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Re: Farm Life

Posted: Thu Jan 14, 2021 5:29 pm
by Spiritwind
Want to write a farm life post today, though I don’t know if I will have enough time to finish it. We are having a sunny day at the moment, which is kind of rare these days, and it makes me want to be outside. Maybe an early spring on the way, too. I went to the city to buy whatever I thought we might still need for food (mostly fresh produce), so as to stay at home for an extended period of time, if needed. Don’t plan on being anywhere near the city in the next couple weeks or so, and don’t go often even when things aren’t so strange.

I have no idea what is going to happen, as we continue to move through this unprecedented, in my life, transition of power in regards to the US election. I’ve truly never seen anything like it. Even though I’m quite isolated out here, I’ve gotten to know more like minded people, both in person and online, than I have my entire life, in just this last few months. The differences in ideology are quite stark these days, with not much in between. And the level of hostility appears to be growing, to a concerning level, in those who show all the hallmarks of helping us move quickly into their “New World Order”, ala UN Agenda 21, and 2030, and beyond. For anyone who has studied and researched what they have been planning for us, for some long time now, you’ll easily see they are following the play book rather closely. And so many just don’t see the Emperor HAS NO CLOTHES!

So, while the sleepers are calling us all names, from conspiracy whack jobs, to selfish fascist racist whatever’s, and claiming that we are somehow a danger to society for wanting to maintain those rights, as guaranteed to us by our Constitution and Bill of Rights, those I know who DO see what’s coming, are preparing accordingly. Not because we “Trust the Plan”, but because we all care about our homes, family, community, and loved ones, and want to see a continuity of life, REGARDLESS of what happens. You know, make sure people can get medical help, communicate, eat, stay safe, etc. I don’t see any, that I personally know (and I know A LOT!), that are looking to start a fight with anyone. But, they will stand tall if forces against freedom who try to take it away, or who try to take us to a “safe, secure, location”. And I can’t believe it’s come to this, seriously.....

But, the thing is, it’s all made me focus even more on what is truly important, and what makes me excited and inspired everyday. I have a good life out here, and even though I’ve spent my life moving around, and doing some pretty interesting, and sometimes bizarre, things over the course of my life, I am exactly where I want to be. Since my husband is 75, and I’m almost 63, we do think about things much differently than we did 20 years ago when we met. It’s funny how we still do as much in our head as we ever did, but the time it takes to actually make it happen has changed quite a bit. My husband is STILL working on the laundry room, and the washer and dryer should be here, maybe, by the end of next week. I don’t blame him for dragging his feet a bit on going out there and sanding it all down, after muddling and taping the sheet rock. It’s a very messy job. Plus, he’s spent a couple of his days off trying to fix the starter on the big generator, and working on the smaller generator as well. On the big generator, he took parts of an older one. It’s the same model, but they made some changes on the newer ones, so it’s not as easy as it might sound. And the smaller one, it seems the pull cords like to wear out, and the choke was getting stuck open. They really don’t make them to hold up to everyday usage.

So, we bought a new one, and took the other one in to have it repaired. Parts are made in China, so might be a little hard to get, but now we’ll have a back up. Plus, my husband has a bit of work ahead getting our solar system back up and running. We got more panels, and we’re still waiting on the electric box he ordered (I’m thinking they had to go mine and manufacture the parts, LOL), which he will then be able to wire it up to make it easier to switch from solar to generator, and back. He is also upgrading the wiring. And all of this on his two days off. Fortunately, the days will start getting longer. Plus, there is the ongoing job, we both do, in keeping the wood stove going. Even though we’ve been buying energy logs, we still have to cut them into smaller pieces to fit in our tiny stove. Since it hasn’t been that cold, it’s been blasting us out of here. Always something to complain about, I guess....

I’ve got some of the fencing I will need to put together a new buck pen, so I can use their current space for the new mini orchard. I was thinking I wouldn’t have to hurry on making it so tall, but then I saw Raven jump about 5 feet in the air a couple days ago, and realized he’s still got it in him! Bob has been looking better since I separated him. So far, I have 2 walnut trees, two good apple trees, a peach tree, and a plum tree. Don’t know that there will be room for all of them in the space I have, but I’ll do what I can. I also have a chestnut and a maple tree to plant too. Not such a big deal, really, except that we have gophers, so I have to line each and every hole with some kind of wire fencing that they can’t get through. And then there’s the goats, and large population of wild deer to contend with. So kind of a big job.

I’m probably going to move the chickens and the coop and run area this year too. I also ordered a new beehive set up, with two deeps, one super, the frames, foundation, and queen bee separator. I figured I would start out with brand new stuff, and worry about sterilizing the used stuff I got later, as I need it. I guess varroa mites are the big thing to worry about. But, it seems that local bee keepers have found things that work, and I located a couple places I can buy the bees from, probably in April. You have to get on their waiting list, for they generally sell out quick. I’m finally beginning to understand the process, and the language. It took a while, but I am very excited about this!!!

