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offended addict

Posted: Sat Mar 25, 2017 7:38 pm
by Naga_Fireball
RL: there's an addict in town who is supposed to be recovering and is on probation for dealing marijuana in an unfriendly neighboring state. He lives in an HA building near Safeway grocery.

Let me remind you all, probation agreement is a contract that is agreed to by both parties during plea bargaining or is a consequence of a jury trial. This gentleman served 10 years if I'm not mistaken for the drug dealing charge, and has extensive food industry experience & could probably recover that career if he gave a shit...

Unfortunately after I approached this guy to say hello a few months ago, he became very obsessive and started expressing a somewhat unfounded romantic interest. He sits outside his section 8 building literally waiting for certain people to walk by. I assumed he was very nice and enjoyed most of our interactions.

Well last time I talked to the guy, I got a terrible vibe. He kept talking about activities that involve me being lured off to some remote place with this felon, and he mentioned target shooting (wait, felon, right?) and asks all the time "when we are going to drink together"...

I tell the guy I quit drinking, will not be doing it ever with him, and the next week he asks again. Totally obsessed with sex and drugs! And he doesn't say "love" or "sex", he says "fucking" and it's never a direct reference.

Literally this guy could be a rapist who has used this approach in the past. It's really not a good situation.

Unfortunately his interest was such that he gave me jewelry and marijuana. I was more freaked out by the jewelry and insisted on giving him part of the money he spent. He didn't get the hint and still asks about drinking and going off somewhere alone.

Unfortunately he made the decision to break probation and used marijuana after agreeing to stay clean until it's over. But this guy smokes hash too, which is a concentrate & can really mess you up if you are in public or not used to thc. He does not exercise or use the drug to enhance healthy activity like birdwatching or hiking/cycling.

The guy is pretty manipulative & before I really put all this together, we were already walking around town. He did not listen well and couldn't even understand the places I was talking about. I suggested a couple discreet places a person can smoke discreetly but he didn't seem to understand, except he wanted to stay away from Whitman College. . Okayyyyy then. Lol

Well i was very polite to him, got out of the situation Wednesday or so and went home.

Thursday i believe it was, I was trying to catch a bus to a birdwatching area i love. Was on phone with my mom in front of the bike shop on main st.

This guy starts walking over from his building a half block away from my stop, literally while I'm on the phone, his unwashed butt is waddling my direction.

So I lifted my arm, waved him off while talking on phone, and walked away from the stop and away around town to a safer place to catch the bus.

It's getting to where I might have to get a restraining order against this crazy prick!!


This morning my dream was, I'm crossing the street or coming up sidewalk past corner of his building, he gives me a rotten dirty offended look and goes into the crosswalk toward the store, away from me.

I hope the situation is easy to resolve because this guy stalks women who are just trying to buy groceries & doesn't even seem to know he is stalking. Because the state enables him to have no job and just stare at people for a living.

I wish I'd never accepted gifts from him, but lonely folks and autistic people don't observe boundaries correctly and are at risk.

His name is Dave.

Re: offended addict

Posted: Sun Mar 26, 2017 11:27 am
by finaltom
Seems your first instinct and impression is what you should stick to. It is usually the most accurate. Accept what is done. Don't regret what you did, it will hold you down. Words are very powerful. How you say them will stick and hold you back. Its like a subconscious foundation that adds to your beliefs and impressions. For example: "When you say you wish you didn't accept the gifts." Change it around and say "I will not be accepting any more gifts". Yes this is an Optimistic point of view, but you are aloud the choice of being in control of your own thoughts. Its like the saying goes, " you are what you say you are."
Find a quiet spot to quiet yourself and ask yourself how you should handle the situation. You know what to do.

Re: offended addict

Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 4:32 am
by Naga_Fireball
Thank you for taking time for this.
Paper today says, a similar aged David with out of date address was sentenced last week for failing to register locally as sex offender.

I take it as a sign of sorts, to be far more guarded.

Thank you!

Re: offended addict

Posted: Mon Mar 27, 2017 5:59 am
by finaltom
Naga_Fireball wrote:Thank you for taking time for this.
Paper today says, a similar aged David with out of date address was sentenced last week for failing to register locally as sex offender.

I take it as a sign of sorts, to be far more guarded.

Thank you!
Great observation!

It can be difficult and feel monotonous to understand that everything happens for a reason at its precise moment as it is suppose to. Can sometimes feel like the program, (or what ever you wish to call it) is aligning itself up or we are aligning up with the program.