Premonitions and the Second Sight

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Premonitions and the Second Sight

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Premonitions and the Second Sight

I’ve been wanting to write something about this for some time. I’m guessing that perhaps even the majority of people have had at least one experience of knowing something before it actually occurred, or before being told something has occurred by someone else.

My husband and I have had many experiences, both together, and before we knew one another in this lifetime. Since we are aware that we occasionally demonstrate this ability, we pay more attention, which I think even increases the likelihood of this occurring. I think it happens far more often than people realize, and oftentimes goes unnoticed simply because it remains unverified by others.

A few examples jump to mind. Many years ago my husband had been robbed by a family member and their partner. We had filed a report with our local police department, but had little hope of recovering what was stolen. One day, I’m not sure how long after this happened, but at least a month or so, my husband had a sudden urge to drive to a small nearby town and found himself drawn to go into a pawn shop there for no apparent reason. He didn’t need anything, and didn’t really know why he was there. It turns out that many of his tools that had been stolen had just that day been put out on the shelf for sale. Since he had the numbers off many items, and the detailed police report, he was able to recover many of them. How did he know?

He also had many instances during his time in the military, especially when crawling around in the jungles of Vietnam, where he had a sudden strong feeling to not go a certain way, and to take his platoon in what may have appeared a round about way to go, only to find out later that had he not done so there would have been great loss of life. He would not be alive today had he not learned to listen to that inner voice.

There are other instances where it’s not actually a premonition or second sight, but more like a knowing. For instance, back in the spring of 2009 we, my daughter, husband, and myself, were living on our sail boat in central California at a marina. That morning when my husband went to work (he worked for the marina doing maintenance), he saw an owl hanging out in one of the rafters in the covered docking area. He came and got me and our daughter to go and see it. It hung out there for a long time, while we pondered why it might be there. Suddenly, I “knew” why it was there, and thought of Grandma Mary. I knew she had passed away. No sooner did we get back to the office and my phone rang. A good friend of mine called to tell me that indeed, Grandma Mary had just passed away.

Once, when working as a cashier for a grocery store, I had a scene play out in my head of a group of people I had never seen before walking up to the entrance and entering the store. I was shocked, when moments later that very group of people did approach the front door and came into the store. A small thing, but it has stayed with me ever since. I also “felt” an accident, when driving on a one way busy street in the city where I lived, just before it happened. I absolutely knew an accident was going to occur, and it did right before my eyes. My jaw kind of hung open as I drove on by.

These are not big examples, but I would suspect they are more common that we think. My husband and I have woke up to find that we were both having the exact same dream at the exact same time. We’ve also had dreams where we woke up and “knew” someone was sending us some seriously bad vibes, and would find out later in the day who it was. There have been other times when I suddenly felt the need to contact a loved one who I knew was in some kind of trouble, and would find out I was right. And there have even been times when I have had scenes play out in my head about what some activity someone close to me was engaged in, only to later talk to them and find out I was right.

I could go on and on with more examples, but I think this sampling illustrates what I’m talking about here. This is not a new topic, but I feel compelled to write about it because I think it’s good for people to think about these things, and realize that we have so much more going on than meets the eye. We are indeed much more connected to the unseen realms, and our subconscious is picking up all kinds of signals that are actually beneficial for us to pay attention to, and learn to decode. I actually believe that before language and writing came on the scene we were full on telepathic, and that we can reconnect to those abilities. I had a friend who traveled to New Zealand to visit a group of native Maori people many years ago. She had hosted one of their healers in her home for awhile here in the US, and traveled back with him to meet his people. She told us about being in a crowded room with many people milling about, and was thinking about going across the room to speak with a particular person. Before she could even start moving in that direction, that person showed up right beside her and wanted to know what she wanted to speak about. Clearly there are some who have retained that ability right up to the president day.

I would love it anyone else had a story or two to share. I have personally learned to trust myself and my own inner knowing a great deal more over the years due to the validation and positive feedback I have received. To me, this is where I want to steer my own personal direction rather than becoming more and more dependent on technology to do what we can already do naturally, but have just forgotten about. To me, this is the real “internet” (inner-net).
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