Plus, I might have an interested party or two in some of the goats I need to sell this year. Kids should be arriving in April and May, which is always an exciting time. And I’m going to be starting some seeds here in the next couple weeks. A lot going on, and a lot to look forward to. I haven’t even mentioned it all, that is going on, but I’m burning daylight, so will end for now. I’m dreaming of pallet shelters for the boys, and hoop and plastic coverings for some of the garden spaces, and on and on, the list never gets smaller! So, I bid you adieu for now. (I managed to finish this all in one sitting!)

Oh yeah, and I found out that my homemade mozzarella cheese goes REALLY good with the wine my friend brought me! Life is good. (Just need the crackers now)

Re: Farm Life

Posted: Tue Feb 02, 2021 5:05 pm
by Spiritwind
Yesterday morning I captured a glorious and beautiful sunrise. This morning I sit here in the semi dark, looking out at the thick clouds. My floor is covered with cardboard and newspaper, and I have a little 10 inch square towel to put on my lap for when Thomas comes in. At almost 20 pounds, he’s hard to shrug off. I figured I could either get bent out of shape, due to how muddy it’s become outside, or just adapt. Now I can be the door person who lets them in and out all day like it’s my job, and it’s no big deal!

It’s been trying to do a big thaw again, which makes walking out there not fun to do. Over the weekend my neighbor came over and cut down a bunch of smaller or dead trees and now I have a whole other job to clear out the space for the boys pen. It should have been a snap putting it up, but now with somewhere between half to a cord of wood and limbs everywhere I’m not even sure where to start. There are more trees that have to come down, too, that are either heavily bent, dead, or small ones crowding the bigger trees around them. In fact, after surveying the situation yesterday, I realized I will probably have to take down almost all of the fence around the current boys pen where I want to put the fruit trees, because of a couple trees really close to their fence that they have basically killed by eating the bark off.

I am continuously surprised how small jobs, in my mind, turn out to be such big jobs in reality. Speaking of which, we are finally on the home stretch with the laundry room. We just have to put the second coat of paint on, do the trim, and then put the flooring down. Last weekend was another demonstration in all that can go wrong, though. My husband bought texture that sets up in 40 minutes. He was also using a smaller non-commercial version of the sprayer and hopper. It was cold with high humidity outside that day, while I stood out there watching him try to get the right consistency. Then I watched him spray the outside of the building as he tried to get the adjustment for the spray just right. It took longer than it should of. Probably close to 30 minutes. He got a whopping ten minutes into spraying the room when it started to set up. It’s not a good sign when the texture quits coming out while you are spraying. He frantically tried to get the gun cleaned out before it was impossible, but the hopper was a lost cause. So, we couldn’t finish the job. And it’s an almost hour drive to the city.

Since we are down to one vehicle at the moment, I went with him to buy a few groceries while he got what he needed. He bought the 90 minute stuff this time! And, I couldn’t believe even more people are masked up than I’ve ever seen. I can still at least shop at my favorite grocery store without a mask, using my medical exemption, but I was shocked when I saw one guy with TWO masks on! People are really doing this? I bet Fauci, being the sick **** that he is, gets his jollies off all this. How very disturbing.

I realize how unique our situation is here on the farm, occasionally. I see groups trying to form and start communities that embody certain principles that will allow for more optimum survival during the coming years of great change here. Many are younger, still in the city, with children and struggles to provide in an already hostile environment. Quite a few are working on ways to do all that, and find a way that works to come up with a public school alternative for their children. The rollout of the dictatorial rules coming our way in regards to mandatory vaccines, especially this latest one, is a driving force. I don’t even know what I would do, had this all been happening say, 20 - 30 years ago in my life.

As much as I feel for them, me and my husband are at a completely different place. My 3 kids are all grown up, and I have absolutely no say in my two grandsons life. I know the 13 year old has expressed he doesn’t want the vaccine, but most likely will not have a choice. I have no desire to move from this property, and have been able to connect with several other families within a ten mile radius that also own their own property and are moving towards complete independence from the system. Lets face it, the system could crash at any time, or it could just continue the slow free fall version, but either way, the signs are plentiful that we should not just be shrugging this off and engage in thinking that it will all just go away. Astrologically speaking, we are actually at the beginning of what harkens to be big changes over a several year period.

