Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule - Peak Moment

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Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule - Peak Moment

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Community Rights educator Paul Cienfuegos explains how "We The People" are exercising the authority to govern ourselves and dismantle corporate rule. When small farmers in rural Pennsylvania wanted to say "no" to a corporate factory farm coming into their community, they learned they couldn't, because it would violate the corporation's "rights" and state pre-emption laws. So they did something technically illegal - their town passed an innovative ordinance banning corporate factory farming. It worked! The corporation left town. Pittsburgh upshifted the approach: Rather than define what we don't want, define what we DO want. Their "Right to Water" stopped natural gas fracking in the city. Ordinances like this have been passed in over 150 communities in 9 states. Tune in to learn how this works. Episode 258. [paulcienfuegos.com, celdf.org, YouTube channel "Community Rights TV" and communityrightspdx.org]

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Re: Local Communities Dismantling Corporate Rule - Peak Moment

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Wonderful news, very uplifting and empowering! I suspect we won't be seeing stories like this on the corporate controlled, evening network news any time soon. We the people have immense power when we band together and reject the heavy overlays of mind programming we have been subjected to.

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