Solar Eclipse and the night of Lord Shiva

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Solar Eclipse and the night of Lord Shiva

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I thought this was interesting. It explains a different energy that hit me today. I have never even heard of Vedic astrology, and I may have to look into it after this.


Brace yourself for change, because the Solar Eclipse of March 8, 2016 has the power to transform karmic patterns and liberate you from toxic entanglements. If you’ve been clinging to false hope, or can’t seem to cut the cord with someone who’s been draining your energy, this powerful eclipse, which takes place at 5:54p PST, will burn up old stories and attachments that no longer serve you, leaving room for a new book to be written.

The sun and moon will join with Ketu, the planet known to be the most spiritual and detached of all nine planets in Vedic Astrology, to light the cleansing fires of liberation. Symbolized by a headless serpent, the shadow demon Ketu will whip its mighty tail through the Nakshatra—or area of the sky—known as Purva Bhadrapada, which represents endings and exits.

In order to press forward, we must release the binds of the past and start with a clean slate. This process is not always easy or comfortable, but the influence of Purva Bhadrapada will ensure that it is swift. Symbolized by the front legs of a stretcher or coffin as it carries a body to the cremation grounds, Purva Bhadrapada heralds death and rebirth. This fiery Nakshatra may demand that you reassess what is truly important in life and rearrange your priorities accordingly.

The Hindu holiday of Maha Shivaratri—or “The great night of Shiva”—falls prior to the eclipse, on the evening of March 7 (if you live on the West Coast, it will fall on March 6). On this night, the thin sliver of waning moon—the Shiva Moon—which he wears in his matted hair, will be seen rising before dawn from 4:00 - 5:30 am (depending on location.)


This is a revolutionary eclipse that promises to free us from attachments and incinerate the karmic patterns that have kept us from reaching our highest potential. With a brave heart, take your troubles and throw them in the fire of Purva Bhadrapada, knowing that infinite potential will rise from the ashes.

More here: ... -astrology
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Re: Solar Eclipse and the night of Lord Shiva

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Wow, I wish I had known this a week ago.

Thank you though, haha :)
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