Know thy Enemy (besides the one that lurks within)

“Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do.”
― J.P. Morgan
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Know thy Enemy (besides the one that lurks within)

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I wrote this over a month ago, and for some reason decided not to post it. It is a bit dramatic, but what the hay. My moons in Leo and I can be dramatic at times. But still, even knowing what I know, it doesn’t detour me from my path, and that is to live the best life I can live, with as much love for life as I can muster, and spread as much good cheer and kindness around as I can any damn way. They hate that. And that makes me happy.

I was looking for my book on the tree Ogham, and although I couldn’t find it, ran into another book I’d forgotten I had. It’s called America’s Secret Establishment, by Antony Sutton, and it’s all about the Order of the Skull and Bones, what it is, how it started, what the agenda is etc. I haven’t read it for a long time, but the first thing that struck me was how completely disconnected from the truth of things we have become.

People in general cannot wrap their minds around a small group of men coming together, that honestly believe they are superior to everyone else and literally deserve to rule us and the rest of the planets resources in any way they can. It is their right, their Manifest Destiny, as far as they are concerned. They do not consider themselves in any way related to the rest of us. We might as well be cattle.

We really need to wake up and understand our enemy. I would rather face a wild animal out here in the forest, as I know I stand a better chance of walking away unscathed than with any of these beings of which I speak, for they are not even wired the same as you and me. I’ve tapped into their energy, and it is cold, very cold. Even a wild predatory animal can often be won over by an exchange of energy, if you can release your fear. These beings, though, they don’t even care if you know who they are, so smug are they in their ability to control the masses from behind the scenes, without them even knowing. So what if a few of us are fully on to them. We are like flies, or mosquitos to them.

But we know there are a few of “us” who get targeted by those behind the scenes beings, and do get taken out. People like naturopaths, and scientists who actually reveal truth, truth that might call some serious unfavorable attention their way, or possibly disrupt their future plans for us all. Anyone who crosses them in an open manner will also get taken out. I read of some of the most amazing cases of suicide, that leave me scratching my head on how that could even happen they way they say it did.

Are these beings evil? Depends on how you define evil. They do not act in our best interests, in fact directly counter to it. They do fight amongst themselves. So sometimes it might appear they are doing something for the benefit of humanity and the planet. But it’s almost like they are a different, but similar, species than the rest of us. A hybrid, perhaps. They do marry into the same families over and over again, and are mostly all related. So I don’t know. But it’s pretty obvious if you study their behavior, what can be known about it, that their internal wiring just isn’t the same as the rest of us. It’s almost like they are not from here, originally, for they are even different than normal predatory animals we have here. Once they get enough to eat, they are not on the hunt anymore. They don’t harbor a need to dominate the world. These beings are on 24/7, like, they never stop. The game must go on, generation after generation. Kind of bizarre, really, if you think about it very deep.

While the rest of us are just trying to get along here, support ourselves, meet our needs, work, pay bills, have families, etc., they are engaged in different goals entirely. It’s like a never ending game of monopoly. If I held them to ordinary human standards, they would be considered maladaptive, mentally ill. The few born into these families who can’t tow the line, and happen to be more like “us” don’t generally fare very well. There is no family loyalty, other than the furthering of the agenda as a group effort. It’s what they live for, what they are groomed for, from childhood. And I know this is the truth, even if it sounds like I’m being dramatic.
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