Anyway, I can’t really spend time in discussion on how to buy land in common, stop paying taxes, and get a real community going, because I’m already moving full steam ahead with providing more of the things we will really need if encountering an environment that takes us back to what amounts to the early pioneer days. Food production is a big one. And how about if you can’t even go to the hospital, your physician, or pharmacy? There is much to consider. I’m also keen on working out the bugs with alternative communication, at least with the group of nearby families who I know are on the same page. The other thing that keeps coming up is how to create an alternative economy. There, too, I can’t spend much time. Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. I figure if I come up with enough goods and services, I’ll have something to trade and barter with. Can’t eat gold and silver. Although silver is actually good for healing purposes!

I have two plus more months before the first new kids will arrive, and with 6-7 pregnant goats (they are starting to look it), it should be exciting. Hopefully not too exciting. I just ordered a case of quart canning jars online at a ridiculously high price because they are no where to be found locally, and haven’t been since summer last year. I wanted to get them while I still even can get them. I broke a bunch last year trying to freeze milk in them. And the electric box my husband ordered evidently is not coming at all. We just applied for a refund. He is going to have to do it another way, more costly now too! Certain things are already becoming very hard to get. Not sure if I mentioned it already, but 4 x 8 sheets of OSB are now $30 a sheet! They were, just last year, down to less than $10. Not good for building. So, my guess is, many things are going to get more difficult to accomplish. Even the laminate wood flooring we wanted to get. At first we were going to go for a natural wood color, but every one we picked was on backorder, with no certainty when it even would be available again. We ended up going with a gray wood grain look, which isn’t bad as the walls are a lighter gray, and the ceiling, trim, and appliances all white.

Even more than being able to do the laundry at home, I think I’m more excited about getting the shelves up in there. I have been accumulating so many items I will need to keep doing what I need to do here, that space in running out in our little RV. I plan to actually harvest, dry, and use many of the herbs I am growing this year. Things like containers (all kinds) are another thing that might become hard to get. And right now I also have had to keep extra produce in milk crates on our bedroom floor where it stays cold, such as bulk apples, potatoes, beets, and the squash I grew. It will be nice to get those out of here. We are still eating squash I harvested last October, and I kept most of the potatoes I grew to plant this year. I have so many plans that I’m going to try and find someone to come help this year. It’s hard work, but somebody has got to want to make some extra money and hasn’t forgotten how to put the muscle in it. So many young people I know have become quite sedentary, and so used to occupying their time with technology, that they don’t know how to work like I work out here. In fact, they think I’m nuts. Somehow I think I’m going to get the last laugh there, though it won’t bring me any pleasure. Personally I like to eat, especially since I will not get that evil concoction they are calling a vaccine injected in me for any reason. I want to be able to just say no, even if I can’t leave the property anymore at all.

And if they ever try to come and get me, it will definitely be the last stand. So strange what a difference a year can make. In less than two months it will be a full year from the time I heard the slogan “two weeks to flatten the curve”. One of the reasons I just keep posting here at all, even though I’m usually the Lone Ranger, is because I can. I can say what I feel and think, without censoring. Without someone shutting me down. Many of the folks I thought were free thinkers ended up surprising me in a bad way. Even if I’m wrong, about most everything, when did it become a crime to want to be free? When did it become a crime to disagree? I’ve watched more movies than I can count about this theme, ala 1984 and Brave New World. The signs are all around us now. Do you see what I see? I may be shrinking, but I’m standing taller than I ever have. When I leave here, at least I will leave knowing I stood my ground, and would not turn my back on ethics, morals, and values I hold dear. I answer to that which is unseen, and can not be deceived. As the Mandolorian says, “it is the way”. I listen to that inner voice that guides me back upstream to source, much like salmon. I go with the flow, but it’s a different flow than most. I am okay with that.

In the end, no matter appearances, the force of love is stronger than hate. It’s pulling me home, and I can’t wait to get there. All in good time. In the meantime, I will honor my opportunity to be present in this time, and try to hold the observer point of view, and just see what happens. Time to get to work.

Re: Farm Life

Posted: Tue Feb 23, 2021 4:58 pm
by Spiritwind
I’m dragging my feet again.... watching the snow come down. Only good thing about it is that it had to warm up to snow. Lots to write about here on the farm, but I’ll probably go get my abominable snow man suit on and go outside first. To top it off, I have to go get a bale of hay from our other stack, since I’m out down at the other closer hay barn. I chose not to get it last night (possibly a mistake) due to a rather trying time after getting home just before dark yesterday. We are down to one vehicle still, and so my husband came with me to get a few groceries for the next couple weeks, and make our last trip to the laundromat.

