Fear, What is it Good for?

''Always be yourself, express yourself, have faith in yourself, do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it.''
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Fear, What is it Good for?

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I wrote this for my FB timeline, but decided to post it here as well. Since I can be myself here, without so much worry about being censored for having an opinion different than everyone else, it’s an important place for me to have as my internet home space, even though I don’t have much time to post lately. And, besides, with so MUCH censoring going on out in FB land and elsewhere, it could just up and disappear at any time.

So, I pretty much stay out of the fray, for I don’t want to make light of the general populations response to what they are being told is something they should be very afraid of. Many are in compromised health situations already, and, let’s face it, most people are deathly afraid of dying. So much so, that they will move into a full state of panic and hyper fearfulness, and sometimes not even realize they are doing this. I am okay with that too. I was outwardly courageous, and inwardly afraid of many things for much of my life. I am not afraid of anything anymore. Maybe apprehensive, as I have been with two different elderly women as they were dying. I know when you can’t get your breath your body will go into a state of panic. I’ve watched it happen.

I’ve also see that one can leave this realm in a state of peace. I’ve seen that happen too. I choose the latter. But, the body has sort of a mind of its own, and if you haven’t learned to tell the difference, you biology will run the show. I know for a fact we are much more than that. And I know myself pretty good. I trust me. I trust me far more than ANY outside authority.

Now, if this is starting to piss you off, I suggest you just move on and ignore what I have to say. But, for the moment, we still have a right to voice our opinion, even if it flies in the face of what is accepted as truth. You see, beliefs are different than knowing. And many simply believe in their governments, and their media. I do not. I will always choose to think for myself, and make up my own mind after looking at as much real evidence as I can find the time and energy to review. But, you also have to be willing to look below the surface of things, to see what does NOT operate in plain view. Once you do that, if you can do it with an open mind, I feel many might arrive at a different conclusion that the one being peddled by the mainstream.

And, the reason I am talking about this now, is I had a short conversation via text with my grandson. What I chose to say, and how I chose to say it clearly made an impact. I’m not telling him to agree with me, or that I am right. I am simply demonstrating what it means to really NOT BE AFRAID. And our fear, both conscious and unconscious is being exploited in this current situation, in my view, and is HARMFUL to the young and impressionable minds of our children and grandchildren. We are teaching them all the time, even when we don’t know it.

I am also a student of how the mind and emotions work and responds to different situations and stimuli. I spent many years ready to fight or flee due to unprocessed trauma. There is a lot of unconscious, and unacknowledged, trauma our emotional body is taking on now. It is making it easier to shape our perceptions when this occurs. Those that use mind control techniques to manipulate the masses know this. They know it very well. And believe me, they do exist, at least according to the ample evidence I have been able to review over the course of my lifetime.

It doesn’t take a lot of time looking at history to see what I’m talking about, so I will not provide the links and lists of places to look. But you better look fast, because they are disappearing at lightening speed. Anyway, I love my grandsons, and I don’t want to see them grow up in a world full of fear, where people are literally afraid to hug one another, to get close. That’s not even how nature works. Even the goats I raise thrive on touch and signs of affection. Rubbing elbows and blowing kisses from across the room just ain’t gonna cut if it goes on forever, in my book. And, it seems obvious from just a quick look at headlines every day, there are many so called “experts” who are calling for this to continue. You know, there could be wave after wave. Even if you supposedly had it, there are some reports that you can get it again and again, or that you may just walk around infecting everyone. At the exact same time, they are completely prepping the collective to gladly line up for this miracle vaccine they are trying to roll out, with the intention of even getting everyone (or most everyone) to agree to making it mandatory.

Just look at the statistics for how many people still die every year from various forms of the flu or complications resulting from it, and how many already had a flu shot. Well, and while you’re at it you might want to get a full list of what is really in them and the potential side effects listed on the actual insert that the doctor generally does not provide for you. You have to actually look up each thing and then research what it really is and how they derived it, and what the toxic levels are for humans when not in a vaccine. You might want to look at just how much profit is made, and who profits from these vaccines (those same doctors who are intimidating you into getting them, and yes, they WILL intimidate you if you ask questions). That might be a real eye opener too, for some.

The day I lose the right to chose how I live in this world with regards to my health is the day I want off!!!! And there are many who feel this way. So, we may be heading for a whole different kind of war, where literally people turn against each and turn each other into authorities for non compliance. We should be thinking very carefully about how we proceed, as this has all the hallmarks of prior historical episodes that, no matter how you think it went down, resulted in great loss of life. And probably with the potential to kill far more than this virus scare ever could. Because I will go down fighting to maintain those rights, and I am not alone.

End of rant. I will try to stay out of this, so this is my one time on this platform that I will express how I feel. Pretty soon, if things keep going like they are, many of us won’t even be on this platform anymore. It IS getting to where you cannot speak your truth if it isn’t in accordance with what has been put forward by those who deem themselves worthy to govern us, and their long arms of the media. Even if they come for me, I will still speak out for freedom. A life as a prisoner is no life at all (even if they try to make it look like something else). Especially when your only crime is caring about truth, integrity, and caring enough to speak out while you still can.
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