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A Dream | Marriage of self to Self

Posted: Sun Sep 24, 2017 6:33 am
by Christine

Waking this morning from the dim memory of a dream that slowly revealed itself as my consciousness awoke to the world around me.
The cement block at times feels like a containment, constricting me within imposed limits though by a shift of sight I find it is also a cave, a place that allows my own energy to be perceived in close proximity.

The nagual in me plays with this energy.

She finds herself in the deep woods of the mountains, the trees tower overhead while shadows play on the ground at her feet. There is a wedding party, this she observes from the shadows unseen.

The bride and groom are dressed in dark grey as are their attendants, the procession is seen from her point of view as bodies with no faces as they pass by her not knowing she is there. The ladies large bosoms are swathed in a fabric of swirling dark patterns of grey. They pass so close that she wonders how they don’t see her.

She is the one to be married today but she must wait for their passage to enter the great hall. Silently she makes her way to the large room made of ancient timbers where she finds the remains of the wedding party gathering their belongings, she wishes to hurry them along.

They linger and in spite of their presence she dresses herself in a long flowing white gown. The train spills out on the floor and she looks around, she has no attendees, no wedding party and she is all alone standing there.

She sees the soft glow of light that surrounds her in the dim room … a momentary pang of loneliness and then a release. As her eyes flutter awake she realizes that her bridegroom is the forest itself with its multitude of creatures that watch from the shadows, her beloved is all things and her marriage is with her Self.

Her beloved sleeps peacefully at her side.