Waking Up to the Truth

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Waking Up to the Truth

Post by Cristian »

Uroko is the Japanese word for 'scale', as in the scale of a fish or serpent. The Japanese expression "uroko ga me kara ochiru", or, "scales fall from one's eyes" is the English equivalent of "waking up to the truth". Uroko is an attempt to strip away the fairy tales we have been told since birth, exposing the true nature of the world we live in.

1:00 In part 1: 'Bank Wars', Uroko begins to unravel the history of the establishment of the Federal Reserve system, starting with the American Revolution, the war of 1812 and the rise of the Rothschild banking dynasty.

9:30 In part 2, 'Bank Wars' continues as we learn about stockholders of the 2nd National Bank of the US such as John Jacob Astor, how Andrew Jackson killed the bank, the rise of National City Bank and the power of the bankers culminating in the assassination of Lincoln. The story continues with 'The Robber Barons', touching on the roots of the Morgan banking dynasty.

17:44 Part 3 delves into alliances between European bankers and the American industrialists they supported such as J.D. Rockefeller and E. H. Harriman, ending with a brief history of the Spanish American war.

25:00 Part 4 deals with the events leading up to passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913 including Roosevelt's trust-busting, the panic of 1907 and the meeting of banking house representatives at Jeckyll Island.

31:55 Part 5 looks at WWI and its true causes.

38:02 Part 6 presents excerpts from G. Edward Griffin's interview with Norman Dodd, where Dodd reveals the true nature of the tax-exempt foundations.

47:48 Part 7 deals firstly with the Council on Foreign Relations and its part in the forming of the Central Intelligence Agency, and secondly with the money trust's role in the Bolshevik Revolution and the militarization of Japan.

58:09 In Part 8 the story of the Bolsheviks concludes with the fall of Czarist Russia, followed by a foray into the true roots of the ruling elite. Topics addressed include the Dutch and British East India Companies, Freemasonry and the Templar Knights.

1:08:07 Part 9 continues to explore the significance of the Templar Knights and their relationship to the modern ruling elite, as well as the partnership between the hiers and descendants of the Templars and Jewish financiers in Spain and Portugal up until the Spanish Inquisition and a mirror of that relationship in Holland and England beginning in the 17th century.

1:13:01 Part 10 briefly addresses the Khazarian roots which connect the Jewish financiers of Europe to various ruling houses, including the Stewarts, the Hohens and the Drummond clan of Scotland. This section ends by tying the Templars to the Russells and the Skull and Bones fraternity at Yale University.

1:19:14 Part 11 picks up with the Skull and Bones fraternity, the Bush-Harriman-Rockefeller connection and the Brown Brothers Harriman merger. From there Brown Brothers Harriman and the Dulles Brothers' involvement in Nazi funding is touched on and the 3rd architect of the Defense Act of 1947 is named. Finally, the CIA's true reason d'etre is explained and a brief history of its involvement in coups and interventions around the world is told.

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Re: Waking Up to the Truth

Post by Fredkc »

38:02 Part 6 presents excerpts from G. Edward Griffin's interview with Norman Dodd, where Dodd reveals the true nature of the tax-exempt foundations.
Didn't listen. don't have sound at the moment, but lemme venture a guess. Sooner or later, you get rich enough, you start a tax-free foundation. This gets your money "out of the way".

Then you'll notice that most of these outfits spend their time proposing/favoring what can be basically called "socialist" projects. In short, what they push is more projects that equate to more money taken out of the hands of regular people, and the companies they own, funneling it through government (which usually absorbs a huge chunk to accomplish noting) and peters out the rest to the needy, now turned into the Perpetually Needy.

Not only does this entire process cost them nothing, they even get to look good for doing it. :D

And, of course, anyone who'd dare gainsay their motives winds up looking like Scrooge.... or like me.

Life IS mystical. It's just that we're used to it.

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Re: Waking Up to the Truth

Post by Christine »

Hey Fred!

So I got curious and listened to the whole video. Actually ... the Norman Dodd testimony was an EYE opener! Nothing to do with your guess. He had a legal assistant read ALL the minutes from the Carnegie Foundations meetings. It left me (and this type of information is not new to me) with a greater appreciation for just how F*cking blatant the bastards are.

Worth a watch ... IMHO
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Re: Waking Up to the Truth

Post by Pluto's Child »

I've down loaded this to watch later on TV* Image

* Modern flat screen tvs have usb ports, you can download vids, put them on a USB stick & then watch them on tv, it's very quick & easy with a USB stick, takes seconds unlike burning a dvd.

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