Daily Prayers

''Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.''
-Bruce Lee
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Daily Prayers

Post by Spiritwind »

I know I’ve written stuff like this many times before, and hesitate to share it. But on the off chance there is someone still out there that stumbles upon our little haven on the internet, and actually needs to know they are not alone, and perhaps even feels/knows as I do, I will post it anyway. If I could only reach past all that binds us, keeps us stuck in a dying paradigm, and drag everyone with me. But alas, not even many want to go. I will go it alone if I have to, and I have sorrowfully come to accept that few are willing to furl out those wings, and that I don’t have the right to change or fix anything other than myself. But I still wish to encourage those who do have a clue of that which I speak about. Do not give up hope, even though the skies may darken as storm clouds roll in. We do have help, a great deal of it really. Darkness only appears to be winning, but all is not as it seems. Some of us are building the bridge back home, back to who and what we have always been, but just forgotten.

Daily Prayers

I’ve decided to share a little of what I actually do and say to myself, and sometimes out loud, as part of my daily time of basically making the call to the benevolent Creator, the soul of the Earth/Heart, my Mother, my Father, my All That Is, the big Kahuna, the fire, the flame, the light, the whole enchilada, the Love of My Life! I don’t know why I’ve decided to do this, and anyone can join (although I doubt anyone will).

But I see myself as a spiritual being, that in my core essence is neither male nor female, is not born and does not die, and is not even my personality, really, the me I think I am. It exists completely out of the constraints of linear time. It’s the big me. And that me is connected to many other “me’s”, individuated particles of consciousness, part of a larger whole, that also wanted to experience linear time, being in form, memory, and having a seeming past and future.

The problem has always been that pesky programming that we all have to grapple with, that tells us, especially the Judaic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), that we are all tainted, sinners from the get go. I’m sorry, but in my book, that is a big fat lie. From what I remember and can piece together from allowing much to surface from my innermost depths, is that I started as a speck of consciousness, like a star, and as the desire to experience other possibilities arose, I grew sort of a North and South Pole, a spectrum of experience and dimension. They appeared to become the future and the past, when in reality they are occurring in the ever present now. So began my experiment in experiencing embodiment and linear time. My spirit began the process of ensoulment, which gave me the ability to have memories, so that I might learn more about myself, and thereby grow and expand my innerstanding, that which previously could only be understood from a theoretical perspective. Experience is required to really learn something new.

It’s all been part of teaching my little me, who I think I am most of the time, that has been heavily indoctrinated and programmed to see the world in a very specific manner, how to remove that false lens of imposed deception.

For, after much reflection, it has been revealed to me that I was not seeing the world as it is; yet there was always an inner conflict as my subconscious kept trying to get my attention that something was amiss. In short, I have come to realize that by changing my inner focus, observing my thoughts, how I choose to make sense of this world, and how I interpret my reality, it has completely changed my experience of it for the better. Even though it is still a struggle for me to be here. I do still feel as though I have accumulated much experience that is not discordant, and being here in a reality that has so many individuated sparks of consciousness that are generally accustomed to living in such a discordant field that they are not even aware that anything else even could be experienced, is a major challenge for me. I remember a completely different experience of reality.

I must also concede that more of my life than not this time around has been experienced as very discordant. Trauma is the key factor here. Trauma begets trauma, and like a weed, without attention, will choke the life out of a productive and healthy garden. We are mostly born with tremendous potential, far more than most could conceive, but we live in an environment where the weeds are encouraged to grow, and the good stuff, the nourishing vegetables, herbs, and fruit, are purposefully destroyed! Bizarro!

So, I’ve had to continuously work on healing the mountain of trauma I carried forward from before this experience in embodiment, and that which I was born into. I did not realize my poor garden was full of weeds. Weed thoughts, and perceptual expectations that became manifest, although largely operating on an unconscious level.

That’s why I pray, meditate, talk to the big Kahuna every day. I don’t believe in a so called loving (yup, that’s what my religion told me!), yet angry, jealous, vindictive, unforgiving, genocidal fake God that my early upbringing taught me to believe in, and shape my perceptual lens around. Anything worth worshipping would not demand it. But maybe I just have a different understanding of love.

Every single day I try to spend specific time asking for insight, asking to see what I still need to work on, where my perceptual lens needs attention due to distortion, to untruth. I still have so much to work on. And while I’m here, I might as well do what I can to expand my own personal understanding, to move back into the coherent and undistorted field of truth. Which is where I feel it all began, if ever there really was a beginning. A place of acceptance, where all is well. Where love radiates out in all directions at once without thought or effort. How to be in two places (or more) at once can be kind of tricky. There is much to distract, to pull one back into the field of deception, that abounds with fear, anger, hopelessness, and all manner of suffering. The world is hard to look at these days, at least as it’s being peddled to us.

