Astrology for the Soul November 28, 2018

“Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do.”
― J.P. Morgan
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Astrology for the Soul November 28, 2018

Post by Christine »

"Oh dear, what can I do,
I want my freedom AND connection with you!
Somewhere in the middle between the extremes,
We can find a balance and live our dreams."
For this lady surfing the cosmic wave the above says it all. I've listened to Kaypacha for years now with a growing appreciation of his Work. His personality a mixture of spontaneous irreverent mirth and deep gnosis brings astrology to a place I can hear. The dates of Venus's transits are spot on in my personal cosmology.

[youtube] ...[/youtube]

So says Venus in Libra opposite Uranus in Aries! There is no way to cover all the dynamics going on now (and into next year!) in a little weekly update. Let's not forget that Venus also represents our basic core values, possessions, and money! More about that next week I suppose as she will be in Scorpio and REALLY want to get down to business lol! In the meantime, with this Sun square Mars it may be tempting to give into our temptations, unconscious desires to fill our inner void with all kinds of goodies. Mars/Neptune in Pisces knows no bounds. The only trouble with that is that our bodies and other people existing in this material dimension do. Going too far, taking too big of risks (as in gambling) may lead to losses on more than one level. A favorite saying of mine is that "it's not so much about judgement as it is about consciousness." Being fully awake and conscious naturally leads to healthy, moral actions. Injoy!

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The journey, the challenge is to step into the
projection room and stop being lost in the script.

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