It’s the Water....

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It’s the Water....

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It’s another one of those gotta get out the door things, but can’t help myself (again!). Some of the things I write are fairly repetitive. I may say it a bit differently, but the same themes reappear over and over again.

It’s tough in this world, and this reality. So, to me, writing is a form of positive self affirmation. In other words, no matter what people are talking about, what they repetitively show on the mind control devise, know as television, and what captures the “worlds” attention, or at least tries to, I find I must go back again and again and again to what I “know” is real.

Water to me is one of the first things that come to mind, as a powerful force in and of itself. It’s properties, and what I have learned through personal experience could involve pages (which I definitely don’t have time for at the moment). It has had a profound, amazing, and healing affect on me throughout my life. This is one of the reasons my focus was so drawn to Standing Rock, and what I feel it represented.

I only have time to start a short story before I’ve got to run. But I took both my grandsons to one of my favorite places this last weekend. It’s called Elk Park, located about 7 miles from me, and is part of the Little Spokane river watershed. It’s still got fresh water clams, crawdads, an occasional arrowhead can be found. I have been going there off and on for over 35 years. Many years ago they built a sort of dam across it, which caused it to silt in. Now it is only about a foot deep in that part of it, which is perfect for toddlers and their parents who don’t really want to get wet. The kids are always fascinated by the little dam, and how swift it is just on the other side. There is a little tiny island just before the silted in area, only about 10-12 feet across, with a tree, tall grass, and assorted other things growing. Just perfect for youngsters to explore. Some nice large rocks, for those budding rock climbers too.

Kids come with their fins, snorkels, nets, and buckets. And parents can generally sit either in the water, or nearby, in their little camp chairs, and be able to keep a good eye out while relaxing.

It’s always been very grounding to me, to even just stand in the rocky sand, as the waters rush by me. The second day after we went there I went to bed and just kind of closed my eyes as I was intending to relax and fall asleep. And the image of the waters rushing by over the rocks and sand came into focus in my mind, as clearly and brightly as if I was really there. I could feel it, I could smell it, I could hear it. I kept getting more and more filled with the sweetness of the moment. Then I felt it big time, all over my body, like a rush that is hard to describe. I felt the Spirit of this location, this specific junction of water, earth, and sky, and it was Divine. It was beautiful. It felt full, loving, nourishing, and very conscious. I felt/heard in my mind that water is much more than just a liquid. It is aware in every sense of the word, and is part of all creation. It holds the memories of all that has ever been. To me, it was as if I was communing with a being, that, short of a physical body appearing in front of me, was every bit as much of an entity in and of itself, as any human could ever be, and yet even much more.

There is something going on “out there”, that no matter what else turns out to be true about it, wants to sever our connection with the earth, that which is real. Allowing children early on to establish that connection with the earth, with the organic natural reality we find ourselves in when in nature, is one of the all time most important things we can do for our children.

My two grandsons spend a great deal of time indoors, watching tv, playing video games, using the internet, and know more about some of these technologies like a smart phone better than I do. But it’s an artificial world. If the grid that keeps all of these technologies going were to ever go down, so many of our youth of today would not know what to do with themselves.

I mean, I can’t even go anywhere anymore, where children and adults aren’t sitting there staring mindlessly at their cell phones while scrolling through probably some form of social media. It has an almost hypnotic effect. But, rather than fill you up as any body of moving water does, it leaves me feeling drained. It does not fill my senses in a good way.

So, yeah, I guess I’m going to make this thread about water, and will come back to it from time to time, to write out some of my reflections on the topic. It’s interesting to note that water itself has a reflective element to it. Just something to think about.
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