I mean, they want a war, and they want it real bad. Hard not to notice even if you don’t watch the news. And the very air we breath is not as it once was, as I remember in my youth. People didn’t go around sneezing, sniffling, acting like they have a cold almost all the time. Pretty much everyone I know comments that they, too, experience these symptoms on a regular basis. This is the new normal. And the weather is definitely being manipulated in such a way as to get people lined up on either side of the fence, from “global warming” to the “next ice age”, and more. All I know, is it’s not natural (though some is undoubtably part of naturally occurring cycles) and it is definitely being manipulated for nefarious purposes. The so called food that most people eat today is another subject I will skip for now, other than this brief mention, as well as leaving the subject of what we’re told is proper and necessary to do as far as our approach to health and wellness at a mere mention.

Every day I pinch myself, for the above only scratches the surface. What’s happening to our forests planet wide, our waterways as well, is truly cringeworthy. I used to cry every time I saw a clear cut. I still feel strong emotions about it, but since I don’t want to spend every minute of my day crying and weeping over things I cannot control, I’ve had to learn to get a grip.

So I pray, I spend time pushing the energy that is radiating in the world today in the mainstream of humanity back out of my consciousness, so I can invite in that which is not discordant, that which is radiant with love and positive life affirming energy, juicy, expansive, and all inclusive. It doesn’t care about the many roles I’ve played, as the villain, the victim, and the rescuer. All opportunities to learn about embodiment, and how to chose love over all. Not good, not bad, just experience. Even poop can be composted into nutrition for the garden.

I don’t know how often I will post here. But once in awhile I feel drawn to share the magical place I’ve found, even if not reflected on the larger screen of collective life here (yet). And I say yet, because when I allow myself to be drawn to the other side, to experience myself in the unseen realms where much benevolence radiates (there are many locations and realms on the other side, and not all are the same, or radiate at the same frequency, but that’s another story). When I go there, I am not alone. Many many benevolent beings, many who have an incarnation here now, playing out their parts, are gathered there, working on growing that radiating field of coherency, by their constant, moment by moment attention and intention. It is real, and it is growing and expanding, and it even has the potential to cancel out the fields of distortion and discordance that are trying to shape our collective realities in the now. If you feel the call, I invite you to join me there. Who knows, you may have already been participating there, and just didn’t know it. For me, my conscious awareness of myself as part of a very large and growing group of like minded souls gathering on the other side in ceremony to create a field of coherency is time well spent. I feel energized. I feel connected, and not so alone.

And it isn’t rocket science to look around and see that daily life is quite stressful for many, and most have buckled down and accepted a life that is far less than what they hoped for, or believe they can achieve. I hate to see people’s heads hanging down, the light gone from their eyes, and so many staring at their “cell” phones as they walk down the street. They don’t even see what’s around them. The more we realize that we are divine beings in our own rights, the more we can and will throw off these shackles that have been imposed on us through basically what amounts to mind control and brainwashing. Even those who seem most lost have the divine seed of creator within them. Where do you think that original spark comes from when the heart begins to beat in the womb? No one, not even doctors or scientists with all their searching, really knows. Each of us carries that divine spark within us. Am I wrong to want us to stand up, and chose love? To remove distortion, so that the truth shines through like a light coming on in a dark room, where suddenly you see what you could not see before? It is love for life that motivates me, makes me sometimes want to shout from the mountain tops. Get up get up! You must bow to NO ONE!

Yes, I have been told in mostly not very direct ways repeatedly that I feel too much, I’m too emotional. Well, I won’t dumb myself down, nor numb myself out or check out just to seem more normal. As far as I can see, what passes as normal today is insane. And I’m just not afraid to say it anymore. Political correctness be damned!
I see your love shining out from my furry friends faces, when I look into their eyes. I see you in the flower’s smile, the rainbow, and the wind in the trees....

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Re: Daily Prayers

Post by Moonlight »

Dear Spiritwind,

Hmmm... now that I think of it, the wind ruffling through the leaves yesterday must have been whispering about you. It was such a beautiful song.

You have the gift of words, and again, you have reached my Soul and many more, for this I am certain. Never doubt that.

I'll meet you there... ;)
In the present is the whole of time J. Krishnamurti

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