Mysterious document: "The ELF Transmissions"

"For the sake of goodness and love, man shall let death have no sovereignty over his thoughts."
-Thomas Mann
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Mysterious document: "The ELF Transmissions"

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Mysterious document: "The ELF Transmissions"

I encountered this mysterious document a few years ago on the web. It is called the ELF transmissions and it presents an interesting view on human sovereignty and consciousness. The authors of the document are anonymous and the document mentions that additional chapters would be posted eventually, which never happened so this means the document is both anonymous and incomplete. The last version of the document was published to the web in 2005. It is 112 pages, and dense reading in places. Personally, I find it to be a very uneven text in terms of the quality of the information and writing. However, the reason I am posting it here is because there is some excellent information in the document on personal sovereignty that might be useful to spiritual seekers.

On page 38 and 39, after outlining the energetic forces that are keeping humanity enslaved, the document offers a clear and simple method for declaring your own personal spiritual sovereignty. What follows is a direct quote from the document:
In every re-lig-ion we have taken oaths and vows that have bound us to the laws of the gods, to their rules, regulations, external authority and their limitations.

From these must we first unleash ourselves from such binding constraints. To do so, simply center oneself in a meditative state, go inward and call upon your true and only Solar Christed Self, or however you wish to name or denominate such, the only requirement being a full and absolute recognition that you need no outside approval or authority to allow this to take place, that you alone are the controlling element and any preconceived concepts, names or judgments about what your full divine Self really is must be discarded completely.

Then upon that foundation declare your intention to be free and sovereign in this and all other realities and universes. Then declare that you are forthwith rescinding any and all vows such as vows of poverty, chastity, bodhisattva vows, oaths of allegiance, fealty, subservience, and so forth. Feel and embody this declaration and allow it to truly permeate your entire being, with passion and commitment to your True Self. Really feel it as the shackles and bonds of illusion fall away from you.

Declare to yourself, inside and out loud, “I hereby rescind any and all oaths and vows, throughout all time and space, that I or any other incarnation of my whole larger Self has taken, in this reality and universe or in any other parallel, alternate or separate reality or universe.” Observe your reactions and emotional content of what comes back to your perceptions, and gain the understanding that that provides. Declare your self to be a sovereign being, one that retains full rights and responsibilities, full power and authority over yourself and your reality, including and founded upon the principles of self-governance, self-responsibility, self-generating capacities, self-sustaining life force and self-correcting processes as you return back to wholeness and balance.

A true sovereign being embodies and lives upon these principles, and honors the life force and equivalent foundational principles in all other beings, not projecting their power and authority outside of themselves and taking full responsibility for all their acts and deeds, thoughts and manifestations. Upon that foundation we become free and sovereign beings and can no longer be controlled by outside forces, and upon that foundation first our individual reality will begin to rearrange itself to accommodate this new found freedom, and then the larger whole will in turn begin to entrain itself around the center point of such higher organizing principles as we come more fully into ourselves."
page 39, ELF Transmissions
The full document can be downloaded for free here ... 061707.pdf

I would love to hear about your thoughts and experiences regarding the document or the sovereignty ritual. :)

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