somehow, this mingling produced who and where we are today. We can debate for ever about the rightness or wrongness of this mingling, but ultimately we have to collectively decide where we want to go with it, in the here and now. Some of these soul streams have actually evolved, and become more refined and truly spiritually oriented. You can tell because it always leads one to become more empathic and self reflective.

On the other hand, those original traits that arrived on the scene from some other time and place have continued to create mayhem, hierarchies of beings who will not release their grip on the psychopathology that, rather than evolving is actually de-evolving, even moving into total obsolescence. If they will not change, then they will cease to be relevant in the times we are moving into.

But they are not going to just dissolve, at least without putting up a good fight. And that is where we are today. Most likely those with the most inherited genetics (bloodlines) of these original beings are currently dispensing much of what we see wrong with our world today.

What I see when I look intuitively at the situation can be best described in pictures of what water does and the patterns it forms. When water receives benevolent energies, thoughts, and intentions, it assembles itself in beautiful geometric patterns. When it receives energies born of chaos and non benevolent in nature, it cannot assemble itself in these beautiful patterns, but instead looks ugly, malformed, and unable to organize itself properly.

Instead of trying to change everything on the outside, it appears that changing our inner landscape of constantly emitted frequencies of thoughts, intentions, and unconscious programming is more effective. If we entrain ourselves to resonate with the benevolent frequencies of love, compassion, generosity, forgiveness, and inclusion, our outer realities will automatically change. But, it won’t be easy because the currently broadcasted signal of those currently in charge of our current array of technologies and creations, is very very discordant.

So, we have to each see ourselves as a beacon of sorts, and learn to broadcast our own frequency wherever we are, after learning how to disconnect from the overarching signal being broadcast worldwide now. We have to become strong enough in ourselves, and emitting our own frequency and energy that resonates in a completely different range, and we have to be willing to go it alone until there are more and more of us doing this. Eventually it will become easier for others to entrain themselves to this new signal, this new frequency, and it will be easier to assemble into patterns of benevolent intent.