We did finish texturing and painting the new laundry room, as well as getting the laminate flooring down and the new washer and dryer put in there. Unfortunately, he still has to plumb it all in, and convert the gas dryer to propane. And we’ve been rather tied up with the mini ice age we just went through last week. Even though every year we make improvements, there’s still always something. First, presumably the cats tore some insulation away from a short bit of plumbing that goes from the pressure tank out to the hydrants we installed last fall. So it froze up. Since we couldn’t use the outdoor spigot, my husband pulled a muscle in his neck trying to attach a hose directly to the pressure tank. That probably wouldn’t have happened, but he didn’t want to take the time to move all the stuff that was really in his way, so he could have had better easier access.

One thing affects another. So, I’ve had to screw the hose in to the pressure tank the last couple days, since he wasn’t in any kind of shape to thaw out the frozen area, both to fill 2 gallon buckets (6) to bring in the RV for the animals the next morning, as well as filling the water tank for the RV. Everything freezes up almost immediately, so I’ve been having to haul water around again, now twice a day. Then last night, when I hooked it up, I didn’t tighten it down well enough, and the pressure from a part of the hose (that we didn’t bring in) that had a chunk of ice in it, caused it to leak in the well house, as well as suddenly make the hose my husband was holding to get away from him and he got all wet. We might have a problem with the pressure gauge on the pressure tank as well, due to the cold.

And as if that wasn’t enough, he then went to put gas in one of the generators, and got gas all over from the absolutely retarded new dispensers they have on gas cans now, that are supposed to be safer. They are NOT safer. I know, because I’ve also had some difficulty. They are not easy to use at all, especially when having to almost turn the 5 gallon can upside while holding part of the the nozzle a certain way. Whoever thought this up should be slapped upside the head. And I thought my husband was going to blow a cork!

Little Miss Liberty out there is crying away at the moment. At 8 1/2 months, she can still get out somehow, and she’s been going into heat about every 18 days or so. Thing is, she can’t get back in, once she gets out, and she goes over and torments the boys. I am truly not excited to go out there, but I must. Hopefully I’ll get back to this today. Don’t think I’ll be doing any unnecessary outdoor work, other than what I absolutely have to do. Not only are there ice flows out there (not really!) but now there is fresh snow on top of it. And I find walking a lot with the traction devices on my boots is giving me back problems. Which leads to me not sleeping well at night. On and on it goes.... (insert groan).

Well, it’s over a week later now, after taking a detour to write something else. I did spend an entire week kind of dragging my self around, with low energy, and my body feeling quite unhappy. I’m guessing it had to do with slipping and falling down twice on the ice last week. When I went to get a bale of hay from our other stack to drag down to the barn, my traction devices kept coming off my boots. I got a bit frustrated and decided to push forward with dragging the bale down so I could get everyone fed without putting them back on. Big mistake. When I fall down like this, it doesn’t even seem like anything happened. I just jump right up and carry on. Only thing is, I wrench every part of my body around, from the complete lack of control as I go down, and it comes back to haunt me later.

Fortunately, I’m doing much better as of yesterday. And several good things have come to pass. We got some shelves up in our laundry room, and I was able to move a bunch of stuff out of our small living space, yippie! Also, the small area of pipe that froze and prevented me from using our outside water hydrants thawed out and I’m now able to use them again. Still don’t have transportation, though. My husband didn’t want to go out to work on the pickup with the unexpected snow that ended up falling all day Sunday. I can’t imagine why not.

Right now I’m sitting here typing this with the sun gloriously shining in the window. I’m going to start some tomato seeds today, and I am excited to get this years garden going. I find that focusing on real life stuff helps me deflect the more pernicious aspects of what is happening in our outer reality. To be honest, what I see is our self appointed governing body openly inflicting massive trauma to the masses now, with no attempt to hide what they are doing anymore. And I say “self appointed”, for it appears no one who actually would work for the people ever gets very far in politics. These people are big on nepotism, and if you do your homework, you will find that not only has every one of them been compromised, they are all related. They do not in any way, shape, or fashion, represent the true will of the people, and have done a good job hypnotizing many otherwise good, intelligent people, into going along with their own demise. Some of us see it, though. In fact, probably far more than we will ever hear about from any mainstream media source. FB is basically dead now. You can’t even post anything about anything that matters anymore. I can’t believe it’s come to this, but we are there now.

But, I choose not to dwell in fear, anxiety, and apprehension about so many things I can do nothing about. I can choose, and do, to live the best most honorable life possible, and find those who have likewise made the same choice. We can, and are, creating an alternative, an opting out. I do have the will, and as the Mandolorian says, “this is the way”. I get continuous confirmation that I am on the right track, and choose not to worry myself too much about how it’s all going to turn out. I will not give my energy to the dog and pony show they keep pumping out 24/7 every single time you turn on the TV. And I spend my time with those who also will not comply with their new dark reality show mandates. Freedom is not just another word for nothing left to lose.

Viva la Libertad!